Dream interpretation - drugs and alcohol as dream symbols

THE DREAM I was in our childhood home. My brother was away for a day and a half not notifying anybody if he was OK. He suddenly turns up in the early morning as I am preparing for the day. He looked emaciated and "concentration camp" thin. Skin was hanging off his bones. He seemed to be a younger age than he is now though.

I was very concerned about my brother’s appearance but he shrugged it off. I persisted and asked if he was on drugs? He said yes. I looked at his left arm and there were fresh needle marks there. It was at this point I got angry as he was the older sibling and should know better(my brother did very well in school, I did not). We entered a conversation about the reasons why (unfortunately can"t remember details) but basically he needed them to survive day to day life. It was like a role reversal in that he was confiding in me as if I was the older sibling. I seemed more mature than he at this point.

THE REALITY In real life the dreamers brother is 50, obese, heavy smoker and doesn’t exercise. He locks himself in his computer room and is quite antisocial. The dreamer had been increasingly worried about him.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream was about the dreamers brother and because the worries in real life seem to match the similar worry in the dream then the dream can safely be linked to this issue.

The dream deals firstly with the dreamers brother. It Then starts to deal with this specific issue of drugs. The drugs are symbolic in this case. They refer to the dreamers mindset. It shows that his judgment is not perfect. Drugs often link to skewed vision and thoughts which are becoming increasingly divorced from reality.

In this case the dreamers brother needs these drugs. That shows that the dreamer is understanding that the views that the dreamers brother is developing are linked to the reality of his situation. They are probably a coping mechanism.

The fact that the dreamer is older than his brother in the dream shows that the dreamer now accepts that a role reversal has taken place. He is now the more mature brother and needs to guide and help his brother.

So the dream is very much about understanding his mindset and that will maybe help him in getting through to his brother that he needs to change his ways.

Dream Symbols
DRUG : "divorced from reality - the dreamers brother is cut off from reality"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am worried about my brother who is increasingly becoming divorced from reality. He does not go out and is very anti social"

See how the dreams symbols capture an insight into his brothers behavior

THE DREAM I am in public somewhere. There is some child who is playing a very very big chello or violin. Then there was something about the violin could be stuffed full of drugs.

THE REALITY The dreamer was usually a shy and retiring type but the previous day he had been using a video recorder with friends.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Drugs can often link to a feeling of clouded judgement. In this case the dreamer was realising that the video camera had really improved her confidence. She was able to strutt around in public with this sence of importance. But perhaps the confidence was falsely placed. Perhaps this confidence was overdone. Perhaps she was deluded into a sense of overconfidence. The dream linked to a realisation that this "important" piece of equipment did not make her cool. That she had to remain firmly in reality.

Dream Symbols
CHILD : "boundless enthusiasm"
DRUG : "divorced from reality"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am usually nervous in groups of people. But yesterday with the video camera I felt really confident. I guess I became a bit divorced from reality and my usually shy self"

See how the dreams symbols show the dreamer judging himself and his behavior the day before

THE DREAM I working in a bar somewhere. It seems like its close to home. I am thinking strongly in the dream that I should really buy a drink for my old college lecturers.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been a member of an art group for many years. That had recently fallen apart due to members moving away. The dreamer joined a new art group and was aware that the new group was slightly different to his old group - it was more social in nature.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream places a great deal of emphasis on the need to buy a drink. In this sense there were obvious associations - the dreamer was wanting to show his appreciation for something. In such cases look for situations in your life where there seem to be direct parallels. In this case the dreamer was feeling the need to show appreciation to people who allowed him to join their art group. It was not just a simple club where you paid fees. It was more of a social gathering so the dreamer was noting that he would need to fit in with that atmosphere.

Of course the dream featured his former college tutors. In real life no issue involved them in any way so their meaning was obviously symbolic. The dreamer did not feel he learned much from his tutors yet he was always glad for the opportunity to go to college as it brought him into contact with other like minded people. That probably links to the dreamers own situation - he felt that he would not learn much from the new group. They could not teach him anything new yet he did appreciate the chance to meet with like minded people.

Dream Symbols
BUY DRINK : "show appreciation and get along with people - the dreamer realises that his new art group is as much a social group and is not simply linked to an interest in art. His former art group was simply a gathering of people interested in art."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have just joined a new art group as my old one closed down. I feel a need to show my appreciation for them allowing me to join their group. I have got to realise that the new group is more like a social gathering. My former art group was more about sharing technical knowledge and expertise."

See how the dreams symbols capture an insight and assessment of other peoples behavior

THE DREAM There was a drunken, talking crow at my front porch. In my dream I was stroking its back to reassure it that it would be OK after the effects of the alcohol wore off. It kept talking unintelligibly for some time and bobbing back and forth but not trying to get away from me.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer had drunk a little too much wine reminiscing about relationships-past.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Many dreams link to the previous evening and events that have just happened. We often dream about the previous day because its the first chance our minds have to really think over events

This dream probably has little real meaning as it just replays certain portions of the events. The unintelligible conversation of the crow mirrors the dreamers recognition of his own behavior. We often review how we have just behaved and this dream shows that the dreamer recognises his own actions the day before. The stroking of the crows back perhaps shows that the dreamer recognises his own need to get some feelings about his ex out into the open. He needed to vent his frustrations.

Dream Symbols
UNINTELLIGIBLE : "The dreamer recognises how he was talking a little unintelligibly the night before."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I got a little drunk last night talking about my ex. My ex is a very "Morrigan-like"(as in Cuchulainns nemesis) creature simultaneously stirring love/lust and dread/fear in my heart."

See how the dreams symbols capture some thoughts the dreamer had about his behavior


DRUGS : Drugs can link to people who have become divorced from reality. They can also link to moments when we were deluding ourselves. Think of some moment the day before where you may have thought things were going much better than thought.

- "divorced from reality"
- "deluding myself"


ALCOHOL : Think of things that you associate with alcohol. In small amounts it allows you to unwind and can link to a relaxed attitude. In large amount its shows things have got out of control. Alcohol is linked also to being sociable and getting along with people so think of themes in your life linked to the need to get along well with others and mixing in a social gathering.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "a relaxed attitude"
- "totally lose control"
- "I need to get along with them all and treat them like friends"
- "a real life situation from yesterday that involved actual alcohol"

DRUNKS : Drunks symbolise the types of emotions we feel when we see drunks. They are associated with losers and worthless people. They lack of ability to master simple tasks could reflect your own sense of inadequacy or ineffectiveness. The drunk may just link to some sense that things are out of control.

- "looking or feeling like a loser"
- "its totally out of control"
- "you do not know what you are doing!"
- "incapable of making a rational decision"

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