Dream symbols - deserve in dream interpretation

Most dreams represent recent thoughts especially from the day before as we think over feelings and events which have just occurred. Your dreams that night will represent how our minds have made sense of what has just happened. So your dreams represent your thoughts. Nowadays it is widely accepted that dreams link to conscious feelings rather than unconscious feelings. So we will be much more aware of what our dreams mean. They will represent the conclusions that are forming in our minds. They will be written in the language of dream symbolism. Take for instance the following dream.

With dreams where something is "deserved" or "not deserved" then try to look for a situation in real life where such a theme was relevant - especially the day before. Most dreams if interpreted correctly will translate into the type of things that we write in diaries. Its fairly easy to see what triggered this dream. It was a quite literal dream of hatred for her father.

THE DREAM - I dreamt that my dad was taking us home from some concert it was me, my 2 sisters, & my brother. He was driving drunk and the idiot passed a red light in front of a cop! So I punched his ass and made him stop the car so the cop can reach up to us. It happened to be a lady cop and I explained everything. That he was drunk, stupid and I didn't care if she took him to jail because that’s what he deserves! So she was handcuffing him and when that was going on I kept yelling at him "You see what happens when you’re a fucking idiot? You fucking cocksucker, cocksucker, cocksucker!!!!"

Actually its not quite true to say that the dream was about the dreamers father. The dream was triggered by the dreamer watching a film which reminded her of her hatred for her father. She was watching "Magnolia" with Tom Cruise and Julianne Moore. In the film the main character hates his father because he used to cheat on his mom all the time and when she got diagnosed with breast cancer he left them and married a younger woman. This 14 yr old boy had to take care of his mother until the day she died in his arms without the support of her husband, his father so he goes on living his life hating his dad. The film ends with the boy visiting his father on his deathbed and tells his father that he hopes he dies. The film was directly relevant to the dreamers own life. Her father had left her mother and they had been left to cope on their own. As the eldest the dreamer had many responsibilities - just like the boy in the film.

So at the heart of this "deserving" dream was the hatred the dreamer had for her own father. It actually captures these thoughts exactly - "I hate my father and I hope bad things happen to him because he deserves it".

So when you get a dream where someone "deserves" something then try to see how it taps into your emotions at present.

In another real dream the dreamer felt "I deserve to have something good and nice in my life". She actually went to bed thinking how she deserved a change of luck. She thought she deserved a boyfriend who was not going to cheat. So reduced to its basic meaning the dream revealed how she felt that she deserved more in life. Understanding the dream was easy once the dreamer thought about she would use the word 'deserve' at that moment.

In another dream the dreamer went to bed thinking that she had been unjustifiably blamed for a mistake at work. This was an insignificant mistake and she felt very harshly treated. Her dream that night featured someone being similarly harshly treated. So the dream pinpointed this feeling that she had been 'unjustifiably punished'.

Simply try to make any association with "deserved". A dreamer had a dream where he was naughty and had to be punished. At the heart of this was the dreamers relationship with his wife - a woman who dominated him and treated him like a child.

Another dreamer had a dream about someone who deserved something. It was easy to make associations with this dream as the dreamer was asking questions in her own mind about her sister in law who was asking for money. So it showed that the dreamer was debating these questions during her sleep. In real life she was angry at her sister in laws lack of gratitude - she had a warped picture of reality. At the heart of the dream was the dreamers assessment of her sister in law – was she deserving of help or not?