Demons dream studies

THE DREAM I had a nightmare and I was so disturbed and screaming that my husband shook me to wake me up.

THE REALITY The dreamer worked in a part of town which was prone to violent crime. It was often on her mind that she could be a victim.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Demons and nightmares dreams are often difficult to interpret. They are deeply symbolic by their nature. Such dreams will have their source in day to day reality and fears within your mind at the dream. The trick is to spot something that could be connected. Just spot bad emotions generally. Often a dream like this can be connected to feelings of real hate. They show you maybe having strong feelings and prejudices. Such emotions may back fire on you during the dream. So think back to the day before and where really strong powerful emotions of hate or fear surfaced. It maybe links to someone who has become a puchbag for your own repressed bad feelings.

Often a dream maybe connected to a fear. In this case the dreamer connected the dream with the need to cross a dangerous part of town where gun crime is rife.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate going to work because sometimes I am so scared that I will be mugged"

See how the symbolic meanings capture an everyday fear

THE DREAM I was sleeping in my bed with my new boyfriend. The bed in my dream was exactly my bed, same covers, same room etc. It felt like it was really happening. I felt something under the covers at the foot of my bed and couldn’t figure out what it was. I reached under the covers and felt a little body like a baby; but as I felt around more, this little baby had a tail. I pulled the baby out from under the covers and it was a devil! A devil was in my bed!

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer was extremely stressed and feeling guilty. She had recently left her husband of 28 years. She had fooled around and fell in love with another man. Her husband was not such a great partner but he was a financial success. She was wondering if she had made the right choice and was feeling guilty for hurting her ex and her teenage children.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If we have been upset the day before a dream then any dreams we have will generally link in some way to that situation. By studying such dreams we can start to see just how the mind works. The theory being that something truly big happened the day before then surely anty dream would be about this major subject. We can start to understand the way dreams work. We may not always be right but at least we maybe able to guess correctly the sbject the dream is dealing with.

This dream seems easily explained. It deals with a transformation within the dreamers thoughts. At first she felt in love and now she feels some doubts. The bay is at first fresh and new(faultless). later it has a tail and is a devil. This clearly mirrors the transformation in her own thoughts. The relationship she just started was now not so rosey as once first thought.

The devil could be easily explained symbolically. Perhaps it symbolizes her own temptations. That she has given in to base desires and been selfish. Its her own judgment on herself.

Dream Symbol
BABY : "Something new and fresh - her newly found love affair"
BABY HAS TAIL: "That newly found love affair is now transforming into something not so good."
DEVIL : "The dreamers guilt. She had given into her own tempations and acted selfishly"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I felt extremely guilty yesterday. Maybe I have ade the wrong decision. I simply gave into my feelings of love. I should have acted more responsibly and less selfishly"

See how the symbolic meanings capture the dreamers feelings from the night before

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams symbols can mean many different things. But we are lucky in that dreams have a very strong connection to the previous day. After all why would we wait for a couple of days before dreaming about something. We will usually dream about some issue that is troubling us at the first possible occasion. So look at the previous day and think about all the things that occurred. Then add on all the issues which have been troubling you continually and are constantly in your mind. Then look for connections to these in your dream symbols.
THE DREAM I wake up and I can hear someone or a group of people in the street. They are shouting at me. The dream continues into real life after I have woken. I hear these people and they are shouting and chanting at the top of their voices. The episode continues for several seconds and was quite frightening. When I woke up I immediate thought of a guy I had been abusive too the previous day.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had been exceptionally mean to a person he hardly knew. He was very homophobic and abused the man in a shameful way.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often dreams are linked to the day before and this dreamer had been viciously homophobic to a perfect stranger the day before. The dream seems connected.

Often if we have vicious and uncontrolled anger within us and we show this then dreams can reverse the process and direct that anger and hatred onto ourselves. This was a frighteningly realistic dream. The dream showed that the dreamer recognised he was being vicious and prejudiced.

The dream showed to the dreamer that he was aware that his own strong feelings would evoke a strong response.

Dream Symbol
CHANTING : "A realization that his actions were unpopular and would evoke a campaign of people who disagreed with him"
PEOPLE : "general thoughts about how we should act and behave towards other people"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate gay people and openly had a go at one yesterday."

See how the symbolic meanings capture the dreamers own demon inside

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams draw similarities. If you see a zombie then that look on the zombies face can link to several very different things. It may capture the look of exhaustion that you get when you have been ill. Then zombies may capture the look on two lovers faces as they are blissfully unaware of anything going on around them.
THE DREAM My father ( whom I haven’t seen for quite some time ) was sleeping on the sofa, in the living room ( he used to do that after lunch ) and I was sitting somewhere listening to the sound of digging coming from the outside. For some reason this sound was terribly frightening. My father awake and I asked him who was digging right in front of the window but he didn’t answer. He stayed there laying on the sofa. For some reason I knew someone was burying a corpse. I risked looking through the window and I panicked as I saw an old fat man with a shovel, grinning in front of a grave shaped like a human body. He had just buried someone there, the grave was not completely full yet. I started to scream and I feared it was my mother’s corpse ( she went to Japan last Thursday and I haven’t heard from her since then ).

I turned my back to the window and found the old man in the middle of my room, his face was red and he had a demonic grin. I realized he was a demon and he threatened me saying he would possess my soul. I imagined a light barrier around me, sweating as I struggled with the demon, trying to avoid my soul to be drained. He looked at me with anger, he was sweating too.

As I won, the red disappeared from his face and he gave up draining my soul. He suddenly turned into a hobgoblin or something. The dream ends with me looking at a small towel with the picture of Santa’s gnomes I had over my bed as a child.

I woke up thinking about my mother, how can she be?

I remembered something. I don’t know if this has any relevance but the night before the dream I was a bit upset. Everyone was buying gifts for their mothers and I remembered my mother had gone to another country and she didn’t even make a call to tell me everything’s okay.

THE REALITY The dreamers mother had just set off for Japan. A coworker of the dreamers mother had said that her mother was actually planning to stay in Japan rather than just go on holiday. This doubt had left the dreamer not knowing what to do.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams help us confront major areas of stress in our lives. During the night we undergo a process of self healing. At night we maybe dogged by some issue that we just cannot get off our minds but by morning we awake refreshed. The issue suddenly seems so less important. It was the case in this dream. The dreamer was upset the night before but she woke up feeling refreshed. She had to adjust her mind to the thought that her mother may not be coming back.

When the dreamers mother set off for Japan the dreamer - because of rumours about her mother - was prepared in her mind for her mother to stay there. She had a previous record of going on holiday and staying - when the dreamer was just a teenager her mother went to another city and stayed for several years.

On the day before the dream the dreamer had been upset because everyone else was buying presents for mothers day. Her mother was in Japan and had not even phoned.

The dream starts off with the dreamers father - that symbolises how the dreamer is thinking. She was thinking about a parent now gone. In her mind she has to deal with the possibility that her mother will not return. In the dream mind if someone has gone from your life then they may as well be dead. Indeed the corpse of her mother symbolises an effective end to the relationship(at least on a close level).

Demons in dreams are symbols of fears. But these are not normal fears - they are the type that possess your mind(you cannot think of anything else).

Hobgoblin’s are symbols of the unknown. They are not real and so they deal with things which exist only in the mind. In this case they represent the dreamers doubts and uncertainties. Dreams feed on uncertainty. In this case the dreamers mother had gone to Japan. However, although her mother assured her she was just going on holiday she had a reputation for disappearing and not coming back.

We are closest to our mothers when we are young. In this case the dreamer reflects back to a time when she was young. The Santa’s Gnomes towel links to a time when you give presents. That directly links to the dreamers thoughts of presents and mothers day.

Dream Symbol
CORPSE : "thoughts and relationships which are not alive and flourishing in your mind"
DEMONIC : "almost possessed by some thought"
GRAVE : "having to put something behind you - moving on"
HOBGOBLIN : "not knowing what to think about her mothers intentions"
SANTA : "thoughts of Christmas past and the importance of family"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My mother has left for Japan. I have heard a rumour that she will stay there permanently. I know she has done that before. She just leaves without a warning. Its been worrying me."

See how the symbolic meanings capture an assessment of her mothers personality

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams contain complex and often difficult symbols. Yet try looking for simple clues. What did you think about when you awoke. Dreams represent our thoughts so simply look at the feelings that flood into your mind when you awoke. Then look for possible connections between the symbols and this obviously very important issue.
THE DREAM In my dream I was somewhat lost in an abandoned building (looked like my old elementary school) and I ran into another woman who seemed to know a bit more about the surroundings than I did. Then I looked down and found a scrap of paper with lots of pictograms from different cultures all describing a sort of predator. We puzzled over it a minute when the woman I was with disappeared. I knew she had been taken by whatever the predator described on the paper was. Somehow I found it’s home and was invited in by the woman I had been with earlier. She was very frightened and tried to hide in a pile of odds and ends. It didn’t work and I was found when the predator came home. It was a monstrous old woman and I immediately stood up and spoke to it. "Grandmother! I’m glad you are home, I got you two presents but you seem to have found the first already." I pointed at the other woman who looked even more frightened and tried to hide in a corner. "I also brought you this ball, I didn’t know what it was but I thought you might like it grandmother." I handed her my stress-relief squishy ball and she popped it in her mouth, exclaiming that it was horse-meat and told me to set the table. We chatted as I set the table for two and I learned that her name was Baba Yaga, she was the old Russian witch who ate people. I took my chance and seized the fork and got up on the table so I could reach her face and yelled. "Baba Yaga! I am your old enemy and tonight you die!" I stabbed her in the eye and killed her. I woke up just as help was arriving.

THE REALITY The dreamers grandmother(who drives her nuts) was coming to visit for six months because she was suffering from ill health and needed 24 hour care. Coincidentally, the home of Baba Yaga in the dream is identical the spare bedroom the dreamers Grandma sleeps in when she visits.

The dreamer is studying anthropology in real life. She made the following comment about the symbols in the dream "it parallels the traditional fairy tales of the native Americans and the Russians. The young person always respectfully addresses the monster as grandmother or grandfather and in turn the creature is obligated to treat the hero as they would their own grandchildren. Then the monster is usually tricked into killing themselves or giving the hero an opportunity to kill them."

DREAM INTERPRETATION Witches tend to be quite predictable symbols. The witch usually symbolises some evil or manipulative female who tries to selfishly get exactly what they want. Its just a matter of asking yourself who the witch is in your waking life. In this case the dreamers grandmother was just about to come to visit for a long stay. Since the dreamer had a quite negative view of her grandmother then its clearly related to that. So now its just a matter of seeing how the symbolism worked.

In the dream the pictogram probably represents the dreamers worst possible view of how things could turn out. Pictures tend to link to things that we are imagining and picturing in our minds. In such cases we tend to exaggerate things and fear the worst.

The dreams draw on the dreamers studies in anthropology and use symbols from native American fairy tales and Russian culture. We draw on symbols that are significant to ourselves. But really the symbols are all standard symbols. We have witch who captures the dreamers feelings about her grandmother and the monster who symbolises her fear that things will get out of control. In this dream they also make a very specific point about the dreamers strategy for dealing with her grandmother as the young person always addresses the monster as grandmother. So maybe it suggests that the dreamer is going to be always respectful to her grandmother so if any arguments take place then she can always blame things on her grandmother.

Also we have hints as to how the dreamer is approaching her grandmothers visit. She stabs the witch in the eye. So that's suggests that she is going to stand up to her grandmothers worst excesses.

Dream Symbol
MONSTER : "Some form of behavior that is totally out of control - in this case a wish that her grandmas behavior does not get too out of hand"
PICTOGRAMS : "something that you are imagining in your mind - in this case how bad her grandmas behavior can become"
STRESS BALLS : "The dreamer hands the monster the stress balls because she wants to clearly communicate her views to her Grandmother"
WITCH : "A selfish and manipulative figure - the dreamers grandma tends to drive her nuts"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My grandmother is coming to stay as she is ill at the moment. She drives me crazy. I am going to make sure things do not get out of control."

See how the symbolic meanings use metaphors to describe the dreamers grandmother

THE DREAM This morning. I’ve been awake ever since my horrible dream. I fell asleep, stressed out. I married a man who is verbally abusive, we have been arguing a lot lately. My family is scared for me to go and be with this man. (He has been in another country since we’ve been married in May). Let me get to my dream...so I meet up with him and we are intimate, he starts to go through my phone while kissing me. We begin to argue about why he would do that at an intimate moment. He then gets up and goes in the other room and starts a chain saw. At this point, what seems to be my spirit flies up to some higher spirits to see what can be done to stop this man with the chain saw. There is some disagreement. My spirit soars back down towards my house but instead of going directly to my body, floats around the house and then my bedroom for a while (it is very upset because it does not get the answers it wants in the sky, the whole way to the sky, the spirit encounters other spirits telling it that it can’t fly high or fast enough to do any good). I can see my body laying there once I get back into the room. Then somehow, an evil spirit controls my actions. It started with me doing little mean things, then turned into more evil (I remember most of it but it’s kind of graphic so I’ll keep it to myself). I had to fight to get this thing out of my body. At one point, I looked in the mirror and did not have a face. It was me but with a blurry,blanked out face. This evilness seemed to grow more powerful until I started to kick and scream and breath very rapidly and make noises to try and wake myself up. It seemed as though, when my spirit was out of my body the evil spirit was able to get in and make me do bad things in my dream. It sounds crazy but it is very real to me still.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been very stressed out. The last thing on her mind before sleep was how bad her life had become since she got married. She had to make a decision that week about whether to stay with him. She was scared to be with him but also scared not to. She felt like she no longer had control over her life.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If the dreamer had to make a big decision at the time of the dream then its likely that the dream links in some way to this big decision. Maybe its an insight into her situation.

The dreamer described how she lacked control over her life. Before her marriage she had her own career and had control over her life. How could that be expressed in a dream? Perhaps the mirror symbolizes her efforts to look at herself in an open and honest way. The fact that she sees nothing shows her own lack of identity.

The evil spirit undoubtably symbolizes her own husband. His evil and abusive ways. Later on the spirits control her and make her do evil things. Perhaps this represents the dreamers own feelings - that her husband is taking her over and transforming her personality. That she is somehow at fault - she is her own worst enemy.

The dream even uses the word disagreement. That's not by accident. That disagreement probably represents her own mixed feelings and emotions. That she is aware of her own weaker side which gives into her husband. She is aware that she wants to continue the relationship even though she accepts her husband is abusive.

Dream Symbol
DISAGREEMENT : "A disagreement in the dreamers own mind - her own mixed feelings"
EVIL SPIRIT : "The effect the dreamers husband has on her - controlling her and abusing her"
MIRROR : "The dreamer is taking a serious look at her self. Seeing how before she had an identity and now there is nothing left "
PHONE : "Her husband reads the phone messages as a form of control"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have to make a decision about staying with my husband. I know he is bad for me but I cannot imagine being without him. I know he is changing y own personality from inside. I lack any kind of control. It was not so long ago that I had my own identity. Know I am just a part of him - taken over. "

See how the symbolic meanings use metaphors to capture the dreamers emotions about a big decision she had to make

THE DREAM I was watching the waves crashing along the coast. There was a huge swell rolling in. I thought it looked really exciting(I take photos of surfers). I went over to it. Then I was attacked by a witch. I struggled with her and managed to trip her up. She fell down the cliff into the sea.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been struggling with ill health for years. The day before he had a tooth out and he was starting to feel a lot better. He had been convinced that his bad tooth was causing lots of health problems such as headaches and hay fever. But he had been unable to convince the dentist that it needed to be taken out.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams are about new feelings and insights into our own personal problems and situations. So its always best to see how your dreams could represent new ideas and thoughts that have been developing. In this case the dreamer had been thinking about his health. He had been dogged by headaches and problems for a few years. But the day before he had a tooth out and suddenly his health was much better.

In the dream the dreamer was feeling strong and was up for a challenge. He saw some huge waves and was excited at the size of some huge waves. In real life taking surfing photos was a real challenge. It involved a degree of danger as he had to venture into the cold and rough sea to take the pictures. This is exactly the kind of challenge that he would be wanting to undertake if his health was better. This was exactly the kind of thing he was finding difficult during his period of ill health.

The witch is a symbol of evil. Perhaps in this case we could say that the witch symbolizes the feeling that he was cursed by ill health. So overcoming and defeating the witch represents his attempts to recover his health.

The mood in the dream was really quite new. It was one of excitement and energy. Up until recently he had been unable to get into such a mood because of nagging health problems. So the dream represents the recover of energy and enthusiasm and the wish to pursue challenges.

Dream Symbol
STRUGGLED AND WON BATTLE : "The dreamer had struggled with and overcome huge problems with ill health"
WAVES : "The big waves reminded the dreamer of surfing - Surfing photography was the type of activity the dreamer would hope to get involved in if he could get his health back "
WITCH : "The dreamer had felt cursed by ill health"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel a lot better since I had that tooth out. I woke up feeling better and my hay fever has gone. This is a really good sign. I am sure many of my problems were connected to that bad tooth. I was starting to feel cursed by ill health. Now I just might have overcome the problems"

See how the symbolic meanings use metaphors to capture the dreamers insights into his health from the day before

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Think of a demon in a dream as representing a word such as "nasty". Then think of the rich and varied ways in which that word can be used in the English language such as "My girlfriend thinks I am being nasty to her", "My friend is trying to get me to be nasty to her ex boyfriend" and "there was a real nasty atmosphere at work yesterday". Dream symbols are used in equally rich and varied ways by dreams. Do not make the simple mistake of saying that dreams about demons have simplistic meanings such as "you are becoming increasingly nasty". Look for ways in which the theme of nastiness is applying in your life right now.

DEMON : It is impossible to tell if demons really exist so dreams involving spirit possession may indeed link to such things. But it is also very true that demons can be caused by very real and understandable situations in your own life. If you are the victim of some serious abuse then those intense fears can result in dreams. Dreams simply reflect our day to day emotions and if you feel in real life as if some evil people are picking on you then the dreams may be caused by that. Equally if you are picking on someone for no good reason the dreams may link to that. Often people who tend to pick on others will have intense fears inside them. The dream may also be triggered by some intense and overwhelming fear. Simply ask yourself what your fears are right now and if there is something then it maybe related to that.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "really frightened "
- "I was just evil to him yesterday"
- "racially abused"
- "my sons are learning some bad new habits and I think they are being led astray"
- "being picked on"
- "Why did she do something so terrible to herself?"


WEREWOLF : Werewolves often symbolise people who have undergone a total change in character usually for the worst. It may link to someone who has suddenly shown you a darker and more scarier side - maybe they lost their temper with you on the day before the dream.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "he showed a whole new scarey side to his personality to me yesterday"
- "they revealed their true nature"
- "deep down she is so very different"
- "raw sexual animal lust"

ZOMBIES : When you see a zombie it has no expression on its face as it just mindless walks around unable to think what to do. Think of real life and sitation where you felt like a zombie. .

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I am still not properly recovered from that illness"
- "its just the mindless boredom"
- "I was exhausted and unable to think clearly"
- "she was panicking yesterday"
- "yesterday my mind went totally blank and I could simply not think what to do"
- "unable to think of anything else"
- "we were just blissfully happy"
- "mindlessly accept some ideas"

VAMPIRE : Vampires are blood suckers so they have an obvious symbolic meaning in that they drain you of energy. But once bitten you become a vampire yourself so it maybe links to issues where once converted you will never go back.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "this is draining me emotionally"
- "Once bitten you will never change your mind"
- "Once converted you will never change your mind"
- "I have to keep a constant look out for this"

WITCHES : A witch is a stereotype who is plotting and scheming to get her own way. If you ignore the lack of black clothes and a broomstick then there are plenty of people who can fit the description "evil and manipulative". Its usually those people who the dream refers to.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "That evil and manipulative woman"
- "selfish and scheming"
- "My Mother in law"
- "she is always interfering"

HARRY POTTER : Harry Potter is a sorcerer and will often link to a wish inside you that something could happen right now as if by magic. Such wishes also show that you recognise that it is not likely to happen because of too many practical difficulties.

Harry potter also links to childlike interest in the supernatural. He can often then link to positive interest in magic, psychic powers and even dream interpreting. So if you have recently been interested in such matters then the dream may relate to that. It will show that you have been captured by the same sense of wonderment that exists in Harry Potter films.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I wish I could just make it happen. wouldn’t it be just brilliant!"
- "I know its not really possible but if it could happen that would be great"
- "I love the supernatural right now"

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