Dream interpretation - death,executions and burials as dream symbols

THE DREAM - I am in this graveyard - I see various graves. When I wake up I think of various charcters in a tv reality show I had enjoyed watching - it had just ended

THE REALITY The dreamer had been watching a TV reality program non stop. When this finished there was a hole in her life.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Graveyards can symbolise the end of some period of your life. The previous night a TV reality show had just ended. The dreamer had watched this every night. Now it was gone it was a big shock to her routine.

Dream Symbols
GRAVEYARD : "a need to move on from something - in this case a need to find something to fill the space of a TV show now ended"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really enjoyed that TV reality show. It seemed to become part of my life in the two weeks it ran. I will really miss it."

See how the symbolic meanings capture some recent change that the dreamer is adapting too

DREAM TIP: Think of dream symbols like words in the english language. Often some symbols like death can simply link to the same word in english. So then think of ways in which you would use that word to express your current emotions. For instance you could say that a relationship had been allowed to die out.
THE DREAM - I am in a graveyard. I am talking to a gravestone. It is the grave of my friend. But I was talking as if she was alive.

THE REALITY The dreamer had drifted away from the friend in the dream . They had not seen each other for a while.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Death dream will usually symbolise the end to a period in your life. In this case it links to the dreamers own realization that her friendship with the person in the dream was now over. It had been allowed to die.

Dream Symbols
GRAVEYARD : "the dreamers friendship has died out"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have not seen my friend for ages. I just realised this yesterday. Its as if the friendship has died"

See how the symbolic meanings capture a key realisation about a friendship

DREAM TIP: Always look to the day before to understand a dream . dream concentrate on small changes in our emotions and feelings. Think about those new feelings and then try to understand a dream symbol in that way.
THE DREAM - A Co-workers mother was haunting me. She walked right through me.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer had seen a car crash scene. From far off the victim looked a bit like one of his co-workers. This sent a cold shiver down his spine.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This is a difficult dream to understand. The dream featured the mother of a former coworker. She had died about a month before but that was now over with. The dreamer had not been worried about this or about her coworker. So its unlikely that the dream was about that.

Many dream have a link to the previous day. The dream featured this cold feeling linked with ghosts. The previous night the dreamer had felt that exact same sensation of coldness. She had been walking down a road when a man had collapsed. The ambulance came and the dreamer looked at the man and for a short time thought it was a friend from work. The man had the same build and looks. She was sure it probably wasn’t him though - the visibility was not good as it was dark(she thought it best to stay out of the way and so did not go to check). But she was not 100% sure and was relieved to see her coworker the next morning.

Dream Symbols
CO-WORKER : "a thought which is in some way related to work or your coworkers"
HAUNT : "an eerie feeling - in this case the real eerie feeling the dreamer felt the night before"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I saw this guy being helped into an ambulance yesterday evening. It was really eerie because for a second I thought it was Jon from work"

See how the symbolic meanings capture a key moment from the day before

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : dream will focus on things that are important to you right now. In many cases they will be symbolic representations of the very issues you wake up thinking about. Those issues maybe small conversations from the previous day. It depends what your mind is focusing on. If you think a lot about work then it could be about that. Try to isolate the issues you are thinking about and interpret a dream in that way. Look for evidence in the symbols of the things dominating your mind.
THE DREAM - I was walking along a long road. It was a forced march(Maybe there was some other soldiers or people around me). At the end there would be an execution.

THE REALITY The dream was currently working night and day on a work project. He felt absolutely exhausted.

DREAM INTERPRETATION dream often symbolise our immediate feelings. There is no doubts that this dream captures the dreamers immediate thoughts. He felt exhausted and was having to push himself to meet the deadline for this work project.

If someone is waiting for an execution their wait is painful and tortuous. That pretty much symbolises the dreamers feelings here. But executions can often be symbols for a deadline that is looming in the dreamers mind.

Dream Symbols
FORCED MARCH: "the dreamer was forcing himself to get his work done both night and day"
EXECUTION : "often executions can link to a deadline "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been working night and day on my work. Its giving me a headache. I cannot see an end to this and currently my eyes are tired and I feel exhausted."

See how the symbolic meanings form together into a thought about the dreamers work and state of mind

DREAM TIP: Death in dream can simply refer to death in real life. If a friend narrowly escapes death the day before in a car crash then the dream could be about that. You suddenly became aware of death in a very real way.
THE DREAM (background info : my granddads wife just passed away, I know her but haven’t seen her in years, I was sad to learn of the news and was sad in missing the funeral as I’m in a different country)

I was in a room doing something with my hands (in a sink I think) she appears in front of the door, I turn to look, she is smiling, as she comes closer she is happy and I realize its her, I panic and say to myself "Denise, my god, but your dead Oh MY GOD it is you, you’ve come to visit me in my dream , your here oh my god " I scared the dream away, kinda woke up but didn’t.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer had really guilty feelings from "hoping" what that her granddad wife had left her money in her will as she could really use the cash. She felt felt so horrible for thinking that.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Its often difficult to know what to say about dream with deceased people in. Its almost impossible to prove life after death. We cannot truly know if a dream is linked to our own emotions or is some telepathic message coming from another dimension.

But the day before the dream this dreamer was feeling strong guilt. She was thinking of what she may receive in the will and was feeling awful for this. It could show that her granny was forgiving her for this weakness. But it is more likely to be symbolic of the dreamer coming to terms with her own guilt. The fact that she felt such guilt meant that she had to come to terms with it and see her feelings in a more positive light. We all cannot help our little weaknesses in this case the dreamer was her own worst judge. She realised that this woman had died. This was the end of this woman’s life and that was truly serious. She at that moment was treating this death with the respect that it deserved.

In her dream the dreamer realise that the memory of her granddad wife was alive in her mind. That's why she was smiling. Its a positive dream and shows that any guilt she felt was natural and forgiven.

Perhaps the sink symbolises how the dreamer was needing to wash away the guilt and cleanse her emotions.

Dream Symbols
SINK : "cleaning waway the bad feelings and guilt felt because her immediate feeling was for money"
SMILE : "the dreamer feels absolved and freed from the guilt she felt"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel guilty because my grandads wife has just died. I immediately wondered if any money would be left to me as we are short of money right now. "

See how the symbolic meanings capture a key moment of guilt

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Think of a death in a dream as a word such as "ending". Then think of the rich and varied ways in which that word can be used in the English language such as "I am thinking of ending my relationship with my boyfriend", "My friendship with my friend seems to have ended. I have not seen her for ages " and "the college term is about to end". dream symbols are used in equally rich and varied ways by dream . Do not make the simple mistake of saying that dream about death mean that something in your life is about to end. Rather you need to think how that dream symbol could apply in your current life. Think especially of the day before and how a dream symbol could apply to thoughts you felt then.
THE DREAM I dreammed I poisoned my sister and was trying to cover it up. She was being kind to me but I was ignoring this and left her some poison to drink while I was out having a good time with others and denying my crime. Once I could no longer hide her body or deny her death I admitted it to a friend and then I was filled with aching, deep remorse that came out in guttural, horrific screams. I couldn’t get rid of the disgust I felt for myself.

THE REALITY The dream was very upsetting to the dreamer. As she pondered it during the day it’s message became more clear. It was a metaphor for her guilt over denying the truth (represented by her sister who is a person who always tells the truth).

DREAM INTERPRETATION Sisters are often very symbolic in dream . We share our closest feelings with our sisters. So often sisters link to issues connected with an openness to new ideas and feelings. Often it links to a simple acceptance of the truth. That was the case in this dream .

Death often links to a new start. It symbolises the end of one situation and the beginning of a new one. So here the dreamer is wiping the slate clean and starting again. She now sees things much clearer in her mind.

Dream Symbols
CRIME : "sense of shame and guilt "
HIDE : "deceive yourself - in this case the dreamer is deceiving herself"
POISON : "spoiling something pure "
SISTER : "the dreamers sister was someone who always tells the truth"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I realise now that I am denying the truth in a situation in my life. I feel so guilty about this."

See how the symbolic meanings form together to capture a key feeling

DREAM TIP: During the day we store up thoughts in the short term memory. Then at night we start to transfer these memories from the day before into long term memory banks. We integrate them into long term emotions and thoughts. That is why so many dream will feature the day before. So think of anything that you were thinking about then. A dream could link to some event that happened yesterday. It could link to some worry and concern over some health issue. It may link to some frustrations over a relationship of some kind. It may simply link to paranoia#146;s or fantasies in our mind. A dream may also link to our thoughts about the day ahead and how we are getting ready for what is about to happen then.
THE DREAM My dream begins in a hospital. I am dressed in white sick room clothes, there are two other young men in similar clothes in the room. There are four beds and the predominant colour in the room in white. I am pacing the room always aware that I am about to be hanged to death! The noose hangs near one of the beds and I seem to have the option of walking away from the noose but something keeps forcing me to the noose. Finally one of the other men puts on a white hangman’s mask and signals me to the noose. I walk to the noose and suddenly images of my family flash across my head and I firmly refuse to be hanged, throw the hospital clothes off and walk out of the room. Needless to say the initial feeling was of fear, hopelessness, loneliness and everything that goes with it. When I walked away from the noose, I woke up from sleep and felt VERY happy.

THE REALITY The dreamer was facing an important interview in two days. He was suffering from an ailment. He was worried that he maybe ill and not able to put his case across well.

DREAM INTERPRETATION dream will quite often be about some prominent emotions from the day before. Other dream are about the future and how we are relating to some problem. In this case the dreamer was desperate to get better because he was due to have an interview. Just like in the dream he was desperate to shed his hospital clothes. He knew that if he was ill he would probably not get the job. He had to be at his best.

An execution is very much like a deadline in some ways. An execution takes place at a set time on a set day(just like a job interview). The time up until the execution would pass slowly and painfully.

Dream Symbols
BED : "something that affects you in a very personal way - in this case its about health"
CLOTHES : "how you feel inside - the signals you send out on any particular day or during some situation - in this case the dreamer is feeling ill"
DEATH : "moving into a new phase"
EXECUTE : "a date you are dreaming - in this case a deadline for getting better"
HOSPITAL : "in this case a need to recover from this illness"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have to get well because I have an job interview in two days time. I just will not get the job otherwise"

See how the symbolic meanings form together to capture a key thought

DREAM TIP: dream can link to some long term issues. Say for instance you continually fail to assert yourself and get used by other people. Yet such issues may still be triggered by events and feelings alive in your mind on that day.
THE DREAM I’m in a small, wooden planked, dimly lit room with a friend of mine. There is a small square window on the wall opposite me. In the middle of the room there sits a fire extinguisher. There is no fire, for some reason I know I must use it. But before I used it, I need to add a chemical inside the extinguisher. Then I use it, but it shows no sign of being used. The only way I can tell that I did anything was by how dizzy I was getting and by how strange the room began to look. Then I open the door so my friend and I can get out of the fume filled room and I gain the knowledge that people use the same chemical I used in fire extinguishers in order to commit suicide. I was shocked at this information. And then I moved on.

THE REALITY The night the dreamer had this dream she had a fight with her boyfriend. She subconsciously feared that he might leave her. She thought afterwards that she was being a bit "dizzy" and silly. That she had accused him of using her. These are all things that she regretted and realised that she was not seeing things clearly.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Suicide in dream can generally be quite disturbing. But often dream will use a symbol in a milder form. Here the symbol captures the same emotions of suicide in that you are so exasperated that you feel the need to give up. Here that captures the dreamers worries about her boyfriend. The chemicals are a symbol of reaction. So the dreamer fears that her boyfriend will react in a way to the fight and just give up. Placing those symbols together it captures her essential feelings about this in that she feared he would "react" by "giving up" on the relationship.

The dizziness maybe symbolise her own lack of clarity of thinking when she was arguing with her boyfriend. That she was literally being silly and acting in a dizzy fashion.

The dream also seems to concentrate quite a lot on the words "BEING USED". Maybe that symbolises one theme of the argument. She was "being used". dream will occasionally use little strange metaphors like that.

The other symbols are not so easy. Maybe the fumes stand for anger - fuming. They could also stand for a bad atmosphere that has been created.

Dream Symbols
CHEMICAL : "the dreamer fears a reaction"
DIZZY : "the dreamer recognises she was behaving in a silly and dizzy fashion - she could not see things clearly"
FUMES : "a bad atmosphere has been created"
SUICIDE : "just totally give up on the relationship"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have just had a fight with my boyfriend but now I just worry if he will react to what I said. I just hope I do not lose him. I said some stupid things like I was being used but that's not true."

See how the symbolic meanings capture a key thought about recent events

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The major relationships in our lives are very linked to our general mood. The way we feel about our boyfriend may link to the way that we feel about life. Often the two get mixed up in dream . If we feel unhappy then we may take out frustrations on loved ones. dream are about moods and feelings many of which are not related to any specific issue. Some days we just feel good and then the next day we just feel bad. dream will often link to these general feelings.
THE DREAM I dreamt that my coworker friend and I went to a spa and we going to have massages and get a tan. The beds we had to lay on were dead naked bodies of women. We laid on them like you would a bed. We were partially naked too. I could feel its flesh on my back. I was so grossed out but I guess it was normal at this spa. She had a huge dead lady to lay on because she is a larger woman, and I had a smaller one. Then I went in some booth to get a spray on tan. I was afraid of the hygiene, confidence and skills of the staff. I wanted out of there. I was afraid of the chemicals I would be breathing in. I did not trust them.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just had a miscarriage.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream took place in the period after the dreamer had had a miscarriage.

This dream concerns a spray on tan. That a symbol of the pampering of our bodies and the rather shallow pursuits regarding body beauty. After a miscarriage life becomes deadly serious and people may see getting a spray on tan as an unusual response to something so serious. For the dreamer a bit of beauty pampering maybe part of her own recovery. It maybe her way of taking her mind off things and letting her mind heal.

Yet she is afraid of the chemicals. Chemicals maybe a symbol for a reaction. So maybe she wants to pamper her body a little with a little beauty care but is scared that people may see her as shallow. When something tragic happens we expect a certain response. This is maybe part of this.

Dream Symbols
BED : "beds are personal symbols - this time it links to an issue which is very personally affecting the dreamer"
CHEMICAL : "fearing some sort of reaction - the dreamer does not want to deal with peoples reaction to her miscarriage"
COWORKER : "emotionally trying to work on something "
FLESH : "get really involved into some argument or idea"
NAKED : "people will see the true you - the dreamer feels vulnerable and exposed "
TAN : "pampering your body - shallow beauty treatment"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I want to go about my normal routine even though I have just had a miscarriage. It will help me get over the heartache. But I am worried that people will judge me and think I do not care about losing the baby"

See how the symbolic meanings capture an insight into a recent situation

THE DREAM I am talking to him on msn. He has won a contest and I am congratulating him. We are both really happy. After a moment, the computer disappears into thin air, and while he is never actually in the same room as me, we continue talking with each other. The whole time, I can hear his voice in my head, and he can hear me, even though we are so far apart. It is even still really surprising to me how clearly I could hear him even though I couldn’t see him, and how real everything seemed.

Eventually, he asks me to leave the room I am in because he wants me to meet his friends. I walk out the doorway and find myself in a hallway that is painted bright orange. There are colours everywhere - bright blue, green, and yellow being just a few of the most common ones. I am still talking to him in my head as he introduces me to his friends, who are each represented by brightly coloured pictures on the wall. Each picture seems very beautiful and unique in it’s own right, and I feel like I am connecting with all of these people even though they are really just pictures.

The setting shifts so that all of a sudden I am back in the classroom where I first met him. I am sitting at the front of the class, and I look to my right and discover that he is sitting right next to me. I am ecstatic to see him again. The class begins, and the professor enters the room. Except that it’s not the professor that we originally had. Instead, the professor is Death. So in this case, Death is a skeleton in a black robe, and carrying a scythe. He is very strict, and every time a student Isn’t paying attention, he kills them.

The whole time, I am very frightened of this Death character. Unfortunately, because the guy I like so much is sitting right next to me, I am finding it really hard to concentrate on the lesson. Then, at one point in the dream , I forget about paying attention and I start talking to the one I like. When I look back, Death is standing right in front of my desk. He is really angry, and I am certain that I have made a mistake and that he is going to kill me for sure. Death is towering over me, and I find myself staring right into his face in absolute fear. Even though his face is a skull and he has no eyes, I am very aware that he is looking right at me. I also get the impression that somehow he knows exactly what I am thinking, and exactly how I feel, like there is nothing I can hide from him because he knows everything. Then, just as I think that my time has come, Death surprises me by simply saying, "pay attention", and goes back to teaching the course. So then I am very confused by his leniency when everyone else suffered the consequences for being distracted. But I also do pay attention after, as does the one sitting next to me, and we both make it through the lecture without getting killed off by Death

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently graduated. She had built up a relationship with a guy and was now attempting to continue it even though they lived in different cities. She was thinking of moving to his city but did not have enough money to do that immediately.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The guy in the dream was very special to the dreamer. Her relationship in real life was in a major state of transition as she had just graduated and now she was living a long distance relationship.

Death in dream is a fairly reliable symbol. It usually links to some period of change or transition. Here it clearly symbolises the possibility that this relationship could die off.

Yet the dream also clarifies her thoughts. The pictures represent the dreamers relationship over the Internet. She can literally picture what he is doing as he is describing in great deal his life and circumstances.

Actually the dream probably symbolises her own optimism for the relationship. The pictures in particular show that she feels that the relationship is viable even though at present its long distant.

Perhaps the leniency of the teacher represents her own surprise that the relationship is doing so well. She really deep down expected the relationship to be in danger of immediate collapse yet right now she is feeling optimistic.

Dream Symbols
DEATH : "an awareness that the relationship with her guy friend was in danger of dying"
MSN : "communication - this represents the long distant nature of the relationship"
PICTURE : "The dreamer is happy continuing the relationship. She can picture this guy in her own mind and is aware of what he is doing and how he is thinking"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am aware of the fact that my relationship with the guy in the dream is threatened by the circumstances of being so far apart. But I feel I can overcome these difficulties. However, it may take me some time to get together enough money to move to his city. It may even take up to a year."

See how the symbolic meanings capture some key thoughts about a relationbship

THE DREAM I’m in this old run down house and my boyfriend and his family have turned into these wierd frenzied killers, murdering varius members of my family by cutting them up and placing them in garbage bags. I am running around looking for phones to call the police and when I finally find one of my aunt’s mobiles I hide in a corner to phone the police. I tell the police whats happening and to come straight away but they just laugh and say I am making it all up. While my boyfriend and familiy don’t hurt me they are keeping me captive and making me watch them hack my family up. I finally escape the house and go to a cafe and use a phone in their kitchen to call the police again and tell them it is real and give them the address. They say they will send someone but they never turn up. Eventually my family are completely cut up and are sitting out the front of the house in bags. I go back to the house but it is empty now.

THE REALITY The dreamer was uncomfortable around her boyfriends family - they tend to have different values. The dreamer also found it difficult to talk to her boyfriend about this as he frequently dismisses her worries and says that she is "crazy". She consequently tends to bottle up feelings as she does not want to offend anyone.

I am not so much angry with my boyfriend and his family but resisting the way his family is and am not willing to put up with the behaviour. It is hard as I don’t want to stop my boyfriend from being with his family but I dreamd being around them myself (so I make up excuses as to why I can’t go)..

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer does have strong issues with her boyfriends family. So its worth taking this as the starting point for the dream . The dream may link to some thoughts about the family.

The one part that really helps link the dream with reality is the polices attitude. They laugh off her fears. That has a direct link to reality. The police represnt the dreamers belief that her boyfriends family are breaking laws and conventions about what is acceptable behavior. She wishes to stop this. Yet she also feels as if the police are laughing at her. This links directly to the dreamers belief that her boyfriend laughs off her own objections to his family. He says that she is "crazy". So she feels her complaint is not being taken seriously.

In the dream the family are behaving like mad crazed killers. That represents the dreamers own vision of them being a family from hell.

Dream Symbols
BOYFRIENDS FAMILY ARE KILLERS : "the dreamer believes her boyfriends family are unbelievably bad and this is represented in the dream by their terrible behavior "
POLICE : "The dreamer dislikes her boyfriends family and feels that they violate conventions of behavior. They are therefore crossing her own personal boundaries and this needs to be stopped in order to restore order"
POLICE LAUGH OFF COMPLAINT : "the dreamer goes to her boyfriend to help discuss her issues with his family but she is not atken seriously by him"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate being around my boyfriends family. I do not like the way that they behave and am not willing to be around such people. I just dreamd being around them and make up excuses for not going. I do not like to offend so tend to bottle this all up. My boyfriend just laughs at me though. I know he thinks they are not that bad. He thinks I exaggerate things and make them sound as if they are mad and crazy killers."

See how the symbolic meanings form together into a key thought process


DEATH : Death is often the most feared of symbols for obvious reasons. But it can link to the thought off death or some eerie moment the day before that really scared you. But really death is not such a bad symbol overall. It may link to a situation that has just ended in your life or change or transition such as leaving a job. If a friend dies then it may simply mean that the friendship has been allowed to die and is now not as important. Death can also link to things that you cannot do now and limitations placed upon you. So overall look for changes and transitions in your life and your fears associated with them. Often your fears associated with this symbol are misplaced - the dream may simply mean that some very interesting TV show has just ended and you are having to fill the hole.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream ) :
- "I felt this eerie feeling yesterday when... "
- "he could really die" - "I really could have died!"
- "it has ended"
- "This friendship has died" - "That place is no longer a part of my life"
- "I cannot do that any more"
- "Thinking he was dead in the dream makes me realise just how important he is in my life"


KILLING : Killing in dream can have several meanings but they usually revolve around the wish to resist or stop something. It may mean that you are simply angry and that in your mind you could kill someone right now. It may mean that you are wanting to resist pressure to behave in a certain way. Killing also involves a deliberate action so may link to relationships that have been ended.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream ) :
- "I really hate him"
- "I had an argument yesterday"
- "resist at all costs"
- "not willing to put up with this behavior"
- "ending the relationship"

SUICIDE : Suicide in dream is a very scarey symbol for many people as they may see the dream as a possible premonition. It may indeed symbolise how you feel like you have come to the end of the road and are totally wanting to end your life. However, it is more likely to mean that you have given up on some project or relationship and no longer wish to try any more.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream ) :
- "I do feel desperately unhappy"
- "I have given up totally on this issue"
- "I hope he does not give up"
- "I do not know why I bother"

EXECUTION : Executions are extremely deliberate acts. They also take place at a set time and set place. A dream about an execution may link to some appointment that you are dreamding.

QUESTIONS(to help you see how this symbol refers to your real life) :
-Have you got a crucial work meeting which you are dreamding?
-Is there a deadline that you are facing?

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