Dream interpretation - creative dreams

CREATIVE DREAMS : Often people use dream as a channel for creative thinking. Writers have been known to write entire books by dream - Graham Greene for instance.
THE DREAM - I was having a kinky experience with a friend of mine and he was dominating me. Whips chains the whole nine yards! Well during this my Realtor came in the room and began to ummm have relations with me as well he was very sweet and concerned with my feelings. My friend was very mad that he wouldn’t be rough and he was trying to actually hurt me. The door swung open and it was my husband (who is in know way the type to share me with any other man) and he took control of the situation he began treating me roughly, calling me names and telling the other guys to "be rough" with me. OK well since I don’t know how much detail I can use on here! By the end of the evening my Realtor came to me apologizing for the acts that took place my husband looked at me left the room and the friend untied me and left me lay there. I fell asleep in the dream and woke the only evidence anything had happened was bite marks on my shoulders and whelps on my rear end!

THE REALITY I write Erotica, have been for many years. I can be in any situation and make a story out of it. I sat down and wrote a story pretty good one I must say lol about the whole experience. However since I had this dream every single dream I have is fish eyes and decaying fish eyes.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Many people who write often take ideas from dream . The writer Graham Greene uses this method. The creative zones within the mind are located in the dream mind - the unconscious - so this is no coincidence.

This dream features a house. Often people see houses as symbols of The Self. That maybe occasionally true but often dream houses refer to specific areas of your life - not personality issues. So in some ways house dream are about specific issues. They therefore represent an idea or an approach to some issue. It is a construction of our mind - a set of thoughts which together hang together to make some coherent form. So the house in this dream represents an idea that the mind is testing out.

A Realtor(estate agent) is a person who judges the value a house. A good rule in dream is that if you get an unusual symbol(Realtor) then in defining it you must include the word THOUGHT or FEELING into the definition. So in that way the Realtor is symbolic of testing out the value of an idea. The dreamer used the dream as inspiration for a new story. The dream represented a new sense of enthusiasm. It helped generate ideas.

Dream Symbols
REALTOR : "thinking through the value of an idea - thinking through the value of an idea from her subconscious"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I write erotic stories. This dream inspired me to write a story."

THE DREAM - I am thinking out an answer to an email that I received the day before.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer received an email. During that evening he was planning out his response. He had the answer written out in his head. He was highly motivated towards this subject. He was eager to pen his response. It had helped him clarify his mind of the subject.

DREAM INTERPRETATIONMany dreams are creative. Often they contain good ideas. Yet many simply portray our minds in an emotional sense. This dream obviously linked to the email that was in the dream and in real life. It captured the dreamers state of mind. His highly potivated and eager wish to respond. By morning he had forgotten the exact wording of the response to this email.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been thinking about that eail a lot. I want to answer it in a thorough and intelligent way. I know exactly how to word it. "

THE DREAM my daughter and I stayed up until midnight working on this science project she had due the next day. She had to make 3D models of a plant cell and an animal cell. She could use things like fruit loops and marshmallows for the different parts. And we stayed up gluing these things to a poster board and I kept thinking it wasn’t really 3D. And then I had a dream that night. The perfect model would have been to to have all these things floating inside a ziploc bag full of jello. The bag would be the cell wall or membrane, whatever, the jello. I can’t remember the name, but it fit, and for the nucleolus and nucleus -a hard boiled egg cut in half so you can see the stuff. I thought of cooked spaghetti and rice and all kinds of things to put in there and like have a guide of what is what on the poster board because she was supposed to label stuff.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer had clearly been inspired by her childs school project and it had got her imagination working. At night our mind has time to concentrate and think intensely on an issue. We will often come up with solutions at night.
THE DREAM I am at some shops in an area where I used to visit a lot(I do not go there at all now. I only used to visit the area to meet a friend but now I never speak to him at all). Whilst outside the shop I bump into a guy that I really cannot stand(He never stops talking and simply will not let you get away). I was thinking that this was the second time I had bumped into him here and that I would avoid going to the shop again as I really did not like meeting him. Then I am in some garage. It appears to be the house of a middle class lady. There is a copy of the News Of the World.

THE REALITY Just recently this dreamer had become interested in incubated dream and creative dream . He had read of some tests using puzzles which were very intriguing. The dreamer wanted to devise his own tests. When he woke up from this dream he immediately started to think of an idea. In short he devised this puzzle.

The Puzzle : Before you go to bed imagine that you are in the Big Brother House. Everyone in the world is in the house. Your task is to nominate two people to be evicted. So you must give the names of two people in your life that you would never like to see again and give reasons for this. Report back with any interesting dream and explain any emotions and associations connected with any of the symbols.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer realised when he had woken up that he had thought up a good puzzle test for incubating dream . He then realised that if he was to take that test himself then he would nominate the very person in the dream he had just had. The two seemed to be linked. So its a fair assumption that the dream was creatively inspiring this idea. What connections and clues can we make here.

If you nominate someone for eviction in Big Brother then it means you really cannot stand them. In this case this dream features two connections to people the dreamer did not like any more. It featured a very annoying man and also it took place in an area of town associated with a old friend that the dreamer does not like and does not speak too at all.

The dreamer then tried to understand the other symbols. The middle class lady made him think of the original tests he had read about. They were printed in "The Times" newspaper and so where linked to middle class and intellectual people. So its interesting that a copy of the "News of the World" appears in the dream . This is a newspaper but also very low brow and interested only in scandal. Perhaps this links to one feature of the test - it is encouraging the dreamer to talk about people they do not like(they would speak in a scandalous fashion).

Overall some symbols can be clearly linked to the idea emerging from the dreamers subconscious on waking. Some symbols were better understood than others.

Dream Symbols
SHOP : "things you want "
SHOP(that you walk past) : "Something that you do not want - in this case this relates to people you do not want to see"