Dream interpretation - coyotes as dream symbols

The meaning of any dream symbol is generally linked to the things we associate with them. Coyotes generally have more negative meanings. A lion is seen as strong courageous and ruthless. A coyote on the other hand is associated with more negative qualities - they are seen as scavengers and not to be trusted.

How would we go about interpreting a coyote dream? Well try the following example.

DREAM - Three coyotes walking with me! I had a dream that I was walking to my car and three coyotes were playfully walking with me.

Dreams will often link to new feelings and key emotions. Many dreams do not mean much - they are just symbolic versions of things that you already know. Try to link your dream to something coyote like. Think of who is behaving like a coyote.

In the case of this coyote dream we know that the dreamer was mentioning about her husband who she did not trust. She had suspicions about him cheating. That's a pretty good connection to real life so we can assume that this maybe a dream about this issue which will be constantly on the dreamers mind.

Hidden within the dream are hints of what the dream means. The coyotes are playfully walking with the dreamer. Dreams pinpoint key emotions. So this dream may capture a key emotion linked to the dreamers cheating husband. The coyotes are almost teasing the dreamer. The dream could easily capture this type of feeling - "The thing that really gets me is when he is laughing and joking and pretending everything is all right. He hides it very well". So we may guess that the dream pinpoints this hypocrisy as the dreamers main emotional objection to her husbands behaviour. She hates the way he blatantly carries on as if nothing is happening.

Now try reading the following dream.

THE DREAM - I had a dream where baby coyotes were growing into adults

The dreamer had been on the internet the day before and was shocked by a woman who was talking about her boyfriends child. She said that he should dump the child and that the mother had probably lied about him being the father. She thought this woman was terrible - heartless and uncaring. She then went on to think that it is this kind of behaviour which causes children to grow up with no sense of family and responsibility.

As we know dreams link to recent thoughts and feelings and there is a lot of evidence that this dream links to the dreamers thoughts about this woman. The coyotes symbolise this heartless woman. The baby's growing up into adults deals with the specific theme of children growing up. So the dream quite clearly links to identical themes. This dream undoubtedly captures this thought process - "It is this type of behaviour which causes children to grow up with no sense of family and responsibility". The dream captures this exact feeling - its the same thought but just written in the language of dreams. The dream uses these strange symbols as a way of storing such complex ideas and thought processes.

Of course this process is difficult. The following dream features coyotes and there is some evidence to show that it is related to the dreamer returning to work. The previous day the dreamer was chatting with an old co-worker and they were talking about how they don't like their boss and how she is 'crazy and a liar'. She was dreading going back to work because she was on maternity leave. She was looking for another job.

THE DREAM I had a dream that my husband and I were taking a nature walk in a forest, it was lovely then all of a sudden we were both scared saying I hope we don't see any coyotes. In my dream I said not to worry if we just clap our hands and make noise they should just run away. After I said that we noticed one behind the tree. I tried making noise to scare it but that didn't work. We then kept walking and started seeing more and more coyotes just show up. then they started coming close to us. We saw fallen branches on the floor and we used the branches to attack them by plunging the branches at their necks. All of a sudden we came to a fence where we jumped over it to run away from them.We tried to hide under a tree but we thought they would see us. So we saw a barn and in the barn we saw a horse. We jumped on the horse to get away, and then my dream changed.

It is quite possible that the coyote was a symbol of this co-worker. We could not establish any other connections to this dream. The dream was very general. The coyote is something bad and could quite clearly represent someone whom the dreamer did not trust and was thinking about the day before. However, dreams will often conceal their full meaning. We can hint that dream symbol may mean this or that but we can never truly know a dreams meaning. We cannot check our own thoughts about what the dream means by looking at the back of the book for the correct answer. Dreams are not meant to be remembered. They do seem to be linked to some vital brain functions but they will often conceal their meaning. The dream mind often retains its mysteries.