Dream interpretation - clothes and nakedness as dream symbols

THE DREAM - I am standing halfway up the stairs at my school. I see a shirt that I know is mine. I know its a well made shirt but the material is extremely poor.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had to take some harsh criticism off another person. She had to accept the criticism because that person was very influential and was known for spreading rumours about people.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The strongest clue for this dream was the clothes - clothes link to our reputation and the way that people see us. So this dream caught two feelings. That the dreamer was confident that she was in the right - that’s why her clothes were nice. Yet the quality of the material was poor so that captures a second feeling - that the image she has may fall apart at any moment. The ground floor in dream symbolises the day to day real world of reality. The upstairs can represent your imagined thoughts. So in this case the dream shows that the dreamer had to make a judgment partly on the reality of the situation(where she had confidence in her reputation) but also the imagined thoughts(the possibility that this person would spread rumours about her).

Dream Symbols
CLOTHES : "your image and reputation - here her clothes are made with bad materials. That shows how you feel vulnerable"
SCHOOL : "school of life - a lesson that needs to be learnt - learning to behave for the best even when you know you are right. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate having to sit and take the criticism that she is directing towards me. I cannot respond because I know that she is very influential and it will make things worse

See how the symbolic meanings represent the dilemma facing the dreamer.

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : dream symbols can be like words. Think of clothes linking to the word "image". Now write down several quotes which capture your intuitions about the day before such as "I was very tired yesterday","My colleagues seem to be talking about me at work behind my back", or "I have been worried about my sister". Now look at those quotes and see which could link to the word "image" . It could well be that any dream that link with the word image could link to the dream meaning.
THE DREAM - I am suddenly in my own childhood. I see myself with the poor clothes I had on and having to make do with the old books that I had. Everywhere around me was filth and poverty.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just had a child and was filled with thoughts of his own childhood. He was determined that his own child would not go through the hardship he had to face.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer associated his own childhood poverty with the birth of his son. He interpreted his own dream . Clothes often symbolise our image and reputation - how other people see us. Also the dream simply meant that the birth had set off a mood within him - how he was reflecting on his own childhood. Big events make us think in a bigger way. We tend to remember things from long ago and see the wider perspective in life.

Dream Symbols
POOR CLOTHING : "the dreamers own poor upbringing. This is linked to his own present situation with his son"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "The birth of my son has made me think of my own childhood. I want to make life easier for my child"

See how the symbolic meanings represent a key thought connected to birth of the dreamers child.

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : One way to really understand dream is to wait until something big happens. If some event occured and you simply could not stop thinking about it all day then its very likely that your dream that night will be about this. So look carefully at the feelings you have on this issue and try to link them to the various possible symbolic meanings.
THE DREAM - I was getting dressed. Instead of putting on my own clothes I put my friends clothes - his yellow trousers and his red top. I left my black shirt and trousers on the bed.

THE REALITY The dreamer was feeling a lot brighter than recently and had been cheered up by a friends optimism.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Clothes often symbolise the signals that we unconsciously send to the world. So this day the dreamer suddenly decoded to get himself out of a rut. He wished to show a brighter and more optimistic side. Clothes then show this new frame of mind - with brighter colours symbolising brighter and more optimistic feelings.

Dream Symbols
BED : "your personal habits and ways of doing things "
CLOTHES : "how you feel inside - the signals you send out on any particular day or during some situation"
DRESSED : "in a certain frame of mind - your mood"
RED : "danger, passion, sexual energy"
YELLOW : "happy and sunny disposition"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I feel a lot more optimistic recently. My friend has a much brighter image and is more cheerful. I have been copying his approach to life"

See how the symbolic meanings represent an ideal which the dreamer aspires too.

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : dream will focus on things that are important to you right now. In many cases they will be symbolic representations of the very issues you wake up thinking about. Those issues maybe small conversations from the previous day. It depends what your mind is focusing on. If you think a lot about work then it could be about that. Try to isolate the issues you are thinking about and interpret a dream in that way. Look for evidence in the symbols of the things dominating your mind.
THE DREAM The dream had a urgent sensation. There was a parking lot partially surround by woods. I was looking for something. I didn’t know what till I heard a baby cry. I ran fast to the baby covered with a white cloth but the face was concealed. There were two squirrel’s next to the baby. I pushed and scared them away. Then a dark dog arrived resembling a wolf (not sure). It was riddling or itching the neck of the baby. I tried to fend it off. Suddenly a white dog attacked me. I managed to hold its nozzle and a feeling rage and sadness started to fill me and I ripped the lower jaw in a scream and cried. The dark dog pounced on me. I turn and wrestled with it, choked it. Am not sure it I killed it.

My brother came along with some other people. Something was still wrong. They surrounded me asking if everything is all right. I told to take care of the baby. I started to take off my clothes in irritation. "I have to finish something" I cried. I didn’t know what. I looked at the parking lot and saw the white dog with a broken jaw moving behind cars. "I have to finish something" I put my pants back on and someone tried to help. I asked for a knife. Everyone was surprised. I screamed "Give me a knife". I man with glass quickly turns, reaches for something and gives a scalpel. The scalpel in my hand. "It will have to do". I run to the wounded dog.

I woke up at that point. Disguised with myself. I did the right thing protecting the baby. BUT perhaps the baby didn’t need protection. The squirrels were just watching the baby. The dark dog probably just itching the baby, as if taking take of fleas. And the white wolf trying to push me away. I felt I was the problem. Confusion, rage, sadness, all simultaneous with me in the dream . It made me feel acquired all day. I had to talk about but nothing seemed to clear the sensation of wrong in me.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently been putting himself into a project connected with his career. He had put a lot of effort into achieving something that was extremely ambitious but because of his own failings and the lack of support from others this had failed. He had worked on this night and day. Together with that he recently felt strong feelings for a woman but these could not be reciprocated because she was a lesbian. On failing his project he was immediately overtaken with the need to sort things out with her.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Life is complicated. dream obviously link to emotions and situations on our minds but this situation is tremendously complicated. dream represent day to day life in symbolic form and this dream dream is very complicated so its probably very difficult to spot what symbol relates to what portion of his day to day reality. But this dream has been included in this study for good reason. How exactly would you go about analyzing such a dream ?

Firstly you need to get a hold of the dream . There are lots of complicated things going on. But the most recent feelings are probably most important. The dreamer had committed himself to his work but right now he was distracted by the need to sort things out with the girl he was attracted to.

One way to understand this dream is to spot something that is recognizable in the dream . In this case it is the feeling that something is unnecessary. That is a key point and key emotion from the dream - "perhaps the baby didn’t need protection." The dreamer then goes onto feel that the fault was with him.

That emotion clearly links to real life. The dreamer had shown a moment of recognition. He finally realised that he was going from one thing to another - from work to the need to sort things out with this girl. He was spotting danger where danger did not exist. It was not necessary to move from one thing to another. This was a mere emotional reaction. When the attempts to win the love of a lesbian failed he threw himself into work and when work projects failed he then went in the other direction.

The symbols are very difficult in this dream and perhaps they are not particularly related to reality. They are merely part of a story. The central point put across by the dream is that something was unnecessary and that is the thing that you must try to match with real life.

Perhaps the message is clear. The dreamer should carry on with his work project and concentrate on something more achievable. It may also suggest that he does not need to sort things out with a lesbian because it is always going to be a difficult and complicated situation.

Wolves are often a symbol of bad times and that clearly can symbolise reality - the dreamers work project was in distinct danger of collapse.

The moment where he takes his clothes off and then starts to put them back on again also links in with reality. In real life he felt the need to open up his feelings to this girl - in that sense he was nakedly showing his feelings. Yet he later realised that this was folly. That is why in the dream he puts his clothes back on. In day to day life we do not nakedly show our feelings. We disguise true feelings all the way during the day - if we showed and explained our true feelings every time we got upset by something then pretty soon civilized society would soon break down.

Parking lots are often symbols of life been at a standstill and that clearly links in with day to day reality.

Dream Symbol
CAR : "your journey through life and progress towards your goals"
DOG : "a faithful and trusted friend - probably his brother who was working with him on this work project"
FACE : "facing this girl that he was attracted to"
NAKED : "the dreamer wants to show his feelings openly towards this girl"
PARKING LOT : "the project he is working on is currently at a standstill"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am troubled by two issues right now. I have worked night and day on a work project. It is failing though and I am not getting the support I require. I have also been thinking about this girl I like. I am really attracted to her. But I think she is a lesbian. I do not think it is wise to tell her how I feel. I cannot make up my mind"

See how the symbolic meanings represent the dreamers state of mind.

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : dream are very much linked to unconscious feelings rising to the surface of your mind. Think about the things that you were thinking about before going to bed. Think about the feelings that force their way into your consciousness when you wake. Its likely that the things dominating your conscious mind will be the same issues dominating your subconscious mind.
THE DREAM I was getting showered and taking a lot of preparation to get ready for some important event, though I’m not quite sure what the important event is; I just know that I need to prepare for it. I put on my underwear, etc., and clothes, and then head out of my bedroom in my apartment. In the living room, I’m surprised to find my mom, my aunt (her sister) and my ex-girlfriend in the room waiting for me.

I ask what they’re doing there, and they say they’ve come to see if I’m ready. My mom asks me a riddle to which I don’t know the answer, or never know the answer. And just then, when I give the wrong answer, my belt magically undoes itself, the button to my pants shoots off and the zipper to my pants shoots down; of course, I’m looking down, and I watch as my pants fall immediately to the floor; but what’s troubling is, I’m not wearing my usual boxers, but tight, flashy bikini underwear (neon green), and when I look up, highly embarrassed, my mom, aunt and ex are having a good laugh at my expense.

THE REALITY The dreamers mother talks about the dreamers need to lighten up and take himself less seriously. This dream replays an incident from several years before. His speedos fell down and he was left embarrassed. His mother and aunt felt that this was very funny.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream starts off in the dreamers bedroom and that often shows that the its about the very personal issues. Its about your intimate self.

The dream also features clothes in a very major way. Clothes often link to issues of our image and reputation. It links in with the signals that we send out. So this dream deals with how this person expresses himself and also how he comes across to others.

Perhaps the need for intense preparation shows that the dreamer is too serious and intense. He thinks too much about things.

One issue which came up with the dreamer is that he takes himself too seriously. His mother says this to him. So this could very well be the issue which the dream has been triggered by.

Perhaps the riddle is the most important symbol here. The dream then shows that this is an enigmatic and unfathomable piece of advice. Exactly how do you start to take yourself less seriously? Its a big question - what exactly does that mean in practice?

Dream Symbol
APARTMENT : "your approach to some issue on your mind"
BED : "your own very personal habits and peculiarities"
CLOTHES : "your image and reputation - how others see us"
LAUGH : "the fear of ridicule"
NAKEDNESS : "the dreamer does not like to let his guard down "
RIDDLE : "an issue where there is no clear answer in practice"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My mom keeps telling me to lighten up and take things less seriously. Am I really so serious? "

The dreams symbols represent a point of view - that the dreamer is too serious.

DREAM TIP : The best way to understand dream is to use the reverse engineering approach. dream link to your thoughts so simply ask yourself what are the unconscious feelings in your mind right now. Think of problems that keep rising to the surface. In many ways you know what these feelings are. The dream mind merely represents these symbolically. So you have many clues already.
THE DREAM I am at a neighboring police department for some sort of job interview. I am wearing a skirt and a top. For what ever reason, I am to go on patrol as apart of the interview, but must go home to change into something more appropriate. They are not angry with me for not being prepared, and very accommodating to help me get home to change. So, after some searching through the closet, I find an appropriate outfit in black to wear for patrol. Next I am at my police department talking to a former sergeant of mine. She has her weapon out sitting on the counter next to her. I look at the weapon and then I look at her face. I gently touch her face and look into her eyes. She seems confused by this. I then reach down and pick up her fire arm while she is looking away. I then walk to the vehicle I was driving, evidently it is my personal vehicle. My former supervisor is speaking with another female, I recognize her but cannot place her. I then look down at the weapon and place it against my forehead. I can feel the cold steel pressing against my skin just above my hairline. I then take both hands and begin to squeeze the trigger. There are 15 bullets in a magazine and one in the chamber. I squeeze off all 16 bullets into my head. I feel them entering my head, but it doesn’t hurt. I look around and see my supervisor has discovered her weapon is missing and assumes I took it, but she and the other girl do not realize I have already shot myself. I then look into the rearview mirror at my fresh wounds, I see the holes in my skull through the hair on my head, they look small and wet, but no blood is pouring out. I sit back and seem to wait for death to take me. But all I am feeling is kind of woozy and light headed. Like when you are in bed about to fall asleep. My supervisor and the other woman approach the car, so I start it and drive off. I am not sure where it is I end up, but next thing I know I am stopped. Another female supervisor, this time a captain approaches me. Still not knowing that I have actually shot myself. She is saying that she knows that I don’t want to find another job. That she understands me being depressed. I start to cry. And say to her, "you actually think trying to talk to me about being depressed is going to help?" implying that because we were both police officers, we both have had the same training in dealing with suicidal people. And nothing she was saying to me would have any affect on me. For what ever reason, I set the weapon down next to me. The woman, whom I don’t recall who she is but is familiar, is next to me *(I believe she is someone from a job in the past, but no one I was very close with) she reaches down and picks up the weapon and tells the captain that it is empty. Still no one realizes that I have shot myself, and I am still seemingly waiting for death to take me away from all of this, but it is not coming. The captain is assuming the bullets are in my vehicle and seems relieved that I have not used them. I cant understand why no one is seeing what I’ve done, but also relieved that no one is trying to help me by making a bigger scene about it. But it also seems that I am wary that there is as much attention as there is because if for what ever reason death doesn’t come to take me, I still have to try to get another job, and I know this will make it impossible to do, because of the psychological aspect of it. Then I wake up, crying.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been a police officer for the previous three years but had recently been laid off. She had been extremely depressed and had even thought of ending her own life because of this.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Clothes in dream are strong symbols. They are clues to how the world sees us and how we are behaving. So if the dreamer is wearing police clothes then she is very much still a policewoman in her own mind. Being a cop is very much a state of mind. You are sending out signals of authority and trying to diffuse difficult situations. So her job still occupies her mind. She wakes up and wishes to do her job. So this dream is therefore about her failure to adapt to life outside the police force.

The dream also involves the dreamers supervisor. This is very much a symbol of how the dreamer is managing and supervising her own adaptation to life outside the force.

The dream also involves this very vivid suicide. This is probably not a premonition. It simply reflects the day to day issues and the dreamers state of mind. Just because someone feels suicidal it does not mean that they are actually suicidal.

Perhaps there is also a recognition of the dreamer of her own feelings. That is combined with her own training and knowledge of such conditions. Her job has taught her about people who are feeling very low. She knows that talking through issues while in such a state will not do much good. She realises that therefore she has just got to get through that period and hope that things will get better.

Also important and in her mind maybe a wish to carry on in her chosen career. In order to do that she must be careful not to seek psychiatric help as that would affect her medical records and so reduce the chances of landing a new position.

Dream Symbol
CAPTAIN : "the ideas that are in charge of your personality"
UNIFORM : "still thinking and feeling like a cop and wanting to be one"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was recently made redundant as a police officer. I really want to find another job in the police department. I loved the job and still think like a policewoman"

See how the symbolic meanings show the dreamers state of mind - she was still a policewoman at heart.

DREAM TIP : dream tend to heal us. When we go to sleep some issue will be bothering us and we simply cannot get it out of our minds. Then we wake up refreshed and the problem seems to have magically disappeared. Its highly likely that the dream you wake up to will link to this very issue.
THE DREAM we are back at my child hood home (a common theme in my dreamming last night) and I have no idea why Paris Hilton is at my house, in the dream there are no cameras or anything like it is a TV show, she is just staying with us for the weekend for some reason. Parts of my childhood house look like they are in the middle of being remodeled, but nothing is fully finished. We go down the stairs and into what is really my mom’s bedroom in the house, but in this dream it is my room. We are hanging out and I am trying hard to think of things to talk about where I could relate to this girl. Finally I ask her if she would like to go to a night club. She says yes and she already is dressed for the night club so I have to get dressed. The whole time I am picking out my clothes, she is standing there watching me, looking at everything I hold up to decide on, but there is no expression on her face, so I don’t know if she thinks I should wear it or not. In my dream I have this battle in my head over whether I should just wear the clothes I always wear, or if I should wear my one and only higher end shirt, a juicy couture shirt (I have this in real life, and it really is my only higher end label shirt, if any of you consider this higher end, I don’t know!) that I had found at a thrift store. I go to start and get it out of the drawer, but then I stop and think that I don’t know what season it is from and surely Paris will know that it’s from three or four seasons ago and that would be worse than wearing up to date cheaper clothes. I decide to wear it anyway, and we leave for the club. The dream skips to the club scene, but it is like a carnival fair where every bar is outside and you walk up with tickets from the ticket booth to get your drinks. I am with Paris, my real life brother Jason, and some guys I don’t know who is Paris’ date. She is extremely intoxicated, and her date is trying to buy her three more shots of liquor. The bartender starts to get the drinks, but Paris falters and almost falls over, and the lady hands the tickets back, and says Paris has had enough for the night. I am really irritated with her, because our night is over prematurely because she can’t hold her liquor. Her date says he has to go somewhere, and could we take Paris to the car, and he will meet us there. We start trying to help Paris towards where our car is parked, but she goes unconscious, so we are right by this tent with one of those picture taking machines in it, and we take and lay her in there, until my brother and I can drive the car over and get her in. When we go back to get her in, she is halfway back awake and her date is there holding her up on her feet and he is really ticked and says "What’s wrong with you guys? You left her here unconscious! Are you crazy? Look, someone’s done something to her. All her clothes are gone!!" And we feel horrible because she is only in her underwear and totally unaware, and someone had obviously done something to her, and we were responsible, because we had left her alone. Then the dream went to inside the tent we had left her in, and it was flashing like little scenes of all these different women in the tent who were drunk and being taken advantage of by different men, probably thirty different women flashed in my mind, none of which I know, and the last one to show was Paris. (In real life I don’t care that much for Paris and would never have her as a guest in my home). (Interpreted on www.dreammoods.com)

THE REALITY On the very day of the dream the dreamer went to work and got a call from a neighboring store. She was told that her store was likely to get a visit from the district manager. She had a short time to fix what was wrong with the store. The store got a better audit score than the previous visit but the manager still found fault with several things.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The vast majority of premonitions are of the very day of the dream . They glimpse the emotions that the dreamer may feel on the very day of the dream . In this dream the dreamer has to deal with someone who has very high standards and also the need to impress. dream often use one symbol as a way of pointing to something else. Here the dreamer had to deal with the exact same themes in real life on the very day of the dream . She had to treat the district manager with the same sense of deference as Paris Hilton receives(simply for being rich and important).

The dream involves the dreamer making choices. Should she wear the one item of designer clothes that she possesses in her wardrobe. That is symbolic of her own choices and decisions she had to make in the short time she had to prepare for the visit. Should she concentrate on one item or should she try to give the whole store a quick tidy up. The dreamer is obviously having to devise some strategy and thinking through exactly what is the best way to impress her visitor.

The dream takes place in a nightclub. What could that symbolise in this context. In a nightclub loud music is playing and any real conversation is totally impossible. Perhaps that links to the situation the dreamer had to face. It is a very busy situation with lots going on. There is very little opportunity to really talk and hence to impress.

The dream deals with alcohol. In this sense the alcohol links to Paris Hilton and a total lack of control. In the dream things are getting out of hand. Sometimes alcohol can symbolise deluded thinking. But in this sense it maybe refers to the whole visit and how it becomes unmanageable and out of control. If Paris remained sober then maybe that shows that the visit is pushed in the direction that the dreamer wished. But out of control and drunken people are impossible to direct.

Later in the dream Paris is down to her underwear. She is almost naked in public. In that sense this mimics the day of the dream . The dreamer was vulnerable and open to anyone wishing to take advantage. In a surprise visit you are truly vulnerable.

The dream dealt with all the themes in the real life situation. It can easily be classed as a premonition. Of course its difficult to prove this. The dream had no obvious connection to work. But the point is that the emotions that she felt in the dream were identical - the same need to impress someone who is wildly out of control and who you do not really like.

Dream Symbol
CAMERA : "proof of something - the regional inspector tries to get a picture of the standards in the dreamers shop"
CRAZY : "unpredictability"
INTOXICATED : "do not let the regional inspector get out of control "
NIGHT CLUB : "a busy situation where you cannot really talk properly"
PARIS HILTON : "a need to impress - the dreamer needs to impress her regional inspector who marches in with the same air of self importance"
PICTURE : "see something in a particular way - portray something in a certain way"
THRIFT : "little time - not having much time to improve things. Make some simple improvements that can be achieved quickly to impress the inspector"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think this was a premonition of the actual day of the dream . I had a surprise visit from a regional inspector. I had to impress her and make her feel important."

Could the dream have been a premonition of actual events that day?

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Think about the actual day of the dream . Have you been thinking about some important event that is happening then? Have you been thinking about how you are going to put some plans into action. dream may focus on the day to come and how you are relating to problems you wish to solve.
THE DREAM I had been walking on some sort of path with a woman dressed in vivid white, almost like a Greek Goddess would have been dressed. She had longish light brown flowing hair and she was beautiful and full of spirit. She was talking to me and though I wrote then that we talked about Diana, now I can not remember what she said, almost as if I could not hear her. I felt very warmed by her presence.

THE REALITY Lately the dreamer been on sort of a spirituality bender, learning and reading all she could. She went to bed with the clear thought in my head that she wanted some spiritual guidance and that she was ready. Her three year old son came bombarding in my room at 530 the next morning and woke her up. She was disappointed that she could not remember her dream . But she closed her eyes and turned slightly to the side and the dream came back to her.

DREAM INTERPRETATION dream capture and reflect our emotions. So do not be surprised if you get spiritually uplifting dream if you are currently on a spiritual high. This is clearly a spiritual dream and its definitely got a good and pure message to it. It reflects the positive feelings that the dreamer has for dreaming and spiritual issues at that time.

The words cannot be clearly heard in the dream . But the sense of goodness comes through. That perfectly captures the dream emotions on this subject. Understanding dream is not easy and perhaps the inability to hear what the goddess is saying is linked to her current inability to really understand how dream work. In that sense it captures the feeling that dream do have a positive message and meaning yet she does not truly understand them. Yet she senses the goodness in the process of dream interpreting.

Also important is Diana. Diana is the Greek god of hunting. Perhaps that is symbolic of her current interest in hunting down the meaning of her dream .

So far from being a dream of immense significance this is a perfectly ordinary dream which captures our current mindset on some issue. Its symbols are the building blocks of the mind and when pieced together they help us see how the mind works.

Dream Symbols
DIANA : "the Greek goddess of hunting probably symbolises the dreamers own wish to hunt down the meaning of her dream "
WHITE CLOTHES : "the goodness and purity of the dream world - the dreamer currently has positive feelings about dream "

DREAM MEANING The dream captured the following feelings within the dreamer - "I have been on a spiritual journey recently and have been especially interested in dreams. Although I have not started to understand dreams in the way that I wish - I do find it endlessly fascinating. Although I do not understand what the dream truly mean I know that this is a world that is important to us. I sense the goodness in dream and the wish to understand them"

See how ther dreams symbols relates to important themes in the dreamers life at the time.

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The dream mind is a conceptual mind. Therefore try to think about the kinds of conceptual thoughts and emotions currently occupying your mind. Try to write down some quotes which capture your feelings on major issues concerning you and especially events from the day before the dream . For instance think of quotes like "I have been unhappy at work recently", or "I had a really strange conversation with my best friend yesterday and don’t know what to make of it". Its quotes like this which interest our dream minds. Try to link your dream to conceptual thoughts currently rising to the surface of your mind.


CLOTHES : Clothes in dream are symbolic of two things - the way we would like the world to see us(our preferred image) and our fears about how the world actually sees us. Poor clothes will obvious then link to our fears about how others see us in a bad way. But clothes also send subtle dream messages out about the signals we are sending out. Think especially about the day before and your image and how you wished to appear. Was that a theme at all.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream ) :
- "I want to appear more ..."
- "I have got a really bad image right now"
- "sending out signals"
- "He makes you believe that he can do it..."


CASUAL CLOTHES : Clothes in dream can signify two things. They can represent the way we would like to be seen by the world and they can symbolise the way that the world sees us. Casual clothes tend to link to anything which involves a casual or relaxed attitude. So it may represent how you feel like you had a casual attitude towards work or how you have generally been lazy recently. In an alternative sense it may mean that others feel that you have been relaxed in your attitude towards work or something. Casual clothes will tend to link to the words relaxed, casual attitude, and lazy. Think how such words appear in your thoughts and feelings right now.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream ) :
- "I have been to casual in my attitude"
- "I need to take this more seriously"
- "I tried to casually drop some hints","I have tried to be less lazy recently"

SUITS and FORMAL CLOTHES : Formal clothes can symbolise several things. They generally will link to how the world sees us (our image) or to how we would like others to see us. Try to look for themes in your life where you use the words impress, formal,respectful or serious. For instance you may have tried to impress someone. Or maybe you showed a respectful attitude after you heard of someones death. You may also have had a very formal chat with someone.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream ) :
- "I hope to really impress"
- "I had a very serious conversation with him"
- "we showed how important this was to us"
- "showing a respectful attitude"

UNDRESSING : If we undress we show ourselves for what we are. In dream undressing may suggest that we are showing our true feelings. Maybe you have decided to tell someone exactly how you feel about them. But undressing may show that you are tantalizing someone with the truth or they may casually reveal some secret of yours.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream ) :
- "being open and honest"
- "revealing my true feelings"
- "revealing what you know"
- "telling secrets "

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