Dream interpretation - infants and children as dream symbols

CHILDRENS DREAMS: Children’s dream are usually very similar to adult dream . They deal with the same things. However, the life of a child also involves intense change and adaptation. Many children’s dream will be about the things that they are learning. But learning encompasses many things not just reading and writing. We learn how to get along with other people. We learn who is in charge and how to respect authority. We learn about what is the right behavior and what is the wrong behavior. Children’s dream are very much about human relationships and standards of behavior.
DREAM SYMBOL STUDIES : Real dream about your children or real children’s dream .

THE DREAM I keep having dream about my four year old son. He seems to always finding snakes everywhere. He may find a snake up a tree. He may find a snake in the house. He may find snakes all around him.

THE REALITY The dreamers son is a typical four year old boy. He finds trouble everywhere. Young boys will constantly try new things and their over confidence will often get them into trouble.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Snakes often symbolise immediate traps and problems. In this case the dream recurs because that is the nature of a four years olds life - they will constantly find trouble. That is perfectly natural.

Dream Symbol
SNAKE : "a problem or trap - uncomfortably fast moving situation - perhaps this symbolises the problems a young boy keeps getting into"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My little boy is constantly finding trouble. I have got to watch him every minute of the day."


THE DREAM My daughter had a dream about dolphins. She was overwhelmed with enthusiasm and was telling the story o how they were jumping around.

THE REALITY The young dreamer was just starting to learn how to behave properly. Since the dream she started to concentrate better and was communicating much more effectively.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Its an interesting dream in that it coincided with a change in the childs behavior. So its fair to say that the dream symbolises the new behavior that the dreamer was learning. Often the oceans symbolise how our emotions mix together with those of other people. So the good feelings which came from the dream show that the dreamer is in a happy state emotionally.

Dolphins are also deep and effective communicators. That is very much reflects the dreamers current state of mind.

Dream Symbols
DOLPHIN : "happy and able to communicate - the dreamers daughter is increasingly happy "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My daughter had a Dolphin dream last night. Since then she has started to mature and is a happy little individual. She is learning a bit more self control and listens more when I talk."


THE DREAM I keep having bad dream that something bad happens to my mommy. (This dream is from a very young child)

DREAM INTERPRETATION The most important figure for a child is her mommy and if she loses site of her then then may respond by crying. So it could be that the dreamer maybe lost site of her mom in a shop or public place. The child just did not know what to do. People in dream symbolise our perception of them. Its the mother in our minds - so in the childs mind something terrible has happened.

Dream Symbols
MOMMY : "the child depends absolutely on her mom. Their world revolves around their mom"