Dreams : a case study - premonitions


This dreamer had developed a very close relationship with a classmate. It felt like a special relationship to the dreamer. Her friend had been telling her about her boyfriend and the way he treats her. She has always complained about him, but for the past few weeks things got out of hand between them. They have been together for years, she says she doesn't want to leave him because they have been together for so long. The dreamer wanted to convince her friend that her happiness is the most important thing.

DREAM 1 I was in my friends flat, but it wasn't her real home, it was a representation of her innerself or the situation between her and her boyfriend, I think. Because her flat was a couple of stories high, it was dark, it was grey. Everything I saw was grey and dark. I said to myself 'I can't believe she doesn't take care of this place, she needs to sort things out'. I hear somebody coming in, it's my friend, she stands in the hallway where I see the daylight through the windows. Which was very bright because of the dark flat (all the objects were grey too in the house). She is crying, she tells me that she and her boyfriend split up. I am relieved, maybe even happy, but also compassionate. Than the dream ends.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream could have been a telepathy experience. The dreamer told her friend about the dream and she was shocked. During the half term holiday her friend had broken up with her boyfriend. They were already back together. The dreamer seems to have picked up on those strong feelings. The upset emotions during the period of the breakup.

DREAM 2 I have dreamt more about my friend. Usually she is just there with me. She helps me with things in my dreams, she doesn't talk, she just smiles and is there with me, I find it very comforting.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams like these are difficult to interpret. Dreams can be telepathy experiences,premonitions or simply the mind thinking over the previous day. It is difficult to work through such dreams and see exactly which category they come into. The dreamer was constantly been helped and supported by her friend whenever she feels insecure,angry or sad.

CONCLUSIONS Expect key relationships to trigger dreams. It is often difficult to interpret such dreas. Many situationbs are ongoing. This dreamer was aware of the constant help and support her friend was giving her. This was quite new to her and felt very special. So during this early period more dreams are likely to be triggered. Try to link dreams to key feelings. Moments when you realise someones importance. When you recognise what they did. Where you note how they reacted and recognized it to be good. Dreams link to how we interpret other peoples body language and emotions.