Dreams : a case study - premonitions


Dreams have always been linked to premonitions. Can we truly see events before they happen? This case study features two dreams which came at crucial points for the dreamer. The first happened shortly before her daughter was diagnosed with cancer. The second came just before the doctors told her that there was no hope for her daughter. Of course these dreams prove nothing. Its really up to the reader to decide if they link to events which were just about to happen.

DREAM 1 My daughter was running towards me. She was excited about some kittens that she had found in the garden. My son was there too. They were both children in the dream - in reality they are both adults. I found something for my daughter to put her kittens in. Her foot was injured in the dream.

DREAM INTERPRETATION When something big happens we often look back at the dreams we have and start to look at them in new ways. We may impose meanings on the dreams that were not there in the first place. We may look for evidence of premonitions. This is only natural. Its not actually a bad way to study premonitions.

Can this dream be said to link to this dreamer finding out about her daughters cancer? In a sense it did come true but in a very abstract way. Before the diagnosis of cancer the dreamer had not been in contact with her daughter. There had been family problems. In a sense the dream as accurate in that it forsees a time when the family was brought back together. The family did pull together. It was also accurate in another sense - her daughter was a child and so dependant on her mother. As her daughter became ill with cancer it did change the relationship - her daughter was much more dependant on her.

The dream did also come true in another sense. The dreamers daughter lost her memory as the cancer had spread to her brain. She remembered many things from childhood yet forgot things which had just happened. As the illness progressed then she talked frequently about childhood. So the dream was remarkably accurate.

The dreamers daughter also had an injured foot. Could this be seen as precognitive? When diagnosed with cancer her daughter was unable to walk. It all came about when she had a sudden unexpected seizure. So the dream foretold the coming events. Yet in a very obscure way. It was remarkably accurate. Yet many people would dismiss this dream.

DREAM 2 I was watching my own mother. She was so young and looked so well. She was on a bus. She looked so happy.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Could this significant dream be seen to be precognitive? The very next day the dreamer found out from doctors that there was no hope left for her daughter. The treatment was bound to fail. The very next day the dreamer spoke to her daughter. She was talkiing about her grandmother(the dreamers mother who appeared in the dream). She said that her time was not due yet because she had not seen her grandmother. She also dearly loved her grandmother and was sure that when she died her beloved grandmother would look after her.

For the dreamer seeing her mother was definitely linked to a certain stage of cancer. It was a very strong association. For her this signified that the illness was not going to be reversed. Her daughter was going to die.

Could this dream be seen to be precognitive of this final stage of cancer? Yes that's certainly the case.

CONCLUSIONS In a strange way these two dreams captured the reality as it was about to happen. Yet a simple analysis of the dreas would suggest that they in no way predicted the events. Nothing about cancer is mentioned. The dreams are both happy.