A case study of dreams - old job and life changes

dreams are about things which are dominating our minds.

dream 1 I had a dream that I was still working at Wards. However no one recognised me.

dream 2 I also have a recurring dream that I was still in the pub that I used to own. Yet I walked in and no one recognised me.

DREAM INTERPRETATION dream are about emotions and our own feelings. In real life times move on and life changes. yet the friends and workplaces that we used to inhabit change. This dreamer was now in a new place in his life. Ill health had taken away his workplace and with it his friends. His routine was gone. In his own mind he still wanted to be the person that he was yet he lacked the stage which made him feel at home(his former workplace). In short he missed his mates. In our own minds we are the person that we want to be. In real life this person had previously lived out his perfect life. Now ill health had deprived him of the workplace setting and friends that he now so missed.