Dream symbols - dream : a case study


dream are about things which are dominating our minds. This dream study follows the fortunes of a dreamer whose best friend decides to break the friendship. He was working out this loss daily. He has made some friends but not the typehe had from home. He is still looking for a few "real" friends.

dream 1 I had a dream that I was lying in bed and felt my body actually lifting up. I washeading toward a white ceiling with an unfinished jigsaw puzzle on the ceiling.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer had moved in the last year from one state to another and still feels as if he is in a state of transition. His constant thoughts are about what is his real meaning for living there. He has a good job and the material things needed for a pleasant and quiet life. As a very spiritual person he was hit hard by the loss of a friendship.

Its possible to view the dream then it light of these facts. Floating dream often link to our own spiritual nature as we defy the spiritual and material world by rising up. The jigsaw represents his life and the wish to fit all the pieces into place. The jigsaw is incomplete showing his own sense that things are not complete. That he is still trying to solve the puzzle.

dream 2 I also remember having a dream last night about a black, four door car that was standing alone. I felt a sense of anger when I was in my dream . I saw the friend in my dream who is no longer a friend.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Just the night before the dreamer had been in conversation with a friend about the loss of his other friend. Therefor its best to see the dream linked to this. Just try to see how the dream symbols could link to recent feelings and insights in this issue. The car symbolises the direction and movemnt of the dreamer. Its crash symbpolises life at a standstill and some major crash in his emotional state. Therefore the symbols seem quite consistent. Also, the friend appears in the dream and that's often a good pointer.

dream will often pinpoint some key point within our emotions. This dream involves a sense of anger. That's maybe a telling symbol and often links to some issue over which we have no control. So the loss ofthe friendship suggest that the dreamer feels powerless - its after all his friends choice to break off the friendship and there is absolutely nothing he can do about it.

CONCLUSIONS : dream will often appear at key moments. Often we will have dream on the same subject and each dream represents such cxrucial moments in our emotions. Look out for these as they are easy to interpret. dream are after all are aboiut the things which are important. work the process in reverse and simply try to spot the issues that trigger dream .