A case study of telepathy dreams

Many people through the ages have taken an interest in psychic and telepathic dream . The connection between your own dream and your own thoughts is long established and beyond doubt. The best way to understand your own dream is to spot issues that are likely to trigger a dream . For instance if you had an argument the day before then look for symbols that could be consistent with an argument(a dog bite perhaps). The study works in reverse - you try to make a dream fit. The same methods can also be applied to psychic and telepathic dream . You see that something has happened and then try to find evidence of it in your symbols. Many people will remain skeptical as you are very much trying to make a dream fit. But nevertheless its possible to say that there are some striking coincidences. The following dream are taken from one person who seems to have telepathic skills.

dream 1 I slept at around 3 AM and I had this dream about my friend. He was sitting, thinking deeply with his hands on his head, like he had a headache. Two or three guys, one-by-one passed him, looking down at him and walked away. He didn’t notice them. The surrounds of the dream where not clear at all. Next day - I told him about my dream . He asked me what time it was and I told him 3 AM, which is 11 PM where he is. He told me, that he was at a party, sitting and thinking deeply at this time.

DREAM INTERPRETATION dream can seem to link to telepathy. This is an interesting case as the dreamer had the dream at exactly the same time as her friend had been thinking deeply. It seems like a coincidence but actually this type of thing seems to happen quite a lot.

dream 2 Luke, my brother was sitting on a black chair, there was a table in front of him. On the table was my elegant silver phone. He was just looking at it and he wouldn’t take his eyes off it. The next day I called Luke and he told me that he had been thinking of calling me last night.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Again its easy to say that this dream was a coincidence. Yet this dream seems to tap into another persons consciousness at a very crucial time. The elegant silver phone is a very common symbol for the dreamer. This phone seems to link directly to psychic and telepathic dream .

dream 3 A friend was walking on ice. It was hard for him and he kept falling. The next day - He talks to be about problems he had with his girlfriends because they always end up cheating on him - I talk to him about it and try and advise him, then he tells me that he feels like he’s walking on ice. That he can’t move on because it’s too hard.

dream 4
My mother had a dream where saw me with two male mice. One was really beautiful, the other was just pretty. The next day - I tell my mum about two awards I’m getting from university. One for my double major with high grades and another for my position at the university newspaper.

dream 5 My friend told me about a dream she had shortly before we really knew each other. We had been in one class together but had not spoken at all. At that time she had a dream about me and shortly after approached me to ask me if I wanted to work with her on a group presentation. In the dream she saw her grandfather pointing at me telling her that "This is a girl with a good mind, get to know her, she can help you." Turns out that she always sees her grandparents guiding her in her dream and I’m helping her analyze her dream .

CONCLUSIONS : dream then can seem to occur at crucial moments. If you have a dream about a particular person first try to see if that person features in your own thoughts. Maybe you had been thinking about them? Maybe you wish to talk to them about something? Maybe something has occurred in your relationship that is especially annoying you? If the dream occurs at a time when you have been thinking about that person then see the dream in that way - as a dream linked to your own thoughts. Yet if the dream occurs at a time when that person has not been in your thoughts then treat that dream as a possible telepathy dream . Then if that person was thinking about you at that time then its possibly linked. Also if something crucial has just been happening to them maybe the dream captured their emotions at that time.