A case study of dreams - cheating boyfriend

This series of dream is interesting because it features a variety of different dream which all are on the one topic. They all seem to revolve around the issue of the dreamers boyfriend. One problem with interpreting dream finding out what type of dream it is. The three different dream are all different types of dream . Each captures a particular thought and conclusion within the dreamers mind. dream can often be very specific. The dreamer broke up with her boyfriend during the course of these dream . The first is either an intuitive dream or a psychic dream which captures how the dreamer found out about her boyfriends cheating. The second is a specific premonition dealing with the day before or again a stringly intuitive dream about things that are about to happen. The third dream is easiest to deal with as its a dream after the event. In this case the dream captures her response to events. It is clarifying her emotions. It also shows her undecided about how she wants the world to see her. Does she show how hurt she is or does she show how strong she is since the break up?

Clearly dream can be of differing types. You can usually guess. If something happens on the actual day of the dream then its possible that a dream is a premonition of those events. Look for connections. If lots of things have been happening on the day before and just recently and your mind is still adjusting to some new situation then its likely the dream is about your reaction to events. It is clarifying your emotions.

dream 1 I had a dream about my friend and my ex. I was in this house with heaps of stairs either going up and down or upside down. It was a huge house and my friend had heaps of brothers and sisters and they told me where his room was. So I walk to the door and its open I see him lying in this huge as bed with two blonde thin chicks around him. Then he tells them to go away and seduces me. We did foreplay and I’m not sure if we had sex. After all that was over all of a sudden he turned into an asshole, and basically he was only using me so I ran away from the house through an alley and ended up in the city.

The next part of the dream was the same house, different room and my ex was in it. Basically he was ignoring me all night and then I finally went in his room sat on the floor looking up at him on his bed and asked what do you think of me. He said some bullshit like yummy or something and then the next thing I was on his mattress and he was holding me up in the air on the mattress then all of a sudden, he let go and I fell straight down and then woke up.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream has quite a simple message in it. In it the dreamer is being used for sex by her boyfriend. So what type of dream is this? Its possibly a psychic dream revealing the facts that the dreamer was shortly to find out. That is a real possibility. Its also possible that this was an intuitive dream . It has quite a simple story and so you may think its an intuitive dream which is intended to wake the dreamer up. Its difficult to say which type of dream this is. The dreamer clearly indicates its a psychic dream so we may assume that she was right.

Dream Symbol
HUGE HOUSE : "other peoples actions and the wider world and its effect upon you"

dream 2 it was a school excursion to what looked like a movie theater of some sort and all of the year 12s were there. I was with my boyfriend still at that time and that Emily (chick that he used to like and still likes) was there. Anyway my boyfriend disappears and this psychic person comes to me and she’s says "I want to show you something come with me". So I follow her and she shows me what looks like a whole bunch of cards on a wall but then she shows me one particular card that said my boyfriend is going to be breaking up with me 16 May. Then she acts like my best friend and says "come here baby" and tries to cheer me up as I have burst out crying.

Then we went to this thing which was like a roller coaster and we were in cage balls (with all the year 12’s) once we were in a traffic jam (what the psychic called it) she stopped us all and we got out of the cage balls then they just vanished. The psychic lady got us to look onto the ground of where the cage balls used to be and she asked me what were you thinking when you were on that roller coaster in front of the whole class and I said I don’t know so she asked someone else (which was Emily) and she said something which I don’t remember. Her part of the ground had heaps of writing and stuff and then when the psychic asked me she said why doesn’t your part of the ground have writing and I go well maybe because I’m a visual learner? and she agreed. Then she took me aside and started telling me that because I have a visual mind I get a lot of dream and stuff but then I woke up.

THE REALITY The next day my boyfriend broke up with me. I asked if it was because of that chick Emily but he said no. He just said he can’t have a relationship at school.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Again this could have been an intuitive dream in which the dreamer was reading the signals. Its also possible that the dream was psychic. Occasionally dream capture the events and emotions that we are about to feel. In this case its more likely that this was a psychic dream which captured the specific feelings of the day to come. The roller coaster captures the fast moving situation that was about to happen.

Dream Symbol
EMILY : "The dreamers natural inclinations to mistrust Emily"
MAY 16: "perhaps its a pun - that her boyfriend MAY break up with her"
PSYCHIC WOMAN : "The dreamers own psychic powers or intuitive feelings"

dream 3 I had a dream that I was on this catamaran boat with my cousins on water with crashing waves. I wanted to move closer to the edge but there was sharp barbed wire I had to move first so it was stopping me. Then my aunty was taking a picture of me my dad and my sister. The catamaran seemed like it was going under water a little then all of a sudden another one of my uncles appeared and its almost like we were on a ride. The catamaran turned a corner and went into what looked like a tunnel.. Instead of going into the running clear water the catamaran found itself stuck. I got out and tried to fit in between a wavy narrow passage way, I fit through everyone else stayed on the catamaran and I got up onto the little land mass where it was a dead end. I looked up and it was a very small space. To my horror I found razor blades hanging down from the enclosed area with blood dripping off. To my left there was a trap of some sort and in front of me a guillotine (what they had to chop heads off in the mediaeval times) anyway everywhere around me was dangerous yet somehow I managed to escape.. Then I found myself in this room full of basically nothing in pitch black darkness, there were traps everywhere and little mechanical evil robots trying to harm me. It became a little lighter and a tall man appeared out of nowhere and I could now see two garage doors. He said try and get out of the "game" before the garage doors shut, I tried but couldn’t. Then I tried again and I did then flew out of danger while the robots were chasing me around what looked like an unknown world. Then I was hiding at this clothes store trying to get away from all the evil/danger. I snuck in, hiding behind clothes racks moving along to escape. It was at that stage I awoke with my covers all over the place.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just broken up with her boyfriend. Her emotions were quite rocky in the days following.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have tried to show how well I am coping. I want to shut out the feelings of rejection but it hurts"

DREAM INTERPRETATION The day before the dreamer had broken up with her boyfriend. In this case we have a clear idea what the dream is likely to be. The previous day something big happened and in such circumstances we are likely to have a dream which reflects on that previous days events. So this dream captures her feelings as the situation has developed.

In such cases try to guess what each symbol means. Many symbols do have general meanings. In this case there are obvious symbols which we can guess the meaning of. The waves symbolise the current state of her emotions as feelings are stirred up by the break up.

Boats tend to link to fast moving emotions and a sense of emotional momentum. In this case this dream captures the fast moving and precarious nature of the dreamers emotions since the relationship broke up.

The clothes are an easily understood symbol. Clothes link to how we want the world to see us. In this case she in undecided about how she wants to appear to the world. Does she show how strong and happy she is and how he was a waster. Or does she show how hurt she is.

Dream Symbol
BLOOD : "immediate pain following the break up"
BROTHER : "sticking up and supporting a particular point of view"
CATAMARAN : "A sense of emotional momentum - the want to "
SHUT DOOR: "The dreamer is trying to shut out certain feelings"