Dream case study - relationship dreams


dream symbolise our thoughts and feelings. We will often dream about things that are important to us. For instance we may dream about work if work is important to us. Obviously relationships are important too so if you have been thinking about a relationship that has broken up then its likely that you will dream about that person. Each dream symbolise your thoughts. Its likely that each dream symbolises the current state of your feelings. So its possible to watch your own feelings develop and then look for evidence in your dream .

About a year before the dream the dreamer split up from her boyfriend. It was her choice because she could not see the relationship[ moving forward into a deeper commitment. When she broke up with him she never told him the reason. She felt that telling him would put pressure on him to change. She wanted him to change of his own accord. Then about a year later the dreamer got a series of four dream .

So looking through these dream we can see obvious parallels in reality. The most interesting and accurately interpreted dream is the final one. This knock on the door is a clear sign that the dreamer is thinking about confronting her ex. But it also shows her gut feeling at the time that she felt it was too late.

dream do capture these changes in our views. Most dream will capture one of two feelings. They will capture some thoughts about how our emotions developed the previous day. Other dream will capture our thoughts about the day to come and plans and preparations for it.

THE DREAM Anyway I had a dream I was walking down a long path, I was carrying a lamp walking towards the shopping centre where my ex worked. I was carrying this lamp thinking of him and I decided to go in and see him. The dream then changed and I was suddenly back at home with him. In my dream we were back together, and he told me he loved me and was glad we were back together, he then told me he wished I had of told him how I felt, but it did not matter any more as we were back together, we then had sex. I then woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer wanted her ex to prove to her how he felt. She wanted him to make an effort to show he loved her. But she wanted it to come from him.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I want to see how he really thinks. I wanted to see what he wanted from a relationship. I did not want to make a stand and demand that he makes a commitment"

DREAM INTERPRETATION dream are just like normal thoughts. The mere appearance of a symbol in a dream does not link to something specifically. This dream if translated into English would probably say "If I saw him then maybe this would give him the opportunity to tell me his feelings and tell me how much he misses me."

In this dream the dreamer is at his place of work. That maybe represents a plan forming in her mind to accidentally bump into him and so give him the chance to tell her his feelings.

Dream Symbol
LAMP : "she wants to see what he is thinking - she is in the dark about his thoughts"
WORK : "turning up at his workplace is probably a literal symbol - she maybe wants to bump into him to give him the chance of telling her how he felt"

THE DREAM I was back at school, only I was the age I am now(I was not a student in the dream , I was just at the school in the dream don’t know why), and only the school then morphed into hospital. One of our old friends from high school was in the dream and they told me he was in hospital, so I went to see him, and I spoke to the nurse who told me he had a life threatening illness (was on a drip and coming in and out of consciousness) and he did not have long to live. I felt so much remorse in the dream , and felt that my life had been taken away from me and him and I would never get the opportunity to tell or show him how I really felt. I then woke up crying.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I realise now that this relationship is dying. Any chances I have I must take because we have been apart for a year now. I have to make something happen or it will die"

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream has an obvious message and theme. It deals with the wish to tell someone how they feel. The obvious parallel with real life is that the dreamer wishes she could be given the opportunity to tell her ex exactly how she felt. That the chances to do this were reducing by the day.

Dream Symbol
HOSPITAL : "the dreamer is feeling emotional pain and is seeking ways to alleviate this"
SCHOOL : "the dreamer is learning a harsh lesson in life"

THE DREAM This next dream happened the night after the second dream . I was in the car driving my brother somewhere only then my brother was not the passenger any more, it was my ex-boyfriends brother. He started telling me things about my ex and said if my ex knew what he told me he would be angry. Then all of a sudden I was at my ex-boyfriends house, he was not there but I was sitting on the floor in his room with his brother. His brother showed me a notebook, which was a journal my ex kept, inside were a whole series of pages with notes all about me in there. I then woke up.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I realise that I have been looking at this from my point of view. I have to look at things from his perspective. I did not really make things clear for him. He maybe does not know that I still love him"

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream features brothers. Brothers are symbols for brotherly like emotions. Brothers stick up for each other and support a particular point of view. In this case the dreamer is assessing her point of view but then switches to her ex boyfriends point of view. She is seeking to understand how he looked at the situation. In real life the break up was pretty inexplicable. No good reason was given. The dreamer just explained her decision.

Dream Symbol
BROTHER : "sticking up and supporting a particular point of view"
CAR : "the direction we are going in"
THE DREAMMERS BROTHER: "sticking up for the dreamers own point of view"
THE EX BOYFRIENDS BROTHER: "sticking up for her ex boyfriends point of view - understanding things from his angle"

THE DREAM The last dream was actually a lucid dream , I knew I was dreamming so it gave me the confidence to do, what I wouldn’t normally do in real life. I went to my ex’s house and knocked on the door, his mother answered and told me that he was not home, and he did not live there any more. I told her I knew she was lying and I knew he was still there, and I wanted to see him. He then came to the door. I told him that I was sorry and I loved him, but he just said it was too late and he did not want to know about it then asked me to leave.

THE REALITY On the day of this dream the dreamer started to write a letter to her ex. One month later she sent it and it opened up lines of communication.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I have to confront him. I know he will probably tell me to go. Maybe writing a letter will help me to tell him how I feel."

DREAM INTERPRETATION Here we see obvious connections between the dreamers actions and her dream . dream symbolise the very thoughts coming into our minds. The knock on the door is a clear symbol for confronting her ex boyfriend and asking him. But in the end she is rejected showing that her gut feeling is that this is now too late.

The dream therefore plays out the dreamers assessment of the situation. She knows she wants to confront her boyfriend but feels its too late. But dream capture our gut feelings. So what the other characters do is symbolic of how they are expected to react.

Dream Symbol
EX BOYFRIENDS HOUSE : "her ex boyfriend"
KNOCK ON DOOR OF EX BOYFRIENDS HOUSE : "confronting the ex boyfriend and telling her how he felt"
TOO LATE : "the dreamer senses that its too late"