dream interpreting - cars,vans and buses and their symbolic meaning

CARS : Cars are symbols of the real life conscious world. They are symbols of how you are progressing towards your goals. So think about the practical ways in which you have been moving towards your goals. Is the dream making some point about how well or how badly you are progressing. Are you heading in the right direction. A car at a standstill could suggest that you are taking a pause or that you have come up against some delay.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream ) :
- "the direction things are heading"
- "moving forward"
- "if we behave like that"
- "at a standstill"
- "impatient"
- "its time to take a change in direction"
- "lacking any direction"
- "heading in the wrong direction"


PARKED CARS : Cars are the way in which we travel towards our goals. The car is largely a symbol of day to day reality in our conscious world. Its about our real life projects and achievements rather than the emotional goals and feelings. A parked car will generally symbolise one of two things. You are just about to start a new project or move off in some new direction. Or you have ground to a halt because of some problem. Think about your real life and the problems in it.

Parking a car may suggest that you are trying to move towards a new and more conmfortable situation. Maybe you are wanting to let things settle down after some disruptions in relationships.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream ) :
- "Its at a standstill right now"
- "its about to start soon"
- "things are not happening right now"
- "everything has ground to a halt!"
- "I cannot seem to get things moving in the way that I wish"
- "in which direction will he go"

BUS : Buses are not easy symbols to understand. In some senses they can link to a great journey that you are experiencing in life with other people in a group. But equally the bus may link to some real journey that you have recently made or are about to make. Occasionally the bus can be a rather negative symbol showing you are been carried along by events and unable to react in the way you wish.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream ) :
- "I wish I could get them to help out"
- "they are not responding in the way I would wish"
- "Other people and their willingness to respond as a group"
- "Its a team effort"
- "my experiences shared with other people"
- "I have gained so much from my involvement with the group"
- "we were all swept along by the emotions of it"
- "when he said it like that I began to understand"
- "my journey recently"
- "we will be going our separate ways soon"

VAN : Vans can often link to issues which you are taking seriously. It maybe a dangerous situation or a situation involving a need to be sensitive. But vans can also link to issues involving a heavy workload. Overall try to think of the words "heavy", "workload", "serious" and "transportation".

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream ) :
- "a very serious situation"
- "A heavy workload"
- "I have very serious feelings about him"
- "feeling tired"
- "sluggish"
- "a delivery"

BIKE : Bikes may show that you feel isolated and that life is hard right now. Bikes can be associated with bad days especially on the day before the dream . But bikes are also symbolic of your own attitude and how you want to go to great lengths to pursue your goals. Bikes may also suggest that you are trying to do things "your own way".

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream ) :
- "its been really hard work"
- "I felt isolated"
- "doing it my own way"
- "doing what I want to do"
- "having to carry on on my own"

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THE DREAM - I was going along a road in my car. Suddenly my boyfriend appeared. But instead of slamming on the brakes I just went into him.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been experiencing problems with her boyfriend. She broke up with him shortly afterwards.

THE INTERPRETATION Probably if the dreamer had slammed on the brakes in this dream it would have shown her willingness to compromise and work through problems with her boyfriend. However, she went right into him - symbolising her wish to not accept any more grief from a relationship which was over and finished.

Symbolic Meanings
BOYFRIEND : "your unconscious feelings about your boyfriend"
BRAKES : "a willingness to compromise and pull back in a dangerous situation - but here she is determined"
CAR : "the general direction of your life"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been having problems with my boyfriend. I am about ready to break up with him"

DREAM TIP : The link between dream and the day before is really very strong. That is no coincidence. During the day we store up thoughts in short term memory banks. Then at night we start to transfer these into long term memory banks and at the same time we start to integrate these into long term emotions. Then finally we clear short term memory banks ready for the day ahead. So dream will tend to link to the day before and to ways in which we have been altering our thoughts and feelings.
THE DREAM - I am in a car. The car is being driven by a robot but I am directing the robot with a set of controls. I am trying to drive well but on coming traffic is constantly getting too close for comfort.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just started to work in a call centre. She had been given specific instructions on how to answer the phone, what to say and how to react in every circumstance. The dreamer found this difficult to deal with. It went against the natural flow of her personality she likes to interact and chat.

THE INTERPRETATION Again the dream is about day to day issues that are important in the dreamers life. The traffic is especially symbolic here - traffic often symbolises that the dreamer is going in a somewhat unnatural direction. That thoughts are maybe conflicting. This clearly symbolised the way her job was conflicting with her natural way of doing things. The robot symbolised the robotic way in which she was been forced to act.

Symbolic Meanings
CAR : "the direction of your life"
DRIVEN : "the dreamer is not in control of the direction she is going at work"
ROBOT : "acting in an automated and natural way in her new job"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have just started work at a call centre. I have to work in a way that stifles my personality. I feel I have to act like a robot"

DREAM TIP : If you were lying awake thinking about something the night before then its likely that your dream will link to that issue.
THE DREAM - I was in a car with my boyfriend. He was driving. He was telling me I should do this and then do that. Finally I start arguing back and then he suddenly slams on the brakes.

THE REALITY The dreamers boyfriend liked to be in control and resisted any efforts to share decisions.

THE INTERPRETATION The car is being driven by the dreamers boyfriend because generally it was him who took any decisions. The moment she tries to argue back the whole situation comes to a standstill. This shows that the dreamers boyfriend is a control freak who cannot stand any kind of compromise.

Symbolic Meanings
BOYFRIEND : "your unconscious feelings about your boyfriend"
BRAKES : "her boyfriends inability to compromise over anything"
CAR : "the general direction of your life"
SLAM : "leave in anger"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "my boyfriend does not like me thinking for myself and making any decisions in our relationship"

DREAM TIP : dream can be premonitions. If something big happens in your life then look at any dream you had the previous night. dream can be premonitions of very strong emotions on the actual day of the dream .
THE DREAM - I was driving my car on the highway and was headed for work. I was the only one in the car and the highway was smooth with just the slightest curve. When I got to the exit ramp, I saw my Ex in a grey car with a guy named Chad. Chad is a guy that I’ve seen in school but I don’t know personally and he has no connection with my Ex. Anyway, they were right across the intersection, she turned right, and I turned left. That was it

THE REALITY The dreamer recently broke with his girlfriend and was a bit down about it. He could back together with her but wasn’t sure if that was wise.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer felt that even though he had broken up with his girlfriend there was a hope he could get back together with her if he wished. So this dream probably represents the final decision in his mind. Her car is grey which is an uninspiring colour - that probably symbolises how he feels as if he still has no feelings for her. She is with Chad - a guy from school who has no connection with his Ex. So perhaps Chad symbolises the dreamers wish to be like Chad - and have no connection with his Ex. Finally they go their own separate ways showing that the decision is now final in his mind and he has no regrets.

Symbolic Meanings
CAR : "the direction that you are going in life"
EXIT : "ready to finish the relationship"
HIGHWAY : "the way you go through life - the things you do and how you do them"
INTERSECTION : "a crossroads in your life - time to make a final decision"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I could easily get back together with my ex girlfriend but I think we have both gone our own ways now"

DREAM TIP : Think of dream symbols as words. A car could easily link to the word "direction". Now think of what happens to the symbol. If the car comes to a standstill that means that you seem to be unable to move in the direction you wish. dream make complex points about your emotions and try to look for clues in the dream .
THE DREAM - I am riding along in the car with my husband. There was a leopard in the back of the car. We arrive at our new house. Whatever we do I cannot get rid of the leopard and it starts living in my house.

THE REALITY The dreamer did not like losing her temper. However, when things were not getting done she felt the need to be firm and determined.

THE INTERPRETATION In this case the leopard symbolised the need to be strong and determined at times. The leopard is a sign of the dreamers forceful nature. She was aware of this presence. When the leopard is in her car it symbolises the need to be strong and determined whilst progressing towards her goals on a daily basis. However, when the leopard enters her house she is realising that the need to be forceful during a particular situations can sometimes result in her starting to become forceful and determined on a regular basis. It was liable to become a regular part of her personality.

Symbolic Meanings
CAR : "your progress through life and direction"
HOUSE : "your general personal - how you handle things"
LEOPARD : "strong determined and forceful - capable of being feared by others"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "The only way to get my husband to do anything is to put the fear of god into him. It seems to be working"

DREAM TIP : Think of dream symbols as words. A car could easily link to the phrase "my direction". Now write down several phrases which capture your emotions from the day before and about issues which are dominating your life right now. Think of phrases such as "I think I have been a bit run down. I may have a cold.", Or "I cannot stop thinking about my crush" or "I have been thinking about ways to write my essay for tomorrow". Now look through those quotes and see which could link to the phrase "my direction".
THE DREAM - I am in a house that seems very poor and run down. I am dragging this man whom does not appear to be very well. He is been dragged into a car. I hear someone shout out "its not difficult to work out - its a health check". The guy seems to have a very zombie like look on his face.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently been very unwell. He had decided to take action to improve his health. But really he had not made much progress. He knew he had to get started. He felt that this coming day would be a good opportunity to get things moving.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream features the quote about health checks so the dreamer knew immediately that this dream could relate to the state of his health. He knew he had to address the situation and was not doing so. He knew that the next day he should make some attempts to get some exercise.

The dream revolves around the house and the car. The house symbolises the mind and the body and in one sense the dreamer had been aware of his need to improve his health but as of yet had made no practical attempts.

The look on the zombies face reminded the dreamer of himself and the look he gets when he gets headaches. Zombies are often symbols of ill health as we often act like a zombie when run down.

dream tend to be about the here and now. This is clearly about a long term issue affecting the dreamer - his health. Yet the dream touches on the issue within the present context.

Symbolic Meanings
CAR : "a need to make practical progress - the dreamer was thinking about ways to improve his health yet had not actually done anything to achieve this"
HOUSE : "the dreamers own body and health - its run down state reflects his own health which is run down"
ZOMBIE : "zombies are often linked to ill health - the look on this zombies face reminded the dreamer of himself as he was getting headaches which were making him feel like a zombie"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been very unwell recently. I know I have been meaning to take steps to improve my health but I really have not made much progress. I should get started tomorrow."

DREAM TIP : The dream mind is a conceptual mind. So expect your dream to deal with conceptual thoughts and emotions. Think of ways in which you have been forming some new conclusions. Write down quotes which capture your feelings. For instance think of phrases such as "I seem to be finding it difficult to communicate with my son right now",or "I think my foot has recovered enough to start jogging again", or "I have been looking forward to the big football match tomorrow. I hope we win". These are the types of contructed and conceptual thoughts that dream link to.
THE DREAM - I am driving a car in a multi-storey car park. I am trying to park the car and in the end find a comfortable place

THE REALITY The dreamer was having to perform a new task and was having difficulty with it. It involved doing several different things at the same time.

THE INTERPRETATION In this case the dreamer is trying to park his car - symbolising how he trying to maneuver himself into a comfortable position. The multi - storey car park was a symbol of the multi - dimensional skills that were needed in the approach.

Symbolic Meanings
MULTI-STOREY : "working on several different levels - having to perform several tasks at the same time"
TRY : "make every attempt"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am having to learn some new tasks at work. It involves me doing several things at the same time. I am trying to find ways to do this comfortably"

DREAM TIP : Do not get stuck in simplistic explanations of dream symbols. Its very easy to say a car in a dream means that you have been thinking about a change of direction. dream use symbols in complex ways. Think of the dream symbol car as linking to the word "direction". Now think of ways in which that word can appear in the English language such as "I am lacking direction right now", or "My sister needs to accept her relationship is over and that she needs to head in a new direction",or "I want my essay to head in a particular direction". dream will deal with such complex thoughts its just we find it difficult to understand the process.
THE DREAM I’m in a strange part of town and need to get home. A young blonde guy wants to give me a ride but I don’t trust him. Eventually I go with him but have trouble getting into his huge monster truck.

The truck is really messy inside. He drives to madge’s house (my daycare provider and close friend), not mine.

Also, they guy that gave me the ride, whom I was distrustful of, looked almost like a woman and confused me at times. I knew he was a lowlife but not necessarily a bad or dangerous person and I felt obligated to give him/her the benefit of the doubt. Since no one is supposed to be home, I think it’s okay to bring him in.

Of course, once we go inside, everyone is home - my kids, madge’s family, her mother Gram. I ask Dawn, madge’s daughter to make me a fruit smoothie and she refuses saying there’s no food. I’m mad at her but make a joke instead.

THE REALITY On the previous day the dreamer was due to host a new book reading club. Her friend and daycare provider was not invited. The dreamer felt that she maybe found out about the evening when she bumped into her whilst she had just bought two bottles of wine. Her friend tends to be very jealous of any activities where she is not invited. She gets especially jealous of any activities involving friends with a college degree(as she only has a high school diploma). But she was excluded because she was not much of a book reader and would maybe see book reading clubs as snobby.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer had a very busy day the day before this dream but one thought was stuck in her mind. She was thinking about her friend and day care provider who had not been invited to the evening she had planned. The dream does feature one direction to her friend madge. Her daughter was in the dream . That's at least a connection. dream will often refer to people in such odd ways. So the dream does in some way directly link to her.

Men in dream link to issues which are masculine in nature. Men tend to link to male type emotions such as stubbornness, determination and lack of good communication. In this case the dream could directly link to the issue mentioned in that the dreamer had not told her friend of the evening. The dreamer had not asked her friend if she wanted to come. She was not given the option so effectively the issue was forced through without debate.

The truck symbolises how the dreamer is traveling in a certain direction. This is a direction that she does not entirely think is right but she does trust the man. This shows that the dreamer was heading in a direction that she was not entirely sure about. In the dream she knows he is a lowlife showing that in real life she knows she is heading in a direction that may seem mean.

One thing to note is that the man at times appears to be like a woman. So the portion of her personality that is in charge of making this decision is partly male in its characteristics but also has female tendencies. So although the issue is been forced through in a very male way with out any communication the dreamer feels that this is for the good. The man appears slightly female because underlying her actions is some strong emotional motives. The dreamer felt that not inviting her friend was for the best because she would have felt out of place and did not enjoy reading books. In fact she would not have enjoyed the evening and would have felt out of place.

In the final section of the dream she is denied hospitality in her friends home. Maybe this links to the dreamers fears of her friend taking offense at this exclusion.

In the dream the dreamer asks for two smoothies. That's almost said in the way that you order drinks in a shop. That is maybe a reference to the two bottles of wine that the dreamer had bought. These she felt could give away the fact that she had something planned that evening. Its an odd connection but dream can make such odd connections. Its just a coincidence that the same two numbers come up.

In the dream madges daughter maybe makes an appearance to express madges opinions. That may show that her friend is in a teenage type mood - being awkward and sensitive. This may link to the dreamers fear that her friend may be quite sensitive to this exclusion.

The dream ends up in madges house. That's symbolic of looking at madge from the inside. It shows that you are looking at things from her point of view. In a way the dreamer was in real life considering her friends feelings. The decision was made to exclude her but that this was something that was for the best.

So overall the dream shows that the dreamer is heading in a direction that she would not normally go in making decisions that are unfamiliar to her. But she knows that the decision is the correct one even though she felt pretty devious about this.

Symbolic Meanings
DANGEROUS : "the dreamer recognises the great risk involved by excluding her friend "
GUY : "showing male emotions - excluding people and not communicating your feelings "
MONSTER : "something which you fear may get out of control"
MOTHER : "your worries and concerns about something"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am holding a book reading party but have not invited my best friend. But I think she would not enjoy it. But she gets really jealous when she is left out of anything"

DREAM TIP : Some dream are simply about our emotions. We may simply reflect on people and what they mean to us. So if some strong feelings for any person are highlighted maybe the dream is simply about you realising what this person means to you.
THE DREAM I was sitting, at a round table my sisters in law was opposite to me and my father and my ex boyfriend were sitting opposite to each other. We were playing cards women against men. My ex was sitting on my right and so had to play before me he put on the table The Rey of Heart and I played the Ace of clubs and then I saw myself very happy because I won the game. Then I woke up as I was walking with my ex to his car, I told good bye but just for a while as if I knew about his coming back very soon and I saw him driving away.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently split with her ex. However, she still felt that "providence" would play a part. In that some chance meeting will bring them back together.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream features playing cards. That is a symbol of chance. Therefor the dream will link in some way to chance happenings. The dreamer connected this dream with providence and the feeling that fate would bring them back together in some chance happening. It linked to a deep feeling that lurked inside her. Its best to let the dreamer make the connections. After all dream reveal their thoughts and emotions. Their are some clues in dream symbols but often its best to allow the dreamer to make connections. In the dream there is very much a feel of good-bye for now - and so the dreamer very much still feels the connection.

Cars are a symbol of day to day conscious world so that's very consistent with reality. They may have been parted in the day to day conscious world but she still felt the connection deep down.

The dreamers father also appears and so that is an obvious symbol of sensible and acceptable behavior. It is a symbol of the need to impose authority and do the right thing even if this moves away from what your heart desires.

Symbolic Meanings
CARDS : "the cards that are dealt to you in life - the dreamer feels that her luck will change"
HEART : "your feelings of love and devotion"
MEN AND WOMEN : "an issue about romantic feelings"
RAY OF HEARTS : "the dreamer knows the cards will be in her favour"
SISTER : "think openly and freely on a subject"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I have split with my ex. But I am certain that we will come back together again at some point in the future"

DREAM TIP : If you think a great deal about work then expect many dream to deal with your strategies to overcome problems at work. If you fantasize a lot about your crush then expect dream to feature him and your current feelings towards him. If some relationship is going through probelms right now expect dream to deal with such issues. Look for connections to such "key issues".
THE DREAM I am Michael Jackson. I am being attacked. I am explaining what they did to me. My head is against the ground and it is being drilled to the floor. I am then in a car. It has been reversed into a huge brick wall.

THE REALITY The dream came on the day that Michael Jackson’s trial delivered its verdict. The dreamer was very much against the pop singer.

THE INTERPRETATION The car was reversing and that is a quite clear symbol. It shows that the dream is linked to the dreamers opinion about the star. The dream is turning the situation around and showing the dreamer what things would be like if the situation was reversed. The message was simple - how would you feel if the same thing had been done to you. How would you feel if people focused such negative feelings on you.

Ground : The ground symbolises reality as you currently see it. It symbolises the unchanging aspects of your life. It can link to the facts about some situation rather than thoughts based on judgment. So if your head is forced to the ground then that symbolises how you are been brought back to reality.

Indeed maybe the dream is showing how the dreamers negative thoughts about Michael Jackson were an unhealthy over reaction.

Symbolic Meanings
CAR : "the direction you travel through life"
REVERSE : "how would you feel if the same thing happened to you! "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I wanted Michael Jackson to be found guilty. But I think my reaction to the trial verdict says more about me than it does about him"

DREAM TIP : Try to make simple associations in dream . If the dream features technology think of everything that involved technology the previous day. Look for any connection at all. If people appear in dream then try to associate them with issues that have been on your mind.
THE DREAM I had this dream that I was looking for a long time friend (or old best friend, whichever works). When searching for her I come across this supermarket and she was working as a check out chick. She seemed to be friends with the girl working next to her. I spoke to her briefly after I bought some groceries mainly talking about the change I was given.

Then I’m driving up this uneven and bumpy run to this car and find out she’s living in a car with the girl from the supermarket. I ask if she’s OK and why it is she’s living in the car. It seems that she’s comfy there. So the conversation left there.

From that it moves to me being in some academy. I was in a section where they were modeling lingerie. Nothing skimpy just basic stuffs and they were trying to get me to model some of the range my old best friend did. But her being of a more petite structure. It was not possible. Literally my boobs were being squished. So they put me in this white microfibre bra and I’m to wear designer jeans and some flashy belt when it comes to parading. I see myself as a little bit taller and not too much skinner. I don’t even think about that, so I’m unsure where that comes from. My appearance doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

It then changes to being in a driveway and helping move a car. It was red. and my dad, my brother and my mum’s boyfriend were there. Mum’s boyfriend was standing on the sidewalk watching me and my brother try to move , I think it’s, dad’s car. I do not even accelerate yet when the car starts rolling down I try to put the brakes on and I’m literally jumping on them. And brother is looking at me and I’m telling him the brakes aren’t working so then he tries to pull up the car. Dad then comes out slightly infuriated and tries to control the car. I try the hand break and it still does not work. There are no brakes on the car. Anyway I steer whilst they push it. And once stopped along the side of the road (road’s smooth) I get out and dad and jono go to hop in. whilst we’re at the car its like it turns into a boat and I look behind us and there’s military troops marching up and down the road.

Then it changes back to me walking to some model showcase thing. So I’m walking along this main road in a city or something and as I’m walking along the road there’s a movie being played like on this huge billboard thing and its there constantly as I am walking down the road and all of a sudden there’s a kid walking with me, he asks me what’s being played and I’m telling him that harry potter is playing.

Anyway it turns back to the academy and this time my old best friend is there and it’s like we’re getting ready to put on a show.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been thinking about her old best friend. She moved over to the UK before her and she was thinking about contacting her. They used to do everything together at high school.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream features the dreamers friend and since she had been thinking about her its likely that the dream is about her friend and how she misses her. Many dream will link to recent issues which have been on our minds. If other symbols seem to verify the dream then its clearly linked to her friend.

The main symbol is the Harry Potter symbol. Harry Potter is very reliable as a symbol. He represents a magical world in which our dream come true. In many cases it will connect with issues where we have practical difficulties in achieving our goals. In this case Harry Potter captures the feeling that the dreamer would like for her friend to appear as if by magic and so overcome all the practical difficulties.

So why does the car have great difficulties? Cars in dream symbolise our day to day progress towards our goals. In this case the car has great problems. That symbolises how in real life getting to meet her friend is more difficult than first thought. Many practical problems would have to be overcome.

So then why does the car turn into a boat? Cars symbolise day to day reality and the conscious real world. Boats symbolise feelings and emotional journeys. So in this case the dreamer has been thinking about the problems and whilst thinking this through she has been reminiscing about the old times. She has gone on an emotional journey.

So what’s the stage all about? The stage in dream often represent a very public expression of thoughts and feelings. In this case it means that if the dreamer had chance she would say something like "it would be absolutely fantastic and brilliant to see you". And she would be wearing underwear because she would be exhibiting honest and open feelings - the naked truth. It comes down to the fact that this friend is very close and so with close friends you can afford to be honest and blatant about your feelings.

The dream starts off in a supermarket. These are symbols of the things that you want. You go into shops to get the things you desire(she desires to meet up with her friend) and also the options that we hold. Perhaps the friend is a "check out chick" because she through her friend she can get so many things - good times, friendship and honest advice.

Overall its probably true to say that the dream captured the following feelings within the dream - "I would so like to see my old friend who is also in the UK. I was thinking about this and wondered how I could get in touch. If I could get a contact number I would tell her how brilliant it would be to meet up. Yet deep down I am aware of the practical problems and know its probably unlikely. But anyway thinking about it got me reminiscing about the good times we used to have. But I really wish I could make her magically appear right now."

Symbolic Meanings
APPEARANCE : "The dreamer is not worried about her appearance because they are old friends and the relationship goes deep down."
BOAT : "Boats symbolise emotional connections and journeys. The dreamer starts reminiscing about old times and the way that she connected with her friend"
CAR : "Car symbolises day to day movement towards her goals. Yet in this case its not in control because the dreamer does not know how to contact her friend easily"
DAD : "Fathers symbolise how something has got out of hand. Its clearly impractical to see her friend"
LINGERIE : "Being very open and naked about feelings - telling her friend how much she means to her"
HARRY POTTER : "The dreamer simply wishes that her friend could magically appear"
STAGE : "The dreamer would publicly state how desperate she is to see her friend"
SUPERMARKET : "your options and desires"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been thinking about my old friend from Australia. She is in the UK. I would really like to see her. I know its probably not likely to happen but I really really wish it could happen."

DREAM TIP : The major relationships in our lives are very linked to our general mood. The way we feel about our boyfriend may link to the way that we feel about life. Often the two get mixed up in dream . If we feel unhappy then we may take out frustrations on loved ones. dream are about moods and feelings many of which are not related to any specific issue. Some days we just feel good and then the next day we just feel bad. dream will often link to these general feelings.
THE DREAM - I am on a bus. There are no people in it. My best friend is there.

THE REALITY The dreamer was working from home at that time. He was normally glad to be at work and mixing with people. But just at that time he was happy to be at home and was quietly using the opportunity to get some things sorted that needed to get sorted.

THE INTERPRETATION In some ways buses can be odd symbols. Yet in other ways they will always link to people in some way. In this case the symbolic meaning of buses was quite easy to understand as the dreamer was working from home and not really meeting anyone at all. This was not going to be a permanent situation. But for that moment this was not such a problem. The bus then symbolised his lack of involvement with people at that time. After all it was empty.

Best friends will often link to an ideal situation. In this case the dreamer felt that this actually was an ideal situation as it was allowing him to get some things sorted out at home around the house. It allowed him to concentrate on the things he wanted to concentrate on rather than get embroiled into other peoples problems.

Often dream will home in on our true feelings. In most cases the dreamer would not like working from home as he was happy to get out into the world and mix with people. But in this case and at this time he was quite happy to work from home for a short period. So this dream captures his own unique response to this situation - it would normally be a situation he would not like but actually right now it was suiting his mood.

Symbolic Meanings
BEST FRIEND: "an ideal situation - the dreamer was quite enjoying this opportunity to be alone as it gave him freedom to sort out some things at home"
BUS : "sharing experiences with other people - in this case the dreamer is a little cut off from people and the outside world for a short while(hence the empty bus) "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am not getting much contact with people at the moment because I am working from home. Normally I would not want to do this but right now its probably ideal as its allowing to get a few things sorted at home around the house."

DREAM TIP : Some dream simply capture your emotions on some issue. So if you can recognise some emotions in the dream about various people or situations then it may simply be a dream about that.
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