dream interpreting - restaurants,cafes and cafeterias and their symbolic meaning

THE DREAM I am in a cafe. No one seems to be in charge so when a group of customers come in then I move over to the cooker to do the cooking. I asked the three men(all seemed to be people whom I do not get along with or who dislike me) if they could tell me their order and so I could start preparing to cook their meals. But they told me that they just wanted coffees. They did not want a meal.

THE REALITY The dreamer worked in an office. He was trying to argue for a particular project. He felt change was needed as their was a lack of dynamism. However, although he could convince some people of his ideas he really needed to convince the people who were not his allies and friends. He had started to make attempts to present his ideas in an appealing way to sway those people.

THE INTERPRETATION In this dream the dreamer takes charge when no one takes control. That mimics the real life situation in which the organisation lacks any real energy. He tries to get on quickly with things yet is annoyed when he is not able to show is skills and ideas.

The three men are a symbol of freewill. People are able to choose. They cannot be forced into anything. Here he faces three people whom he would not consider as people whom he liked or who liked himself. They symbolise the obstacles that the dreamer faced in real life. If he wanted to get his ideas accepted then he would have to convince people who were not his natural allies.

The dream features men(the plural men as opposed to the singular man) and this means that this is not a specific dream its about the dreamer thinking about things in general. In life he was not facing a specific person who opposed his ideas. He was merely thinking about his strategy in general.

Symbolic Meanings
CAFE : "preparing ideas so they are interesting and appeal to my coworkers"
COFFEE : "need to stay awake - its easy to bore people with details"
COOKING : "prepare some interesting ideas to interest people"
MEN : "the type of opposition and disagreement we are generally expected to face"
THREE : "freedom of choice(a group) - people can act any way they wish and reject his ideas"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I keep trying to interest others in my ideas at work. Its a matter of making the ideas appealing. But sometimes I feel people are not really wanting to get involved in what I am saying. Its easy to be boring"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight into the dreamers attempts to promote his own ideas

DREAM TIP : During the day we store everything that happens in short term memory. Then atnight we work through these new feelings. At the same time we reshape our emotions and integrate these new feelings into long term memory banks. Finally we clear short term memory banks ready to start the whole process again. This is very important to understand dream . They represent the ways in which our feelings have been reshaped by the previous day.

THE DREAM - I always dream about my ex girlfriend.... lately we been talking as friends and getting close again. It starts with me waiting to meet up with her and go for a meal, then it goes blank for a bit when everything appears she is with someone else the strange thing is that I’m stood with them but not being acknowledged by them. Once this happens someone says something from behind me(it is something like go get her.....but it is said in a very echo type voice and fast). But every time this happens I jump and wake up. Once I get back to sleep I have the same dream over and over again which results in losing sleep.

THE REALITY This dream was only happening during a period when the dreamer was getting close with his ex. Because of the dream he was getting stronger feelings than ever. He felt that they were getting closer. That she was not yet ready to admit this or make it public. But he was definitely thinking of asking her out again.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams usually link to the thoughts in our heads. If you have not stopped thinking about something in the daytime expect those questions and issues to arise again during the night in dreams. This dream is clearly about his ex. She is not symbolic of something else. Most dreams represent new thoughts. So what is toi be made of a dream like this?

The dream is making the dreamer feel positive. He wakes up and wants to ask his ex out. This shows that he is picking up on all the signs and feels that his ex will probably say yes if asked out.

The part where other people are in the dream is maybe very symbolic. It is like a little play. It expresses the current state of his thinking. It sees to link to thoughts such as "I feel that she is ready to go out yet she is not ready to tell people". Therefor he is not acknowledged whilst others are around.

Symbolic Meanings
NOT ACKNOWLEDGED WHILST WITH OTHER PEOPLE : "the dreamer feels that his ex wants to go out again. Yet she is not ready to make this public and tell anyone."
MEAL : "The dreamer wants to ask his ex out for a date"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been getting closer to my ex. I feel she is getting closer. She not quite ready to admit it to the world yet."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight