Dream symbol - blood and its symbolic meaning

Dreams represent our emotions and deep thinking. If you are aware of how dreams work then you can start to see how whole thought processes are portrayed within dreams. Try this dream.

THE DREAM - I dreamt I was walking past a large building at night and a man jumped off landing face first about 50m away from me and as he hit the ground I turned my back quickly to shield myself and my entire back was splashed with blood.

Some dreams are linked to day to day feelings but others represent long term problems. In this case the dreamer was suffering from depression. The blood was symbolic of this deep pain inside her and the open wounds in her emotions.

Dreams are very much in the here and now though. So by jotting down two or three key feelings you will very likely pinpoint a dreams meaning. Dreams translate into exact thoughts - they are hidden in this deep symbolism though. Here the blood represented the deep pain in the dreamer.

We can even reduce the dreams meaning to just one or two key words - in this case "emotional pain" and "depression". This is handy in trying to analyse other blood dreams. Dreams will deal with themes and so if you get a blood dream try to think about the themes of "emotional pain" and "depression". If you can think of anything then its likely that its linked.

If any of your key feelings involved "depression" or "emotional pain" in any way its possible that this is the symbolic meaning of the blood in the pain. Think of any possible connection. For instance anything like this.
- "I am just starting to understand my friends depression"
-"I have been scarred by all my emotional pain in childhood. I still do not like talking about it."
-"depression makes a person stronger".

Anyone of these thoughts includes the key words. If you had been thinking "depression makes a person stronger" then the dream would be highly symbolic. Look for hints that might verify the connection with this type of thought.

By studying many blood dreams we have found that blood can link with the following key words - "emotional pain", "upset", "depression", "illness", "hurt feelings", "disrespect" and in particular "a break up with my boyfriend".

So blood can connect with any issues which involve these key words. Break ups are a common cause of blood dreams. The blood represents the open emotional wounds and pain.

Blood dreams can also represent hurtful things that people have said. We often use the metaphor of blood linking to hurt comments. You might say that "his comments drew blood" which clearly shows the symbolic meaning used in that context.

Note also that blood dreams can link to physical illnesses. If you have cancer or some crippling illness then its likely that the blood dream could represent the emotional pain involved in this.