Dream symbol - babies and pregnacies and their symbolic meaning

THE DREAM I dreamt that both my sister and I were pregnant. We had just come from a doctor’s visit and had our complementary diaper bags with prenatal vitamins and formula samples inside. I was looking through her bag and ooo-ing and aah-ing. Then I heard a noise like a small motor. I turned to look at her and she had a small hand held device. I didn’t know what it was. But she inserted it and induced an abortion. There was quite a bit of blood. She started crying and left. I assumed she went to the bathroom. I started crying too. And I kept on crying as I was cleaning up the blood. I was cleaning up the blood with a dirty rag. And I didn’t actually clean any of it up so much as I just kept moving in around and around. Some of it was sopped up but most of it remained. While I was cleaning it up, I kept asking myself questions. Like "why would she do that?" "why did she do it in front of me?", "Why didn’t she terminate the pregnancy while we were at the doctor’s appointment?", "should I take her to the hospital?" and a few others I can’t remember. I know I was cleaning up blood for quite a while.

THE REALITY The dreamer and her sister were both experiencing roughly the same things. They had both experienced a breakdown in relationships. Her sister was probably starting to do something about this. The dreamer on the other hand has not filed for divorce and is still living in the same house as her husband.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often sisters are symbols of openness to new ideas and emotions. Perhaps the sister represents the identical situations that they are in. The dreamer has opened herself up to feeling the same experiences as her sister. They are very much on an identical path. Yet in accepting the end of her relationship then dreamer has now done nothing about it. That is why in the dream the blood is not really been mopped up. It is simply been moved around and around. The dreamer knows what is needed and that is a complete break.

So it is unlikely that the dreamer harbors any animosity towards her sister. It simply represents how she has opened herself up to all this hurt and done nothing about it.

Babies in dream represent new situations and feelings that have been born into the dreamers life. In this case that would obviously symbolise her divorce. That is a new project.

The dream is quite difficult. In some ways this dream is tricky as it may have two equally plausible meanings. The dream could easily be about her own sister. She was going through a messy divorce and does something to stress her out every day. But the gut feeling here is that the dream is about the dreamers own situation.

Overall the dream captures this feeling - "Both me and my sister both experienced a break down in relationships at the same time. But she has made much further progress in improving her situation".

Dream Symbol
ABORTION : "That fresh new course she was giving birth to in her life has now been aborted. She is continuing on with an unhealthy marriage"
APPOINTMENT : "a deadline for something - a need to continue with her own self improvement"
BLOOD : "injured feelings linked to her marriage"
CLEAN : "self improvement - cleaning up your life"
DOCTOR : "issues about her own well being linked to an unhealthy marriage"
FORMULA : "the course of action required / the best solution"
HOSPITAL : "taking some action to improve the health of her situation"
PREGNANT : "a new phase in her life - a wish to move on from a bad marriage"
VITAMINS : "attention to detail - a healthy lifestyle in all senses - a happy marriage and life"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Me and my sister have both split from our husbands. But now she seems to be moving on in a much more positive way than me. I have not really made much progress"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into the dreamers situation

DREAM TIP : Try to think of dream symbols as words. Think of babies in dream as representing the word "new". Then try to write down a few quotes which capture all major issues and in particular things that took place the day before. Think of quotes like "I have been trying to instill a new sense of discipline on my coworkers", or "I am going to have to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting with my boss", or "My sister seems a little angry yesterday for no reason". Now look through those quotes again and see where that word "new" appears or could have some relevance. If there is a strong connection then your dream could link to this issue.
THE DREAM I dreammed my husband and I were on a long train that was a like a city always on the move. We were in a hotel room on the train when I gave birth to a girl and despite my husband not fully agreeing with my decision, I gave my baby up for adoption because I felt we were too busy during the day to take care of a baby. However, that night I regretted my decision so I decided to try and revoke the adoption. On this city in a train, I had to go up a elevator of a sky scraper to the city hall where the department of child services was. There I asked for my baby back. After a consultation and paper work, they gave me back my baby. I held my baby tightly and close to me as my husband said "I told you we should not have given her up". This dream really disturbed me.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer had got into a bad mood with her son and her husband. She walked out on them for a couple of hours. Eventually she came back. But this was meant to be an emotional show to demand some respect. She cared too much for her child and husband to walk away permanently.

DREAM INTERPRETATION dream link to real life issues that are very much in our thoughts. They are very likely to link to our feelings and intuitions. The night before this dream the dreamer made a very bold stand with her son and husband. This was obviously a very dominating issue on her mind at that very time. So its best to go straight to the interpretation. The dream is almost certainly about this one issue. An issue that is dominating our minds the night before will almost certainly cause a major dream .

The dream takes place in a hotel room. Hotels and large buildings are very symbolic in dream . Smaller buildings and houses usually can be said to link to your own feelings and thoughts. Hotels symbolise your own feelings been affected by those around you. Your actions and emotions are shaped by those around you. In this case this links to how her husbands and sons disrespect was having a major impact on her mood.

The early part of this dream also features the train. Trains can be symbolic of fixed ways of thinking. In this dream it may link to how the dreamer was very focused on what she was trying to achieve. Trains can also symbolise how you feel like you have been railroaded into some course of action. That would obviously fit nicely here.

Giving birth symbolises of some fresh and new emotional feeling. That obviously captured the dreamers real life. Something was truly born into her life that night before.

But the babies are very difficult and tricky symbols here. Its easy to see how the dream can link to reality. But its nice to get symbols which hold together in some coherent way. dream can link to thoughts and thought processes but the match must be consistent.

Perhaps at this stage its best to look at the situation of what happened here and then try to find some logical way in which the symbols match. The dreamer left home for a couple of hours to make a statement. But the dream will capture some feeling of how her thoughts developed.

A city that is moving is possibly consistent with the dreamers situation. Cities can link to complex and complicated decisions. That was certainly the case here. The dreamer walked out. She wanted to make a statement but also did not want to actually walk out at all. She deeply cared for her family. But making a judgment about how far to go is a dangerous and tricky decision. The city easily captured how this was a difficult decision with many conflicting things to consider.

The baby is a complex symbol here. Above all it is linked to emotions here. Sometimes its not the symbols but the emotions that are most important in a dream . Babies are linked to family. The dream seems to revolve around the moment when the dreamer hugs her baby. Its the emotions that are linked with that the dream is perhaps trying to capture. And that does indeed correspond to real life. Family is a very abstract concept in that its very much based on emotions. A home is a home and its very easy to define that. But a happy home is very much something that is more an emotional thing. The feelings of respect and togetherness were what were missing during that night. The dreamer felt as if she was not respected and also maybe as if the family was drifting apart. They were living together but separately. Therefore the sense of the family was lacking.

In walking out the dreamer had in a sense given up her child for adoption. Two hours is just a minor time period. But dream see things in such ways. The dreamer indeed said that she had to go back because she had a baby to nurse. That indeed captures the situation here. The dreamer did indeed have conflicting demands in making her decision. She had to make a stand but she was also extremely guilty. Its about balancing feelings in coming to a decision.

The city hall is is a very central place. It often links to extremely public issues. In this sense it can link to the extremely public show the dreamer made. A very public statement.

The hall is also a skyscraper. Skyscrapers link with issues involving respect. That certainly applies here. Where you are in the skyscraper links to how the world or particular people see you. It shows their belief or lack of belief in you. The department deals with child services and that maybe specifically deals with the need for her family to respect her efforts and energy in this respect.

Dream Symbol
BABY : "The dreamers own child and her knowledge that she must look after him. She therefore only makes a temporary stand"
CITY : "complex issues where you consider lots of factors and the opinions of others - the dreamer wants her feelings to be known"
ELEVATOR : "wanting greater recognition"
HOTEL : "her husband and child treat her like a hotel service - they get everything done for them and they show no appreciation"
PREGNANT : "new ideas being created in your mind - a new idea and feeling being born into your life"
TOWN : "complex situations involving the feelings of others"
TRAIN : "been railroaded into something - having few options"
TRAIN : "her life is going only in one direction - a grinding daily routine with little recognition"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Things have been the same for ages. I simply had to make a stand. My husband and son have been taking me for granted. So I demanded more respect from them"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into the dreamers situation

THE DREAM I had a dream that I had a baby and put the baby in my purse by accident and it suffocated and died. I was crying after it died. (Interpreted on www.dreammmoods.com)

THE REALITY The dreamer had banked on some money but realised that it had not come through. She had not correctly filled in the forms though.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream deals with a purse. Sometimes such issues can actually deal with money related matters. So its worth looking through issues of money for some connection. In this case there was such an issue. The dream had banked on some money coming through from a particular source but she did not fill in her forms correctly.

The dream is perfectly consistent with that issue. The baby represents new things in your life. Something new that is filling you with enthusiasm. A new source of money would certainly fit the bill.

The dreamer was now checking over why this new source of money had not filtered through. The dream was part of that process. In fact it probably represented how she was thinking about investigating this issue.

ACCIDENT : thinking over things that can go wrong
BABY : "something new - a new source of income that the dreamer was relying on"
PURSE : "a link to money"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I thought by now that I would have received my money from them but something has happened. I think I should check up on things to see if a mistake has been made"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into the dreamers current situation

THE DREAM I dreamt I could partially hear doctors and nurses performing surgery on me - a double hip replacement. They injected some medication into my arm, and before I could drift into sleep, I said "wait, I’m pregnant!" They quickly tried to reverse the medication (in my mind) but then I woke up and I had two new hips and I was in a lot of pain.

THE REALITY In real life the dreamer was pregnant but having some concerns. Later on the dreamer really did have a miscarriage.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Many dream simply reflect real life and concerns about little problems. Later on the dreamer did have a miscarriage. Maybe this dream was a premonition of that. However, its more likely that this dream reflected the pain that the dreamer felt on waking up. The dream would have been about that pain and the worry that this could link to something more serious. Pregnant women are notorious for having bad dream about the pregnancy but many go on to have perfectly healthy babies.

Maybe the issue concerning medication linked to the dreamers wish for a pain killer but then a realization that she was pregnant and that this may not be a good idea. The surgery maybe links to a feeling that something deep inside her was wrong. Surgery links to the insides. In life we are our own doctor. We judge what is wrong with us and its only if something is serious that real doctors take over.

Dream Symbol
DOCTOR : "understand your own medical problems - in this case the dreamer is assessing her own pregnancy and is worried about the pain she has been getting "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am pregnant. But I have been getting pain and I just wonder if their are going to be problems and I shall lose the baby"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into the dreamers health

THE DREAM I saw my son was pregnant. He is only 9 years old. I kept telling him to calm down, stop playing and jumping because he needed to rest as he was pregnant.

THE REALITY In reality I am worried about him at the moment. He tends to be excitable.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My son tends to be very excitable. He can injure himself. I think he should take a lot more care of himself"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into the dreamers situation

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : dream are about pivotal moments in our emotions. They represent change. For instance you may suddenly decide that someone you know is not to be trusted. So on balance you have decided to alter your view.
THE DREAM I am in some house which appears quite poor and run down. I think of Scotland in the dream for some reason. Later I am later playing with a baby. I pick up the baby but he appears to be very heavy.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had got a laptop with wireless connections. The aim had been to get this computer so she could use it in public places such as cafes, libraries and community centers. But the dreamer was beginning to think that this would not be as successful as she had hoped.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The baby is a good link to this dream . Babies symbolise new ideas and emotions. In this case the dreamer was just getting interested in wireless computers. But unfortunately it was not working out very well. That links to the negative feelings towards the baby in the dream .

Scotland in the dream probably refers to things associated with Scotland. It is a remote and rather cold climate. That links to the new feelings forming within the dreamer. The wireless networks in the mind of the dreamer were not as prolific and numerous as she thought. In fact on the day of the dream she did not manage to connect to any wireless Internet links.

Dream Symbol
BABY : "something new - in this case a new interest in wireless computers"
SCOTLAND : "a lack of momentum due to the cold climate - captures the dreamers feelings about wireless"
SCOTLAND : "remote and rural - captures the feelings about her ability to connect to other computers"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have just become interested in wireless Internet. But as things stand I think I will be disappointed. I do not think its all that good"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into a new interest

DREAM TIP : dream will focus on things that are important to you right now. In many cases they will be symbolic representations of the very issues you wake up thinking about. Those issues maybe small conversations from the previous day. It depends what your mind is focusing on. If you think a lot about work then it could be about that. Try to isolate the issues you are thinking about and interpret a dream in that way. Look for evidence in the symbols of the things dominating your mind.
THE DREAM I am with my sister. She is talking with me. I think its just a general discussion but she then starts to point out times and dates. There seems to be some connection with sex. She also seems to have a baby. I then hold her baby and play with it. I point the baby at something across the road.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had got some good praise off a lady. She was impressed by his ideas. But he had then pointed out something new. The dreamer helped this lady sort out a problem.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The baby represented the idea that the dreamers friend had adopted - thanks to the dreamers original advice. When the dreamer plays with the baby he then starts to develop the ideas he had suggested already. The times and dates are references to specific data. This signifies how the dreamer helped the lady understand an idea to the extent that she could apply it specifically.

Sex often links to when you you overwhelmingly are praised on something or if you come to an agreement.

Pointing the baby in a new direction - that signifies how the ideas where developed by the dreamer. Looking across the road symbolises how you are pointing out some alternative way of seeing something.

Dream Symbol
ACROSS : "a different way of thinking"
BABY : "exciting ideas and circumstances newly born into your life - taking an opportunity enthusiastically"
PLAY : "play with some ideas and thoughts"
POINT ACROSS ROAD: "pointing something out - The dreamer is pointing the friend in the right direction "
ROAD : "events in real life as they bump into you and impact on your thoughts"
SEX : "something very appealing - the dreamer quite liked the praise off this woman in real life"
SISTER : "thinking freely and openly - the dreamer helped open the friends mind to some new ideas"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "She was praising me so much. I think I helped her sort things out in her mind. I pointed her in the right direction"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into current events

THE DREAM I am in a large building, multistory, with my neighbor friend. Not sure what level we were on but it wasn’t the first level. Anyway, we are in there to steal and we do, a few large wads of cash and some papers, not sure what the papers were. We start running to get out of there before we get caught and two men start chasing us, one focusing on her and the other focusing on me. We run outside and across the street, she’s ahead of me, and our car is in a parking lot. Not sure how to describe it, but to get into the parking lot you have to jump down (there’s concrete walls around the parking lot, kind of like how a basement is made before the house is put on top). I see my friend jump down into the parking lot and she gets hurt where she can’t get up but she's OK otherwise, the man chasing her does the same and also gets hurt to where he can’t get up. The man chasing me catches up to me and grabs me right before I get to the edge to jump into the parking lot, so we struggle and I get him in front of me closest to the edge and as hard as I can push him over into the parking lot. I don’t see him land but I hear my friend gasp and yell..."Oh my God you killed him!!!" I look down and he is laying on the ground with most of his head ripped off his body, it’s only hanging on by some skin on one side. I think to myself that it wasn’t THAT far to fall and am confused why he got that badly hurt, then figure when he went over the edge he must have hit head first and that’s why his head was nearly tore off. His eyes are still moving and I’m suddenly worried he will live long enough to tell the authorities I did that to him then he stops moving and I feel relief but am still scared and trying to figure out what story to give the police if they show up. I ask my friend if she’s OK and she says she is, then I go over to the guy who had been chasing her (he’s still laying on the ground hurt) and ask him if he’s OK. I jump down into the parking lot next to him and he asks me to come closer, I am afraid he will try to hurt me but do it anyway. He pulls out a picture of his children, hands it to me, and asks me to please go tuck them in bed for him. I think "I don’t even know where he lives!" then I look closer at him and realize he used to be my upstairs neighbor at the old apartments I lived in last year. The apartments in my dream exist in real life but the man doesn’t. For some reason in my dream I remembered him as a neighbor with a pregnant wife and kids though. I tell him I will and go to his house, where his wife is pregnant with yet another baby and lets me in to see the children. The man is there and I get scared again, his face looks burnt on one side and he is pretty badly hurt, and I think he will hurt me to get back at me for what I did to the other guy. He puts on a mask, like a green alien mask that a kid would put on for Halloween and makes me put on a mask too, mine is white and looks more like a human face like the smile/frown faces you see in porcelain that some people hang on their walls (forget what they’re called). My mask is plastic though. I tell him we don’t need the masks and ask him to take his off because it’s scaring me, he does and I take mine off too.

THE REALITY A day or so before the dreamer had gone to marriage counseling with her husband. During the session they talked about how the previous week had gone. They had had four good days but then 2 days of fighting. The dreamer told the therapist that the good days had been good but did not feel "real". They had been living in a fantasy world and just avoided the issues pretending that they did not exist. Her husband was hurt by what she said. He did not say anything but remained distant afterwards. She asked him about it and he said that he didn’t want her to be fake or to pretend to enjoy his company.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The previous day the dreamer had spoken to her husband about their marriage guidance session. Its often fair to assume that things that happen the previous day are important and will trigger off our dream . In this case the dreamer had been looking at the situation in an intuitive way. Such intuitions clearly can be traced in the dream .

So with that in mind we can see what the dream means. Masks are symbols of false emotions. They show that you are concealing your true feelings. The dreamer feels that her mask is plastic and that's quite clearly showing that her own good days had clearly been false and that any good feelings had been artificial(plastic often links to something artificial).

The other symbols also make sense. Babies can be symbols of fresh new hopes. Perhaps the baby pictures symbolised how the dreamers husband had been viewing the situation. He had been "picturing" how well things had been going.

Burning flesh can link to hurt feelings and sensitivity. In this case the burnt face shows that the husband had clearly been sensitive about his wife’s honesty.

Dream Symbol
BABY : "a fresh new start - in this case the dreamers husband had hoped things had been good and that they had started afresh"
BURNT : "sensitive feelings - she had sensed that the things she had said had hurt her husband"
MASK : "hiding your true feelings - here they had not been revealing their true feelings and had been pretending to get along with each other. Any progress was fake"
MULTI LEVEL : "looking at a problem on different levels. On the surface the relationship seemed fine but deep down they had just been avoiding issues"
PARKING LOT : "The dreamer feels that she and her husband have come to a standstill in the relationship and had not been making progress"
PICTURES : "you are picturing something in your mind - in this case the dreamer has started to imagine how her husband was seeing things. He had been picturing how well they had been doing"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I told my husband at marriage counseling that I felt that the good days during the previous week had been false. He took it in a bad way. He misinterpreted what I felt. Its pointless trying to bury issues. I think he was hurt because he felt that we had been doing so well."

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into the dreamers marriage

THE DREAM - It was the end of the world. The whole area has been devastated. Then I see that a baby has been growing as if everything is normal.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had started to do some things that he had not done in a long time. He had been discussing software packages with a new friend. He had been unwell for some time but recently things had started to improve substantially.

Babies are linked to fresh new feelings. In this case there was an obvious candidate to fit this symbol. The previous day he had been talking in a fresh and energetic way about software packages to a new friend.

The other symbols seem to fit this situation as well. The end of the world certainly captures the dreamers own feelings. He had felt as if some health problems were quite permanent and that many areas of his life had been totally devastated. He felt in some ways as if it was the end of the world.

Symbolic Meanings
BABY : "a fresh new feeling - the dreamer had felt a new surge of energy the previous day when talking about software and art with a new friend"
END OF THE WORLD : "The dreamer had recently not been very well. He had suffered immense pain yet this was now starting to improve substantially"
NORMAL : "The dreamer felt that the previous day represented a change. He felt as if things were truly back to normal"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Things have been terrible in my life with the terrible blinding pain I have had. Yet yesterday I felt as if things were a little bit back to normal. I never thought I would be talking in such a way again. It was as if things were back to normal"

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form a conceptual insight into the dreamers current health status


BABIES : Babies tend to link with new circumstances and few feelings. They symbolise some fresh new mood of optimism. They can represent a new project or opportunity. They may simply represent something that is 'new' in your life.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream ) :
- "a new willingness"
- "something new"
- "a fresh start"
- "a new opportunity"
- "a new exciting project"


BABY-SITTING : Looking after a baby is an important responsibility and also very time consuming. It generally has two meanings. In a positive sense it may refer to your wish to look after a vulnerable person who cannot cope in some situation. In a negative sense it will link to other peoples problems which have been dumped on you.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream ) :
- "it leaves her very vulnerable. I wonder if she can cope."
- "I feel the need to protect her"
- "its not my responsibility but its been dumped on me"
- "I know its what she wants"
- "I know its important to him"

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