Dream interpretation - anger

ANGER IN DREAMS: Most dreams represent recent thoughts especially from the day before as we think over feelings and events which have just occurred. Your dreams that night will represent how our minds have made sense of what has just happened. So your dreams represent your thoughts. Nowadays it is widely accepted that dreams link to conscious feelings rather than unconscious feelings. So we will be much more aware of what our dreams mean. They will represent the conclusions that are forming in our minds. They will be written in the language of dream symbolism. Take for instance the following dream.

THE DREAM - I am at the beach. I am angry because there is a traffic jam. I am talking with this man and complaining that its all the fault of the government and then I point to this aqueduct type thing. The water is been lifted up and down in this aqueduct type thing.

You will find that with many dreams featuring anger you will have been angry at some point the day before. In this way the dream is merely working through this anger the day before. In this case the dreamer was angry aftre having to wait for ages in a Government office. So we can see that anger in a dream merely mirrors anger in real life from the day before.

Quite often anger dreams link to repressed anger. There moight have been an incident the day before where you really to express anger yet could not. So the dream partly reminds you not to get angry but may also act as an outlet for anger you cannot express. Sometimes this is quite a good thing. In many settings you cannot express anger as its not appropriate. You cannot express anger at work as you would get the sack. Take this example which occurred the day after the dreamer had been very frustrated at work at having to serve a known sex offender.

THE DREAM I dreamt that I was walking to work. Its about a 4 block walk and I had four little girls with me. They were all about 5 to 7 years old. I think they were all my nieces except they really range in age from 2 to 21. Anyway, we turned up this alley that I usually take as a short cut and up ahead we saw the child molester. The little girls became very frightened and ran to hide behind this tall wooden fence. Well, I became angry. I wanted to yell and yell at that old man. Just vent all the anger and hatred I had toward him over the things he did to my niece and all the other children he ever touched. I walked up to him and opened my mouth, only nothing came out. I tried and tried to yell or scream, anything, and finally a little squeak came out. This made me even more angry and I finally found my voice but instead of screaming at the top of my lungs, I could only whisper.

You will notice that the dreamer really wished to yell out but could not. That's really the part that confirms this repressed anger. In reality the dreamer obviously felt that she did not want to serve this sex offender. She wanted to scream at him but she was forced to be polite. Its really just capturing this thought - "I really wanted to scream but I would have lost my job".

Hidden within some dreams are thought processes which reveal new insights and intuitions about our situation. Take this next dream as an example.

THE DREAM I was in my drive way with my father and I was so excited that he was alive but I had plans to go out. I was upset because I didn't have a car but he convinced me to stay home. So I went upstairs to my moms house and talked with him for a while about everything. My mom said he is back to stay for a while but its not permanent and I might not see him all the time. I really didn’t want to hear my mom say that he wasn’t going to stay for good. I guess a couple of days went by and I vaguely saw my father. I wanted to see him so bad. But it was like we were missing each other. I got so angry and I really wanted to go out to see my friends so I stole my mothers car. She has a brand new infinity and in real life I would never take it. Anyway I’m back in the drive way and my father pops up. I told him that I was taking my moms car and he said that it was okay and he won't tell my mother. (My father and I had a tight bond). I felt as if it was okay as long as I put it back right where she parked it earlier. So I took it and within 5 minutes I smashed her car up. The next thing I remember is that I had this sinking feeling in my stomach and tons of guilt and shame. They were standing beside me and my mom was flipping out worried about the car and how could I have done something like this, and my father was hugging me. A little about me. I'm not innocent at all and I always get myself in trouble.

On the surface the dream just tells some random story. But the dream portrays the dreamer having anger towards her mother. The dream also shows the tight bond between the dreamer and her now deceased father. Just recently the dreamer had gone off the rails. She had been arrested and had also got into a car accident. The dream explores how things would have been if the dreamers father was still alive. In the dream she is ashamed of herself. In the dream her father supports her whilst her mother rages. So the dream captures this feeling - "I needed support from my mother but she just shouted at me. I am sure my father would have supported me".

This next dream also reveals a complex thought process. The dreamer had visited the friend in the dream the previous day. Whilst there he complained that his chest had been hurting him all day. His whole family has a history of heart disease, so she basically begged him to see a doctor, especially when he said his arm felt tingly. He, being stubborn, said he would be fine.

THE DREAM I cannot recall the events that led to the significant part of my first dream that I remember, but I do recall that I had this absolute urgent need to stop my best friend from doing something. As he turned away from me, all of a sudden, I looked down and saw a very large, heavy, shiny gun. I panicked, and I shot him twice in the back. I specifically remember thinking in my dream that I had to be careful not to hit any major organs. I didn't want him to die, or even to hurt him. I just needed him to stop whatever he was about to do. In my dream I actually hit my mark twice and somehow did no discernable damage. Yes, there were bullet holes, but he didn't even bleed, and it only slowed him down slightly. He was hurt that I did this, but he didn't get especially angry though. He laid on the couch with me on top of him, apologizing.

The dream revolves around the dreamer forcing herself upon her friend. In the dream this was a somewhat absurd situation which would never have happened in real life. However, the previous day she needed and wished to be more aasertive with him. However, he was stubborn and refused. Hidden within this theme of being forceful with him was this exact thought process - "I should have forced him to go to the hospital. A true friend would have forced him at gunpoint to go to the doctor for his own good. He could have died". So rather than being a strange and bizarre story the dream gets straight to the point and says - "I should have forced him to go to the doctors".

Dreams go right to the heart of the issues which dominate our minds. If you have anger then its likely that the dream explores how you are dealing with it. Take this dream.

THE DREAM I just heard a voice or felt I heard a voice. I was being told to "calm down and stop being so angry".

The dreamer suffered from schizophrenia. Just recently his life had taken a bad turn and he was very resentful. His dream was telling him to calm down. It was a very simple and straight forward message.

If you get anger in a dream simply try to see how anger fits into real life. One dreamer had an angry dream which involved rape and violence towards women. In real life it was easy to see the source of the anger in her life. Recently there had been two domestic violence related homicides. The dreamer had worked in the area of domestic violence and the organisation she worked with had worked with these two women as clients. Her anger in the dream showed the sheer strength of feeling inside her. She felt that no one had cared - including the police. In the dream she was angry because the violence against women was being minimized and ignored.

So when you get an anger dream try to ask yourself questions. Are you angry? Was someone else angry yesterday? Are you trying to understand someones anger? Do you feel your anger is justified? Are you wanting to explode with anger but cannot because that's innapropriate? Do you worry about your anger and rage? Deep inside your dreams you will be exploring themes like these.


SHOPPING : Shops symbolise two things - the options available to you and the things that you want and how to go about achieving them. The dream may concentrate on some change in the options available to you - do you have time problems or has some health issue suddenly changed the options available to you. The dream may also be making a point about the things you want. Has some interest ceased to be as important as it once was? Shops do not just consider your own desires but they also refer to group decisions and the need to convince others to follow your choices. For instance the way a committee has to deliberate and choose.

KEY WORDS(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "what I want from a friendship is..."
- "I want to ..."
- "everything is possible right now"
- "what I would really like is "
- "what I want and what he wants from a relationship are maybe very different"
- "I really want to find some time to do this"


THRIFT SHOPS : Shops in dreams often symbolise our options. If you are going to a thrift shop or to a market then it may show that you have few options and that you have little time or few resources to complete the tasks you wish to complete. In another sense it may show that you wish to complete some task as quickly and with as little effort as possible.

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DREAM SYMBOL STUDIES : Real dreams with shops in them
THE DREAM I was buying bras in a shop

THE REALITY The dreamer has been looking for help and support from her friends recently. She had tried talking through some issues with her friend but felt that she did not really understand her at all. She told her this but her friend just laughed.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Short dreams like this can be difficult to interpret. But this dream takes place in a shop. Shops in some way link to our needs and desires that are being unfullfilled right now. A bra could be seen as a symbol of support. The dreamer is feeling as if she is not been given personal support and help from her friends.

The trick with dreams such as this is is to understand the way dreams operate. Most dreams symbolise feelings that are very prominent in your mind from the day before the dream. In this case the dreamer has been feeling unsupported for a few days. So the symbols match up with the feelings in her mind. Its a fair assumption to link the issues together.

Dream Symbol
BRA : "A wish for personal support from friends"
SHOP : "The options available to the dreamer - the friends that she has looked too for support"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been thinking about what qualities I require in a friend. My friend does not understand me and does not seem able to support me. What sort of a friendship is that?"

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : When we go into shops we tend to be looking for things that we want but at present do not have. But also our shopping is very much linked to our options. Think of some way in which your options have changed recently.
THE DREAM I am walking down the street. I am walking past the shopping centre and see that the camera shop has closed down. There seems to be a pathway into the building and the shop is been fitted out for something new. I was curious about what the shop would turn into.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been interested in photography for a long time. But recently this interest had dropped off and the dreamer was thinking that this hobby no longer held the interst it once did.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Shop dreams are often about our options. This shop was once a camera shop but now in the dream it was closed down. The dreamer was curious about what the shop would become. The shop symbolised the dreamers former interest in photography and its conversion symbolises the dreamers own curiousity about how his energies would be diverted into something new.

Dream Symbol
CAMERA SHOP : "The dreamers own hobby in photography"
SHOP CLOSURE : "A recognition that this hobby is losing its appeal"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My interest in photography has tailed off. I wonder what is going to replace this."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Dreams link very much to the things that are dominating our thoughts. Shop dreams link to our own needs and a wish to satisfy them. Think about all your interests and relationships. How have they been lacking. How have you been shopping for something new?
THE DREAM - I am on market street. I see a small department store but it is not in its correct position. It has moved. It is actually just down the road. I go into it and this department store has become a small shop There is a car park there in front(which does not exist in reality) and there seems some major opening... like a door for deliveries. That is where I need to go

THE REALITY The day of this dream the dreamer pulled a muscle in his back and was in bad pain.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The movement of the shop was mimicking the movement of the dreamers body - something is not in the right place. The car park represented the lack of movement that day. The deliveries may symbolise some new set of choices available. And the shop itself had transformed from a department store into a set of three small shops. That represented the reduction in choices available to the dreamer.

Dream Symbols
CAR PARK : "life is at a standstill - unable to move due to backpain"
DELIVERIES : "a new set of choices available to you "
DEPARTMENT STORE : "having lots of options available to you"
SHOP : "the choices available to you at present"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think this is a premonition of the day of the dream when I injured my back."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Try to make simple associations in dreams. If a man behaves in a way which reminds you of how your father acted yesterday then the dream may relate to your father. If the dream features technology think of everything that involved technology the previous day. Look for any connection at all.
THE DREAM - I am somewhere near eastfield estate. There is a fish and chip shop. A teacher from art school was there. I was nervous and worried about going there.

THE REALITY The art school represented the dreamers urge and interest in art. The chip shop was a symbol of how this was an essential part of his life.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The shop represents some wish within the dreamer - some unmet need. The dreamer does not go into the shop showing that at present that need for creativity is not been met. Not going into the shop shows that the issue is even completely off the agenda.

Dream Symbols
SCHOOL : "learning something about yourself"
SHOP : "the dreamer is looking at the things that he wants in life and how he is pursuing them - in this case its about how he is pursuing (or not in this case) his interest in art and design"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I never seem to find time for my artistic interests. I always used to be interested in art and photography. I wonder why it is I never seem to find time?"

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The dream mind is one where concepts are formed. This is where we build strategies and form emotions. Try to encapsulate your own thoughts in quotes. For instance right down two or three quotes which capture your emotions from yesterday such as : "I am not enjoying work as much as I used to!"; "I am trying to resist pressure from my mother to have children" ; or "I have a busy schedule tomorrow".
THE DREAM - I am with my partner and we are passing the biggest makeup store in the world! I beg to go in. It is bright and full of colours and brands I have never seen before. I am in seventh heaven. I test out a few colours but get pissed off with the assistants interfering with my browsing, I want to just look and enjoy it by myself. I love all the colours but keep being drawn to a very simple new product which is a gold eyeshadow. I have seen it in my dreams before. I realise that as much as all the other colours are beautiful and inspiring, browns, gold and earth tones are the colours that suit me best. I was also applying a tester of foundation but was rubbing too hard and was damaging my skin.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had an ugly argument with her sister recently and she saw no way of "making up".

DREAM INTERPRETATION In this case the eye shadow probably represented the way the dreamer was trying to make attractive her way of thinking. She was trying to get something through to her sister. However, this was sometimes causing upset. The way the foundation rubs and damages her skin was symbolic of how the dreamer was sometimes touching on sensitive issues.

Dream Symbols
BEAUTIFUL : "an idea of perfection - in this case aiming for a perfect relationship or perfect time"
FOUNDATION : "a good start towards some goal"
MAKEUP : "a play on words - making up with her sister"
RUBBING : "the dreamer realises that applying too much pressure is not good for her relationship with her sister"
SKIN : "a symbol linked to sensitivity - the dreamer knows her sister is very sensitive "
STORE : "we go into stores to buy the things that we want but presently do not have - in this case the dreamer wants to make up with her sister"
TONE : "sending out unconscious signals when you speak"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I want to make up with my sister yet at the moment I see no easy way of doing this. Perhaps I have to wait for the right moment. "

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Think of dream symbols as words. For instance a shop could symbolise your own "needs". Then think of how the dream interacts with these symbols. If the shop closes down that may suggest that some need you used to have has now ceased to be as important. For instance an interest or hobby maybe less important to you. Dream symbols then are like words and the complex way which our dreams interact with these symbols show how the dream language is as rich and varied as the english language.
THE DREAM I left university and went to this little shop that I usually go to, to get something to drink before I leave. Anyhow, the shop was huge in my dream and I got confused when I went inside. I was really hungry but found nothing that I would like to eat and just as I was about to leave, I saw this huge stand of fruits. So I went there and saw four mangos, I took a plastic bag and put a mango in it but the mango was rotten, so I took it out, and replaced it with another mango. The second mango was also rotten. So I took out the second rotten mango and saw with bright red mango that looked so juicy and impressive. So I picked it up, and put it in the plastic bag. When I picked it up, some cherries were attached to the red mango which I didn’t remove. And I bought it.

THE REALITY Over the previous three days the dreamer had been thinking a lot about her University. She wondered if it was best to transfer to a better one. If she did so she would lose her double major and need another two years to graduate and lose credit for a couple of her courses. But on the other hand this would be a better university in a better country and getting a better degree away from the troubling people she was having to face. If she doesn’t transfer she will graduate with a double major in a year, but have to live in an area she does not like living in on her own. But she also has a third option which is a double major and 18 months to two years and living on her own in a good place.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Shop dreams are generally about options.In this case they do not have many clues. The best strategy in such dreams is to look at the last few days and see how your options have changed. How have you been thinking about your goals. In this case there is a direct and easily identifiable situation involving the dreamers options. The dream may be confusing in that it just seems linked to mangos.

The dream seems to draw attention to the third mango. This is maybe emphasing how this is an option. Maybe the debate has been about the two options or staying where she is or moving with her family.

Dream Symbol
FRUIT : "the fruit of the dreamers education - different degrees and universities"
SHOP : "looking at your own options - in this case options involving education"
DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am having to transfer universities. I have been thinking through the various options. "

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : Think of dream symbols as words. A shop could represent the word WANT. Then think of how you may have used that word to express your own emotions recently. Think of any phrase such as "I am not sure what I want any more" or "me and my girlfriend both want different things from our relationship"
THE DREAM I had some strange dreams last night. The first one my boyfriend and our roommate were being mean to me in the grocery store, then my boyfriend and I went to some guys house, we were walking up to the garage and a black guy was yelling at the white guy, something about drugs, the black guy some how fell and hit his mouth on the little step part as you walk into the garage, busted out his 2 front teeth then blood started pouring out, you could hear it falling from his mouth hitting the ground, sounded like rain, it was ALOT of blood.

The next my boyfriend and I were at an Astros game, they were playing UofT and won, after the game I was talking to my boyfriend then heard a noise from the field, which was now an arena. A UofT football player was on the field trying to lasso a bull, then another UofT player came out to do tricks with it, but something went wrong and someone in the crowd yelled at him to just leave it alone and run away, he yelled back that he didnt know what was going on and he was about to do that, that's when he fell over the edge of the arena. It was like an orchestra pit, he hit the concrete and people started laughing until he started crying, and someone (sounded like my aunts voice) said oh he broke something, I looked over the edge and there was blood everywhere, he was laying face down, so I made my boyfriend go down there to try to help him. Then the thunder woke me up.

THE REALITY The dreamer wished for a closer relationship with her boyfriend so he could share more emotions and feelings. She sensed that beneath his male exterior he had problems that perhaps needed to be talked out. But the dreamer faced opposition from a largely male household. The dreamer feels that their home is too male in its outlook and needs some female emotions.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Shops are symbols of what we want in life. In this case the dreamer is been ridiculed in the shop. That suggests that her desires are not been taken seriously.

The dream also features a lot of pain and violence. That perhaps suggests that the two are connected. That the dreamer feels overwhelmed by her boyfriend and roommate both who are male. That she is perfectly aware of the largely male atmosphere and so any attempts to show feelings and emotions are shunned. But she also senses that they probably need to talk some issues out. That frustrations tend to be aleviated through male aggression. The two black guys, the bull and the sports arena all tend to link to male attitudes.

Symbolic Meaning
BLACK GUYS : "a very male orientated outlook - inability to express frustrations "
BLOOD : "the dreamer senses pain and frustration in her boyfriend that she feels should be talked out"
BULL : "male aggression and attitudes"
LAUGHING : "her wishes are ridiculed by her boyfriend and roommate"
SHOP : "what the dreamer really wants from a relationship"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am living in a flat with my boyfriend and his roommate. Its a very guy environment. I keep trying to introduce some female energy into the place but its really not working at all."

DREAM INTERPRETATION TIP : The major relationships in our lives are very linked to our general mood. The way we feel about our boyfriend may link to the way that we feel about life. Often the two get mixed up in dreams. If we feel unhappy then we may take out frustrations on loved ones. Dreams are about moods and feelings many of which are not related to any specific issue. Some days we just feel good and then the next day we just feel bad. Dreams will often link to these general feelings.