Dream symbol - ancient times and its symbolic meaning

What exactly do ancient times represent in dreams? How do we come to understand a dreams symbolic meaning? Well this site has hundreds of dream and we attempt to show how dream symbolism works. But above all its a practical skill and its best learned by example. Try reading the following dream.

THE DREAM I was watching the Roman Noble Cicaro being murdered. The knife was being plunged into his head. It was very brutal.

Most dreams represent day to day thoughts. They actually represent exact thought processes and feelings. By piecing together symbolic meanings we can see how dreams represent key feelings often from the day before. The day prior to this dream the dreamer had been thinking about confronting a woman. So how could this dream represent his feelings? How could this translate into a key thought process - the kind of thing you would write in a diary?

Often ancient dreams represent bold and dramatic feelings. Why is this? Its probably because we learn about ancient times through watching TV and films. Here ancient times are portrayed as dramatic. Indeed we often describe big films about the past as a epics. So really this symbolic meaning is probably slightest erroneous - ancient times were probably no more dramatic than now.

So ancient times represent drama and bold action. In this case the dreamer was wanting to act boldly and seize the day. The symbolic meaning of ancient times in this case was "acting boldly". Indeed we can even reduce the symbolic meaning to a few key words such as "dramatic", "boldly" and "epic".

In the dream Cicaro is murdered. That's probably showing that the dream is a warning. The dreamer knows he wants to behave boldly but also realises the danger with this. He may provoke a situation. So embedded in the dream is a warning.

By reducing dream symbols to key words like this it helps us to translate dreams. Ancient reduces to key words like "dramatic", "boldly" and "epic". In trying to translate other dreams try to spot how you would use these words to describe your feelings. For instance if you had just had a dream about ancient times and were thinking the day before about making a dramatic and romantic gesture to your wife then the dream could link to that. We spot the word "dramatic" and so the dreams symbolic meaning may revolve around this symbolic meaning.

By studying hundreds of dreams we have started to understand what key words ancient times symbolise in dreams. Of course ancient times can have many and varied meanings in dreams. One ancient times dream was thought to be symbolic of the dreamers thoughts about religion and philosophy the day before. That's because we associate ancient times with philosophy. People had firm opinions about what they wanted and so we tend to link ancient times with pure and rational philosophy. In some ways times were much simpler and clearer then. So we can add some more key words linked to this meaning - such as "religion" and "philosophy".

In another ancient times dream the dreamer had been dwelling on how brutal and harsh his life was. So we start to understand another symbolic meaning. Ancient times can represent any thoughts about the harsh reality of life. That's because ancient times were often described as "nasty, brutal and hard". So we can add some more key words such as "brutal", and "harsh reality".

Another dream in our bank was triggered by the dreamers thoughts about an epic project the dreamer had just finished and some emotions associated with this completion. So the dream used ancient times as an expression of an epic and dramatic phase in the dreamers life. That's a symbolic meaning we have already established in the first dream.

Another dream (recorded by Carl Jung) was thought to link to the his thoughts about the collective consciousness and how we have a kind of memory of such periods. So the ancient foundations of a house were symbolic of the influence of ancient instincts on man's thinking. Here ancient times was more of a literal symbol expressing a link with ancient times.

It is by understanding how dreams work we can pinpoint the symbolic meaning of almost all dream symbols. This is often difficult but its by no means impossible. By studying in depth such meanings and knowing what triggers dreams we can really start to concentrate on what dreams mean. If something big happens the previous night or we have been thinking about one thing in particular then we know we will dream about it. So if we do dream then we can almost say for sure what the issue is which has triggered it.

So in studying ancient times we have now established a list of key words - "bold", "dramatic", "brutal", "harsh reality", "thoughts about philosophy or religion", "romantic" and "ancient times" (a literal symbol). So if any of those key words feature in your thoughts then you can start to link a dream to that issue. You can then start to try to establish other links to this issue.