Dream symbol - allies and backstreets

ALLEY IN DREAMS : Dreams use symbols to express day to day feelings. Often a dream will represent a key feeling from the day before - something that has been right at the forefront of your thinking. Think of the key feelings and thoughts that you would write down in a diary or tell a friend. Your dream (if properly translated) would probably just represent one of these. How does the process work? Well dream analysis is a practical skill and its best to understand by example. Try reading this dream. Then we will interpret and link it to recent feelings and also particularly show what the alleyway meant in the dream.

THE DREAM I dreamt that I was walking to work. Its about a 4 block walk and I had four little girls with me. They were all about 5 to 7 years old. I think they were all my nieces except they really range in age from 2 to 21. Anyway, we turned up this alley that I usually take as a short cut and up ahead we saw the child molester. The little girls became very frightened and ran to hide behind this tall wooden fence. Well, I became angry. I wanted to yell and yell at that old man. Just vent all the anger and hatred I had toward him over the things he did to my niece and all the other children he ever touched. I walked up to him and opened my mouth, only nothing came out. I tried and tried to yell or scream, anything, and finally a little squeak came out. This made me even more angry and I finally found my voice but instead of screaming at the top of my lungs, I could only whisper.

Well the day before the dreamer had been really offended by her boss at work. She had been made to serve a man who was a convicted sex offender. He had molested the dreamers niece but now he had served his time and had been released. So being stuck in an alleyway was a simple metaphor for the dreamers dislike of this molester in real life. So really by reading the context of the dream analysis the alleyway was symbolic of her dislike for someone and her feelings that he was a threat (to children).

We can even go further with dream analysis and try to translate dream symbols into key words. So in this context we could maybe translate alleyway into the following key words "threat", "avoid", "dislike" and "trapped". The dream associates with these words. This is helpful in trying to understand other dreams - just try thinking about these key words and how they describe your emotions.

For instance, if you had an alleyway dream at a time when you had been trying to avoid someone because you felt very nervous in front of them then that's a possible link. Its a possible symbolic meaning. So you could then try to study that dream further and try to link other things to that issue.

In analysing hundreds and hundreds of dreams we have started to really understand in depth the complex ways in which dream use symbols. Alleyways have appeared in lots of dreams and by analysing these dreams we can start to really pinpoint their meaning. In another alleyway dream an alleyway was used a symbol of the dreamers tendency to spend time on her own. By avoiding public places and just going down alleyways this expresses her introversion. We can try to reduce this to a few keywords such as "introverted", and "on your own". So this adds to the key words that we use to interpret alleyway dreams. In another alleyway dream an alley was symbolic of the dreamers wish to avoid someone. In yet another an alleyway was used in a very different sense - it expressed the dreamers tendency to be narrow minded. So the metaphor was used in a complex way. By going on public roads we are mixing with others and considering their opinions. But by going down alleyways we tend not to mix with others and so this can represent a narrow mindedness. In other dreams we have found that the most likely symbolic meaning linked to the dreamer finding someone inaccessible. They were trying to get through to a person in particular but they were not able to talk or discuss a matter properly. So being stuck in a back alley was symbolic of someone’s 'inaccessibility'.

So in studying such dreams in depth we can reduce the dream symbols meaning to just a few key words which are "threat", "avoid", "dislike","trapped", "introverted", "on your own","narrow minded",and "inaccessibility". Now to understand an alleyway dream write down some thoughts which represent your key feelings. If some of these key words appear in those quotes then the dream might represent that issue and some new thought about it. So you can try to think about other dream symbols in the dream and see how they could link to that same issue.