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Nightmare dreams - a study

NIGHTMARES : This site features hundreds of real dream interpretations. This page is an attempt to summarize each one of these. The page features many quotes. Each of these represents a single dream interpretation. These have then been grouped together. Therefore we can see what real issues may cause bad dreams and nightmares.

We all seem to recognise nightmares. Often we can have scarey and violent dreams and yet we would not describe them as nightmares. Yet other dreams may lack violence yet may be described as nightmares. The best person to judge this is the dreamer. We have all had nightmares but what type of real issues do nightmares tend to link to in practice? Obviously traumatic events can affect you such as deaths of people close to you or accidents. Many nightmares can link to a need to be aware of a risk such as mothers who need to be aware that their toddler is starting to open doors and get into all kinds of trouble. We take all kinds of risks and our dreams may be reminding us of all the dreadful things that can go wrong such as the people we are being rude to and offensive to may suddenly retaliate. Issues of trust are also important. The inability to trust someone after they have clearly failed to repay our trust is important. If have the strength to trust again then we are clearly taking a risk(so risk is clearly important in that as well). Nightmares can also result from changes in our life. The mind prefers to have a settled environment and so it dislikes change.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you take some risk yesterday and not really realise just how serious the consequences may have been?
- Have you started to realise that things are about to change?
- Do you mistrust someone at the moment?
- Do you find it difficult to trust?
- Are you suffering a serious illness which has been getting you down?
- Are you wanting to do something that may have serious consquences?

KEY WORDS : Risky, making sense, illness, trust, change, abused, consequences

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I simply am not finding it easy to deal with this. I cannot accept what happened. It was so traumatic and so unfair"
- "Why did it happen?"
- "I have just realised that things are going to change"
- "I am starting to realise the consequences of it"
- "I feel so alone and simply do not feel accepted"
- "I know that the risk is small but things may go dreadfully wrong"
- "I am taking such a major risk"
- "I am totally aware of the danger I am taking"
- "Its so risky - I may lose him."
- "This illness is hideous. I feel such pain"
- "How could I ever be honest and tell him what I truly feel"
- "I treated him badly and I need to realise that he may fight back"
- "I would like to trust him but how could I ever trust anyone again after what happened last time"
- "I simply cannot trust a word that she says."
- "I really do not feel I have enough confidence to do that"
- "I simply cannot trust what he says"
- "I have never had to face such a change before in my life"

DREAM WORK : Now write down some quotes that sum up your thoughts and feelings right now. Concentrate on incidents the day before, paranoia’s and fantasies, health issues, challenges of the day ahead. Then try to see where the words and phrases above appear in your quotes.

METHODS : Below you will see a series of quotes. Each quote represents the meaning of a particular dream(these are all dreams where the meaning is understood totally). For instance one dream may have meant that the dreamer was having trouble at work. In that case the quote may simply be "There is a bad atmosphere at work". Some information is included about which dream symbols were included in the dream(within the squares brackets). Often a sample dream is included which shows you how the dream interpretation was reached.


ESSAY : What type of issues do nightmares link with?

Nightmares can link to some recent traumatic incident that has affected you. E.g.

"I am just beginning to realise how bad Hurricane Katrina was. I watched the victims on TV but when I saw them I realised that it could quite easily been me. This didn’t happen in some far away country. These people were Americans just like me. Its scarey". [Dream symbol - nightmare]

"My best friend died 2 months ago." [Dream symbol - nightmare]

Nightmares can link to some terrible dilemma. E.g.

"I am disappointed in him and have discovered alot of weaknesses he has that I never saw before. I used to think so high of him and was so proud and now I feel sorry for him and find him pathetic. This is why I haven’t talked to him. How do you tell the person you love that you think of them in this way?" [Dream symbol - nightmare]

"I have just handed in my notice at work but I feel really guilty about leaving. There is a serious staff shortage so I feel I have let the team and my friends down" [Dream symbol - nightmare]

Nightmares can be warnings. They show that you need to change your ways or be aware that others may retaliate towards you. E.g.

"I was absolutely hideous towards someone yesterday. I simply did not care that I hurt him" [Dream symbol - demon nightmare]

Nightmares may reflect some changes in your life and a very unsettled outlook. E.g.

"I think a lot of things in my life are out of control. I just broke up with a very long term girl friend and moved out of our home. I am now living with a friend while I sort stuff out with the rest of my life. " [Dream symbol - clown nightmare]

"My father is ill right now . I fear that I may lose him." [Dream symbol - nightmares]

"I have just moved out from home for the first time. I am not depressed but maybe a little unsettled" [Dream symbol - nightmares]

"My sister has recently got engaged. I will really miss talking to ehr about things. Also I feel as if all my mothers has concentrated all her attention on my sister." [Dream symbol - nightmare]

Nightmares can reflect a need to listen to your intuitions rather than view issues rationally. Some intuition may simply be too strong to be ignored. E.g.

"I have got to sack one of my workers. I know that the most obvious person is a disabled person and I now realise that I simply cannot sack her even though its the logical decision" [Dream symbol - nightmare]

Nightmares can be linked to an inability to trust anyone. E.g.

"I am the emperor of china. I have had nightmares for years. I have had several attempts on my life. One was linked to my mother. How can I ever trust anyone?" [Dream symbol - nightmares of death]

"My boyfriend cheated on me last year and it absolutely destroyed me emotionally. I am not sure that I can trust men any more" [Dream symbol - nightmare]

"I am worried that my mother is going to stay in Japan. She has done that kind of thing before just left without saying anything. She simply moves to another country and does not even tell me. I do not know where I stand" [Dream symbol - nightmare]

"I am estranged from my mom because we did not get along. But she sent me an email yesterday. I am not sure I want to get back together" [Dream symbol - ghost nightmare]

Nightmares can link to some risk that you are taking. E.g.

"I got nightmares all the time when my husband was fighting in Iraq. The nightmares ended when he came home. But then I had another nightmare when my husband nearly got killed in a traffic accident" [Dream symbol - nightmare]

"My flatmate has a very bad temper. He has been violent in the past. I am certain that he will never harm me but I can never be totally sure" [Dream symbol - nightmare ]

"I hate going to work because sometimes I am so scared that I will be mugged. Its a very dangerous area" [Dream symbol - nightmare]

Nightmares can relate to major problems in your life. E.g.

"I have just moved. People round here do just not accept me. I have tried mixing in with the local population but they are simply not willing to let me into their community. We just do not fit in. " [Dream symbol - nightmare]

"I have been left by my partner. Its the first time in my life that I have been left alone" [Dream symbol - nightmares]

"I’ve had a lot on my recently and I’m under a lot of stress. " [Dream symbol - nightmare]

Dreams can be linked to illness. E.g.

"I had been sick during the night. I muust have vomited whilst I was dreaming" [Dream symbol - nightmare]

"I have got terrible toothache right now" [Dream symbol - asylum nightmare]

"I am overweight and sometimes i wake up numb in my limbs " [Dream symbol - nightmare]

"The day after the dream I was very ill. The illness must have been building up" [Dream symbol - vampire nightmare ]

Nightmares can link to major scares. E.g.

"I saw a man been carried into an ambulance yesterday. He had collapsed on the street. For a few seconds he looked like a friend who I work with. It was quite eerie" [Dream symbol - ghost nightmare]
THE DREAM My husband was screaming and yelling and kicking all night long. There was a sound of total terror in his voice.

THE REALITY The dreamer was one of the 14 survivors of the collapse of the World Trade Center. He was a fireman in the stairway that survived the collapse of the hundred story building. He was trapped for several hours before finally getting out of the rubble. He returned home that night and watched the continual coverage on TV.

THE INTERPRETATION There are roughly two types of nightmares. There are the kind that make you aware of risks you are taking and dangers you need to be aware of. Then there are nightmares which relive bad events and emotions. Much of the dream will capture the immediate sense of horror and the need to survive. The dreamer will just not be able to get the thoughts of his mind. He would have relived the whole event in every detail. Yet there are also important questions that need to be answered by the dreamer. Just why did such a tragedy happen? How could anyone commit such an atrocity? In another sense they also need to answer the question - when so many people died how could I have survived the collapse of that building. Its a miracle. So many dreamers are trying to come to terms with the traumas that they have faced and the need to make sense and understand their situation. In just one day this dreamer was taken suddenly from a quite sheltered lifestyle and thrown into a major catastrophe. He then went home and watched the whole thing again in slow motion replay on TV. Everything that went before simply could not have prepared him for that.
THE DREAM I woke up and was looking this man right in the face. He appeared to be some kind of intruder.

THE REALITY Just recently the dreamer had not been able to gain any privacy. He was in a shared home. Some of the people he found quite intimidating.

THE INTERPRETATION Nightmares often occur when we are unable to rid ourselves of anxiety during the day. It shows problems are getting to us. If there is some obvious source of anxiety at the oment of the dream then try to immediately link it to that. In this case the intruder signified the dreamers own loss of privacy.This situation at home had been really getting to him. He felt unable to settle amongst people whom he did not get along with. He was used to having more privacy.

Symbolic Meanings
INTRUDER : "The dreamer felt his housemates were intimidating and intruding on his privacy"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really can get no privacy at home. The house is full of people I find really intimidating. I simply cannot get away from the anxiety. It was really getting to me yesterday"
See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

CONTACT :This site features correctly interpreted dreams. If you feel you have understood the meaning of your dream or definitely link it to something in your life I would be happy to place it on this site.