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METHOD : This dream study is based on hundreds of dreams which for good reasons are thought to be totally understood. Take for example the following dream

THE DREAM I’ve had two dreams with frogs in them. In the first one, I was in a huge university setting, with lots of rooms and staircases, and you needed to take specific staircases to get to certain floors, but then I found myself outside in an enclosed fenced in area with a pond. In this pond was a frog (single frog) sitting on a Lilly pad in the middle. In the second dream, there was a frog trapped in a window well, and I looked at him and he smiled at me and I told him I’d get him out of there.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been going through a lot of transitions lately, and have been focusing a lot on trying to improve herself. She was wondering what to do with her life and wondered if she was truly happy or just fooling herself.

THE INTERPRETATION Ponds are symbols of your own personal emotions and this dreamer was indeed thinking about herself and her own emotions. They show you are thinking a lot about yourself.

But this dream matches reality in other ways very strongly too. Universities are symbols of moments when we are thinking very seriously and making considered judgments on our life in some way.

The staircase is connected to judgment. It symbolises how we are trying to make up our minds or coming to some new conclusions. In this case it links to her examining her own conclusions.

Frogs are classic symbols of transformation. They link to the dreamers own need to change to her new life circumstances. She had had to give up work due to ill health and this was affecting the dreamer as her work was very important to her.

Each dream study essay features a number of quotes. Each quote tries to capture the dreams meaning but also pays special attention to the symbols involved. Each quote then tries to capture the precise meaning in the dream of a particular dream symbol. Here there are three dream symbols from the above dream. Each quote captures the precise meaning of the symbol in that context.

FROG : "My life is undergoing so many transformations right now - it has had important implications in terms of my emotions"
POND : "I have been thinking a lot about myself. Am I really happy"
UNIVERSITY : "I have been thinking very seriously about my life and have been coming to some serious conclusions"

So eventually we can collect together many quotes on particular dream symbols and then start to classify them and collect them together. It is not an easy job. Some dreams may even be incorrectly interpreted but eventually you can start to build up an idea of what particular dream symbols mean.

There are several advantages to this method. Dreams capture emotions and writing quotes forces you to think about the precise emotions the dream captures. Emotions are easy to convey in speech. Take the quote "I hate you! You are constantly undermining me". This says so much in just a few words.

The essays do not pretend to be an exhaustive list - they are based purely on the dream symbols usage in the dreams that are understood.