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Dream dictionary interpretation - How to interpret dreams

THE IMPORTANCE OF BACKGROUND INFO : Tips on how to help yourself and other people search for the meaning of your dream.

Interpreting dreams is not easy. Generally speaking if you post a dream on a dream discussion forum you will not find out what the answer is to the dream. Dreams are about very personal things. Your experience of life is rich and so very different from someone who is on a dream forum. The things you associate with dream symbols maybe very personal.

But you can have some success. One thing to remember is that dreams are mainly about the previous day. They will refer to anyone of the following types of thoughts.
1. I had a terrible day yesterday. Everything went totally wrong.
2. My foot seems to have recovered from the twisted ankle. Maybe I can start to go running again.
3. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and maybe I should prepare for it.
4. My friend seems a little distant at the moment. I am sure that there is something wrong but he will not talk about it.
5 My confidence seems to be improving. I made that presentation to the group yesterday and it went by without any problems

Also important is to give background information on each individual symbol. If the dream features a person you know from work then the dream could associate with lots of things.
1. Is there something about the persons character that is distinctive?
2. Is there an issue involving them at work which has been on your mind?

Also remember to answer questions as fully as possible.

THE DREAMER " I had the following dream. It was raining heavily and my friend was carrying an umbrella walking on the pavement. It was flooded. Suddenly she tripped and fell into a deep narrow drain. I lost sight of her quickly. I wanted to jump in to save her but the water was too deep. I thought I had lost her. Then the flood subsided and I saw her lying unconscious at the bottom of the drain, still submerged in water. I pulled her out and tried to resuscitate her. To my relief, she regained consciousness. Then she told me she lost her shoes in the water so I went to find them for her. "

"There is nothing that is really on my mind at the moment. I am quite happy and stress free."

INTERPRETER "well what about your friend?"

THE DREAMER "yes I spoke to her the day before. She seemed a little upset. She has had some bad luck this year"

INTERPRETER "Yes if you saw her the day before then the dream can be about that. We dream a lot about people we know. The dream could mean that you are worried about her. Drowning can symbolise how she seems overwhelmed by an issue or situation. That she is not managing very well"

THE DREAMER "yes that is probably what it means"

INTERPRETER "The dream features shoes which are a symbol of identity and direction. To have lost your shoes shows that you lack direction"
THE DREAMER "I was holding onto the side of a water well. The well was very nearly dry. Later I am an American who is in a wheelchair after being injured in the Vietnam war. I am campaigning for the rights of veterans."

INTERPRETER "Dreams often link to strong feelings that you felt yesterday. Did you feel any strong emotions or was there any important incidents?"

THE DREAMER "yesterday was fairly uneventful. But I was really frustrated with my Epson printer. I bought it on Ebay and it is an absolute nightmare. It seems that they are almost designed to break down"

INTERPRETER "What exactly the problem with the printer?"

THE DREAMER "The print heads run dry and it does not print properly. The red tank has dried up."

INTERPRETER "Dream work in unusual ways. It could be that the well that is drying up is symbolic of your printer that is in danger of drying up"

THE DREAMER "That's an idea. How would the other symbols work"

INTERPRETER "The disabled person represents a disability or inability to do something. Perhaps the disabled person represents your own inability to use your own printer"

THE DREAMER "And the injuries that the soldier received could represent my own emotional injuries and irritations attached to this annoying printer."

INTERPRETER "Yes exactly. The veteran could also represent some particular emotion. The veteran is a victim. He is innocent in the whole thing. Do you feel the innocent victim in relation to this printer problem?"

THE DREAMER "Yes I do feel like the innocent victim. I have bought a printer which was described as new. I spent an awful lot of money and have done nothing wrong. I was very angry with the company Epson who seem to make printers to break down. They only seem to work with Epson cartridges. So its really a rip off because you have to spend a fortune on ink which can be made for a quarter of the price. I also feel angry because I can only buy the print ink at a local shop which charges £80 for a full set. I just hate been ripped off."
DREAM TIP : Dreams are symbolic of issues important in your mind right now. Is something big happening on the actual day of the dream such as an exam or date? What things did you do yesterday and what was on your mind? Think about changes in your life and how you would like to change things. Simply ask yourself whats been on my mind? Dreams link to such things that are alive and dominating your thoughts.
THE DREAMER " I had the following dream. I was with a friend(who is also a man). We were kissing"

"This friend is also a man. I worry if this means that I am a homosexual"

INTERPRETER "What has happened recently? Did you see him on the day before the dream?"

THE DREAMER "I spoke to him on the day before. We went to a pub and had a long chat. He told me about how his marriage is breaking down"

INTERPRETER "well in this case the dream could mean that you have become much more intimate with him. You are sharing inner secrets. It does not mean that you are gay just sharing details about your emotions."

THE DREAMER "yes that is probably what it means"

INTERPRETER "kissing often signals moments of agreement. They signal a closer and more intimate relationship. Dreams are very linked to the day before. The dream merely captures that sense that you are talking openly with him about his love life and failing marriage. Dreams will often focus on recent events and situations. "
DREAM TIP : Do not look for bizarre meanings to dreams. Dreams use symbols. People often get confused about sex dreams(particularly if they involve homosexual acts). Rather than looking for bizarre meanings simply ask yourself what your feelings are right now and try to look for connections between the symbols and your own real life beliefs. Concentrate on new feelings emerging in your mind - dreams concentrate on new feelings and new ways in which your mind is reshaping its thoughts and feelings.
THE DREAMER "I had the following dream. I’m in a small, wooden planked, dimly lit room with a friend of mine. There is a small square window on the wall opposite me. In the middle of the room there sits a fire extinguisher. There is no fire, for some reason I know I must use it. But before I used it, I need to add a chemical inside the extinguisher. Then I use it, but it shows no sign of being used. The only way I can tell that I did anything was by how dizzy I was getting and by how strange the room began to look. Then I open the door so my friend and I can get out of the fume filled room and I gain the knowledge that people use the same chemical I used in fire extinguishers in order to commit suicide. I was shocked at this information. And then I moved on. "

THE INTERPRETER "Well often its often good to just pick up on one symbol. SUICIDE often represents the wish to just GIVE UP. It shows that you have tried has much as possible but feel its not worth carrying on. "

"Most dreams concentrate on the day before the dream. What happened then and did anyone feel like GIVING UP or did you fear that they may GIVE UP on something"

THE DREAMER "Well Yes the day before I had an argument with my boyfriend and afterwards I feared that he might just GIVE UP on our relationship. "

THE INTERPRETER "That's a great connection. The other strong symbol is the CHEMICAL. Chemicals can often symbolise the fear that someone may REACT. That fits very well here."

THE DREAMER "Well yes those two symbols do seem to fit well. But its a weird dream and although I am sure it is about that its a bit baffling."

THE INTERPRETER "Well dreams are baffling. They can use symbols and the meaning maybe vague. But lets see if we can gather some more connections. The dream features you being DIZZY. Do you feel like that maybe means that you recognise that you were being DIZZY and SILLY in the way you acted? That you were like in the dream not seeing things clearly?"


THE INTERPRETER " Its odd that the words "BEING USED" seems to be used quite prominent. Maybe that means that you felt or said that you were FELT like you were BEING USED"

THE DREAMER "Yes that is the case. "

THE INTERPRETER "Well its quite possible that the dream captures that meaning too. Though I am not certain about that. But at the end of the day you cannot tell either way. Dreams will use those sorts of symbols."
DREAM TIP : One way to truly understand a dream is to wait until something important happens in your life that really dominated your thoughts. Its likely that any dreams you have that night will be about that issue and your emotions connected with that issue. So wait until you have an bad argument or wait until some important event happens. Then look at the dream symbols and see how they relate to that issue. Its actually quite easy to interpret such dreams. Dreams concentrate on the here and now and if something major happens they will home in on that issue alone.
THE DREAMER "I had the following dream - I am in the ruins of a tall building. There is some of the cast from the TV comedy "Friends" there. I make a judgment about Joey based on his character. He is an immensely stupid character who is an actor in the comedy. I then realise that actually he is the one with the most money. I then go about scaling the walls of this skyscraper.

THE INTERPRETER "well is there anything that you can associate with the dream. Have you recently watched "Friends"? What do the characters mean to you? Have you recently fallen out with some friends? Think about these questions especially in terms of the day before the dream. Many dreams symbolise issues from the day before. Its the first chance we have had to dream about them. Our mind organises such thoughts. "

THE DREAMER "well the day before I did watch Friends for a short while the day before. It was a rubbish night on TV. I switched onto "Friends" and that was the last straw. So I just stopped watching"

THE INTERPRETER "well that is a start. It happened the day before. What emotions can you associate with this. How did you feel while watching friends. Was the plot relevant in any way"

THE DREAMER "Well I did not watch "Friends" for long. It was just the endless repeats that feature on E4. I have recently got Digital TV. It is the first night that I have not enjoyed. So far having all the extra channels has guaranteed at least something worth watching. But the previous night was dreadful. Nothing worth watching was on any of the channels."

THE INTERPRETER "well not all dreams are important dreams about our personality. Often we get short dreams about silly things from the day before. Its possible that this dream was about your rubbish night watching TV. After all it was an important moment in some ways. You have just recently got Digital TV and so far its been great. But this night you ended up with just a load of old rubbish. Dreams capture little thoughts like that. "

THE DREAMER "I did not know that. I didn’t realise that a dream could be about such a simple issue. But what does the dream mean?"

THE INTERPRETER "Well most dreams just capture our thoughts and feelings. They capture moments of meaning. This dream features a skyscraper. Skyscrapers symbolise issues where we have good feelings and bad feelings. They are quite complex symbols. They can mean lots of things. They can mean that you are feeling especially confident but equally they may mean that people are feeling especially confident in you. Here the skyscraper symbolises the good feelings that you have so far had about digital TV. But during this night you those previous good thoughts about digital TV have come crashing down(hence the ruins)"

THE DREAMER "I see that bit. But what about the final bit with Joey"

THE INTERPRETER "well I do not quite understand that bit. But maybe it captures a feeling that this is just a one off. That tomorrow there will be some good TV on. Money symbolises worth so its about the general value of something. So maybe its just saying that although the previous night was not good on TV it will get better."

THE DREAMER "Maybe it just means that I knew Tuesday nights TV would be better?"

THE INTERPRETER "Well try not to stress out about individual dream symbols. You cannot know what the dream mind means by each and every symbol. The dream mind will always throw you some symbols that you will not understand. "
DREAM TIP : Dreams need not be about major events in your life. If nothing is happening then dreams may link to smaller things. A dream may link to some small intuitional doubts that are emerging. Dreams symbolise changes in our thoughts so look for topics where you have emotional doubts and where your thoughts are reshaping.
THE DREAMER "I had the following dream - I am in some public building. There is something that is about to be revealed. It is an art exhibition. When its revealed we find its not Jennifer Aniston but rather a group of lesbians."

THE INTERPRETER "Dreams are about topics which are relevant in your life. But sometimes its difficult to find out what the topic is. Its possible to make connections and associations. For instance what do you feel about Jennifer Aniston? What do you feel about lesbians?"

THE DREAMER "well Jennifer Aniston is in Friends. Funnily enough I was thinking about this yesterday for a split second. It was on TV last night and I thought when will this TV show ever stop playing. It is always on. What will we have to do to get rid of it?

On the other matter I have a quite negative view on lesbians. I do not mind gay men but rather dislike gay women. I just do not like their vibe.

THE INTERPRETER "Well dreams do make associations. I doubt this dream is about Friends though. It does not seem important enough. But for you Friends is an important symbol. It captures a set of emotions about something that you dislike. It captures the feeling WILL THIS EVER GO AWAY. IT IS ALWAYS THERE. So its now important to look at the day before the dream and see if that set of emotions repeats itself. In short where do you feel the following feelings

"When will they ever go away?" OR "When will this ever go away?"

Think of those questions in terms of your present mindset. Think especially of the day before the dream. Many dreams are about that time period.

THE DREAMER "Well the day before the dream my neighbours started their annual summer festival. They have a large family. They seem to spend the whole summer in the garden. They are constantly drinking alcohol. They have loads of noisy children. They have lots of friends and relatives who are equally loud and annoying. They are not exactly threatening. But they are just always there. Its just really irritating. I get that exact same feeling that I get watching Friends - "when will this ever go away ".

THE INTERPRETER "That seems to make sense. The majority of dreams do feature our current emotions. They will mostly capture emotions about the day before. Sometimes they will capture your feelings about the future. Here they maybe do both. Here it captures your negative feelings about the day before but also a worry that this will go on for ages. Its a strong metaphor. That this family just like the TV series "Friends" will simply not go away. That they make a PUBLIC EXHIBITION of themselves. That you generally dislike them and have a rather negative view of them(a little like your negative view on lesbians).

Dreams are often difficult to interpret. In these last two cases the TV show "Friends" featured. In one case the TV show seems to directly relate to some real life event and in the other it relates to your own thoughts about that show. Its important to make associations to thoughts that were important to you from the day before. If you can form no links to the day before then try to think of some link to some long term issue involving your own personality. Dreams can mean lots of things. Its nice to be able to solve the occasional dream or at least to understand the language it uses. Do not expect perfect results. Just try to try to look for evidence of your thoughts and feelings within your dream symbols. Sometimes you will make good connections and sometimes more than one issue will provide a possible explanation.
DREAM TIP : Many dream interpreters tend to link dreams to terrible things that have happened in the past. That maybe the case in a small percentage of dreams and they will often be quite obvious dreams. But the majority of dreams link to small issues and problems in our lives right now. Simply ask yourself how your intuitive views have changed in the past day. Its likely that the dream will be about something that comes immediately to mind.
THE DREAMER "I had a dream where I met my grandfather. It was a highly charged dream. It seemed of great importance. But that's all that happens - I meet my grandfather"

THE INTERPRETER "What are your feelings for your grandfather. Has he especially been in your thoughts recently? "

THE DREAMER "well he has not really especially been in my thoughts at all. Nothing immediate comes to mind. There are no pressing issues involving him"

THE INTERPRETER "well its likely that the dream is not about him in any way and his meaning is entirely symbolic. People can appear as symbols or as themselves. But if there are no pressing issues involving him then its likely that the meaning is symbolic. Grandfathers can have a few different meanings symbolically. A grandfather can link to issue involving the passage of time - They can link with phrases like "this is taking too long" or "it is only a matter of time". Also grandfathers can link to feeling old or sick. Which do you feel is the most relevant? "

THE DREAMER "well actually I have been very ill recently. I have a respiratory problem and its getting worse."

THE INTERPRETER "often dreams will specifically linked to the day before. Did you especially realise this illness was getting worse on the day before the dream?"

THE DREAMER "Yes I did. Its been getting worse but that day I was also quite run down. I was truly feeling very old and unwell. It was quite an eerie feeling."

THE INTERPRETER "I think the charged feeling to the dreamer is emphasizing the importance of this dream. Its like saying that you feel for the first time in your life as if you are old and your health is failing."

THE DREAMER "I actually feel much better today. I think I had a cold yesterday and that was making things worse.."

THE INTERPRETER "Yes but dreams are not about real things they are about your feelings. You feel truly older and run down. Today your dream may capture how better you feel."
DREAM TIP : Interpreting dreams is not always easy. Sometimes a symbolic meaning may apply and other times people who appear may simply represents themselves and pressing issues involving them. First ask yourself if some pressing issue is on your mind involving that person. Then if there is none then look for some symbolic meaning.
THE DREAMER "I had a dream after falling asleep in the early evening. I dreamt that that it was late evening and a party was going on. I quickly realised that I was missing something"

THE INTERPRETER "Well you went to sleep early in the evening. What were you planning to do that evening. What did you feel that you were missing?"

THE DREAMER "Well I fell asleep early in the evening. I was tired and wanted to just rest my eyes for ten minutes. I was going to watch some programs on TV later. I actually missed those."

THE INTERPRETER "Well dreams are about often surprisingly simple things. Often the first things that you think of when waking are important."

THE DREAMER "When I woke up I immediately knew it was late in the evening and I had missed the programs I was looking forward too. I just was trying to rest my eyes for ten minutes. In the dream the party was in the late evening and it was just getting dark. In fact one thing I associated with the dream was that it was exactly as dark in the dream as it was in real life."

THE INTERPRETER "Well often dreams can capture such immediate emotions. Often if you have slept for longer than you wanted to your mind can tell. It knows you have slept longer. In this case your mind could probably tell it was getting dark outside."

THE DREAMER "Can the mind tell the time?"

THE INTERPRETER " Well the mind can make a guess. I have had such dreams. Often they will guess right but sometimes they will guess wrong. Dreams are about your feelings. This dream maybe caught a subconscious feeling rising to the surface telling you to wake up as you wanted to watch some program on TV. "
DREAM TIP : Now try looking at your own dreams and trying to understand them. Remember dreams link very much to the day before the dream. They capture our thoughts about things that have just happened. Also they will maybe link to worries and concerns about things that are about to happen so if you have a big day ahead then think about that.

But above all instead of trying to decode your dreams work the process in reverse. Dreams represent our thoughts - that's fact. So if you had a stressful day the day before then look for the symbols which might represent that stress. Dreams will represent one nagging issue which you have come to some new conclusion on.

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