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Dream analysis and understanding - using dream dictionaries


The odd thing I have noticed is that the longer you use a dream dictionary the more accurate they become. It is as if the information in them seeps into our subconscious minds.
Before reading dream dictionaries I found that the symbolism fit into a different pattern. But once you read that an ANT means conformity then that symbol will become much more frequent. It is as if the mind has developed a language which it hopes both the conscious and unconscious minds both understand.

I have got no firm proof of this. Maybe it is the chicken and the egg. Maybe the dream dictionaries always work. It is just that I have not noticed it yet. But what I am saying is that the longer you read a dictionary the more fitting it is to your dreams. What is everyone else’s opinion on this?

This question is not just about a dream dictionary in particular. Its part of a wider question - why do we have a certain symbol for a certain meaning? Why do black birds symbol bad omens? Why do oranges symbolize bad luck. People often state in dream dictionaries that this means that etc. But WHY? And the wider question is do these change. I think the answer is yes.

For a start a lot of dream symbols are based on synonyms. Synonyms and other play on words are language based. So does an English speaking person have different symbols to a French speaker. Because those synonyms are different in different languages. The answer has to be yes.

All symbolism is particular to the people who dream the dream. So my conclusion is that there is one good reason for using a dream dictionary - it may help you dream using the symbols inside that dictionary. Therefore you may come to understand your dreams more clearly.