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Bookmark to: StumbleUpon Bookmark to: Facebook DREAM DICTIONARY : This dream dictionary is based upon hundreds of real dreams and has been meticulously researched. However, the only person who can truly identify the cause of a dream is the dreamer. Use the questions and quotes on this page to help you find out what has triggered your dream.

STARING : Staring in dreams are often associated with strong feelings and a real sense of honesty. It may show that you are realising some truth. Staring dreams will often be associated with the words 'honesty', 'realization', 'unbelievable', 'awareness', and 'focus'. Think of ways in which you would use those words to express your current feelings(especially those from the day before the dream).

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- was something completely shocking in some way yesterday
- Have you just started to realise the truth in some way?
- Have you felt out of place and totally unwelcome recently?
- Did you feel under a lot of pressure yesterday as if everyone was watching your every move?
- Did someone show some very strong feelings yesterday ?

KEY WORDS : Shocked, unbelievable, under pressure, attention focused, strong feelings, obvious

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I just could not believe it - it was shocking"
- "It was unbelievable how he acted"
- "I just cannot get it out of my mind"
- "I have just begun to realise that... "
- "I have been taking a long and hard look at the situation"
- "I know exactly what I am facing"
- "I realise how stupid I have been"
- "I am quite aware of the situation"
- "I am just imagining what people will think"
- "I know exactly how he feels"
- "I just wonder if things will continue"
- "They are really watching everything that I am doing"
- "The attention was all focused on us"
- "We just do not fit in"
- "I felt really under pressure"
- "I know she felt strongly about it"
- "I have been making my feelings very obvious"
- "I think we should really focus on ...."
- "I feel that the dream was a premonition"


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METHODS : For a full explanation of the methods used in this dream study CLICK HERE
Below you will see a series of quotes. Each quote represents the meaning of a particular dream(these are all dreams where the meaning is understood totally). For instance one dream may have meant that the dreamer was having trouble at work. In that case the quote may simply be "There is a bad atmosphere at work". Some information is included about which dream symbols were included in the dream(within the squares brackets). Often a sample dream is included which shows you how the dream interpretation was reached.
ESSAY : What is the symbolic meaning of staring in dreams?

Staring can often show you have witnessed something that you cannot believe is true. Its a sense of disbelief. E.g.

"The woman on the Internet was really annoying me yesterday. She was blaming an innocent child. The language she used was terrible and she was so vicious. This lack of caring affects children. They grow up and turn out to have views just like their parents" [Dream Dictionary - staring at coyote]

"I am just beginning to realise how bad Hurricane Katrina was. I watched the victims on TV but when I saw them I realised that it could quite easily been me. This didn't happen in some far away country. These people were Americans just like me. Its scarey".[Dream Dictionary - staring at a woman in mirror]

Staring may show that you cannot get your mind off some issue. E.g.

"I have been arguing continually with my boyfriend. I realise what I need to do - break up with him. But I find it difficult to break up relationships. I know I am going to probably continue to be unhappy "[Dream Dictionary - girl staring blankly at me]

Staring may symbolise how you have got something in the back of your mind. Perhaps some fear or feelings is always in your mind. E.g.

"I know this dream mostly revolves around a certain guy that I like a lot. I met him in university, but now that we have both graduated, he has moved back home so that we are in completely different cities and can't see each other. We talk a lot on msn, and he knows how I feel, but at the same time, there doesn't seem to be much we can do about it due to the distance barrier between us at the moment."[Dream Dictionary - death is staring at me]

Staring may show that you have been thinking deeply about something. E.g.

"It is one of continuous dreams I have been having about my soon to be ex husband since about September of last year. "[Dream Dictionary - My husband is staring into space]

Sometimes staring may show that you have just begun to realise something. E.g.

"I realise the simple message of the dream is that I really do love my ex husband. We have been friends for ages and should really get together and accept our feelings."[Dream Dictionary - I was just staring at him, I loved him so much]

"I am now determined to break up with my boyfriend. We separated for a while and since then I have felt so much better. I don't want him to come back, I just want to spend time spoiling myself and getting to know who I am again"[Dream Dictionary - I am looking around room staring ]

"I had a crush on this guy for a while and now I realise that I have to get over him. "[Dream Dictionary - I stared into his eyes]

"My boyfriend and I are currently in a long distance relationship. He's in the army so he's on the other side of the country for a few months. We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary. In real life he doesn't baby me all the time like most boyfriends do. He's a real hard ass from the army. I guess I realise that I have to be stronger"[Dream Dictionary - he sits and stares]

"Lately I've been running out of ideas for my artwork and I'm always constantly worrying if I'm going to make money off of it, and of late I've been thinking about swapping courses"[Dream Dictionary - I kept on staring at the mask ]

Staring can show that you feel aware of your own failings. E.g.

"I am quite aware that others around me perform better"[Dream dictionary - stare at him ]

"I have been trying to nice to people around me. But I got into difficulty with my boss. I was trying to befriend her as I know that she is ill with cancer and been undergoing chemotherapy. She did not want anyone to help her." [Dream Dictionary - little Chinese kid staring at me]

Staring will show that attention has been focused on one thing in particular. E.g.

"I broke my friends laptop. I just worry that he will think that I was not taking proper care. But I really was trying to look after it"[Dream symbol - staring]

"I fear the future and what is to come. I am on an emotional high at the moment but I am not confident at all. I just wonder when things will come crashing back to reality."[Dream Dictionary - we are staring up at mars ]

"I am beginning to realise just how much I hurt her. I am starting to feel responsible and guilty for how I acted"[Dream Dictionary - people were staring at me]

"I think this was a premonition of my future illness"[Dream dictionary - stare at me menacingly]

Staring may show that you are realising what people are thinking and feeling. E.g.

"I really do not like my teacher. He is a total pervert and looks at all the girls "[Dream Dictionary - teacher staring at me]

"I fancy this guy but the only problem is that I am already in a relationship. I ended up cheating on my boyfriend but now this guy I fancy has just given up"[Dream Dictionary - this guy I fancy was staring down]

Staring may show that you feel under pressure. You feel like others are monitoring your own performance. E.g.

"I was raped and I am trying to come to terms with this. I am trying to have a more mature attitude towards sex. My therapist has been helping me to grow as a person."[Dream Dictionary - everyone is staring at me]

"I have just moved and the people around me simply do not accept me and my religion. No matter what we do we just don't fit in."[Dream dictionary - everyone was staring at us]

"My band has been in search for a drummer. We had our first show since parting ways with him and it was really encouraging to see the crowd of new faces coming to see us. "[Dream Dictionary - we both stared at the aircraft as it came closer. ]

Staring often shows that you are thinking very strongly about something. E.g.

"I like this guy and he knows, and when he found out his reply was "I know" and I cant decide if thats a good thing or a bad thing because he treats me normally"[Dream Dictionary -I was staring at him, and he was smiling]

"I was on holiday at the time of the dream. I was feeling very lazy and wanted to have a relaxing time. I did not want this particular holiday but decided to leave my husband and son and go and do my own thing. They were just watching the football"[Dream Dictionary - they all stop and stare because they assume I'm some type of queen]

"I have a complicated relationship with my ex. She has just started a new relationship and it annoys me because she gave me so much hassle when I started a new relationship"[Dream Dictionary - she stares at me ]

"My Aunt has got cancer. My family tends to keep emotions inside us. I feel like I need to express the emotions much more. I cannot keep things inside me and do not think my Aunt should either"[Dream Dictionary - all she could do was stare down at her hair that had been cut off]

"I broke up from my boyfriend three weeks later"[Dream Dictionary - very uncomfortable stare ]

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