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Bookmark to: StumbleUpon Bookmark to: Facebook DREAM DICTIONARY : This dream dictionary is based upon hundreds of real dreams and has been meticulously researched. However, the only person who can truly identify the cause of a dream is the dreamer. Use the questions and quotes on this page to help you find out what has triggered your dream.

GROUPS OF PEOPLE IN DREAMS : Groups of people are maybe quite easy symbols in dreams. They tend to symbolise situations which involve human behavior and how people are generally expected to act. That can take many forms. It may show that simply you were reflecting over the day before and some incident wondering if you behaved correctly. People may also symbolise a feeling of pressure and thoughts that you are expected to behave in a certain fashion. For instance, if someone has died then we are expected to behave in a certain way. In a similar way the people may suggest that you are trying to behave in a cautious way so as not to offend someone.

In some cases we just do not know how to behave. There maybe a conflict. You maybe have shown strong concern for someone. Then they ask you for money(which you do not want to give). Part of you wants to still keep showing concern and the other part maybe wants to walk away.

In a final sense you maybe designing a website or document which people will be using. In such a case you maybe wondering and guessing how they will react. So you will be designing the website with the behavior of people in mind.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Were you thinking yesterday about if some form of behavior was right or wrong?
- Have you had to start behaving in a new way which is unfamiliar to you?
- Has someone been behaving oddly or differently than usual?
- Have you had to behave in a way that you do not like?

KEY WORDS : Behave oddly, professional, behave properly, not offend, behavior, expected

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "How can she think its proper to behave like that?"
- "behaving oddly"
- "behaving professionally"
- "forced to behave like that"
- "trying not to offend"
- "how should one behave in such circumstances?"
- "behaving in a new way"
- "I am expected to behave like that even though I do not want to"


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METHODS : For a full explanation of the methods used in this dream study CLICK HERE
Below you will see a series of quotes. Each quote represents the meaning of a particular dream(these are all dreams where the meaning is understood totally). For instance one dream may have meant that the dreamer was having trouble at work. In that case the quote may simply be "There is a bad atmosphere at work". Some information is included about which dream symbols were included in the dream(within the squares brackets). Often a sample dream is included which shows you how the dream interpretation was reached.
ESSAY : What is the symbolic meaning of groups of people in dreams?

People in dreams are generally symbols of behavior and the wish to point out some good or bad behavior.

A dream with groups of people in may simply be a dream about you thinking over how you acted in some situation the day before. Its a reflection. E.g.

"Well I wasn't keen on the job but at the time I BEHAVED very enthusiastically. Its a matter of keeping my options open"[Dream Dictionary - people]

"I just do not know how my mother can think its PROPER to BEHAVE in the that way. I am a grown man and resent been told to do my homework"[Dream symbol - people in space]

"I realise that I have to start BEHAVING more professionally at work. I have been too casual"[Dream Dictionary - people at a swimming pool]

"I know she is trying to be friendly but it just strikes me that she is BEHAVING ODDLY"[Dream Dictionary - people]

"Sometimes I try to get along better with my neighbours but they are not the sort of people I like in anyway so its probably best to ignore them"[Dream symbol - people in a community settlement]

"If I am to convince my boss that I actually was ill then I will have to BEHAVE in a way that is consistent "[Dream Dictionary - people]

"But she is perfectly capable of ACTING in an unpredictable fashion"[Dream symbol - people panicking]

"I just think he is BEHAVING obnoxiously"[Dream Dictionary - killing people]

"They knew that people are a little embarassed when they first arrive but they made us feel at home"[Dream Dictionary - people in public toilets]

"They all BEHAVE as if they have the answer but all those religions cannot be right"[Dream Dictionary - people]

Often groups of people in dreams link to the need to act in an appropriate fashion. E.g.

"I have been thinking about something that happened yesterday at work. I phoned someone up and she behaved in a most unusual way - it was as if she was greeting an old friend. I felt uncomfortable. It was just behavior that was out of place."[Dream Dictionary - people]

"I know that they expect us to act APPROPRIATELY. If we take time off sick then we need to keep them informed."[Dream Dictionary - people]

"Other people think its OK to lie and cheat on their CV#146;s but I think its INNAPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR"[Dream Dictionary - people steal]

"I just feel I am forced to BEHAVE IN A CERTAIN WAY- I am trapped"[Dream symbol - people in jail]

"I just feel awkward. I am forced to BEHAVE in a way that is APPROPRIATE. People expect me to grieve"[Dream Dictionary - people left]

"I just do not think that I ACT in a way that employers want"[Dream symbol - people]

Sometimes a dream with people in is comparing your behavior now to some time in the past. E.g.

"My daily routine is totally different now that I work from home."[Dream symbol - people from the dreamers previous job]

Some dreams with groups of people in them symbolise a wish to change behavior. E.g.

"I just wanted to get him to BEHAVE in a new way"[Dream Dictionary - people at a church]

Often people in groups in dreams link to a wish not to offend others. So we are trying to consider the opinions of others and trying to cut out offensive behavior. E.g.

"I just did not want to BEHAVE in a way that would offend her."[Dream symbol - people in a cathedral]

"I like to give honest advice but do not like to BEHAVE in a way that OFFENDS anyone"[Dream Dictionary - chinese people]

"I just wonder if I appear too arrogant. Maybe I BEHAVE too agressive in my manner"[Dream Dictionary - two people]

Sometimes we just do not know how to behave. We may find ourselves in a situation which is difficult or unusual. We just do not know how to react. E.g.

"Well I knew I was not going to get the promotion so I did not know quite how to BEHAVE"[Dream Dictionary - people]

"Well I do like to help people but often people take advantage of my good nature. I just do not know how to BEHAVE in such circumstances"[Dream symbol - people]

"it really annoyed me because I had been very supportive but as soon as she asked for money I had to BEHAVE in a whole new way [Dream Dictionary - people]

Sometimes if you are designing a computer system or a website or anything at all you need to study how people are likely to react. then you can design something so that people will find it accessible and easy to use. So you are designing something with peoples likely behavior in mind. E.g.

"Well I just want to be very flexible in my approach so people can choose how they want to view the report"[Dream Dictionary - people inside and outside the whitehouse]

Dreams with groups of people can link with a wish to change peoples behavior. E.g.

"I just wish to spread some enthusiasm to people around me at work. To help improve the atmosphere. "[Dream Dictionary - lots of young people]

"I am trapped in a routine and now I realise the need to snap out of it "[Dream Dictionary - lots of people in a marsh]

"I know I have some bad tendencies. I wish I could stop BEHAVING in such an inhibited fashion"[Dream Dictionary - killing off people]
THE DREAM I was doing my work, but instead of calling the members, I had to go door-to-door. With reluctance, I started knocking on doors. They had never seen me before, and were pretty rude, making it difficult to do my job. Then I came to a home filled with people. They all knew who I was, but I didn't know any of them. They were very folksy, and they treated me like a celebrity. There is pro & con to that. I felt the way a famous person must feel: treated very well, but the only stranger in a large group of people who all knew each other. The burden was upon me to approach each person with conversation, and when I did, they would say just a few words and then walk away. But they were all having a wonderful time together. Finally I started chatting with their children, who treated me like any other person. When they saw me doing that, they started treating me more like a friend. However, I was anxious to leave there, and when my husband came in, we left shortly after that. I was glad to get away from there.

THE REALITY The dream works as a claims adjuster and recently phoned a lady and the conversation really stuck in her mind. The woman greeted her joyfully, like an old friend she had been thinking about. The dreamer was quite amazed by that (a person whom she had never met but whose claims she had processed for probably 10 years or more).

DREAM ANALYSIS In life we expect people to behave in a certain kind of way. But occasionally we come across behavior which is out of place. This can disturb our mind slightly. So when the dreamer encountered this phone call it made her stop and think. It was totally out of place.

The dreamer had to come across lots of people at work - mostly she phones them. Most conversations the dreamer would have with clients on the phone would be just like the dream. They would be short and with few words.

The dream features people rather than a specific person. That symbolises that the dream is about what can generally be expected at work. What we can predict will happen and how people generally behave. Most work conversations will be short and deal with the business at hand.

So the dream mixed up lots of clues to how people can be expected to react when she phoned them. But it also mixed in clues to this one conversation. That is because it symbolised the type of behavior which can be expected and which is predictable and therefor acceptable.

Symbolic Meanings
CELEBRITY : "the dreamer felt as if she was being treated like a celebrity - she was given special attention for no good reason"
HOME : "things that make you feel comfortable"
PEOPLE : "thoughts about what is appropriate behavior - is it appropriate to treat someone like a friend in business"
WORK : "the dreamers real life workplace"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was struck by a phone conversation at work yesterday. The person greeted me as if she was an old friend and it just felt a little odd."

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING


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