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Bookmark to: StumbleUpon Bookmark to: Facebook DREAM DICTIONARY : This dream dictionary is based upon hundreds of real dreams and has been meticulously researched. However, the only person who can truly identify the cause of a dream is the dreamer. Use the questions and quotes on this page to help you find out what has triggered your dream.

NERVOUS : Nervousness may link to any real life situation where you feel nervous of anxious about the outcome. But also think about important decisions you are thinking of making and the consequences you are worried about.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you feel under pressure to get something right on the day before the dream?
- Do you feel under pressure not to make mistakes?
- Is there some issue which you find it difficult to talk about?
- Is there some big decision that you are stressing over?
- Have you been worrying about the consequences of doing something wrong or saying the wrong thing?
- Do you worry about being found out in some way?

KEY WORDS : Encourage, support, serious situation, big decision, awareness, consequences, risky, doubts, volatile(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I need to know people are supporting and encouraging me"
- "I know its a big decision"
- "I have to get this right because its very important"
- "I am worried that she may react"
- "Its a very volatile situation"
- "I am scared of being found out"
- "he knows too much"
- "I cannot do that because of the consequences"
- "I feel under pressure to get it right"
- "I know they are watching me so I cannot make any mistakes"
- "I am not sure I am ready yet"
- "I would feel awkward doing that"
- "If it did happen I just feel it would end in failure"
- "its difficult to talk about such things"
- "I am unsure if I want to take the risk"
- "I need to be more aware of the risks"

DREAM WORK : Now write down some quotes that sum up your thoughts and feelings right now. Concentrate on incidents the day before, paranoia#146;s and fantasies, health issues, challenges of the day ahead. Then try to see where the words and phrases above appear in your quotes.


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METHODS : For a full explanation of the methods used in this dream study CLICK HERE
Below you will see a series of quotes. Each quote represents the meaning of a particular dream(these are all dreams where the meaning is understood totally). For instance one dream may have meant that the dreamer was having trouble at work. In that case the quote may simply be "There is a bad atmosphere at work". Some information is included about which dream symbols were included in the dream(within the squares brackets). Often a sample dream is included which shows you how the dream interpretation was reached.
ESSAY : What is the symbolic meaning of nervousness in dreams?

Nervousness can indicate you are in need of some encouragement and support from those around you and that you may lack confidence. E.g.

"I have started a project but I am really angry because I feel like I am not getting any support from my family. No one seems to want to encourage me "[Dream Dictionary - feeling nervous about going to shop]

"I was raped in real life and recently I have been trying to be mature in my attitude towards sex. But in some ways I feel awkward . My therapist has been trying to get me to do things I may am not ready for yet"[Dream symbol - feeling nervous in Playboy mansion]

Nervousness may also suggest that you feel awkward doing something. E.g.

"Soon my contract is up and I know I will have to look for another job. I know I am not the ideal person an employer is looking for. I must try to adapt. I just feel awkward applying for jobs"[Dream Dictionary - feeling nervous in job interview]

"I have been told that this guy I have a crush on likes me. I think things may happen and I may go out with him but I feel anxious about it. I just feel it may end in tears. "[Dream Dictionary - feeling nervous at wedding to crush]

"I have been thinking about the suicide of my friend. I wonder if I could have helped. I would liked to have helped more but its such a difficult and awkward subject to take some positive action with"[Dream Dictionary - feeling nervous]

"I miss having sex but would feel awkward doing something sleazy"[Dream symbol - nervous]

"I have not been doing photography recently. I do not know why "[Dream symbol - nervous about going into a shop]

Nervousness may suggest that you are unsure about making some decision. It maybe suggests you are worried about the consequences(both seen and unseen). E.g.

"I am stuck in a situation. I know the consequences both good and bad yet still I am unsure if I want to take the risk"[Dream Dictionary - feeling nervous]

"I have been thinking about doing something. But cannot make my mind up"[Dream Dictionary - nervous]

"I have a decision to make. I know that if I move that will involve an awful lot of risk yet I want to experience a new life in a new country. I know there will be specific problems for me personally but its worth a chance"[Dream symbol - nervous]

"I keep trying to make up some decisions about my boyfriend and my job. Yet I cannot come to any decisions"[Dream Dictionary - nervous about sharks]

"There is a guy that I fancy yet I am not sure what to do. "[Dream symbol - nervously looking at my husband and guy I fancy]

Nervousness may be linked to volatility. It may suggest that you are worried that something bad may happen or someone may react in a bad way. E.g.

"I have been trying to calm down a friend who has been in a heated argument yesterday. I am just afraid that she may turn her attentions on me as she is in a very volatile mood"[Dream Dictionary - horse is nervous about being shot]

"My boyfriend hates the fact that I like Monty Python. He thinks I like them more than him. I have hidden the fact that I am going to meet one of the cast who is giving a talk on literature. I just hope I will not be found out "[Dream Dictionary - feeling nervous about being searched by police]

"I had a really bad situation in town yesterday with a shop assistant. I just wanted to shout at him. I did not fully let rip. I know I need to use that shop and do not want to alienate them"[Dream Dictionary - feeling nervous]

Nervousness may link to a need to be more aware of the risks inherent in your lifestyle. E.g.

"I live a somewhat crazy lifestyle. I have to be more aware of the risks that I take"[Dream Dictionary - nervous about mountain road traffic]

Nervousness may link to pressure on you to perform in certain ways. E.g.

"I have been bad recently and my mother is keeping a keen eye on me. I dare not put a foot wrong"[Dream Dictionary - nervous about a man in my house]

Nervousness may show you realise the importance of something. E.g.

"I am worried that I had to talk to child services investigations yesterday. I am worried that I said too much and also worried that I said too little. I know its important and I hope I did not make a mistake"[Dream dictionary - nervous]

Nervousness may symbolise may link to your worries about someone who has some personal knowledge that can be used against you. E.g.

"I am not on good terms with my fathers bodyguard. I think he is worried that I will say something to my father"[Dream Dictionary - bodyguard looks nervous]

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