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Bookmark to: StumbleUpon Bookmark to: Facebook DREAM DICTIONARY : This dream dictionary is based upon hundreds of real dreams and has been meticulously researched. However, the only person who can truly identify the cause of a dream is the dreamer. Use the questions and quotes on this page to help you find out what has triggered your dream.

METEOR : Meteors are solid matter and in dreams they link to the facts about your life. Meteors then will link to sudden changes in your thoughts and perceptions. Think of situations where you "find out the truth", or "suddenly realise the truth" or situations in which "the truth about your life has changed as some new facts have emerged"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Are there radical changes that you are considering to your life?
- Have your feelings about something radically altered?
- Did something bad happen yesterday?
- Could the dream be a premonition of something major that happened on the actual day of the dream?

KEY WORDS : Realised, radical change

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "it very nearly happened yesterday"
- "he found out"
- "I did not realise at first"
- "my life will change radically soon"
- "That was truly a major event"
- "and then the truth struck me"

(Now write down some quotes that sum up your thoughts and feelings right now. Concentrate on incidents the day before, paranoias and fantasies, health issues, challenges of the day ahead. Then try to see where the words and phrases above appear in your quotes).


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METHODS : For a full explanation of the methods used in this dream study CLICK HERE
Below you will see a series of quotes. Each quote represents the meaning of a particular dream(these are all dreams where the meaning is understood totally). For instance one dream may have meant that the dreamer was having trouble at work. In that case the quote may simply be "There is a bad atmosphere at work". Some information is included about which dream symbols were included in the dream(within the squares brackets). Often a sample dream is included which shows you how the dream interpretation was reached.
ESSAY : What is the symbolic meaning of groups of meteors in dreams?
The earth in dreams tends to link to the facts and reality about your life. Meteors and asteroids are made out of earth so they too maybe have some link to reality. But they may link to some facts which were maybe unclear at first or hidden.

Meteors and asteroids maybe link to some truth which has been kept hidden. E.g.

"My boyfriend found out about that I had cheated on him earlier in our relationship"[Dream Dictionary - asteroid crashes]

Meteors and asteroids may symbolise some truth which was not realised at first. E.g.

"It was only later that I realised that he had made an error. But then I did not like to tell him because he was so happy that he had got it right"[Dream symbol - meteor]

"I have a new found sense of confidence. Yet at the back of my mind I feel that things will return to the way they used to be. I am sure that they will find me out and reveal the true me"[Dream Dictionary - meteor crashes into earth]

Meteors may link to some radical shift that is about to change your life. Maybe some new job or move is about to happen and the dream is reminding you of this change. E.g.

"My life is soon going to change radically. I have a course that I will soon start and will move away from home. "[Dream Dictionary - Meteor heads towards earth]

"I had this dream shortly after the September 11 attacks. It was truly a major historical event. We saw history being made right before our eyes. "[Dream Dictionary - watching two meteors crash into the moon]

An asteroid could symbolise a major catastrophe that you realise could radically shift your life. E.g.

"I had a real scare over my medications yesterday and nearly had a seizure in town. I have increasing fears about this as my seizures seem more difficult to keep under control."[Dream Dictionary - asteroid enters earth][the dream which this quote is based on is featured in full at the end of this article]

"I had a real heart scare yesterday and it made me realise that my health will eventually catch up with me"[Dream Dictionary - meteor flies past]
THE DREAM My wife, a stranger and myself were in a house, (we do not currently live in this house) and while my wife and this man were talking I felt compelled to go outside. It was like a premonition of some sort of danger, only not dangerous. So I leave the conversation and walk out the front door.

The house is a single story rancher style, with red and brown brick and dark stained trim and door. The front yard contains a large shade tree, but its leaves are gone and litter the ground in a maze of golden shadows and shapes. Its dark as the sun had just set, but the rim of light is hidden behind the house.

As I look up I notice the brilliance of the stars. The seemed to glow more brightly and the thought crossed my mind that its different in the south and because of it I could see them better. Its always an amazing thing to me when I consider the wonders of the universe and this night was no different only I could not remember a night when I saw them any brighter.

As I looked I noticed what appeared to be two pulsars, one red and one purple. The shimmered in the night sky and seemed very close to the earth. Then I notice they were getting bigger. Their progress was slow at the start, but increased in speed the closer they got to earth. I called my wife and this stranger out to watch and on cue they too came running out already looking at the sky. Although I had my arm fully extended to the sky and was pointing at the two objects that looked like stars, they never noticed me and came out of the house looking toward the heavens.

Right as they cleared the awning the two objects bursts into flames, but kept moving toward earth at a rate now that was very fast. I started to think that they were asteroids that were preparing to implode on all of us, but I knew it was more. As I stood watching a fear started to well within me.

Then as suddenly as they burst into flame, the flame went out and there now appeared two disk shaped ships. The one on the right had an outer ring that glowed purple with two small circles within the outer circle that also glowed. The one on the left was exactly like the right only it glowed red. The colors were bright and elegant and they filled the night around us with an eerie glow.

We decided to go back into the house as the objects came within clear view and understood that these objects, ships were not from our planet. They passed over our head not more then 500 feet above us as we all turned and moved toward the door of the house.

We all headed toward the dinning room which had a large plate glass window that gave us a clear view of the night sky. We stood quietly watching as the shroud around the earth peeled away and the stars started to move. Right at this point the earth was jolted greatly. Small figurines that were on the many book cases and shelves fell, crashing on the floor in a shattering of glass and porcelain. But we never really paid attention. Our eyes were focused on the sky where we started seeing clearer images of the planets. Jupiter was the largest of the planets that came close to earth, was appeared to be the size of the moon. Its rings and moons were also very visible as the earth sped by.

It was not until we left our galaxy that we stopped looking and turned to face each other in fear and wonder. Of course we had many questions about what was happening and more importantly what was going to happen to us and our planet when we stopped, or if we stopped. At some point a large ship, almost the the size of the earth itself moved in front of our view only allowing us a very brief glimpse of the sky to the very edge and then very slowly sailed north and out of view.

There were many problems during the time that we were pulled to some unknown destination, if that was what they were doing, and the biggest of all problems was the stranger who was with us. We all stayed within the house fearing to leave the comfort of security it provided and never considered even opening the door or trying to escape.

The stranger was a panicky man and held more fear then my wife and I. After several days of this happening he became increasingly more panicked and before he did anything stupid I decided to make sure he would behave. I picked up a bat and hit him on the head, but only enough to knock him out.

At the point that we started slow down our anxiety grew. We feared this ability to move a planet and we also feared the race that was capable of such great powers.

THE REALITY The day before this dream had been a very difficult day for this dreamer. The dreamer is in bad health and feels this is deteriorating badly. That day he forgotten his medications and had to get emergency medications from his doctor to avoid getting a seizure. He was carrying groceries for his large family and this was a major strain. Trying to find ways to adapt to the seizures is not easy.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams often will be linked to exact events and emotions that we feel in real life. The day before this dream was dominated by a health scare. So its fair to say that this dream is about that.

Dreams will often capture our emotions from the previous day as they develop during a situation. That's possibly the case here. The asteroid is clearly linked to the impending doom as he fears he will have a seizure. The dreamer is caught in a situation and watching it develop. The dream captures his emotions such as the feeling of panic(represented by the panicking man). The dreamer also mentions the questions that he wants to ask. That's virtually taking his exact feelings from the day.

Later on the dream features aliens and spaceships. This all captures his feelings as well. Aliens symbolise strange and unknown feelings that we simply cannot imagine. That links to the dreamers thoughts about his own health. He feels his health is deteriorating and soon strange and alien circumstances may take over his life in the form of health problems which totally reshape his life.

Symbolic Meanings
ALIENS : "trying to imagine circumstances which are totally outside his experience of life. Change that he can just not imagine"
ASTEROID : "a very real fear - the dreamers feelings of impending doom as he is caught without his medications"
HOUSE : "the dreamers own body and personality "
PANICKING MAN : "the panicked circumstances the dreamer is caught in trying to get replacement medications"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Yesterday was a real scare for me. I forgot my medications and had to get some emergency replacements from my doctor. It was not just the immediate scare as the incident brought to life my very real fears about my deteriorating health. So far I am coping but in the future I fear my health will change my life in ways I cannot even imagine".

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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