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ESSAYS on symbolism : The following essays have been written using a bank of correctly analysed dreams. Often we have conclusive proof that a dream links with a real life situation such as the night after you had an argument with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The following essays try to reduce each dreams meaning to a quote which helps you understand the real emotions that dreams refer to.

ICE : Ice and dream interpretation
ICE CREAM : The dream dictionary meaning of ice cream
IMPATIENCE : Impatience in dreams and how to interpret them
INTRUDERS : Intruders as dream dictionary symbols
INSECTS : Insects and their meaning in dreams

Cleopatra Dream Dictionary I : These symbols are less accurate than the full essays. They are meant only really to generate ideas

ICE cold emotion
ICE CREAM making people feel welcome - cheering somone up
ICE CREAM saying nice things - compliments
ICE CREAM Things that make you feel good - enjoying yourself
ICE SKATE skating over your emotions
ICE unable to move quickly - a slow pace - slow reactions and thinking
ICON unquestioning belief / perfect example of some behavior
ICY slipping out of your control
IDENTICAL similar but not exactly like
IDOL deep love and admiration
IGNITE cause an argument or inner conflict
IGNITE spark an interest in
IGNITION spark - embark on course of action
IGNORE feeling left out
IGNORE not trying to understand a point of view
IGNORE put established ideas to one side
IKON unquestioning belief / perfect example of some behavior
ILL you do not feel happy about your life in some way
ILLUMINATING illustrate something clearly
ILLUSTRATE make something clear and unambiguous
IMMACULATE absolutely perfect in every way
IMMORTAL unwilling to move on / lasts for ever
IMPACT having a major effect
IMPALE make you focus on something / fixed to the spot
IMPERIAL vastly superior quality
IMPOTENCE total loss of power
IMPOTENT insecurity about something
IMPRINT leaving a very major impression on you
IN LAW feeling pressure to act in some idealistic way
INCAPACITATE lacking the ability
INCENSE cause to lose temper
INCENSE spiritual thoughts
INCEST bad things happening within the family
INCEST impure emotional thoughts
INCEST look inwards
INCLINE a tendency towards one argument
INDIA explore your deeper mystical and spiritual side
INDIANA JONES a great adventure - but slightly divorced from reality
INDICATE make clear a course of action
INDICATE suggest something
INDIFFERENT unthinking
INDOOR inside you / introverted
INDUSTRIAL manufactured thoughts and feelings
INDUSTRIAL why do we think the way we do?
INDUSTRIES industrious thoughts
INFECT one thought being affected by another - stress and tension
INFECTOUS can catch bad feelings off someone
INFLATABLE fill up / your need to exert great energy towards
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY using rational ideas and approaches
INGREDIENT resources needed to bring good experiences
INGROWING unwanted experiences
INJECTION apply a remedy / pick me up
INJECTION force views or passions onto others
INJECTION inspire with enthusiasm
INJECTION invade someones privacy
INJECTION sexual metaphor
INJURE told to stop doing something
INLAND caught in day to day reality - trapped in grounded circumstances
INNARDS inner workings
INNER intellectual, emotional or spiritual feelings
INNOCENCE ignorant and lacking in knowledge
INNOCENT blameless / ignorant or stupid
INNOCENT great passion and openess to new experience
INQUISITION questioning traditional beliefs
INSANE not work in practice
INSANE totally bad feeling - nausea
INSIDE knowing how someone feels deep inside
INSIDE look to your inner self
INSIDE seeing how something works from inside
INSISTENT urgent and pressing issue
INSPECT check over
INSPECTION fear of thoughts being checked over in minute detail
INSPECTOR fear of thoughts being checked over in minute detail
INSTALL establish
INSTANT it all happened very quickly
INSTRUMENT happiness and creative pursuits
INSULATE behavior which stops you getting through to someone
INSULATION behavior which stops you getting through to someone
INSURANCE insecure in goals / lack faith and commitment
INSURANCE lack belief in something / need to make sure
INTEGRATE complete understanding
INTERCOM two way communication
INTERCOURSE associate or deal with
INTERCOURSE pleasurable agreement
INTERCOURSE sexuality / union between people and ideas
INTERIOR heart or essence of
INTERMEDIATE something is prooving very hard to get out of
INTERN just learning
INTERN trapped in your situation
INTERSECTION a crossroads in your life - time to make a final decision - thoughts come into focus
INTERSECTION intersecting lives - wondering how you are coping and how others are coping after
INTERSECTION your wishes clash with the wishes of another
INTERVIEW being thoroughly questioned
INTERVIEW discuss and question
INTESTINE general unhapiness
INTESTINE your own guts / your inside feelings / own gut feeling
INTOXICATED getting over excited about something - getting carried away
INTRIGUE deception and disagreement
INTRIGUE internal discussion and disagreement
INTRUDER upsetting your routine - really disrupting everything
INTRUDER an unwelcome thought creeps into your mind
INTRUDER very intrusive and personal - personal criticism
INTRUDER getting inside someone mind and seeing how they think
INTRUDER a fear of real burglars
INVADE force views on someone
INVASION coming to the defence of someone or something that is under attack
INVENT being very imaginative
INVENT creatively solve some great problem
INVENT fabricate and deceive
INVESTIGATING trying to understand
INVESTIGATION wondering how something happened
INVISIBLE something is about to be revealed
INVISIBLE unseen forces
INVITATION provoke change / lack belief in something
INVITE did not ask for your opinion
INVITE provoke change
INVULNERABLE Ambition. High expectations. Efficiency. Sturdy
IRAQ terrible nightmare
IRELAND friendly warm
IRELAND in touch with deep spirituality
IRIDESCENT understanding a well ordered argument
IRISH good jokes and pleasant social atmostphere
IRON iron fist / stand strong
IRON Rigidity. Endurance. Need to stand firm.
IRONING thinking through some problem - ironing it out
ISLAND forget the world by becoming highly engrossed in some issue
ISLAND individual people in your emotional life
ISLAND self contained personality - proud and self contained - need for time to think on own
ITCH itchy emotional problems and circumstances
ITCH problem will not go away
ITCH small irritating problems
IV life support - need for extra energy
IVY hanging on

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ESSAYS on symbolism : The following essays have been written using a bank of correctly analysed dreams. Often we have conclusive proof that a dream links with a real life situation such as the night after you had an argument with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The following essays try to reduce each dreams meaning to a quote which helps you understand the real emotions that dreams refer to.

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DESERTS : Deserts symbolise a lack of meaning to some part of your life right now
FARMS : Farms tend to symbolise the good and bad ways in which we are been encouraged
GARDENS : gardens often link to good and bad new habits which you are learning
PLANTS : Plants symbolise all things that are growing in our lives
TREES : Trees in dreams can symbolise family and jobs and anything that is deeply rooted and permanent in our lives
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