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ESSAYS on symbolism : The following essays have been written using a bank of correctly analysed dreams. Often we have conclusive proof that a dream links with a real life situation such as the night after you had an argument with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The following essays try to reduce each dreams meaning to a quote which helps you understand the real emotions that dreams refer to.

HANGINGS : Hangings and how to interpret them in dreams
HARRY POTTER : Harry Potter as dream dictionary symbols
HAUNTING : Hauntings and dream interpretation
HEART : Hearts in modern dream analysis
HEDGEHOG : Hedgehogs in dream analysis
HELICOPTERS : Helicopters in dream dictionary symbolism
HIDE : Hiding in dreams and its symbolic meaning
HORSE : What do they symbolise in dreams
HOMOSEXUALS : Gays in dreams analysis
HOSPITALS : How to analyse dreams with hospitals in them
HOTELS : Hotels and dream interpretation
HOUSES : Houses And dream symbolism
HOUSES(huge) : Huge houses and dreams
HOUSES (beautiful houses): What do they mean in dream interpretation

Cleopatra Dream Dictionary H : These symbols are less accurate than the full essays. They are meant only really to generate ideas

HACK breaking in without permission
HADES the god of the underworld
HAEMOPHELIA sensitive to the slightest criticism
HAG jung = overbearing mother
HAIL welcoming with great honour
HAIR expressive of your own style and creativity
HAIR SALON a real life place where you express your creativity
HAIR state of health - strength and youth
HAIR symbolises the dreamers current mood
HAIRDRESSER impose your styles and attitudes on others
HAIRDRESSER improve own image or mood
HAIRY rough
HAKA preparing for combat
HALL an experience that you are thinking through
HALL something is not quite finished yet - a situation that is changeable - a transition in your thinking - in the middle of some change in your life - a period of transition
HALLOWEEN scarey but fun experiences
HALLS OF RESIDENCE learning to live with groups of people - behaving properly in public places
HALLUCINATION repressed fear
HALLWAY a very temporary feeling that is related to a situation that you are in right now - you realise that thoughts will change
HALLWAY pivotal phase of life
HALLWAY right in the middle of a situation that has not been resolved
HALT to come up against hindrances and problems
HALTER engage your passions
HAM force together
HAMBURGER need to look deeper
HAMMER break up old relationships and links
HAMMER construction of new ideas
HAMMER forceful strength / drive and determination to change
HAMMER need to build/ rebuild your life
HAMPER bribing
HAMPER hindering
HAMSTER immature emotional outlook
HAMSTER non threatening thoughts
HAMSTER safe and comfortable ideas and thoughts / safe and comfortable relationships
HAND a spiritual connection with someone
HAND give someone a helping hand
HAND heavy or gentle handed
HAND hold out the hand of friendship
HAND influencing something
HAND using your abilities
HAND WRITTEN a personal message
HANDBAG things close to you
HANDCUFF powerless and lack control over your own life
HANDCUFF your hands are tied
HANDICAP a weakness - a hindrance or obstacle
HANDKERCHIEF temporary seperation from loved one
HANDLE getting hold of a problem
HANDLE your ability to cope with something
HANDLE your strength and ability
HANDRAIL needing help to achieve/learn something
HANDS helping people
HANDS using your skills
HANDSHAKE agree a new deal / commit to something
HANDSHAKE coming to a decision
HANDWRITING creative expression
HANDWRITTEN an extremely personal message
HANG an extreme punishment - a warning againts something that is obviosuly forbidden
HANG associating something with something else
HANG being shown up
HANG GLIDING ability and ambition
HANG showing off your abilities
HANGER need motivation
HANGER starting to achieve a wild ambition
HANGING unfinished business
HANKERCHIEF sadness for loss
HAPPINESS compensatory dream
HAPPY great luck
HAPPY reflects unhappiness in conscious life
HARBOR collect thoughts about some issue
HARBOR shelter from emotional currents
HARBOUR collect thoughts about some issue
HARBOUR need for shelter and protection
HARBOUR shelter from emotional currents - quite happy within yourself
HARDWARE STORE working on some aspect of personality
HARDWOOD hard and strong but make do
HARE a quick escape
HARE speed / run from enemy
HARMONICA simple harmony with friends
HARNESS give you full control over something
HARP beautiful harmony and healing / personal harmony
HARP repeat endlessly
HARRY POTTER magical childish hopes and thoughts
HARVEST gathering together
HARVEST reap rewards of efforts
HASSLE inconvenient to your way of thinking
HAT assuming a role
HAT hide thoughts under hat
HAT symbol of uniform
HATCH efforts come to fruition
HATCH think up an idea
HATE repressed feelings
HAUNT things are not the same - you do not get the same enjoyment or feeling
HAUNT a really eerie feeling on the day before
HAUNT feeling inneffective or ignored
HAUNT haunted by memory
HAVEN retreating to a place of safety
HAWAII a casual attitude towards something
HAWAII links with a good mood and a good feeling generally in your life
HAWK closely watched - pounce on slightest error - watch like a hawk - need to watch out
HAWK worrying that you have not planned something out properly
HAY hard work
HAZEL a nut
HAZELNUT a largely pleasant experience - slightly unusual
HEAD male sexuality - penetration
HEAD rational thought
HEAD thoughts in your mind
HEADACHE unable to think clearly
HEADMASTER advice of the supreme intellect
HEADPHONE personal harmony / personal message
HEADSTONE a statement about your life
HEAL make ammends
HEAL put something right
HEALING need to concentrate and summon energies
HEALTH FOOD good wholesome experiences which feed the mind
HEALTH your spiritual well being
HEAR giving attention to something / being aware
HEAR overlooked / ignored
HEAR your thoughts are understood by others
HEARING AID need to be very obvious and loud in putting your message across
HEARING AID need to pay attention
HEARSE symbol of rebirth
HEARSE the end of something
HEART ATTACK emotional problem needs attention
HEART ATTACK lack of support and attention
HEART heart of the matter
HEART your feelings of love and devotion
HEARTBEAT showing life
HEARTBEAT the essence of the matter
HEARTH warm feeling / family values
HEAT inflamed opinions and intense argument / emotional energy
HEAT put under pressure
HEATER receptive to emotional warmth
HEATHEN ignorance or unthinking
HEAVEN great happiness / spiritual goals
HEAVEN heaven on Earth
HEAVEN hopes and dreams
HEAVEN your need for improved circumstances
HEAVIER bigger and better
HEAVIER more serious than thought
HEAVY METAL a sense of togetherness in an action filled situation
HEAVY METAL achieving harmony but having several problems along the way
HEAVY METAL things fit together but in a very rough and imperfect way
HEAVY overcome with grief
HEAVY very very serious
HEAVY your own burden
HEDGE a natural barrier
HEDGE obsticle which can be overcome
HEDGE the natural restrictions in your environment
HEDGEHOG oversensitive / prickly
HEEL need for discipline and follow commands
HEEL under the thumb
HEIGHT the highest level / total agreement
HEIGHT the most intense
HEIGHT your ambitions and abilities
HEIGHTS feeling out of your depth
HEIGHTS in an uncomfortable situation with people more talented or more interesting
HELICOPTER : getting moving on this project, get an idea off the ground
HELICOPTER : it could happen so quickly and suddenly. A surprise
HELICOPTER : My ambitions and hopes
HELICOPTER : A change in your priorities
HELICOPTER : a need to plan for a real life journey
HELL not feeling well - suffering from a fever
HELL unable to escape from situation - the worst possible spiritual situation
HELLO a recognition of something - an acceptance
HELM in command of your own direction
HELMET defending your views
HELMET defensive nature
HELP assistance each other and work together
HELP compromise and assist / cry for attention
HELPLESS indecisive and lack control over situation
HEM not many choices available to you
HEM tie up loose ends
HEM trapped in / restricted
HERMIT a feeling of loneliness
HERMIT alone in your thoughts
HERMIT no one agrees with this
HERO good example
HEROIC the way things should be
HEROIN induced travel in unconcious mind
HEROINE distorted view
HERRING spiritual food and ideas nurishing your mind
HESITATE doubts and worries
HESITATE held up
HIDE deceive yourself
HIDE hide your feelings
HIDING deceiving yourself / running away from the truth
HIDING need to search out the meaning
HIGH BUILDING having to use all your best skills in some major challenge of your abilities
HIGH HEELS female power and authority / sexual power and display
HIGH SCHOOL beginning to learn lesson
HIGH SCHOOL for those at school - friendly setting
HIGH SCHOOL learning exactly what you want - learning something about yourself
HIGH SCHOOL learning how to cope with some new situation
HIGH-HEELS something is below you
HIGHLAND need to get away from frustrations
HIGHRISE BUILDING ambitions and hopes for the future
HIGHWAY the main route towards
HIGHWAY the way you go through life - the things you do and how you do them
HIJACK you are forced down a certain path by someone else
HIJACK your plans are disrupted
HIKER you need to find a solution yourself
HIKING energy and effort in striving for your goals
HILL demanding experience
HILL your ambitions
HILLBILLY a rather quaint thought not really connected with reality
HILLSIDE little challenges you set yourself in life
HILTON the very best
HIPPIE extremely relaxed and carefree
HIPPIE wanting to get a spiritual viewpoint on something
HIPPO heavy emotional disturbances
HIPPY too much peace and love
HIPS a friend - joined at hip
HIRE be just like someone else
HISS bad feelings and cutting comments
HISTORY the story so far
HISTORY things you have learnt or experienced
HISTORY your personal history
HITCH a problem or delay
HITCHHIKER following or copying some behavior
HITCHHIKER someone seeking your help some real life day to day situation
HITLER overwhelming control
HITLER supreme evil - in total charge
HOBBIT mythical figure
HOBGOBLING not knowing what to think - anything could happen - a lack of certainty
HOCKEY a rough struggle
HOE attempting to grow some new part of you
HOGS hog = pun
HOLD keep hold of your attentions
HOLE a flaw in something in your personality or problem with day to day reality
HOLE a hole in your life
HOLE female sex organs
HOLE illness and bad feeling
HOLE look at something in a wholistic way
HOLE secretly look at something in a new way
HOLIDAY ability to relax and rest
HOLIDAY experiences which are relaxing and temporary
HOLIDAY relaxing hobbies
HOLIDAY wanting to take a break from some taxing situation
HOLLOW lacking real substance
HOLOGRAPHIC hidden/spiritual meaning
HOLSTER should you be aggressive?
HOME COUNTRY a natural home for you
HOME domestic happiness
HOME feeling at home doing something
HOME MADE made with the personal touch - a very special effort to comfort someone
HOME MOVIE capturing what your life has really been like
HOME things that make you feel comfortable - at home
HOMELESS lacking a feeling of belonging - not feeling as if you have a place
HOMELESS spiritual and emotional deprivation - having no outlet to express some part of your personality - finding an outlet for your energy and ideas
HOMEMADE a bit amateurish
HOMEMADE made with the personal touch
HOMEOWNER the real motivation behind some action - usually your own
HOMEROOM rest and think over things you are learning
HOMETOWN familiar and recognisable ways that make you feel at home
HOMOSEXUAL not conforming to society
HONEY good health and happiness
HONEY natural and pure thoughts
HONEYMOON carried along by feelings of commitment
HOOCH cheap and common
HOOD hide from circumstances
HOOF a passionate blow
HOOK a clever catchy phrase
HOOK caught in something - trapped in thoughts
HOOKER sell yourself cheaply
HOOLIGAN rude and uncouth
HOOLIGAN uneccessary criticism
HOPE optomism for the future
HOPELESS things just will not change!
HORIZON thinking about the future
HORN sexual metaphor
HORRIBLE a sense of terror about something
HORSE exhilirating - exciting - taking a chance - anything can happen!
HORSE a need to be more careful
HORSE an upcoming event
HORSESHOE directing your passionate energy
HOSE concentrating energies and efforts
HOSE devoting your energies to something in particular
HOSE having to devote energy to something you are responsible for
HOSPITAL assessing some real illness you have
HOSPITAL somebody has hurt your feelings - feeling depressed - a need for tender loving care
HOSPITAL something that will make your life easier
HOSPITALITY freindliness and openess
HOSPITALITY generous help and friendship to others
HOSTAGE hostage of circumstances
HOSTAGE trapped in your own beliefs
HOT a very fast pace or intense involvment
HOT AIR BALLOON saying you are going to do something and not really meaning it
HOT DOG satisfying and comforting distracting experiences - not meaningful or productive
HOT PEPPER sexual love
HOT SPRING detemination bubbling up from beneath the surface
HOT SPRING strong feelings connected with real life circumstances as they unfold
HOT steamy and sexy
HOT very cool or fashionable
HOT WATER a very fast pace - rushing
HOTEL gettiung some really good help from someone - a very helpful person
HOTEL wanting support and encourgement
HOTEL having to look after someones every need
HOTEL not having a real home right now
HOTEL A guest of someone
HOUSE pressure on you to change
HOUSE Thinking about something that had a big impact on you - you have never got over it!
HOUSE Thinking of your own future
HOUSE Thinking about and assessing your own behavior - wondering why you did something
HOUSE wanting to prove how you can do something
HOUSE thinking over your approach to something
HOUSE your own health
HOUSE-SITTING copying the behavior of someone else - pretending to be something you are not
HOUSESITTING pressure to adopt someone elses approach to something - fitting in with an ideolgy
HOVER not quite able to
HUDDLE thoughts mixing together in confusion
HUG sensing good signals connected with something - agreeing with someone - embrace some thought
HUGE bigger than your own understanding
HUGE HOUSE the impact and influence of society on you
HUGE HOUSE the impact of real life circumstances on your personality - premonitions of things which will affect you
HUGE HOUSE the impact of your own actions on other people - how you affect other peoples attitudes and behavior
HUGE the impact of something is very important on your life - carried away by feelings - emphasising and acting out some emotion
HUMAN compassion and humanity
HUMAN human weakness
HUMMINGBIRD freedom and beauty
HUMMINGBIRD moving so fast you cannot see what is really happening
HUNGER hungry for life
HUNGRY need to feed mind experiences
HUNGRY ready for action - wanting to get involved in life
HUNTING quest or struggle
HURDLE passing a test
HURDLING vigourously overcoming problems / barriers
HURRICANE destructive and powerful forces within your life
HURRICANE negative/massive change in circumstances
HURRY something needs doing very quickly
HUSBAND faithfulness to something - total trust and belief
HUSBAND needing some comfort - need to be rescued form a situation - dependance on someone
HUSBAND unconscious thoughts about your husband
HUSBAND working closely with others - working in partnership
HUSKIE a devoted relationship within a difficult environment
HUSTLE competing thoughts / what to concentrate on!
HUT a simple approach
HUT basic and self contained nature
HYBRID combining the best of both worlds
HYDRO ELECTRIC control flow of your emotions / turn emotions into positive energy
HYDRO work on your control over emotions
HYDRO-ELECTRIC control flow of your emotions / turn emotions into positive energy
HYIENA laughing
HYIENA using anything at your disposal
HYPERVENT not feeling totally comfortable
HYPNOTIZE intense fascination

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ESSAYS on symbolism : The following essays have been written using a bank of correctly analysed dreams. Often we have conclusive proof that a dream links with a real life situation such as the night after you had an argument with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The following essays try to reduce each dreams meaning to a quote which helps you understand the real emotions that dreams refer to.

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DESERTS : Deserts symbolise a lack of meaning to some part of your life right now
FARMS : Farms tend to symbolise the good and bad ways in which we are been encouraged
GARDENS : gardens often link to good and bad new habits which you are learning
PLANTS : Plants symbolise all things that are growing in our lives
TREES : Trees in dreams can symbolise family and jobs and anything that is deeply rooted and permanent in our lives
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