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ESSAYS on symbolism : The following essays have been written using a bank of correctly analysed dreams. Often we have conclusive proof that a dream links with a real life situation such as the night after you had an argument with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The following essays try to reduce each dreams meaning to a quote which helps you understand the real emotions that dreams refer to.

DADS : Fathers and dads as dream symbols explained
DEATH : Death as a dream dictionary symbol
DEATH SENTENCE : The meaning in dreams and nightmares
DEEP WATER : What does deep water mean in dreams?
DEER : Deer in dream interpretation
DEMON : The symbolism of demons in dreams and nightmares
DESERVE :Deserving something in dreams and how to interpret its symbolic meaning
DESERTS : Deserts as dream dictionary symbols
DESIGNER CLOTHES : Designer clothes can link to a wish to impress
DIED : Death may link to something that has just ended in your life
DISGUST : Disgust as a dream symbol
DISTRESS : Distress may simply link to distress in some way appearing in your thoughts
DISTURBING : Disturbing feelings and their meaning in dreams and nightmares
DOCTORS : Doctors and how to analyse dreams with them
DOGS : Dogs can symbolise territory
DOLPHIN : Dolphins And Their dream symbolism
DRAGON : What do Dragons in dreams symbolise?
DRESS : Their symbolic dream meaning
DROWN : Its meaning in dreams and nightmares
DRUGS : How to interpret dreams with drugs
DRUNK : Drunkenness and its dream meaning

Cleopatra Dream Dictionary D : These symbols are less accurate than the full essays. They are meant only really to generate ideas

DACHSHUND a faithful and loyal friend
DAD A need to get a grip or something will get out of hand
DAD being sensible and rational - a need to be practical
DAD concious relationship will real father
DAD thoughts of fartherly authority and protection - your need to be guided through something
DAFFODIL spring like - new growth
DAGGER a quick and cutting comment
DAGGER stab in back
DAM blocked situations and circumstances
DAM something is inhibiting your natural flows of energy and resolve
DAMAGE financial loss or hurt pride
DAMAGE need to replace some loss
DAMIEN the demons within us
DAMN an expression of your irritation
DANCE breaking down social barriers - talking freely and openly in a relaxed way
DANCE energetically put something into practice - showing spirit
DANCE fast moving and energetic situation - sensuality and wild emotions
DANCE great joy and great ability
DANCING fast moving and energetic situation - energetic thoughts
DANCING let yourself go - break through social barriers - sense of exileration
DANGER unwanted cirumstances and threatening change
DANGEROUS involving great risk
DANGLE entice
DARE being bold and outrageous
DARK AGE a dark existence where you are forced into certain ways of behaving
DARK bad feelings - a bad atmosphere - a dark mood
DARK feelings of confusion and drift - not concentrating or interested
DARK in the dark - lack understanding
DARN to mend together
DASH hopes crushed
DASH rushing off
DASH showing great ability and style
DASHBOARD dash = pun
DATE a definite agreement
DATE something very specific - not vague but definite
DATING seeing if you get along with someone
DATING trying something out and seeing if its acceptable
DAUGHTER feminine qualities
DAUGHTER harmony
DAUGHTER you relationship with your daughter
DAUGHTER your hopes in life
DAUGHTER youthful and harmonious thoughts
DAWN a new day - fresh start
DEAD cold and emotionless
DEAD finding a new use for something
DEAD out of date and useless methods
DEAD start of a new phase - see things in a new way
DEADLY brings an end to something
DEAF need to improve communication
DEATH a really eerie feeling yesterday
DEATH a friendship or period of your life which is now over
DEATH something you cannot do anymore
DEATH realising just how special a loved one is to you
DEATH a change or tarnsition in your life
DEATH realising that death is a real possibility with either yourself or someone close to you
DEBAUCHERY excessiveness and overindulgence - doing something too much
DECAPITATE not using any reason or logic
DECAPITATION not using any reason or logic
DECKCHAIR share thoughts in relaxed way / timeout
DECOR admiring someones physical beauty
DECORATE brighten up - effort in making things look better
DECORATE improved health
DECORATE to show your appreciation
DECORATING effort to make things look better
DECORATION making things look better
DECORATIVE making something appear as good as possible
DEEP a deep maybe hidden meaning to some situation
DEEP something that makes you think very intensely
DEEP very hidden and difficult to understand
DEER reading signs of jumpiness in someones behavior - quick to spot danger
DEER trust
DEFACATE purify your thoughts by through bad emotions
DEFACE criticise
DEFECATE eject worsts parts of life
DEFECATION eject worsts parts of life
DEFLATE lose your enthusiasm
DEFORM something has been twisted
DEFUSING take the heat out of some situation
DEFY challenge the order of things / discard
DEFY go against authority
DELAPIDATED getting old and not looking and working so well
DELAPIDATION getting old and not looking and working so well
DELIVERIES a new set of choices available to you
DELIVERY a new set of choices available to you
DEMOLISH destroy something in your mind
DEMON almost possessed by some fear
DEMON Knowing that you have recently been creul or abusive to someone - racial hatred
DEMON led astray, picking up bad habits
DEMON being picked on or abused
DEMOTE talking down to you
DENTIST something that you would rather avoid
DENTIST need to make major change
DEPARTMENT STORE having lots of options available to you
DEPARTMENT STORE trying to find time for all your interests
DEPRECIATE the value of something has gone down
DEPRESSED disadvantaged and in poverty
DEPRESSED lacking motivation and inspiration
DEPRESSION lacking motivation and inspiration - a lack of opportunities
DEPTH something that makes you really think - insightful
DEPTH strength of feeling
DERILICT plans that have been ignored for too long
DESCEND just the very thought of it!
DESERT lack of real meaning to a relationship - a husband who doesn’t really love you
DESERT something that you have no interest in - it is totally uninspiring
DESERTED no activity whatsoever - nothing inspires you - having no feelings or thoughts at all
DESIGN a new way of thinking or new plan
DESIGN a planned or deliberate action or thought
DESK need to think and organise thoughts
DESK work and financial matters
DESOLATE feeling down and dejected
DESPAIR things just will not change!
DESPERATE something you feel is essential
DESPERATE wishing to please
DESPERATION wishing to please
DESSERT pleasing on some superficial level
DETACHED a feeling of seperation - not involved at all
DETAIL focus on small and minute issues
DETONATOR light the fuse to someones
DEVIL deny responsibility - it wasn’t me!
DEVOUR enjoy and revel in a challenge
DEW fresh emotional inspiration for something
DIAGNOSE work out what is wrong - put the facts together
DIAL attempt a connection
DIAMOND cuts through anything
DIAPER frustrations connected with close personal relationships or personal projects/ideas
DIAPER worried about accidents
DIARRHEA thoughst and experiences burst out overwhelmingly
DICE some random act or something totally unpredictable or unexplainable
DIED a really eerie feeling yesterday
DIED a friendship or period of your life which is now over
DIED something you cannot do anymore
DIED realising just how special a loved one is to you
DIED a change or tarnsition in your life
DIED realising that death is a real possibility with either yourself or someone close to you
DIET need to control and discipline yourself
DIFFERENT distinctive and unusual approach
DIFFERENT sense some change
DIG reveal some buried problem
DIGESTION understanding and comprehension
DILAPIDATED ignoring some plans , strong desires or ambitions
DIMLY LIT something which you lack any real knowledge on
DINASAUR old ideas techniques
DINNER how you perceive your new experiences of the world - something has given you food for thought
DINOSAUR behavior and responses which you wish to make extinct
DINOSAUR old ideas and old outdated ways of thinking
DIRECTOR directing yourself in the theatre of life - wondering how to behave and how to show people how you think and feel
DIRECTOR organise and manage - how you would direct a situation if you were in charge
DIRT down to earth thoughts and experiences
DIRT earthly goods / poor health
DIRT grounded in reality
DIRT PATH practical progress on day to day issues
DIRT something good that you can grasp hold of
DIRT unclean and unpleasant
DIRTY unclean and unpleasant
DISABLING making something stop - break the influence that something has on you
DISAGREEMENT argument against something
DISAPEAR become withdrawn
DISAPEAR lose interest
DISASTER a bad feeling about something
DISEASE sickess inside you - probably emotional
DISH actual food poisoning
DISHWASHER your emotions about recent experiences
DISINTEGRATE a thought dissapears or a belief is destroyed
DISMISS reject out of hand
DISNEY a perfect world where people behave in a truly altruistic way - a simplistic and almost make believe world
DISNEY explaining something complicated in a very simple way
DISORIENTATE not knowing where you are / losing concentration
DISORT twisted ideas and thoughts
DISQUALIFIED unable to take part
DISTANT aloof and disconnected
DISTORT a twisted view of the world
DISTRACT draw attention from
DISTURB unbalanced thought
DISUSE out of practice
DIVE delve into an emotional issue
DIVE looking into your subconscious for an answer
DIVING deep feelings and emotions
DIVING looking into your subconscious for an answer
DIVISION part of your personality
DIVORCE a clear break - rid your mind of some close relationship or closely held idea
DIVORCE feeling isolated - left out and neglected
DIY an insistence on doing something
DIY doing your own thing
DNA its in your genes
DOCILE easily led
DOCK how you connect with some creative or intellectual problem - at the start of an emotional journey
DOCK your stance on some emotional issue
DOCTOR subjecting yourself to highly personal and invasive questions
DOCTOR issues about your own health and well being - understand your medical problems - attempting to cure your own illnesses
DOCTOR understand your own medical or emoitonal issues
DOCTOR assessing if a relationship or part of your life is truly 'healthy'
DOCUMENT examine and record your thoughts
DOCUMENT recording some feeling within you
DOCUMENTARY a very serious thought
DOG expecting loyalty from someone. A trusted friend or family member
DOG faithfully following some idea - following someones lead - devoted follower
DOG going with the pack and simply copying what others do
DOG territorial control - defending something that is yours
DOG your faith in human nature - issues involving trust, loyalty and dependability
DOLL fitting into societies expectations
DOLL ready for a relationship / care and protection
DOLLAR STORE wishing to achieve things without much effort
DOLLHOUSE perfect and idealised view of homelife / idealised view of your own personality
DOLPHIN Feeling happy and a determination to enjoy life
DOLPHIN getting along better, a much healthier relationship
DOMESTIC secure and protected
DOMINO a domino effect - one thing leads to another
DONATION help given freely
DONKEY stubborness
DONUT comforting experience
DOOR a shut door shows resistance to some thought or opportunity
DOOR an open door signals positive thoughts and acceptance of some opportunity - opportunities and choices available
DOOR explore some new feelings
DOOR KEEPER someone marshalling the opportunities of others
DOOR signals coming from people
DOORBELL unexpected visit
DOORWAY really getting interested in something
DOPE lacking sound judgement
DORM being asleep especially with others around / the unconcious
DORM discussing and sharing thoughts about your dreams and spiritual matters
DORMITORY collective unconcious...pyschic messages
DOVE a fresh and new beginning
DOVE a sign and symbol of peace and harmoney
DOWNHILL having to cope with very fast progress
DOWNHILL picking up momentum - struggling out of control
DOWNSTAIRS assessing rational factual knowledge (grounded in reality) rather than intuitive and gut feelings(upstairs)
DOWNSTAIRS day to day conscious thoughts
DOWNSTAIRS feeling down - looking for encouragement
DOWNSTAIRS saying what actually happens rather than using your imagination to say what could happen
DOWNSTAIRS testing out in reality - a practical test rather than theory
DOWNSTAIRS use the conscious mind ( downstairs ) rather than the imagination (upstairs)
DOWNTOWN an sense of involvement in your life
DOWRY considering someones worth in a ruthless and rational fashion
DRAFT forced into some action
DRAG forced along a certain way of thinking
DRAGON being free with your emotions
DRAGON carried away by passions
DRAGON lacking any real connection with reality - a strange mysterious and unknown feeling you cannot quite describe
DRAIN a wasted opportunity
DRAIN feeling drained
DRAPE drape yourself
DRAPE letting the world see you in an attractive and positive way
DRAPE the way something is presented
DRAW entice and entrance
DRAW extracting a meaning
DRAWER noting something - something that you wish to remember
DRAWER something that needs to be done - neatly packed away in your mind - tidy thoughts
DRAWING constructing ideas within your mind - an opinion on some issue
DRAWING viewing something subjectively - interpreting something in an artistic way
DRESS openly showing your femininity
DRESS your image
DRESSED in a certain frame of mind - your mood
DRESSED putting on an image - hiding your true self
DRESSED unconscious signals you send to people
DRESSER how ordered are you thoughts feelings
DRIED a lack of energy and inspiration
DRIFT a trend towards
DRIFTWOOD drifting emotions
DRINK chat openly about an issue
DRINK soak up an atmostphere
DRIVE forced into a certain type of behavior / being ordered to do something
DRIVEN driven against will / driven towards something
DRIVER the aspect of your life in control
DRIVEWAY the path to something
DRIVEWAY your initial thoughts and approach to something
DRIVING control over life
DRIVING move towards destiny / your drive and ambition
DRIZZLE slow but steady
DROP relinquish
DROVE determined to address some issue
DROWN overwhelmed by issue and unable to cope - unable to think clearly
DROWN absolutely no control over something
DROWN an ability you lack or trying to cope with some new task
DRUG cover over problems
DRUG DEALER someone who skews your mind away from the reality
DRUG Becoming divorced from reality - deluding yourself
DRUG escape from your problems
DRUG impaired judgment
DRUM banging your own drum
DRUNK looking or feeling like a loser
DRUNK incapable of thinking rationally
DRUNK Not knowing what you are doing - incompetant
DRUNK A situation which is out of control
DRY lacking emotion
DRYER calm yourself down / controlling emotions
DUCK Thinking of moving on or leaving a relationship
DUCK long journey
DUEL a struggle with something
DUEL battle between two people - a struggle to succeed over someone
DUI infatuated by the influence of someone in your life
DUMB AND DUMBER lacking ideas and good sense
DUMB cannot comprehend
DUMPSTER a relationship that needs ending
DUMPSTER something is rubbish and does not make sense
DUNE shifting sands of your life
DUNG practical help
DUNGEON trapped in your own frustrations
DUPLICATE an identical feeling or sensation
DUST dried up
DUST neglecting things
DUST past is catching up
DUTIES your mission
DUTY FREE free from responsibilities
DWELLING your personality - the mansion of soul - maybe old fashioned
DYING a really eerie feeling yesterday
DYING a friendship or period of your life which is now over
DYING something you cannot do anymore
DYING realising just how special a loved one is to you
DYING a change or tarnsition in your life
DYING realising that death is a real possibility with either yourself or someone close to you

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ESSAYS on symbolism : The following essays have been written using a bank of correctly analysed dreams. Often we have conclusive proof that a dream links with a real life situation such as the night after you had an argument with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The following essays try to reduce each dreams meaning to a quote which helps you understand the real emotions that dreams refer to.

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GARDENS : gardens often link to good and bad new habits which you are learning
PLANTS : Plants symbolise all things that are growing in our lives
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