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ESSAYS on symbolism : The following essays have been written using a bank of correctly analysed dreams. Often we have conclusive proof that a dream links with a real life situation such as the night after you had an argument with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The following essays try to reduce each dreams meaning to a quote which helps you understand the real emotions that dreams refer to.

CAFES : Cafes and their meaning in dreams analysis
CAKE : Cakes and their significance in dreams
CANCER : Cancer in dream interpretation
CARS : The dream meaning of cars
CASH : Cash as a dream symbol
CASTLES : Castles and their symbolic meanings
CASUAL CLOTHES : Casual clothes and how to interpret them in dreams
CAVES : Caves and their dream dictionary meanings
CATS : Cats in dreams interpretation
CHASED : Being chased and its dream meanings
CHASING : Chasing as a dream dictionary symbol
CHEMICALS : Chemicals and their meaning in dreams
CHOCOLATE : Chocolate in dream dictionary interpretation
CHRISTMAS : Dream analysis and christmas
CHURCHES : Churches in dream dictionary interpretation
CINEMA : Cinemas in dreams analysis
CITIES : How to analyse deams with cities in them
CLEAN : Cleaning and its importance in dreams
CLING : Clinging as a dream dictionary symbol
CLOTHES : Clothes and dream interpretation techniques
CLOWNS : Clowns in modern dreams analysis
COLD : Cold in dreams interpretation
COLLEGES : Colleges and dream interpreting
COMA : Comas as dream dictionary symbols
CONSTRUCTION WORKERS : How to interpret and analyze such dreams
COPS : Police and their symbolic meaning in dreams
COUNTRY : The countryside and interpreting dreams
COYOTES : Coyotes as dream symbols
COWORKERS : Their symbolic meaning in dreams
CROCODILES : Crocodiles in modern dream analysis
CROSS RIVER : Their dream meaning
CULT : Cults in modern dream interpretation
CYCLE : Bikes as dream symbols

Cleopatra Dream Dictionary C : These symbols are less accurate than the full essays. They are meant only really to generate ideas

CAB temporary help from someone1
CABBAGE poverty - cheap and accessible
CABIN having to make do - not the perfect situation
CABINET hiding some secret
CABINET put something away for a while
CADILLAC 1950s cool
CAFES CAFE a real talking point
CAFE wondering what people will think about something - something everyone is talking about
CAFE something you find interesting
CAFFEIN quick energy boost and recharge
CAGE need to control some desire
CAGE not able to achieve your aims
CAGE repressed desires
CAKE a need for comforting thoughts and reassurance
CAKE thinking only about short term goals that satisy your immediate desires
CAKE your share of something - your own portion of life and happiness
CALCULUS extremely clever and calculating
CALENDAR anxieties about future
CALENDAR awareness of need to act
CALF fatten up
CALF rebirth of nature
CALL message
CALLOUS lacking feeling
CALM a lack of anxiety about something
CALM peaceful circumstances and gentle pleasures
CAMCORDER record real time experiences
CAMEL endurance during extreme hardship
CAMERA proof of something
CAMERA snapshot of situation - replay
CAMERA study situation
CAMERA the situation as it stands now
CAMERAMAN captured as it happens
CAMOUFLAGE unable to spot some mood or feeling - someone is difficult to read
CAMP a constant need to adapt
CAMP a natural and instinctive way of living
CAMP a new fresh and natural approach to something - a temporary approach
CAMP having to constantly adapt and make do - being deprived many good things in life
CANAL artifically trying to devote energies and emotions along some route
CANARY subtle and extravagent beauty
CANCER deep down sadness - depressing thoughts taking your mind over
CANCER hostile and malicious actions of others within some organisation
CANCER something deep down is desperately wrong with the way you live your life
CANDLE cast light on subject
CANDLE spiritual enlightenment
CANDY A temporary treat
CANDY hot stuff
CANDY nice thoughts to think about
CANNIBAL repair one thing with bits from a similar kind
CANNIBAL self-destruct
CANOE emotional strength and efforts- complete self reliance
CANTEEN thinking over a real life experience
CANYON a huge hurdle - difficulty and practical problems
CANYON deep flowing emotions - depression
CANYON stuck in a situation with no way of escaping - feeling trapped
CAP informal attitude
CAPPACINO pleasant sophisticated experiences
CAPTAIN in charge of your emotions / situation
CAPTIVE forced to act in a certain way - having to conform to standards of behavior
CAPTURE wish to escape fears
CAR DEALER a change in your perception of your own or other peoples day to day life
CAR how you are progressing on a day to day level towards your goals - the general direction of your day to day real world existence
CAR PARK allowing people space to express themselves - giving them control over some situation
CAR PARK no real progress at the moment in your waking life on some issue
CAR replaying how you handled something in your real life conscious day to day existence
CAR your journey through consious day to day reality - how the car reacts symbolises your independance and control over it
CARAVAN a temporary make do approach to some situation - a situation that is not ideal - feeling out of your depth
CARBON an exact copy of something - something is identical
CARDINAL the foremost / the most important
CARDS gambling and poor preperation
CARDS the hand that is dealt to you - your opportunities
CARE concern about how people think
CARE indifferent and uninterested
CAREER change course abruptly
CAREFREE feeling good about something
CAREFUL think of every possibility
CAREFUL think of others feelings
CARETAKER taking care with your behavior
CARGO the main consideration in some situation - it must be preserved
CARNIVAL a bit superficial - need to go beneath the surface of the glitter and jangle
CARNIVAL a magical experience - seen through almost childlike eyes
CARNIVAL wierd and strange feeling - not what it seems
CARP nagging
CARPENTER build success through work and skill
CARPET feeling at home with a thought - feeling at ease
CARPORT preperations for a journey
CARRAIGE carried along / swept along not in full charge
CARRAIGE experiences with others
CARRAIGE the way you handle things
CARROT see better?
CART takes the hard work out of things
CARTOON exxagerated and unrealistic events
CARTOON simplifying something to make it more understandable
CARTOON some way of thinking that is oversimplified
CARVE engraved on mind
CARVING carefully constructed elaborate thoughts
CARVING elaborate belief
CASE MANAGER is something appropriate in a particular case
CASH MACHINE appreciating the energy and efforts of others people to help you
CASHIER deciding how valuable something is
CASHIER weigh up benifits
CASINO a chance happening
CASINO being enterprizing - take a chance in business
CASINO being more comfortable with change and more able to take chances
CASINO take risks
CASKET reflect on someones death
CASTLE feeling defensive and sensitive to criticism
CASTLE a need to feel safe - acting very cautiously
CASTLE defending yourself form something or someone
CASTLE something that strengthens you and builds your confidence
CASTRATE cut off creative energy
CASTRATION cut off creative energy
CAT bitcheyness and cat fighting - sexual power
CAT independence - doing exactly as you please
CAT the mysterious and psychic side - deep intuitions and magic
CAT your deep suspicions about your own direction in life
CATAPULT an enourmous leap - a huge effort
CATCH capture the moment
CATCH pursued by something
CATCH to understand completely
CATCH-UP need to work harder and concentrate
CATERPILLAR at the beginning of a great journey or self realisation
CATFISH probing - trying to work out what something means
CATFISH subconsciously probing something
CATHEDRAL place of great belief / people join together to share belief
CATHOLIC deep faith - traditional and conservative
CAUGHT capture the meaning and understanding
CAUGHT intense interest in something
CAVE looking for deep meanings in things - introspective and deep thoughts
CAVE meditation and deep mind exploration
CD musical experiences
CD seedy
CEILING religious or ideological thoughts which you state as your own
CEILING some well thought out idea - conceptual, moral, religious, or fear
CEILING your own imagined thoughts as opposed to the strict facts - your wild fears or hopes
CELEBRATION rejoice allround
CELEBRITIES something instantly recognisable
CELEBRITY been treated as important for no apparent reason
CELEBRITY feeling overawed by somebody or some situation
CELEBRITY give special attention to something - a sense that something is special
CELEBRITY making people feel important - a sense of immense self importance
CELEBRITY something instantly recognisable
CELERY salary
CELL PHONE a constant need to understand how someone thinks - a constant need to know what is happening
CELL PHONE a message from your unconsious - a strong desire
CELL trapped in some behavior - forced into some way of thinking
CELLAR bottling up some feeling, feeling nervous about what people are saying
CELLAR being sensitive or resentful
CELLAR disliking someone
CELLAR trying to be less negative
CELLAR examining your own negative feelings
CEMENT concrete and very strong
CEMETERY thoughts of experiences gone
CEMETERY thoughts of loved ones gone
CEMETRY thoughts of experiences gone
CEMETRY thoughts of loved ones gone
CENSOR restricting what you say - editing out unwanted thoughts and feelings
CENSOR saying things in an appropriate manner - subtlety and diplomacy
CENTAUR almost mythical levels of passion
CENTAUR meeting your own passionate needs in a practical and rational way
CENTIPEDE run away from
CENTIPEDE slow and hesitant progress
CEREAL serial - a repeating theme in your life
CEREAL your initial experience of something
CEREMONIAL just for show
CEREMONY ritual of induction / acceptance into group and acceptance of group
CHAIN sense a connection somewhere / sense a link
CHAIN social connections
CHAINS feeling constrained / held back
CHAINS strong bond connection
CHAIR sense of comfort
CHAIR share thoughts
CHAIR Time out to think
CHALET relaxed at your approach
CHALKBOARD spell out the lesson
CHALLENGE question some major decision
CHAMELEON distrustful changing character
CHAMELEON your ever changing nature and feelings - a constant need to adapt for your own good
CHAMPAGNE celebrate the significance of something
CHANDELIER intricate understanding
CHANGELING extra ordinary behavior
CHANGELING unpredictable behavior brought on by repressed thoughts
CHANNEL directed along a certain way of thinking
CHANNEL emotional flow of your life
CHANT deep spiritual thought
CHANT keep repeating...moaning on and nagging
CHAPEL higher thoughts
CHAPEL sacred belief in someone
CHAPEL sacred territory of dreamer
CHAPSTICK something really quite trivial
CHARACTER a distinctive quality
CHARIOT control over your passions
CHARIOT great passions
CHARM showing how much you are valued
CHASE pursued by something - obsessing about something
CHASE unable to get what you want
CHAT gentle interaction of thoughts and people - passing the time of day
CHAT pleasantly weighing up thoughts
CHAT thinking things through in an open and honest way
CHATEAU getting quite drunk
CHATTING gentle interaction of thoughts and people
CHATTING passing the time of day
CHATTING pleasantly weighing up thoughts
CHEAP wanting easy solutions
CHEAT cheat on lover / belief
CHEAT picking up on unconscious signals that someone is cheating on you
CHECK being ultra cautious
CHECKPOINT a transition stage / a reflection before you about to move on
CHEEKS rosy outlook / general health
CHEESE sweet dreams? / corny
CHEETAH always being the same deep down - never changing its spots
CHEETAH cheating at something
CHELSEA I am better than you!
CHELSEA newly found wealth
CHEMICAL thinking over how someone has reacted to you
CHEMICAL real dangerous substances that you come into contact with
CHEMICAL wondering how people will react
CHERRY sexual temptation
CHESS embroiled in strategy
CHESS extremely puzzling / a battle of wits / a puzzle
CHEST a big chest is good - full of experiences
CHEST stored treasures emotions
CHEW think over - detemine what to do
CHEW think over something for a moment
CHICKEN a lack of bravery and courage to do what you really want - fears of humiliation
CHICKEN sexist remarks
CHICKEN your hopes and ambitions do not get off the ground
CHIEF thoughts which win over against other thoughts
CHILD a need to protect and take care
CHILD boundless enthusiasm
CHILD immaturity
CHILD new part of yourself growing within you
CHILD your innocence
CHILDHOOD FRIEND wanting to escape the pressures of adult life
CHILDHOOD HOME matters concerning your own long term health
CHILDHOOD HOME matters concerning your personality - the type of thing that keeps occuring in your life
CHILDHOOD HOME your thoughts about childhood and your upbringing - the influence of your childhood on you now
CHILDHOOD relates to some aspect of your childhood
CHILDHOOD wish for carefree existence
CHILDREN current developements in some new part of your life
CHILDREN getting excited and enthusiastic about new interests and relationships
CHILHOOD HOME a constant theme in your life
CHILLING scary thoughts
CHIMNEY a warning
CHINA eastern mystery
CHINESE conservative cultural values
CHINESE eastern and mystical ideas / understanding your dreams
CHINESE good and wise thoughts
CHIP chip away at problem
CHIP convenience
CHIPS feeding yourself with fun / shallow minded excitement not deep thinking
CHIPS food symbolise the type of experiences that interest you - how you are feeding your mind
CHIPS grudges
CHISEL chip away at a problem
CHOCOLATE making people feel welcome - cheering somone up
CHOCOLATE saying nice things - compliments
CHOCOLATE Things that make you feel good - enjoying yourself
CHOIR need to stay in harmony
CHOKE not willing to digest ideas which are incompatible with your beliefs
CHOKE showing disgust at something
CHOKING not willing to digest ideas which are incompatible with your beliefs - showing disgust at something
CHORE a tiresome but essential task
CHORUS saying something together
CHRIST devine thoughts and energies
CHRIST establish and found a great belief
CHRIST ultimate human spirituality
CHRISTMAS a family get together or group meeting
CHRISTMAS people come together - coming to a compromise or talking things out
CHRISTMAS TREE a belief in the christmas experience
CHRYSANTH eastern flower - mystery
CHURCH someone or something you really believe in strongly
CHURCH a strong commitment - a relationship
CHURCH something that you are totally convinced about and believe absolutely!
CIDER escape from your worries
CIDER looking for a good time with friends
CIGAR sexual metaphor = freudian
CIGARETTE smoking hot - sexy
CIGARETTE time out to think
CINEMA replaying some event - some incident is been explained or recreated in detail
CIRCLE continuing some trend or pattern of behavior - going round in circles
CIRCLE getting involved in a variety of different things - a well rounded personality
CIRCLE look at something wholistically - seeing the entire picture
CIRCLE perfect whole - connectedness
CIRCUS a real life situation which inspires and exhilarates you - fantasy and spontaneity
CIRCUS a real spectacle - but beneath the surface its all a bit fake
CITIES complex situations - lots of things to consider
CITIES groups of friends and people and places you come into contact with
CIVILIAN innocent bystander
CIVILIAN not on anyones side
CLAM reticent and reserved
CLAMP fix on a problem
CLAN similar beliefs
CLASS need to learn
CLASS wondering how something can be done
CLASSROOM a lesson in life
CLAUSTRO closed in...overprotected..unable to express true emotions
CLAUSTROPHOBIC trapped in a thought - unable to get out of a way of thinking
CLAW get caught or captured
CLAW struggling with something
CLAY using your imagination to mould and shape
CLEAN a distinctive characteristic - unconfused
CLEAN respectable - good behavior
CLEAN restore your pride in something - restoring order and purifying your mind
CLEAN self improvement
CLEAR WATER thinking clearly and creatively
CLENCH repressed hostility
CLIFF difficult circumstances - difficulties in making progress
CLIFFSIDE view emotions
CLIMB a tough and taxing situation
CLIMB get very involved with
CLIMB great effort and skill in progress towards ambitions
CLING cling on to some of thinking or some treasured thought
CLINGON clinging onto something
CLIPBOARD a very efficient but maybe bureaucratic approach
CLOAK unconscious signals attempts trying to conceal something
CLOCK need to speed up
CLOCK setting yourself serious goals
CLOG a somewaht awkward direction in life - not knowing truly where you are going
CLONE an idealized version of the person
CLOSED cut off and not open to view / beyond your understanding
CLOSET concealing your feelings - hidden memories - hiding your true feelings
CLOSET having to conceal something - something is not open to view
CLOSE-UP studying someones actions in detail
CLOTHES having a really bad image in some way right now - wondering how people are seeing you
CLOTHES wanting to appear in a slightly different way
CLOTHES sending out signals
CLOTHESLINE looking at the different way a person behaves in different circumstances
CLOUD a sense of confusion
CLOUD confusion in your wider aims
CLOUD obscured vision
CLOWN appearing foolish and ridiculous
CLOWN putting on a brave face
CLOWN falseness - evil and deceitfiul
CLUTCH instinctively grasp something or hold onto something
COWORKER a thought about work
COWORKER work on something together / work in unison
COAL a rich source
COASTLINE view emotions
COAT readiness to leave -
COAT your going somewhere?
COBRA enemy / bitten by something
COBWEB stuck in circumstances
COCA-COLA trying to be cool and impress
COCAINE a fast pace of living - going too fast
COCK signal to get started
COCKTAIL getting carried away
COCOON ready to transform
COFFEE meeting people and understanding them
COFFEE needing a boost - need stimulating - need to concentrate and stay awake
COFFEE overstimulation - too much excitement
COFFEE time out - thinking through something as in a coffee break
COFFIN a need to express a part of yourself that is presently buried
COFFIN hopeless circumstances
COFFIN symbol of the end to some relationship or episode
COIN just how valuable someone is! - the importance of something
COIN wealth of thoughts and experiences
COKE experiences of popular culture
COKE refreshing experiences
COLA experiences of popular culture
COLA trivial social experiences
COLD not bothered
COLD not much progress - a slow pace - a little amount - little interest
COLLAPSING a set of ideas/beliefs which no longer seem so powerful
COLLAPSING plans go up in smoke
COLLECTABLE collecting your thoughts on some issue
COLLECTION building something up with pride
COLLECTIVE they are all the same
COLLEGE your own considered opinion on some personal issue
COLLEGE your own life at college
COLLEGE your own ideas - reports and essays you are writing
COLONIAL making decisions for someone else
COLOR bright colors mean enlightenment and hope
COLOR distinctive characteristics
COLOR influence
COLOR vivid and lively
COLOUR influence
COLOUR vivid and lively
COLOURFUL vivid and interesting
COLT young and wild passions
COMA not able to think at all
COMA totally at the mercy of those around you
COMBAT determined action
COMET realising that your life will change radically
COMET the truth has been found out
COMET something terrible that nearly happened yesterday
COMET being suddenly struck by the truth - something that you did not realise at first
COMFORT feeling at ease with something
COMFORT strengthen your confidence
COMMANDER coordinate everything within you
COMMENT observing something in particular
COMMERCIAL advertising something - been open and honest about something
COMMERCIAL selling an idea - flaunting your views
COMMITTEE decide something together
COMMOTION great excitement
COMMOTION worry and agitation
COMMUNE the group belief
COMMUNION practice your beliefs and faith
COMMUNITY sense of belonging / sense of togetherness
COMMUNITY SERVICE charitable help
COMPANY the person or people responsible for making something
COMPARTMENT different parts of your life
COMPARTMENTALIZED different parts of your life
COMPETE measuring your behavior against some standard
COMPETITION problems caused by rivalry - measuring your behavior against some standard
COMPLICATE having lots of things to think about
COMPREHEND understand completely
COMPUTER high technology / very new and systematic ideas
COMPUTER the brain
COMPUTER working through some issue systematically
CONCERT everyone getting along together
CONCERT harmony
CONCRETE totally solid
CONCRETE totally unchangable thoughts
CONDEMN bring home to
CONDO ability to relax and rest
CONDOM stop creative flow?
CONDUCT using all your knowledge and skill in a harmonious way
CONDUCTING coordinating several skills and abilities together
CONDUCTING using all your knowledge and skill in a harmonious way
CONFERENCE discuss and share ideas
CONFERENCE work some ideas out in your head
CONFIDENT great self belief / bold and assertive
CONFISCATE considering something not in line with his own beliefs
CONGRATULATE welcome entusiastically
CONSECUTIVE a continuous trend
CONSOLE make up for something lacking
CONSTIPATION unable to let go - holding back on emotions - repressing bad feelings
CONSTITUTION rules about how you live your life
CONSTRUCT effort to build life and relationships
CONSTRUCTION building a picture up in your mind - well thought out
CONSTRUCTION new aspects of life
CONSULATE consult someone
CONTACT need to express something
CONTAINER everything that is needed
CONTAINER keep in perspective / restrain
CONTEMPORARY modern and upto date thoughts
CONTEST competitive thoughts
CONTINUE to persevere
CONTRACT things you feel obliged to do
CONTRAST a different approach
CONTRAST compare the differences and similarities
CONVENIENCE FOOD used for convenience
CONVENIENCE STORE a desperate need to do something to make your life easier
CONVENT spiritual retreat and meditation / withdraw from world
CONVENTION conventions of your world
CONVERSATION reading each others body language
CONVERTIBLE convince everyone of your viewpoint
CONVERTIBLE easily adapt to the thought of - ability to adapt
CONVULS extreme anxiousness
CONVULSION repressed emotions flooding out of you
COOK prepare for new experiences
COOK putting thoughts into practice
COOKER general domestic situation
COOKIE making yourself feel better with a simple treat
COOKIE they make you feel good but deep down they are not doing any good - frivilous happy sweet experiences
COOKING making preperations for new things to interest you
COOKING what are you going to do about it!
COP detective work / solve a mystery
COP some issue involving law and order
CORK bottle up something
CORMORANT capture some new thought as it emerges from your subconscious
CORN reap the rewards of hard work
CORNER being trapped - cornered in some situation -
CORNER the very near future - just around the corner - unseen consequences - something that is always there
CORONER look in detail why something happened
CORPSE being neglected
CORPSE thoughts and relationships which are not alive and florishing in your mind
CORRESPONDANCE COURSE a path that involves peoples aims corresponding
CORRIDOR a very temporary feeling that is related to a situation that you are in right now - you realise that thoughts will change
CORRIDOR pivotal phase of life
CORRIDOR right in the middle of a situation that has not been resolved
CORROSIVE a biting comment
COSTUME adopting an image for a particular purpose
COSTUME your overall image to the world
COT behaving like a baby
COTTAGE a very personal approach not influenced by others around you
COTTAGE self contained / cut off from wider environment
COTTON CANDY food symbolise the type of experiences that interest you - how you are feeding your mind
COTTON CANDY having fun - rather than deep intellectual thought
COTTON CANDY things that make you feel good rather - indulgencies
COUCH express in a particular way
COUCH feeling comfortable with
COUCH having thoughts dominate your waking life
COUCH sit down and think about something
COUCH you have sat down and have really tried to make sense of some issue
COUGAR wild untamed desires
COUGH unable to explain feelings thoughts
COUNSELLOR a need to talk things through and seek advice
COUNTERFEIT going through the motions - not what it pretends to be - a sham
COUNTRY freedom for the individual to express themselves
COUNTRY the real you - the way you would be in a perfect world without having to consider other peoples thoughts
COUP a masterful manouvre
COUPLE a strong partnership
COUPLE thinking in terms of having a relationship
COUPLE thoughts connected together with some situation or incident
COURAGE defiance
COURT being judged
COURT capturing something
COURT getting caught
COUSIN an aspect of your personality
COUSIN something loosely related
COUSIN the opinions of people like you
COVER apsect hidden
COVER describe
COVER disguising something
COVER insurance against
COVERED concealed in some way
COVERED lots of examples of something
COW general happiness in mundane matters
COWARD having cold feet
COWARD need courage
COWBOY a tough guy
COWORKER a thought about work or something related to work - yesterday at work
COWORKER work through some problem or issue in your mind - make some important steps
COYOTE disceiver and scavenger - selfishness
CRAB emotionally defensive
CRAB shy / homeley
CRACK a weakness in some thought or belief - a split or disagreement
CRACK addicted
CRAFT a personal "hand made" version of the truth - how something could happen
CRAFT creatively build up a picture or idea
CRAFT creatively weave together using artistic skills
CRAFTSMEN having great skills
CRAM focused learning
CRANIUM intellectual thoughts
CRAWL being too nice by far / overdoing support
CRAWL need inspiration and energy.
CRAWL to go slowly
CRAYFISH emotionally defensive and shy
CRAYFISH stuck inside your shell
CRAZY unpredictability
CREATURE failure to identify problem
CREATURE undescribable - like nothing you have seen before
CREDIT CARD want something now but wish to put in the hard work later
CREED common cultural identity / same peer group
CREEK the flow of your emotions
CREEPIER deeeper inside problem
CRIB nurture an idea or new growth in your life
CRICKET famine and hard times
CRICKET(the game) building a large collection or number
CRIME sense of shame
CRIMINAL a thought causing disorder
CRIMINAL you are trying to do something but you are making some very basic mistake
CRIPPLE limited abilities and thoughts
CRISS-CROSS all lines of thought linking coherently together
CRITTER unknown thought / problem
CROCODILE sensing trouble - sensing danger - something that you would rather avoid
CROCODILE something is unfair - a sense of resentment
CROSS cross to a new way of thinking - switch sides
CROSS you are cross about something
CROSSING a junction in your life
CROSSING cross over to understand someone elses feelings perfectly
CROSSING A RIVER Break out of a mood - getting over some difficult times
CROSSING A RIVER overcoming a busy schedule to do something
CROSSING A RIVER unable to devote time to something
CROSSROAD a junction in your life - a moment when you have to decide on one course or another - a decision is needed
CROSSWALK a transition / a new situation
CROTCH get right to the interesting bit
CROW moan about something
CROWBAR force some issue
CROWD for everyone to see
CROWD lots of experiences / gregarious and outgoing
CROWD lots of thoughts competing for attention
CROWN prestige and recognition
CROWN symbols and evidence of your motivations and character
CRUISE relaxing emotional journey
CRUSH an infatuation / unable to think of anything else
CRUSH break down under pressure
CRUSH paraylzed by stress
CRUSH something you are obsessing about
CRUSTACEAN being emotionally defensive - trapped inside your shell
CRY emotional release
CRY openly state your frustrations
CRYOGENIC wish to keep things as they used to be
CRYSTAL crystal clear - clear thoughts and ideas
CSI investigate why something bad happened
CSI trying to understand why something has happened in a deep way
CUB not a threat
CUDDLE fondly embrace some thought
CUL-DE-SAC a dead end
CULT endlessly repeating something until you start to believe it
CULTIVATE encourage some skill
CULTIVATE to show a cultured side
CUP drink - life sustaining
CUPBOARD store your memories. organise your things
CUPBOARD thinking about the past
CURB cut down doing something
CURE solve a puzzle
CURRY spicy and exotic experiences
CURSE bound to happen
CURTAIN making something look good - letting the world see you in an attractive and positive way
CURTAIN wishing to conceal some activity - a need for privacy - hiding something in your life
CUSHION cushion the pain
CUSTOM its what they do around here!
CUSTOMER other people with similar ideas and beliefs
CUT divide up a problem - consider several aspects
CUT go right into the heart of the matter - open it up and look right in
CUTE give out pleasant pleasing cute signals
CUTE shrewd clever talent
CUTE sweet personality
CUTTING EDGE new and innovative ways of thinking
CYCLE having to struggle on - feeling isolated
CYCLE doing what you want to do - doing things your own way

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DEATH : Dream analysis and deaths
FATHERS : Dads as dream symbols

ESSAYS on symbolism : The following essays have been written using a bank of correctly analysed dreams. Often we have conclusive proof that a dream links with a real life situation such as the night after you had an argument with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The following essays try to reduce each dreams meaning to a quote which helps you understand the real emotions that dreams refer to.

ANTS : Ants and their meaning in dream interpretions
BIRD : Birds as dream symbols of the future and change
BULLS : Bulls in dreams can symbolise aggressive male attitudes and behavior
CATS : Cats and dreams analysis
DOGS : Dogs and their real meaning in dream analysis
DOLPHIN : Dolphins in dream dictionary interpretion
FISH : An essay in practical dream analysis
Horses : Dreams about horses
INSECTS : Insects in dreams interpretation
PIGS : Pigs in dreams analysis
LIONS : Lions as symbols in dream interpretation
PUPPY : Puppies and their importance in dreams
SHARK : Symbolic importance in dream analysis
SNAKES : Snakes in practical dream studies
Spiders : An essay on the meaning of spiders in dreams
VULTURES : The symbolic meaning of vultures in dreams
WHALES : The symbolism of whales in dreams
AIRPLANE : Aircraft and their dream meanings
ALIEN : A discussion on their symbolic importance in dream analysis
ASTEROIDS : Asteroids in dream analysis
BIRD : Birds and their various symbolic meanings explored
FIREWORKS : A study on dream interpretation
OUTER SPACE : Space as a symbol and its importance in dream analysis
RAIN : Practical dream interpretation
SKYS : The skies and their various meanings in analysed dreams
STORMS : Storms and their symbolic meanings in dreams
TORNADO : The meaning in real dream studies
DREAMS ABOUT TRAVEL : Try these in depth essays on travel dreams
AIRPLANE : Airplanes and their dream meanings
ALLEY : What do alleys mean in real life dreams interpretations
BIKE : Bikes as dream symbols
BRIDGE : The meaning of bridges In dream symbolism
BUSES : Buses symbolise emotions that we feel with other people
CARS : Cars and their meaning in dream analysis
CROSS RIVER : Dreams analysed thoroughly to capture the meaning of river crossings
PARKING LOTS : Parking lots as dream symbols
RAILWAY STATION : The meaning of railway stations in dream analysis
RAILWAYS : Railways and their various meanings in dreams
STREET NAMES : Street names as dream symbols
URBAN : Cities in dream interpretation
VANS : Vans and lorries as dream symbols

Best Friends in dreams : A detailed essay on the symbolism of best friends in real dreams
BOSS : Dreams about your boss and their symbolic interpretation
BABIES : Babies and their dream meaning
BROTHERS : Brothers have lots of alternative meanings in dreams and they are all discussed here
CLOWNS : Clowns are occasional symbols in dreams
COWORKERS : The meaning of coworkers in dream analysis
DOCTORS : What do they mean in real life dream interpretations
FATHERS : Their meaning in dream imagery
GRANDMOTHERS : An essay on their symbolic value
GRANDFATHERS : The various symbolic interpretations
HARRY POTTER : His importance in dreams symbols
INTRUDERS : Intruders and strangers in dream symbols
KINGS : Kings In dream symbolism
LITTLE GIRLS : an essay on dreams analysed
UNKNOWN MEN in dreams and their significance in dream analysis
NATIVE AMERICAN : In dream analysis
PEOPLE(groups of people): their dream dictionary meaning
POLICE : Their symbolic Importance in dreams
PRESIDENTS : Their dream meanings explored
QUEENS : Queens in dream interpretation
SISTERS : Sisters as dream symbols
VAMPIRES : In dream symbolism
WITCHES : A discussion on dream analysis
WOMEN : The unknown woman in dreams
Dream Dictionary : An A to Z of symbolic meanings with every meaning for each symbol
DREAMS ABOUT BUILDINGS : Houses tend to symbolise people but try to think of larger buildings as linking to issues and feelings which affect many people. Try these essays to explore the deeper meaning of buildings in dreams.

MANSIONS in dreams : A detailed essay on the symbolism of mansions
BEAUTIFUL HOUSES : Their significance in real dreams
BUNGALOWS in dreams : The symbolic meaning of bungalows in dream interpretation
HUGE HOUSES : The symbolism of huge houses in dreams
HOTELS : Hotels in dreams
BEDROOMS : The symbolic meaning of bedrooms in dream interpretation
KITCHENS : A study of real dreams to see what kitchens mean
TOILETS : What do toilets in dreams mean
BASEMENTS : The significance of basements in real dream interpretation
STAIRS : Stairs in dreams and what they really mean
CHURCHES : The symbolic meaning of churches in real dreams
STAIRS : Stairs in dreams and what they really mean
CASTLES : What do castles mean in real dream interpretation studies
COLLEGES : Colleges and universities and what they mean in dreams
SCHOOLS : Schools in dreams and their meanings
PRISONS : Prisons in dreams and their symbolic meanings
SKYSCRAPERS : Tall buildings and their meaning in dreams
DREAM DICTIONARY : A study of real symbolic meanings of dreams
DREAMS ABOUT PLANTS AND GARDENS : Plants and greenery in dreams tend to link to things that are growing on us. That could be a relationship which is growing in importance or an interest or job which has great meaning to us. Try these detailed essays to explore the deep and varied meanings of greenery and growth in dreams.

DESERTS : Deserts symbolise a lack of meaning to some part of your life right now
FARMS : Farms tend to symbolise the good and bad ways in which we are been encouraged
GARDENS : gardens often link to good and bad new habits which you are learning
PLANTS : Plants symbolise all things that are growing in our lives
TREES : Trees in dreams can symbolise family and jobs and anything that is deeply rooted and permanent in our lives
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