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Bookmark to: StumbleUpon Bookmark to: Facebook BEDS : Dreams tap into your emotions and thoughts. Sometimes its easier just to translate dream symbols into certain words. Our dream studies have shown that beds are associated with the words 'personally', 'intrusive', 'intimate', and 'sensitive'. So to understand a dream we try to see how those words appear in our thoughts. For instance, one dreamer in our studies had made a very personal appeal to someone. They had had a very friendly conversation and the bed in his dream seems to link to that friendly and personal alliance which had started to form.

In practice bed dreams link to all kinds of personal contexts. One dreamer in our studies had been thinking about someone she had really got to know - the dream symbolized her growing insight into him. Other bed dreams were triggered by people thinking along very personal lines - one was thinking about changes at work which would affect him personally. Others were thinking about their health - a very personal matter. Others had been thinking in detail about their personal likes and dislikes. Other dreams were more negative as the dreamers were focusing on their own sensitivity. One had been embarassed the day before and another felt intruded upon.

Beds also have sexual associations. So if you were attracted to someone yesterday or if you were thinking about your sexual feelings then that could easily have triggered your dream.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you been dwelling on some of your own very personal habits?
- Are you having to make a decision which personally is very important to you?
- Do you feel very personally targeted and affected by something?
- Did someone make a very personal appeal yesterday?
- Were you particularly embarassed or sensitive about something yesterday?

KEY WORDS : personal request, personally, emabarassing, intrusive, intimate, sensitive

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "when you really GET TO KNOW him"
- "he made a very PERSONAL REQUEST yesterday", "making a very PERSONAL appeal"
- "its AFFECTING ME personally" , "what will it mean for ME PERSONALLY"
- "Its an important decision for me"
- "personally I really DISLIKE THAT"
- "its just something that I do","PERSONAL HABITS"
- "I need to be more...","He needs to be a little less..."
- "its very IMPORTANT TO HER"
- "they tend to pick on me because they know WHAT I AM LIKE"
- "he is very SENSITIVE ABOUT that"
- "I find that EMBARASSING"
- "its very INTRUSIVE"
- "sexual attraction"


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METHODS : For a full explanation of the methods used in this dream study CLICK HERE
Below you will see a series of quotes. Each quote represents the meaning of a particular dream(these are all dreams where the meaning is understood totally). For instance one dream may have meant that the dreamer was having trouble at work. In that case the quote may simply be "There is a bad atmosphere at work". Some information is included about which dream symbols were included in the dream(within the squares brackets). Often a sample dream is included which shows you how the dream interpretation was reached.
ESSAY : What is the symbolic meaning of beds in dreams?
Beds are in some ways very complex symbols and difficult to classify. Yet in some senses they are extremely simple. If a dream symbol could be translated into one word in the English language then that word would be "personally". This word links to issues which are very personal and which involve you or your personality.

Beds can obviously be linked to sexuality and sexual attraction. E.g.

"I feel attracted to my girlfriends best friend"[Dream Dictionary - bed dream]

"I am attracted to my coworker but I try not to show it. I think he feels more of me like a mother figure"[Dream Dictionary - naked in childs bed dream]

Often bedroom dreams may symbolise moments when you get to know someone very personally and see what they are really like. E.g.

"Its sometimes strange going into clients houses and often daunting as they live in such poverty"[Dream Dictionary - strange bedroom dream]

Sometimes bedroom dreams may symbolise moments when people ask you personally for something. They may have been especially friendly. E.g.

"My friend from church was been very chatty and friendly with me but I think he was trying to persuade me into doing some work for the church which I do not"[Dream Dictionary - bed dream]

"She knew I didn't want to help but she made a personal appeal to me which was annoying"[Dream Dictionary - bed dream]

Some bedroom dreams maybe about issues which are very important and affect you personally very much. E.g.

"I feel uneasy about my son moving back in. I have my own ways and habits and feel a bit invaded with him moving back in"[Dream Dictionary - bed dream]

"I have to think about myself and what I want. Its an important career choice. Its going to affect my whole life" [Dream Dictionary - bedroom]

"Its a very important decision. But I decided to take my time and sleep on it. There was no rush"[Dream Dictionary - bed dream]

"I have just got pregnant and it brought me very much closer to my mum as she was elated"[Dream Dictionary - air-bed dream]

Often bedroom dreams may link to issues about your own personal health. E.g.

"I feel tired recently and often run down"[Dream Dictionary - holes in bedroom walls dream]

"I woke up with a bad wheezy cough"[Dream Dictionary - bed dream]

"Personally I feel as if I am not up to this interview as I am unwell"[Dream symbol - bedroom ]

"I woke up and it was extremely hot. I think I will have to change the duvet to a summer duvet"[Dream Dictionary - in a foreign bedroom]

Often bed dreams are about your personal likes and dislikes. E.g.

"I just personally hate creepy crawlies. I hated cleaning out the garage yesterday as there where loads of woodlice"[Dream Dictionary - strange bed dream]

Often bedroom dreams may link to issues surrounding your own habits and your personality. E.g.

"I think that my personal habits and lifestyle are probably flawed. I live too freely and am sexually promiscuous"[Dream Dictionary - bed dream]

"I am trying to get my life together. I kind of look to my childhood friend as a role model" [Dream Dictionary - childhood bed dream]

"My mom says that I need to lighten up. I tend to be too serious"[Dream symbol - bedroom dream]

"It was not just criticism of my approach but of me personally. He definitely didn't like me"[Dream Dictionary - hotel bedroom]

"I feel very personally inadequate at work. I always get things wrong and seem inept. Its my first week"[Dream Dictionary - bed dream]

"I think these builder types take advantage of the weak and vulnerable. You have to stand up to them and insist that the work is done properly"[Dream symbol - bed dream]

"I knew it was something that I had to get done. I was very involved in it. But all sorts of problems kept arising "[Dream Dictionary - bed dream]

Similarly the dream may link to other peoples habits and lifestyle and their personality. E.g.

"Well I tried to give my friend some advice. Its something that she always does. She complains about her boyfriend but goes back to him every time. She needs to make a stand"[Dream Dictionary - bedroom window]

Often beds may relate to issues where you come face to face with people in quite an intimate way when normally you would only treat them as a customer or client. It therefore symbolises the personal touch. E.g.

"It was interesting at work yesterday. It very much had an intimate feel about it. We got chatting with the customers and had a good joke at one moment"[Dream symbol - double bed dream]

Beds can sometimes represent moments when you have been trying to show sensitivity to the feelings of others. That you realise that this is very important and personal to them. E.g.

"I am trying to HELP my friend and understand what is going on in her mind"[Dream symbol - inside mothers bedroom dream]

Beds may link to other people and issues which have been brought to life. It may link to a story or news item which you have really gained an insight into the feelings of others. Or it may link to a news item which maybe very relevant to you personally. E.g.

"I was watching reports of Hurricane Katrina. It was really scarey and affected me personally. After all this was not some third world country. It was here in the USA and has quickly descended into chaos."[Dream dictionary - Bedroom dream]

"I am worried about the chances of bird flu. What will it mean for me" [Dream Dictionary - bedroom dream ]

"I really wanted to bring to life what it meant to her personally - I wanted to graphically paint a picture of her feelings at the time."[Dream symbol - Bedroom dream]

Beds can link to decisions which you have personally taken very badly. E.g.

"Its not easy to take him leaving the band. We grew so close like a family."[Dream symbol - Bedroom dream]

"I was really upset about not getting that job. I really put all my efforts into it. It was ideal for me . I was convinced I would get it. "[Dream symbol - Bed dream]

Beds can link to issues which you find very embarrassing or which you are sensitive about. E.g.

"My friend was asking about this man that she is attracted to. It was all very personal questions and a bit embarrassing actually"[Dream dictionary - bed dream]

"It was something that I felt a bit guarded about. I did not want them to know what I was really like. It was a little personal to talk about."[Dream symbol - Bedroom dream]

"I feel a bit uneasy about going to the beauty salon so soon after the miscarriage. It felt a bit wrong"[Dream Dictionary - bed]

"Having to go through that job interview is quite grueling personally"[Dream symbol - bedroom dream][the dream on which that quote is based upon is featured in full below]
DREAM TIP : Beds are the most intimate and personal places. When you enter someones bedroom you are entering the most personal and private places. So if the dream takes place in your bedroom then it links to a very personal issue and very private feeling which you are sensitive about. If the dream takes place in someone elses bedroom it may refer to an issue which they are very sensitive about.
THE DREAM I was lying there, in bed and all of a sudden these people appeared above me with a long tube thing, they looked like doctors but I'm not sure, anyway I knew this tube was going to be pushed into me, so they did, and it was painful, right into my shoulder, then I felt my chest start to fill up, felt like blood, during this whole dream I knew I wasn't awake but let it happen anyway as I felt like I needed this tube thing, it was the first time I've felt pain in a dream, it really hurt, I was lying there after the dream ended waiting for them to take it out but I couldn't be bothered and went back to sleep????? When I woke up I was quit stressful that it hadn't been taken out,

THE REALITY The dreamers husband and his parents had been trying to put pressure on her to find work. This was difficult for her because she did not know the language(French). Two days before the dream she got a phone call about a job. She was to receive a second phone call the night before the dream. In this she was being pressured to speak French. The phone call never came but she had been quite stressed about this.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams are very much linked to reality. Often a dream will link to the emotions that are freshest in our minds. If something was happening the day before then you are very likely to dream about this.

The dream featured an invasive medical procedure. In many cases we go to the doctor and face all sorts of invasive questioning and examinations. Such examinations are humiliating and stressful yet we feel we have to undergo these. In this case the dream is using the invasive medical examination and treatment as a symbol for an intense and personal examination that we face in a job interview.

In the dream the tubes had not been taken out. That possibly also links to reality. It symbolises the fact that the invasive examination is not over. The phone call may come at another time. She may also still feel the personal pressure to get a job from her husband and in laws. So its not over yet!

Symbolic Meanings
BED : "something that affects the dreamer very personally - in this case very personal and invasive questions "
DOCTOR : "having to answer openly and honestly even though this is humiliating"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am living with my husband in France. I do not speak the language and find it difficult to get a job. I had to do an interview over the phone last night(though it never happened in the end). I was worried about it and felt really quite stressed out by all the invasive questions I was expecting"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key thought in the DREAM MEANING

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