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ESSAYS on symbolism : The following essays have been written using a bank of correctly analysed dreams. Often we have conclusive proof that a dream links with a real life situation such as the night after you had an argument with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The following essays try to reduce each dreams meaning to a quote which helps you understand the real emotions that dreams refer to.


ACTOR : Actors can link to moments when you are trying to fake something
ADVERTS : Adverts can symbolise how attractive some idea is to you
AIRPLANE : Planes link to new priorities in your life
ALCOHOL : Alcohol symbolises something that we maybe taking a more relaxed attitude to
ALIEN : Aliens can symbolise something strange which you have never previously come across
ALLEY : Alleys can link to moments when you are unaware of others opinions
ALLIGATORS : Alligators can link to situations involving real emotional danger
AMBULANCE : Ambulances in dreams may symbolise a situation you feel is urgent
ANCIENT : Ancient times often link to dramatic and epic emotions within your own life
ANGER : Anger may show you need to understand someone else’s point of view
ANTS : Ants can link to a pressure to conform
ART : Art often symbolises how you are using your imagination
ASTEROIDS : Meteors can symbolise some sudden change in the facts about some situation
ATTEMPT : Attempting do something may show that you simply do not know what to do or feel nervous

Cleopatra Dream Dictionary A : These symbols are less accurate than the full essays. They are meant only really to generate ideas

ABANDON need to rely on self
ABANDON thoughts and feelings that are not as important as they once were
ABANDON wish to let go
ABANDON wishing to let go of some thought
ABANDONED something that you used to do
ABBEY place of great belief / people join together to share belief
ABCESS emotions likely to burst
ABDOMEN expel unwanted thoughts
ABDOMEN medical - stomach ache / primal emotions/instincts
ABDUCTION you are been forced in a direction you do not really want to go - life circumstances control you
ABNORMAL striking you as odd or unusual
ABODE home of personality
ABODE without abode - lack personality
ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN ice cold male feelings and emotions
ABORIGINAL a more natural way of life
ABORIGINE innocent simple life
ABORT reject ideas
ABORTION reject ideas
ABOVE where you are in relation to your goals
ABROAD foreign strange experiences/thoughts
ABSCESS feelings are to burst out
ABSCOND fraud and deceit
ABSTINENCE overconfidence
ABUNDANCE fortunes and happiness
ABUSE mistreat
ABYSS deep feelings - often of depression
ABYSS overcome major fears / taking the plunge
ACADEMY new friends or skills
ACCELERATOR speeding towards goal
ACCENT express yourself in a certain way
ACCEPTANCE self-esteem
ACCESS knowing everything about something
ACCIDENT delay in putting thoughts into practice
ACCIDENT major upsets to the the mind
ACCIDENT thinking over things that can go wrong
ACCOMPANY be in a agreement with something
ACCOMPLISHMENT a sense of achievement
ACCORDION amusement and joyous harmony
ACCOUNTANT objective and cold in assessing the situation
ACCUSE self doubts or doubts in others
ACHE hesitation
ACHIEVEMENT satisfaction.
ACID annoyance anger
ACORN sew seeds and reap riches
ACQUAINTANCE may see this person soon
ACROBAT manouvering through thoughts and circumstances
ACROSS a different way of thinking
ACROSS a transition to a new emotional feeling - a new mood within you
ACROSS on the other hand!
ACROSS switching your attention - distracting you
ACTOR consider a pun on the actors name as the meaning
ACTOR they symbolise the way the act and behave - their catchphrases and gestures
ACTOR trying to do something that you are not so confident at - trying to imitate
ACTOR Try to convince someone especially when you are not all that convinced yourself
ACTOR you are obviously being fake or pretending in some way
ACTRESS consider a pun on the actors name as the meaning
ACTRESS they symbolise the way they act and behave - their catchphrases and gestures
ACTRESS you are obviously being fake or pretending in some way - not being your true self - faking something you lack confidence at
ADD and furthermore! and another thing! / keep talking
ADDER deceitful enemy
ADDICT loss of power and control - denial of responsibility
ADDITION ability to solve problems
ADIEU end of visits
ADMIRE much regarded and well-loved.
ADMIRING very impressive
ADMIT acknowledging a feeling
ADOLESCENT teenage enthusiasms
ADOPT acceptance and involvement with people of a like mind
ADOPT great new hobby/activity that you are drawn to
ADOPT take some idea that is not your own
ADOPTED new interests and experiences
ADORABLE love at first site
ADORATION admiration
ADORE admiration
ADRENALINE living on the edge - taking risks
ADULT accepting responsibilty
ADULTERY feeling of missing out / betrayal
ADULTERY go against a belief or loyalty
ADVANCEMENT circumstances in your favor
ADVENTURER self asbsorbed
ADVENTUROUS take risks
ADVERSARY overcome circumstances
ADVERT a totally false claim. Overselling yourself in a boastful way
ADVERT Promoting yourself in a better way
ADVERT thinking or saying just how good something will be

ADVICE need to be convinced
ADVOCATE loyal believer
AESTHETIC artistic and cultural
AFFECT influence you
AFFECTION happiness with your circumstances
AFFLICTION some coming problem
AFFLUENCE associated with talented happy people
AFRAID reluctantly inclined to think
AFRICAN AMERICAN expressive and natural soul
AFRICAN colorful culture
AFRO rich and expressive nature
AFTERNOON relates to wheather
AGE concern about ageing
AGGRESSION repressed thoughts
AGREEMENT agreeable circumstances / union of concious and unconcious
AIDS unable to defend yourself
AIR anticipating change in the near future - seeing things happen in your mind
AIR communication of ideas and feelings
AIR CONDITIONER anxious about a situation
AIR FORCE need for spiritual disipline
AIR pun = hot air
AIRCRAFT : getting moving on this project, get an idea off the ground
AIRCRAFT : it could happen so quickly and suddenly. A surprise
AIRCRAFT : My ambitions and hopes
AIRCRAFT : A change in your priorities
AIRCRAFT : a need to plan for a real life journey
AIRPORT anticipating something to happen very quickly
AIRPORT contemplating new direction - high ambitions
AIRPORT doing something very quickly
AIRPORT high ideals, ambition new career path or new adventure.
AISLE about bond yourself to idea or relationship
AISLE neatly organised
AK-47 a general feeling of confrontation
ALARM CLOCK an intense awareness of time - need to stick to a schedule - a warning that something needs doing
ALARM warning signs alerting you to some issue
ALBATROSS vulnerability
ALBINO purity
ALBUM nostalgic about past / surrounded by true friends
ALCHEMY inner transformation
ALCOHOL a relaxed attitude
ALCOHOL totally lose control
ALCOHOL not listening - forcing your opinions on others
ALGEBRA the tried and tested formula / problem solving
ALIEN something outside - foreign - wondering what something is
ALIEN very unlike anything you have ever experienced
ALIMONY paying for your past actions and mistakes
ALIVE believing entirely in
ALIVE having a mind of their own
ALIVE some thought or feeling is brought alive in your mind
ALLERGY sensitive to criticism
ALLEY a narrow restricted vision
ALLEY no idea what other people are thinking - unaware
ALLEY carry on regardless of what others think
ALLIGATOR sensing trouble - sensing danger - something that you would rather avoid
ALLIGATOR something is unfair - a sense of resentment
ALMONDS food of life = prosperity and good times
ALONE am I the only one!
ALONE feeling isolated
ALONE lacking any help
ALRIGHT acceptance of some situation
ALSATIAN antagonistic thoughts coming from a devoted friend
ALTAR sacrifice - personal or other
ALTAR sacrifice
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE everything is the same yet in some ways something is different
ALUMINUM determined but adaptable
ALUMINUM strong thoughts
AMBER fixed ideas locked in past
AMBULANCE show a bit of immediate care and attention - tend to hurt feelings - recognise a situation is dangerous
AMBUSH problems in unexpected places
AMERICAN INDIAN psychic powers and your spiritual style of life - a love of nature
AMETHYST good health and thoughts of contentment
AMISH strict way of living
AMMONIA behavior which strains friendships
AMMUNITION using arguments to persuade
AMOEBA continuous process of adaption and change
AMOROUS attraction towards
AMOROUS scandalous behavior
AMPUTATE cut out something
AMPUTATION must face problems
AMPUTATION restrictions placed on you
AMUSEMENT PARK an amusing or interesting story you have heard
AMUSEMENT PARK being insincere fake or superficial
AMUSEMENT PARK something fake just beneath the surface of the glitter and jangle
ANACONDA creative emotions
ANAESTHESIA numbed senses
ANAL SEX give in to others desires
ANCESTOR a former friend or family member - thoughts about your own roots
ANCESTOR inherited characteristics
ANCESTOR past memories
ANCHOR solid stable characteristics - steady emotions
ANCHOR take a firm hold
ANCIENT elderly statesmanlike thoughts - old sacred beliefs - well thought out and accepted
ANCIENT something from the past - grounded in past
ANDROGENOUS showing a good balance of male and female emotions
ANDROGYNOUS unifying force
ANDROGYNOUS well balanceed
ANDROID a almost robotic type idea - constantly been repeated - lacking true knowledge
ANDROIDS acting robotically
ANECDOTE pleasant social setting
ANESTHESIA numbed senses
ANGEL a person thought to be totally perfect and good
ANGEL an ideal of total female perfection
ANGEL guidance to achieving spritual and higher goals
ANGELS guidance to achieving spritual and higher goals
ANGER repression of thoughts and feelings
ANGLER doing the right thing
ANGRY surpressed rage
ANIMAL degrading pleasures and thrills
ANIMAL lower form of life / behave wildly
ANIMAL moodiness and animalistic emotions - lacking any real control
ANIMAL TRAINER trying not to show deep emotions
ANIMATE extremely vibrant
ANIMATION light heartedness
ANIMOSITY strong dislike - possible conflict
ANKLE a junction in your personal life
ANKLE personal flexibility
ANKLE support and direction
ANNOY circumstances are against you
ANNULMENT free yourself from obligations
ANOREXIA low self worth
ANSWERING MACHINE difficulties in understanding
ANTS doing the same as everyone else
ANTS controlling your mind - forced to conform
ANTARTIC an inability to concentrate properly and get deply involved in life
ANTELOPE prosperous and high ambitions
ANTENNA communication with others
ANTENNA sensing what people think
ANTENNA transmission of thoughts and feelings
ANTIDOTE putting something right
ANTIQUE old idea now valued
ANTIQUE SHOP wanting to become enlightened on some issue
ANTLER rivalry
ANTLER sexual desire
ANUS eject unwanted thoughts and feelings
ANVIL key to success at something
ANXIETY concious anxiety
APARTMENT dreamers personality
APARTMENT finding a way of doing something that makes you feel comfortable
APARTMENT your approach to some issue on your mind
APARTMENT your own personal space that should be respected
APARTMENT your self - personality
APATHETIC not bothered either way
APE joking - pun
APEX reaching the very top
APHRODITE greek god of love and beauty - sensual and caring energies
APOCALYPSE massive personal change
APOLLO spiritual leader and god
APOLOGIZE make allowances for
APOLOGIZE make allowances
APOLOGIZE release your old grudges
APPARITION feelings you cannot see within
APPLAUSE need for recognition
APPLE health = apple a day keeps the doctor away
APPLE rotten = unfulfilling desires
APPLE temptation - eve
APPLE TREE temptation
APPOINTMENT a set time for something
APPOINTMENT deadline for something
APPREHENSIVE fearing the worst
APPRENTICE yet to be accepted amongst a group - lacking confidence or knowledge
APRICOT mixed sweet but sour experience
APRON protection
AQUARIUM acknowledged emotions - studying emotions
AQUARIUM analysing your own desires and those of others
AQUATIC PLANT creative and imaginative abilities
AQUEDUCT emotional path
ARABIAN eastern mystery
ARC rise and fall
ARCADE hanging out and trying to give the impression of being cool
ARCADE happy times
ARCH support for your direction in life
ARCHAEOLOGY acknowledgement of your unconscious.
ARCHAPELLIGO seperate but connected
ARCHERY setting your targets in life
ARCHITECT planning to reshape the way you think - planning new project
ARCTIC cold lonell and remote emotional situation
ARDENT very vociferous
ARENA struggle over
ARGUE an inner conflict
ARGUE doing something you do not believe in
ARGUE offer an alternative
ARGUING debating what actually happened in your mind
ARGUING disagree with something
ARGUMENT internal conflict
ARK preservation
ARM arm = military pun
ARM great strength
ARMADILLO tough defensive emotions
ARMAGEDDON extreme stress
ARMOR defensiveness to criticism
ARMOR protective layer
ARMOUR capable of rebuffing criticism
ARMOUR determindly defensive
ARMPIT unfortunate unpleasant area / tendency
ARMS physichal strength and support
ARMY a need to follow written instructions or orders - strict rules that need to be followed
ARMY Confrontation - Ready to challenge something
ARMY enduring hardship with others - a sense of teamwork and effort - a disciplined outlook
ARMY having a really rough day and facing difficult situations - carry on regardless
AROMA sensual pleasure
AROUND explore something
ARREST caught in the act - getting found out - knowing that you are breaking some rules
ARREST trying to calm down some situation - bringing peace of mind
ARREST something that is off limits - a forbidden topic you will not discuss
ARREST restore order within your mind - coming to your senses
ARREST a sense of injustice - thats not right!
ARREST conventions - doing things the way that is expected
ARREST some actual case involving the law - enforce some law or rule
ARROGANCE over belief and exxageration
ARROGANT over belief and exxageration
ARROW aim at your goals
ARROW aiming at something / pointing something out
ARSON destructiveness
ART a creative explanation of something
ART imagining the worst - paiting a picture of how things can be
ART paiting a picture of how things can be - a vision of how you want things to be
ARTHRITIS difficulties on moving to goals
ARTIC an inability to concentrate properly and get deply involved in life
ARTICHOKE eat = delve into problem
ARTICULATED LORRY some work involving expression
ARTIFACT evidence of something
ARTIFACT objects from your conscious life
ARTIST creative side - using creative talents - using your imagination
ARTWORK creative efforts
ASHES remains / remnants of
ASHTRAY discard unwated troubles
ASIA mysterious and distant thoughts
ASIAN conservative and guarded
ASIAN spiritually minded - deep eastern thoughts
ASK seeking knowldege
ASP deceitful enemies
ASPARAGUS growth and prosperity
ASPHALT clear road - a new freshly made route for your life
ASS stupid
ASSASSIN destroy an aspect of your character
ASSAULT pressure building up within
ASSISTANCE relates to your your abilty to handle things
ASSISTANT help and support with carrying out actions
ASTEROID realising that your life will change radically
ASTEROID the truth has been found out
ASTEROID something terrible that nearly happened yesterday
ASTEROID being suddenly struck by the truth - something that you did not realise at first
ASTHMA anxious and uncomfortable circumstances
ASTONISH amazed and stunned
ASTROLOGY wondering about future
ASTRONAUT seeking new experiences and places
ASTRONAUT transporting your mind to understand some amazing intellectuall or creative idea
ASYLUM ill health and poor circumstances
ATHLETE great physical strength and fitness
ATHLETE showing great energy and effort - very ingenious and quick thinking - athletic ways of thinking
ATHLETIC great physical strength and fitness
ATHLETIC showing great energy and effort - very ingenious and quick thinking - athletic ways of thinking
ATLAS planning changes
ATOXIC non threatening
ATTACHMENT feeling connected
ATTACK pressure building up within
ATTENTION being taken seriously and respected
ATTENTION take time to look at
ATTIC conceptual and higher thinking
ATTIC living in your dreams
ATTIC path to unconcious
ATTIC thoughts in your imaginations / possibly hidden thoughts
ATTORNEY seek support for arguments
ATTRACT promote and encourage some way of thinking
ATTRACTIVE something that is attractive and appealing
AUCTION just how important is some relationship
AUDIBLE very very clear message - something you must listen too
AUDIENCE a need to take care
AUDIENCE emotions been shown in a very open and very public way
AUDITION insecure thoughts about how others see you
AUDITORIUM everyone knows what has been said - things happened in public
AUDITORIUM making your thoughts perfectly clear for all to see
AUGER honest labour
AUNT a need for more imaginative thinking
AUNT female experience and help
AUNT need a sympathetic chat with someone not so involved
AUNT the need for advice - wanting help on some matter
AURA great energies
AURORA wonderful enlightening experiences
AUSTRALIA pulled down
AUSTRALIA turn upside down
AUTISM an inability to communicate feelings properly
AUTISTIC an inability to communicate feelings properly
AUTOGRAPH approval and positive acceptance
AUTOGRAPH show devotional feelings for something/someone
AUTOPSY an inquest into why something happened the way it did
AUTOPSY studying actions and thoughts
AUTUMN rough times ahead
AUTUMN the best times are over - its all downhill now
AVAILABLE being within reach / ability to get to something
AVALANCHE inescapeable repressed thoughts
AVOID need to face up to problem
AVOID pun = A void
AWAKE heed message of dream
AWAKEN find new spiritual energy
AWARD need recognition
AWARE to recognise something that you have not perhaps recognised so far
AX cut out some way of thinking / dismiss an idea
AXE being axed - dropped from a team
AXE cut out some way of thinking / dismiss an idea
AXE cut things up - divide them

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