Did you feel quite tired yesterday? Were you feeling half dead - lacking any enthusiasm? Who was acting like a zombie yesterday - unable to show any sense? Were you unable to think properly yesterday? Are you trying to hold onto a relationship which is already over? eg half dead? Was something really boring yesterday - lacking any inspiration at all? Zombies can have quite strange meanings - one zombie dream was caused by some thoughts about a couple who were walking around like zombies completely in love with each other.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- How do you feel like a zombie right now? Do you feel ill and lacking vitality?
- Did you behave like a zombie yesterday - completely unable to act?
- Do you get bored by some situation in your life or some task?
- Is there anyone who bores you senseless?
- Is your life lacking inspiration right now?

KEY WORDS (our study of zombie dreams has been found to link with these words): Boredom, paralysis, routine, lack of inspiration, panic , blissfully happy , exhausted, unthinking, unquestioning, lack of stimulation(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Studies of zombie dreams have shown they are linked with the following emotions and thoughts) :
- "I still feel ill and have not properly recovered"
- "Its just the MINDLESS BOREDOM"
- "I need something in my life to inspire me"
- "I have to get myself out of this routine - my mind is simply NOT STIMULATED"
- "I was exhausted and UNABLE TO THINK clearly"
- "She was panicking yesterday"
- "Talking to him is like talking to the living dead"
- "I find it difficult to react in such situations - its like a phobia"
- "He simply cannot think of anything to say"
- "Yesterday my mind went totally blank and I could simply not think what to do"
- "I am unable to think of anything else"
- "We were just blissfully happy"
- "MINDLESSLY accept some ideas"
- "She just MINDLESSLY repeats the same old arguments - you simply cannot reason with her"
- "The relationship is not over yet its not really alive"
- "Really the relationship has been over for ages. I have to accept this"
- "I am trying to keep my creative ideas flowing but I get bogged down and stuck"


Example dream : Zombies symbolised the dreamers dislike of her boyfriend who tended to say stupid things. He was especially irritating the day before . The zombie could symbolise his ability to really annoy her by saying stupid things.
Example dream : A zombie attack dream was linked to the dreamer feeling bored in her relationship. Zombies are often symbolic of such boredom and lack of inspiration in your life.
Example dream : Zombies in a dream were a symbol for the dreamers wait the day before - she had sent a voice message to a guy she was attracted to. The zombies symbolised this waiting period when she could not tell what the answer was. It was too early to tell if she had been rejected. The zombies symbolised her frustration at not knowing what the answer was.
Example dream : Zombies in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling emotionally drained and bored by her husband. Sometimes she could not bear to be in the same room as him.
Example dream : Trying to get away from zombies linked to the dreamer trying to complete her book. She often got real moments of inspiration yet would also be stuck lacking any ideas - she was unable to be creative.
Example dream : Trying to kill zombies linked to the dreamer thinking about his life before he went to bed. He had the same routine all the time and felt unappreciated by others.
Example dream : A dream where zombies are eating the dreamer liked to the dreamer being very lazy. He had nothing to do and all the days where the same. He decided to start working out and to get out of this rut.
Example dream : A zombie dream linked to the dreamer being unemployed. The zombies symbolised him being bored out of his mind.
Example dream : A zombie dream linked to the dreamer being bored out her mind after being grounded by her parents.
Example dream : A dream about zombies and an economics lesson linked to the dreamer hating economics lessons. He was so bored that the clock seemed to go backwards.
Example dream : A dream of zombies linked to the dreamer trying to avoid her boyfriends ex. She hated the dreamer and just mindlessly repeats the same old nonsense.
Example dream : A zombies dream linked to the dreamers social phobias. She had a real fear of meeting of people and just did not know how to react - she felt totally paralysed.
Example dream : A dream of zombies linked to the dreamer not knowing what to say with her new friend. He was often nervous and there were real moments of silence when she could not think of anything to talk about.
Example dream : A zombies chasing dream linked to the dreamer feeling exhausted after an illness. The zombies symbolised the total lack of energy and inability to think whilst ill.
Example dream : One dreamer often got zombie dreams shortly before becoming ill. The zombies symbolised the total lack of energy and inability to think whilst ill.
Example dream : Zombies chasing her cousin in a dream linked to the dreamer criticising her cousin because she panics all the time. The zombies symbolised her tendency to panic - she had a blank expression on her face.
Example dream : A zombies dream followed on from the dreamer going to a conference the day before when things went wrong. She could not think what to say and panicked.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer and her boyfriend were zombies linked to them being totally in love with each other. The zombies symbolised the mindless look on their faces and complete love for each other.
Example dream : One zombies dream took place whilst the dreamer was trying to keep her long distance relationship with her boyfriend going. The zombies symbolised the feeling that this relationship was over (a zombie is dead but it is being kept alive)
Example dream : A zombies trying to get into the house linked to the dreamer wanting to get back together with her boyfriend. She was hoping against hope that they would get back together. The zombies symbolised the need to accept that the relationship was over.

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