Did you feel much younger yesterday? Did someone remind you of times gone by? Was there a fresh and fun mood yesterday where you felt full of enthusiasm? Did someone treat you like a child yesterday? These are obvious metaphors for dreams where you are younger.

KEY WORDS :young at heart, memories, immature, elderly, enthusiastic, teenager,attitude

The mistake that people make with dream symbols is that they see their meanings in simplistic ways. They come up with interpretations like "If you are younger in your dreams then it shows that you are thinking about the past and opportunities that you have missed out on." That may in fact be true but actually "young" people may translate simply into the words "the past" and that might feature in many different contexts in your life. Think of all the ways that the words "the past" come up in your thoughts. There are literally hundreds of different contexts e.g. "I was thinking about the past", "he is stuck in the past", "I must remember not to make the mistakes that I made in the past" and "I have got to stop myself thinking about what happened in the past."


Example dream : A dream where young people are taking frightening risks linked to some frightening events taking place in the world economy together with some thoughts about casual attitude of young people generally.
Example dream : A dream full of young women linked to the dreamer having a new female friend who was full of energy and enthusiasm (all qualities we associate with youth). Put simply the dream caught these feelings "I have a new friend and she makes me feel young again."
Example dream : The dreamer felt young free and happy because she had just had a romantic meal with her husband
Example dream : A dream about a young nephew linked to the dreamers new enthusiastic mood. The young link by association with enthusiasm as young people tend to be more enthusiastic. People often use phrases like "I feel ten years younger" meaning they are filled with enthusiasm.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is with young and cool people was linked to his attempts to develop new relationships with young and cool people.
Example dream : A dream where young people are playing happily whilst the dreamer was struggling to get up a hill was linked to the dreamers ill health - he was unable to enjoy life in the way he did when he was young.
Example dream : A dream about playing football linked to the dreamer feeling very energetic during the night. In the dream he is running fast, but not as fast as when he was young. The dream seems to have caught this feeling "I feel full of energy right now for a change. I am usually very tired and worn out. But right now I feel like a game of soccer. Of course I don't feel as energetic as when I was young but still I feel better than I have done for a long time." Dreams will help document changes in our energy and health. Of course the dream was simply about him feeling full of energy. He was not likely to go out and play football he was far too old for that. Dreams are about your emotions and emotionally he felt much younger and full of energy for this short period.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is knocked over by a young and virile player during a game of football. The youth and virility of the opponent was a symbol of the dreamer getting older (less young and less virile) and the dream seemed to capture this type of thought "I have got to stop making silly excuses, I am simply getting old."
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was young and athletic. In reality he was getting older and had all sorts of health problems. Feeling young in the dream linked to him doing too much and trying to behave like he was when he was young. He was very hyperactive and often found it difficult to settle to let his ageing body a chance to rest.

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