Here is a typical interpretation of a yelling dream. Yesterday you wished you got so frustrated that you wished that you could scream. Yet because the person frustrating you was your boss then you had to hold in all your anger and frustration and could say nothing. If you have been yelling and arguing constantly then the dream probably has a simple meaning. Yelling can show that you want to warn someone about someone/something. It probably indicates that your warnings have not got through. Yelling can also indicate that you want to say something but cannot because its not appropriate to do so (for instance if you work in a job you simply cannot shout at customers).

KEY WORDS : "Understanding someone's anger", "frustrations", "bottling up", "troubled", "angry boss", "not listened too", "upset", "tension", "need to warn", "suppressed anger", "petty squabbling", "inappropriate to express anger","strong feelings", "determined", "poor circumstances"

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "You really have to take this more seriously!"
- "I am starting to see his point of view"
- "I needed to understand how he felt"
- "She is just not CONSIDERATE and does not show me any RESPECT"
- "They just did NOT REALISE how I felt"
- "I need to show my anger"
- "I am so FRUSTRATED with this"
- "I WANT TO TELL them how angry I am but cannot"
- "I need to keep my frustrations UNDER CONTROL "
- "I just do not understand WHY THIS HAPPENED"


Example dream : Yelling in a dream linked to the dreamer being very upset because his nephew was on a life support machine with no chance of survival.
Example dream : Yelling in a dream linked to the problems that the dreamer was having at work. The dream captured this thought "I am having problems in my new job and I am not enjoying it at all. I wish I could shout out but I can't as it would be inappropriate"
Example dream : Yelling in a dream linked to the dreamer trying to talk to a friend about how she had become very distant. This was symbolic of how she had become frustrated trying to tell someone something and was just not being listened too (we tend to start shouting in such situations). The dream dealt with this theme of "frustration" and "not being listened too" and overall the dream captured this wider feeling "It was difficult trying to get through to her how distant she was becoming. Its frustrating trying to get through to someone who is not listening. I feel hurt and a little depressed."
Example dream : A dream she where the dreamers manager at work is yelling at her took place the day after someone was fired at work. This came as a shock to the dreamer who then started to think about her own bad behaviour. She often tried to get away with as much as she could. So she was starting to think how it could have been her who was fired and then mentioned how much she needed the job as she wanted to go on holiday to New Zealand. So her boss yelling has obvious relevance here as it recreates the anger that her boss would have felt when sacking someone. It also looks towards the possibility that her boss would get angry (and yell at her) and then fire her if she pushed him. So the dream had an easy meaning "I shouldn't get my boss angry or he might fire me."
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is yelling to her father. This was symbolic of her very strong views as she was angry at father for killing off some mice which were infesting the family home. We shout when we have strong views and something is angering us.
Example dream : A dream where her friend shouts symbolised her friend telling her about her weight problems which was obviously troubling her. Shouting in this sense is associated with "strong feelings" and "clearly troubled" as people who are troubled will often shout and scream. The dream probably linked to this type of thought "She was clearly troubled about her weight. I was worried that we were talking for too long and might get told off for talking too long about personal things at work."
Example dream : Someone shouting out "shark" in a dream linked to an incident the day before when the dreamer was walking with two friends and had been playfully pitting them against each other. Yelling in the dream was part of this scenario as the dreamer was replaying the incident through her mind. Yelling "shark" hints at the heightened tension that this might have involved. This type of play fighting can involve risk as people might cross a certain line then people might be offended. Such humour is usually very edgey and can be pushed to the limit. The dream probably caught some thought like this "I was playfully pitting my two friends against each other. It might have been very risky as one might have been much stronger than the other. Something unexpected might have happened and they may have got involved in a real fight rather than play fight."
Example dream : A mother yelling in a dream linked to the dreamer watching a disturbing TV documentary the night before about gangs. The yelling symbolised her strong feelings that this was clearly wrong and should be stopped. So the dreams meaning involved this theme of "something which is clearly wrong which should be stopped" and the dream probably hinted at this wider meaning "I was watching this documentary on Mexican gangs and it was shocking. It is clearly wrong and needs to be stopped." This suggests that the dreamer had become emotionally involved in the TV program and taken it very personally.
Example dream : Yelling to her father that someone was crazy symbolised the dreamers dislike of her brothers new girlfriend. She had tried to warn her father about her the night before. So yelling in the dream was a symbol of her frustration that her warning was not being heard. Obviously yelling is associated with warnings because we will often yell out a warning.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was yelling at her mom simply represented the dreamers resentment because her mother had kicked her out because her boyfriend did not like her.
Example dream : Yelling in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling extremely frustrated at her ex husband having custody over the weekend of her autistic son. Yelling in the dream symbolised her thinking that this was totally wrong and should not have happened (but also having to accept that this).
Example dream : Yelling in a dream linked to the dreamers wish for petty squabbling to stop between her mother and her boyfriend.
Example dream : Yelling in a dream symbolised someone's strong opinions - a woman yelling symbolised how she would react if he made a sexual advance on her. It was a warning that he should not pursue any sexual feelings as this would make her very angry. So we can translate the yelling in the dream into just one word "angry" and the dream caught this exact feeling "I know she will get angry if I make a pass at her. We are just friends but I do fancy her."
Example dream : Wanting to yell but nothing coming out linked to a child molester that the dreamer had to serve at work. He was a customer and she had to treat him with total respect even though she wanted vent her anger at him. The yelling then was symbol for her suppressed anger.
Example dream : A dream with yelling took place whilst the dreamer was homeless and jobless.
Example dream : Yelling at a witch symbolised the dreamers determination not to put up with her grandmothers worst behaviour (she was coming to stay the next day). Yelling represented her strong feelings and determination to resist her grandmother.
Example dream : A yelling dream occurred whilst the dreamer was arguing constantly with her boyfriend and it was the type of thing that was happening all the time(yelling)
Example dream : Yelling at people symbolised the dreamers emotions towards a man she was helping. She recognised his poor circumstances and felt his frustration. She had been really touched by his plight

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