Winning at something often symbolises success at something that is very important to you. Think of something that has just made you feel so much better about yourself. You may just have achieved some recognition that has made you feel very special. You may have just started to succeed with something that has been taking you a long time. Winning can also link to very personal battles - for instance one winning dream symbolised the dreamers wish to prove that her ex was already cheating before they broke up. This 'victory' was so important to the dreamer.

- "winners" and "losers"(What does the words "winner" and "loser" make you think of?)
- "self confidence"(A "winning" dream may not relate to anything specific but rather your general level of confidence. A winning dream may occur when you are feeling especially self confident and ready to take on anything)
- "health problem"(A "winning" dream may link to a huge health problem. We say we are "battling with cancer" or "battling with arthritis" and when we have overcome that illness we say "we have won the battle". So in practice "winning" dreams may show your wish to overcome an illness)
- "an enourmous struggle"("Winning" in a drream may hint that you are struggling with something in general. You may have )
- "a personal battle"(If you have become embroiled in some personal battle then clearly one of you is going to win and one will lose. So a "winning dream" may link to some feelings involving a personal battle eg "she always wants to get her own way" or "I have got to make her change her mind".)
- "truly sorting something"("Winning" in a dream may link to a wish to sort something out. Your dream may link to some thought process related to this such as "I have truly found the solution" or "we need to find an answer that sorts this out")


Example dream : A dream about winning a battle against crabs biting the dreamer was linked to a chronic health problem - winning the battle referred to his battle to overcome his health problems and stay alive. Winning links by association with many health problems as we struggle to overcome a disability. We say things like "I am winning my battle with cancer."
Example dream : Winning at cards was linked to the dreamers belief that she was destined to get back together with her ex. If you believe in destiny then you know that you will win! Winning links in with feelings like "this is important to me" and "I really want this." Winning implies a high level of personal involvement and strong emotions - "I really want to beat him!" and "I really want to win over his heart!"
Example dream : Winning a beauty pageant in a dream symbolised the dreamers recognition upon waking that she should believe in herself. Winning in this sense was linked to feeling good about yourself and these dreams may touch on a poor self image. If you have to remind yourself that you are just as good as everyone else then you are probably lacking confidence. Winning in such a context may link to thoughts like "I am just as good as them", or "I have to be more confident" and "I have to believe in myself if I am to succeed!"
Example dream : Winning the lottery symbolised the dreamers belief that a project he was working on would truly 'sort things out'. Winning in this sense will link by association with thoughts like "I have succeeded", "I have a real feeling of achievment", "This will sort things out" and "I am so relieved". Such dreams may occur when you feel an emotional feeling of relief at having achieved something. These dreams may occur when you are trying to visualise success. In this case the winning in the dream could be translated into words like "success" and "solution" and the dream was triggered by this feeling "I have been working hard and my project is about to succeed. I have been having some problems but when I overcome them then things will be sorted. This is the solution!"
Example dream : Winning a struggle with a demon who wanted to possess her body symbolised the dreamers battle with her mother. She was worried sick because her mother had gone on holiday and someone had said that she would stay in Japan. This left the dreamer frantic with worry. The winning in the dream could be translated symbolically into the phrase "I am in a real battle with her" and the dream linked to this real life intuition "I am frantic with worry as my mother might suddenly move to Japan without telling me!" Winning will link by association with phrases like "she is causing me so much worry", "he has really got it in for me" and "I have got to get her to change her mind." Such dreams link to a you versus them theme. Either they get their own way and you lose. Or you are forced into doing something that you do not want to do. In all cases this person is causing you lots of stress.
Example dream : The dreamer had been thinking about his own greatest achievement(Win). Recently he had achieved one of his ambitions - this was the crowning achievement of his life. However, he was worried that this would be his last achievement as his health was declining drastically. We can guess that the dream was about this key feeling the night before "This is my crowning achievement and I will never do better than this. Yet I feel my health is deteriorating and soon I will be much worse." Study this quote and we see how we can directly translate this "victory" and "winning" into the word "achievement" and see how it appears as a theme in that key quote above e.g. "This is my crowning achivement yet it maybe my last"

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