If you are being chased by a wolf then you are slowly been worn down. In a dream a wolf could depict any emotion where you feel you are being worn down and hunted. Its very unlikely that a wolf is a literal symbol - especially as in many countries wolves are extinct. Wolf dreams can be triggered by any of the following feelings.

1. WORN DOWN Are you completely exhausted? Wolves pursue their prey relentlessly
4. FAILURE Bad dreams can follow on from a day when you have been feeling a failure.
5. SELFISH Was someone very selfish yesterday?
7. RAW SEXUAL NEEDS A wolf dream might link to raw sexual needs. Have you been highly sexed recently? Maybe your sexual partner is demanding a lot of you recently.
8. BULLYING A wolf bullies its prey and so a wolf dream may represent some bully in your life.
9. HARSH REALITY A dream where the wolves are at the door could signify the harsh reality of life. Maybe you are suffering hard times right now?
10. TEMPER We associate wolves with viciousness. If someone showed their temper yesterday then the wolf might symbolise that temper. May be you were shocked by someone's loss of control? May be you had to lose your temper in order to get things done?
11. RUTHLESS AND UNCARING Was someone particularly uncaring yesterday? Do you live in a ruthless environment?
12. SOMEONE'S TRUE NATURE A wolf dream may signify someone's deeper darker nature? Were you surprised at how nasty someone was yesterday? Did they show their true nature? Did you reveal a deeper darker side yesterday which shocked people?
12. NATIVE AMERICAN CULTURE Are you native American? Have you been thinking about Native American culture? If so then your dream may link to this back to nature culture.
13. YOUR OWN STRUGGLE Can you identify with the wolf? Do you live in a harsh world where you have to show your ruthless side? Do you feel like the world is against you?

This page is based on the research of real life wolf dreams, all of which are listed at the bottom of the page.

A wolf dream could symbolise anything gruelling and exhausting in your life right now. It could be that you have been worn down by false accusations. You might fear the worst in a harsh and cruel world. It could be that a relationship is at a last bitter stage or simply that you are experiencing poverty in some way. You might simply fear a confrontation.

The wolves may not be about hard times for yourself. It maybe a symbol showing how ruthless you realise you have been to others. That you should stop playing with danger and you should behave in a much more moral and fair way.

Wolves maybe a much more positive symbol. If you like wolves then surely a wolf dream could symbolise something positive. It maybe a symbol about your wish to live in a much more natural way living on your instincts. So if you have just been dabbling with alternative cultures then the dream maybe about this wish to explore new ideas and ways of living.

- "The relationship has failed and we are seperating"
- "I shouted at him yesterday"
- "He is not supporting me in the way that I wish"
- "We are going through some hard times"
- "Something terrible has happened to the family"
- "He is nasty and selfish"
- "They were bullying me"
- "They are really nasty and interfering"
- "I take on the challenge of life and admire the ability of the wolf to survive in the natural world"
(wolf dreams have been found to link to thoughts like these. Try to think if thoughts like these have been on your mind)

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Are there arguments within some group?
- Have you been the subject of bullying recently?
- Have you been going through hard times?
- Has some relationship just failed?

WORD ASSOCIATIONS "piercing eyes", "hungry", "crying wolf", "lone wolf", "wolfed down another bite", "growl", "wolf-whistling", "howl", "instinct", "threaten", "on the alert", "keen to avoid", "terrified and confused", "approach with caution"


Example dream : A wolf symbolised the huge fight the dreamer had with her Nan the night before. It was similarly gruelling and ruthless. The dream tapped into thought processes which involved this theme eg "My Nan constantly wares me down - I felt really ganged up on last night". The dream uses the simple metaphor "I feel like my Nan is like a wolf waring me down." Dreams will often use extreme symbols like as it is clear that her grandmother is not like a wolf. These just help express our strong feelings. Dreams are not so much about the reality of the situation they are more about our feelings.
Example dream : Wolves in a dream linked to the dreamer coming under pressure to get an arranged marriage. The wolves were symbolic of this cultural pressure to get married . The symbolism is simple - the pack of wolves gang up on the dreamer in the same way that his family pressurize him. The dream taps into thought processes which deal with a similar theme such as "My family are like a pack of wolves constantly pressurizing me to accept this arranged marriage."
Example dream : A wolf dream was brought on by the dreamers thoughts about her boyfriend who was being more sexually demanding just recently. The wolf was a symbol for his raw sexual needs. (the wolf representing raw 'animal' sexual needs).
Example dream : Fearing an attack from a wolf in a dream took place the night after the dreamer had been thinking about a man she was atrracted to. She had told him her feelings but he had said that it was not the right time. The dreamer knew this man was meeting another woman that very night. The wolf attack was a symbol of how her feelings might be savaged if this man choose this other woman. We can actually take the dream analysis further and guess that the dream was about this thought "I want to talk to him but I know he is meeting this other woman. Saying something now would just make the situation worse. I have got to give him space." In the dream the wolf does not bite the dreamer but simply knocks the phone out of the dreamers hand. So the dream focuses on the phone - hinting that she should not barge in and talk to him before the time is right.
Example dream : A wolf dream represented the dreamers fears that a confrontation would take place. She was not wanting to get drawn into a hostile dispute.
Example dream : A pack of wolves dream represented the dreamers bad relationship. This was now a continuously hostile situation which was waring the dreamer out. (wolves wear down their prey relentlessly)
Example dream : A pack of wolves symbolised a woman who hated the dreamer. She had tried to manipulate the situation but was found out. The wolves represented this relentless and hostile pursuit. (wolves wear down their prey)
Example dream : A pack of wolves symbolised the ruthless way in which the dreamers girlfriend acted in dumping him.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer became a wolf symbolised the dreamers love of nature and willingness to campaign on such issues. (wolves are wonderful examples of nature - they roam freely)
Example dream : A wolf chasing the dreamer symbolised her complete exhaustion working full time and looking after her grandmother. She felt completely worn down as if chased by wolves.
Example dream : Prior to his wolf dream the dreamer was thinking about his Native American culture. The wolf symbolised this cultures link with nature - Native Americans loved nature and lived as one with the natural world.
Example dream : A wolf symbolised false accusations which were wearing down the dreamer.
Example dream : A wolf attack dream took place as the dreamer realised that she was in danger of cheating on her boyfriend. She woke up and decided to cut off contact with this other guy. The wolf symbolised how she had been playing with danger (her cheating could cause real problems). (You do not cheat as you are playing with fire - it will provoke a huge ferocious attack - like a wolf)
Example dream : A gigantic wolfhound symbolised the dreamers mother who died the next day. The wolf representing the harsh reality and ruthless nature of death. Wolves will hunt you down without mercy. Wolves then can link to many negative situations and feelings such as "failure", "harsh reality", "ruthlessness" and even in this case "death". We associate wolves with death and so the appearance of a wolf in a dream maybe your minds way of saying "death". So we can guess that the dream was a premonition of the dreamers mothers death the next day.
Example dream : A wolf in a dream linked to a stressful situation which had really been wearing down the dreamer. The wolf in this dream can be translated into the word "trouble" and we can guess the dreams meaning by looking for ways in which the dreamer might use that word at that time e.g. "I have had nothing but trouble with that woman." The dream therefore uses the simple metaphor "a wolf is nothing but trouble. You can expect the worst and should avoid it at all costs." Indeed the dreamer was trying to avoid this woman in real life because of all the trouble she was causing. That woman, along with a lion, tiger, shark and wolf should be avoided at all times. Its quite a strong metaphor but shows the strength of feeling on behalf of the dreamer.
Example dream : The wolves in the dream symbolised the harsh reality of the dreamers life. He was thinking the night before that bad things happen for no reason. Previously he thought that he was being protected and never felt anything truly bad could happen. Now he was worried that things could get much worse.
Example dream : A dream of wolves in a bleak landscape linked to the dreamer breaking up with her husband. The wolves symbolised the harsh reality of the break up and her feeling worn down by the split. The wolf is associated with many relevant feelings here. A break up involves "cruelty", "ruthlessness" and "a tiring struggle". The wolf is a ruthless creature which will show no mercy as it bares down on its prey.
Example dream : A dream of a wolf biting a baby linked to the dreamer wanting support from his brother. He was trying to put a lot of effort into a multimedia project but his brother was not helping at all. This was good for their careers. The wolf bit symbolised the possible failure of this project and the feeling that his brother just didn't care.
Example dream : An angry wolf snarling dream linked to the dreamer thinking about the things she had said to her partner the day before. She accused him of cheating and later found out I was wrong. She felt really bad about this and was worrying that she was turning into her father who could have a nasty temper.
Example dream : A dream where wolves were running towards her linked to the dreamer finding out her boyfriend had cheated on her whilst she was still with him. The wolves symbolised the ruthless and uncaring way he had treated her. The dream probably linked to this feeling "I keep reminding myself of how ruthless and uncaring he was. He was cheating on me before we broke up." Quite often we wallow in the role of the victim. Girls say how mean their ex boyfriends were to them. Such feelings show that we are not ready to move on yet. In order to start dating again you must have put bad feelings behind you.
Example dream : A dream of wolves chasing after the dreamer linked to him being bullied at work. The wolves symbolised the feeling of being picked and bullied. Wolves are a very relevant metaphor here as wolves are pack animals and the strong constantly pick on the weak. The pack stick together and fight with their prey. Bullies pick on the weak in a ruthless fashion.
Example dream : A dream of a wolf like from the 'Never ending story' linked to the dreamer thinking about a woman on the internet who had annoyed her the day before. She was so uncaring about her boyfriends child. The child was totally innocent yet she was saying things which were really nasty. The wolf symbolised this woman and her ruthless and uncaring behaviour. Wolves are meat eaters and therefore kill ruthlessly. They do not care for any of their victims showing absolutely no mercy. The woman in real life was ruthless an uncaring and had no feelings of mercy or compassion.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer dreamt that she was a wolf linked her wish to pursue her goals and her own struggle in life. A wolf has several associations which are relevant to this situation. The wolf must kill and be totally self reliant. The dreamer was reminding herself of the need to be ruthless and show the killer instinct in business.

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