Winning or losing is a very symbol in a dream which can be very relevant in your life right now. It may link to a very personal struggle between you and a rival. Think how you might use a phrase like "I will overcome him" Winning at something often symbolises success at something that is very important to you. Think of something that has just made you feel so much better about yourself. You may just have achieved some recognition that has made you feel very special. You may have just started to succeed with something that has been taking you a long time. Winning can also link to very personal battles - for instance one winning dream symbolised the dreamers wish to prove that her ex was already cheating before they broke up. This 'victory' was so important to the dreamer.

SYMBOLIC KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: "overcome a health problem", "achieve an ambition", "I am right and she is wrong!", "really wanting something"


Example dream : A dream where a snake attacks the dreamer in a win or die struggle took place as the dreamer realised that his neighbour had a real problem with him and was really "out to get him." He knew he had overcome this neighbour, it was "win" or "lose" and the loser would end up seriously damaged.
Example dream : In one dream the USA and Russia became friends and allies after the Cold War. Yet there was still a rivalry and one side was daring to win over the other. In real life this was a metaphor for the dreamer forming a friendship with a business rival. In some ways this was OK but actually they were natural business enemies. Daring to win over the other superpower in the dream was a symbol of this type of feeling "I know I should try to be friendly towards him yet I have the urge to treat him like the enemy".
Example dream : The dreamers conviction that she would win a battle with snake symbolised her determination to show that she was right about her ex - that he had already been cheating before they broke up. The situation had obviously become charged with emotions and so winning was important. It was her versus him in a personal battle. We could even translate "winning" in the dream into the phrase "I am right!" and the meaning of the dream is linked to an obvious way in which she would use that phrase at the time e.g. "I am right! I want to prove that he was cheating before we broke up. He is lying. I want to get one over on him."
Example dream : Winning a competition to meet Brad Pitt was a symbol for the dreamer wanting to date a really hot guy. This guy had said that he was attracted to the dreamer but was not yet ready for a relationship. Winning a competition was linked to the dreamer thinking that a really hot guy was interested in her as a girlfriend and might date her. Winning linked also to the amount of competition she would face as other girls would be interested in a guy as hot as him. She had realised that if she was attracted to him then others would want him too. We could even translate symbolically "winning" into the phrase "lot's of competition" and the dreams meaning linked to an obvious way in which the dream might use this such as "I am really attracted to him but I was thinking that he is very hot and lots of girls will want him. I will face lots of competition."
Example dream : Winning at gambling symbolised great success. The dreamer was a statistician who successfully applied some ideas. Winning at gambling was a symbol for his ability to provide a statistical model to a project which was inherently difficult. He originally felt that this was not achievable.
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer thought he was winning was linked to the dreamers thoughts about his addictions. He had thought he was "winning" his battle yet then later realised that these victories were too much in the short term. He needed to overcome his problems over a much longer scale. So in this context we could translate "winning" into this phrase "I need to win my battle with addictions" and the dreams meaning linked to a wider thought like "I have been trying to win my battle with addictions. I thought I was doing well yesterday but then realised that I have to win this battle every day." So winning in a dream linked to a way in which the dreamer used this word in a wider sense e.g. "winning a personal battle with addictions" rather than "winning a sporting game".
Example dream : The dreamer had been thinking about his own greatest achievement(Win). Recently he had achieved one of his ambitions - this was the crowning achievement of his life. However, he was worried that this would be his last achievement as his health was declining drastically. We can guess that the dream was about this key feeling the night before "This is my crowning achievement and I will never do better than this. Yet I feel my health is deteriorating and soon I will be much worse." Study this quote and we see how we can directly translate this "victory" and "winning" into the word "achievement" and see how it appears as a theme in that key quote above e.g. "This is my crowning achivement yet it maybe my last"
Example dream : Judging the winner in a competition was a symbol for some thoughts about a letter to a local newsletter the dreamer read the previous night. He was struck at how insightful the letter was yet was also surprised by the sheer level of spelling mistakes. He still thought it was the type of letter he would prefer to have in the newsletter despite its faults. Winning in this sense was linked to the dreamers thoughts about the criteria you use to decide which letter was best. Is the best letter one which is spelled correctly! Is the best one with the most insightful comments! The dreams meaning caught this thought about the situation "I read her letter and she was so insightful. Yet her spelling and punctuation was terrible. It just shows that people with dyslexia who cannot spell as well are not stupid and can write some really interesting letters. This just made me think."

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