We tend to associate whales with peace and tranquillity so dreams about them will tend to link to any thoughts and feelings which touch on such a theme. It maybe that you have just experienced something highly spiritual. You may have felt a real sense of connection with someone. You maybe were simply trying to keep calm but failed for some reason.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Where did you feel an overwhelming sense of calm yesterday? Possibly following a really difficult situation?
- Does the dream involve someone who you have a deep spiritual connection with?
- Is there anyone you have a real spiritual connection with(or wish to have with)?
- Where you trying to calm the situation down yesterday?

KEY WORDS : Calm, tranquil,spiritual,emotional connection, purity, something huge (write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "an overwhelming sense of calm within me"
- "My own spiritual journey"
- "trying to calm down the situation "
- "we had a deep spiritual connection"


Example dream : A whale dream linked to the day before when the dreamer felt an increasing connection with a man she was friends with and felt romantically for. So the dreams meaning featured this theme of a "strong connection" and captured this exact thought "we made such a strong connection as I helped him calm down. I could see us becoming a couple." Why do whales symbolise a strong connection and relationship? Whales and dolphins are very sociable creatures. Many people associate them with high intelligence, intuition, psychic powers and spirituality. People who are interested in new age religions and cultures look to whales for inspiration. So a dream about a whale could be the minds way of saying "very spiritual" or "a strong connection."
Example dream : A dream about a huge whale was linked to the dreamers thoughts about arguments at work involving managers and supervisors. These arguments were very 'big' and maybe very damaging to the dreamer (which probably hints at the whales symbolism - its difficult to be in close proximity to something like that). The dreams meaning involved this theme of "big" and linked to this exact thought process "I fear getting drawn into these arguments between people higher up. When the big and important people start arguing then its difficult to know what to do."
Example dream : A whale symbolised a wish to stay calm. The day before the dreamer felt a constant desire to stay calm and actually ended up stressing out over this.
Example dream : Stroking a whale dream linked to the dreamers mood the day before as she felt very calm and spiritually uplifted whilst on a hike up a mountain.
Example dream : Whales can tap into our spiritual energies. The day before she had walked up a mountain and felt both spiritually uplifted and happy.
Example dream : A whale being beached linked to the dreamer being drug raped. She wanted to be wildlife journalist and seeing whales beach themselves was very disturbing to her personally. The whales symbolised something which was personally very inspiring and represented everything that was good about the world - the mass deaths of the whales symbolised her traumatic experience over the weekend.
Example dream : A dream where a killer whale chases and kills a man who had been dominating everyone in real life and causing real tension linked to the dreamers attempts to calm this man down.
Example dream : A dream about petting a killer whale linked to the dreamer feeling stressed out when he went to sleep but feeling calm on waking up. The whale symbolised this new feeling of tranquillity after the stressful day before.
Example dream : A whale dream linked to the dreamer having a tough morning and then falling asleep. The whale symbolised this calming end to the morning.
Example dream : A dream with two whales swimming linked to the dreamer thinking about his love life. He tended to look for attractive girls when he needed to develop a strong bond and emotional connection.

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