Try to think what a werewolf could be a metaphor for... think of intensity, rage, animalistic behaviour. Who do you think about when you use those words? Werewolf dreams can represent some kind of behaviour that is much more intense than normal. It maybe that you have just had an argument which was much worse than normal unleashing some very nasty comments.

A werewolf is a changling and so transforms from an average human being into a fearful werewolf. That could be a symbol for someone who has is not quite what they seem. They may have seemed so nice yet suddenly they may have surprised you with their behaviour. Whose darker side did you see yesterday? Was this a great shock?

Werewolves can also be sexual symbols. They often link to wild sexual activity and arousal. So if you woke up feeling aroused then it could simply be a symbol for animalistic sexual urges. Have you or others been showing such urges recently?

Werewolves can also be symbols of wild behaviour in general. Maybe you have wanted to explore some wilder living? Alternatively, you could simply be fantasizing and wishing to escape a rather boring life with people who do not know how to live life to the full.

KEY WORDS : Raw sexuality, true nature, freaky and scarey, intense, reveal true self, wild, repressed urges, bitter feelings lurking (write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "he showed a whole new scarey side to his personality to me yesterday"
- "they revealed their true nature"
- "They were very intense and raw emotions. It was rather freaky and scarey "
- "She seemed so helpful and friendly but deep down she is not"
- "I woke up feeling a raw sexual urge"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did someone behave in a rather unexpected and scary way the day before the dream?
- Has someone started to show their true nature?
- What raw and intense emotions did you think about yesterday?
- Have you had any raw sexual urges? Particularly when you woke up?
- Who have you been thinking about has a hidden and scarey nature and is rather sinsiter deep down?


Example dream : A werewolf dream linked to the dreamers exaggerated fears which were not grounded in reality. He had let his jealousies get out of control and was really just imagining things which were not happening. The dream chooses a werewolf which is a creature which does not really exist. Thats an excellent way of referring to problems which do not really exist e.g. "I let my fears get out of control. I was imagining things which were not really happening."
Example dream : A werewolf symbolised the dreamers thoughts about a guy before going to bed. She was thinking she would talk about sex with him to get him interested. Werewolves were a symbol for inviting some wild sexual encounters.
Example dream : One werewolf dream symbolised the dreams thoughts about a situation - she did not want to get involved in someone else's dispute and so unleash some very unpleasant dark forces. She feared Just saying something innocuous may spark a very ugly situation as some very bitter feelings were lurking beneath the surface.
Example dream : A werewolf dream followed an intense argument with the dreamers wife the day before.
Example dream : One dreamer regularly had dreams of werewolves. She tended to be very introverted and inward. If you live inside your imagination then all sorts of weird and wonderful things can happen.
Example dream : A howling werewolf dream symbolised the dreamers dull life in a small town. She wanted to break out and live life. She was unable to express her wilder side so it came out in fantasy
Example dream : A werewolf dream took place the day after the dreamers boss gave her a telling off. It was like she was seeing a whole new scary side to him. The werewolf is a changeling and so symbolised this complete transformation in how she saw him.
Example dream : A dream about a family of werewolves linked to the dreamer thinking about ending her relationship with her boyfriend. She got along very well with his family but knew that if she finished with him then they would all change and show a whole new side to her.
Example dream : A werewolf linked to the dreamer being told that lots of people would help her. But when it came down to it no one wanted to. It was all just words. The werewolf probably symbolised their nice side they were showing to the dreamer and this hidden less helpful side.
Example dream : A werewolf dream linked to the dreamer feeling sexually aroused when she woke up. This werewolf was therefore a symbol for these overwhelming sexual urges.

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