Weddings could of course be literal symbols. You may have just been talking about a wedding or thinking about an upcoming wedding. Perhaps you have been thinking through some good memories?

Marriage in dreams will often link to thoughts about taking the next step in a relationship. Maybe you want to start calling each other girlfriend and boyfriend? You might be thinking of moving in? Or just giving the other a key and allowing them to stay regularly? You might be thinking about them as a long term partner? Your dream need not necessarily show that you are more serious. Its just that questions like these are in your mind. It maybe just pressure from other people that has caused the dream.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Is there a real life wedding that you have been thinking about?
- Have you been thinking about your commitment to someone or their commitment to you?
- Has someone just made a really romantic gesture towards you?

KEY WORDS : Determined, commitments, serious relationship

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "making a serious commitment"
- "getting to a stage were we are getting serious"
- "he will never be able to commit"
- "commitment issues"
- "everyone made an effort"
- "my wedding plans"
- "I have committed to it even though I do not want to"
- "I am totally determined"


Example dream : A dream where the dreamers wedding ring was missing linked to the dreamer feeling upset with her husband because he was not considering her feelings about some of his family members. The missing ring was symbolic of her thoughts that this was not a true marriage if he did not consider her feelings. The wedding ring then was a symbol of how well the marriage was going and linked to this wider more specific thought "He does not respect me enough and did not give me enough support over my concerns about two of his family members."
Example dream : A wedding dream linked to the dreamers conversation the day before with a group of women about weddings. This must have set her mind going as her dream probably links to her imagination going wild thinking about what could happen at a wedding.
Example dream : In one dream a wedding ceremony takes place on a cliff. The bride was the dreamers husbands ex girlfriend who was a complete sociopath intent on making the dreamers life a misery. The cliff hints at words like "impossible" and "risky". We might extend that into "an impossible and risky wedding" and "If she got married it would be an impossible marriage." The dream reminds me of the phrase "living life on the edge" and in this case "anyone who married her would be living life of the edge."
Example dream : A dream about a wedding dress that was "too short" was linked to the dreamers father who had criticised her short dress the day before. A short wedding dress was linking in with thoughts like "My father thinks that wearing short skirts is not a way to get a man to marry her." The dream linked in with thoughts like "girls with short skirts are sluts and no one will want to marry them." The dream was about the dreamer trying to fight against this type of attitude with her father.
Example dream : A dream about a wedding with no groom linked in with the dreamers relationship with a man who was married. It was symbolic of her realisation that the relationship was going nowhere - she would never get married as long as she was stuck with him. The wedding represented her wish to find a man who was seriously committed to her.
Example dream : A dream about a royal wedding linked to the dreamer thinking about his ex getting married.
Example dream : A dream about a wedding took place as the dreamer was thinking about her relationship. Should she seize the moment and ask him to make a serious commitment or should she let things carry on as they are. The wedding was symbolic of the dreamer wanting to take the next step and commit to a serious relationship.
Example dream : A getting married dream yet the groom is not there dream linked to the dreamer giving her relationship another go. She was committed but she was not sure about her boyfriend. The marriage was a symbol of her commitment to the relationship.
Example dream : A wedding dream took place at a crucial moment in their relationship as it became obvious that they should commit to each other or split up.
Example dream : A wedding dream linked to the dreamer realising how much that she loved her ex. She felt the need to tell him her feelings and get back with him.
Example dream : A wedding dream linked to the dreamer thinking about a guy she was dating on the internet. The wedding was symbolic of her thoughts about internet dating in general - she really had no confidence that it could ever work.
Example dream : A dream watching a wedding linked to the dreamer finding out that a guy she liked had got engaged.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer leaves a wedding with her best friend was linked to the dreamers thoughts about her ex and the break up. There was no way that she could seriously commit to him as he had a drug problem. Splitting up was for the best.
Example dream : A wedding dress dream linked to the dreamer thinking about her ex. She had just bumped into him and realised that it was not to be. She was now realising that she needed to commit to her husband.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers boyfriend is buying her an engagement ring linked to her realising that he was now more serious about the relationship. Previously he had had commitment issues.
Example dream : A black wedding dream took place as the dreamer had applied for a job. It was something that the dreamer did not want but she knew that she would have to go through with it.
Example dream : A wedding dream took place the day after her friend had moved home. The wedding was symbolic of everyone coming together in a joyous celebration where people all help out as best they can.
Example dream : A wedding dream was a literal symbol for the dreamers own wedding preparations. It was linked to her worries about the big day. She did not want certain relatives to come but had been forced into it by her mom.
Example dream : A wedding day dream took place as the dreamer had an upset stomach. She woke up and immediately had to get to the toilet. The wedding day may have been a symbol of the extreme urgency associated with a wedding day.
Example dream : A short wedding dress dream took place as the dreamer was thinking about her father pressurizing her. He had started to turn his attentions to her as her brother had just left home. The short wedding dress hinted at tension over her wearing sexy or revealing clothes. The wedding dress was symbolic of him pressurizing her to stay 'pure and respectable'.

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