Watching in dreams can link to situations which you are thinking about and analysing. Maybe you have been coming to a new conclusion? Thinking about something in a new way? Some situations are quite fluid and you are starting to build up a more accurate picture of what is happening. It may take you some time to realise that there is a problem? Maybe you are noticing that things have changed? Maybe you are just taking a long hard look at the situation? Think about things like this and then try to see how well they fitted something from yesterday.

Watching could be associated with situations which are causing you concern. Maybe you are looking for signs of further trouble developing? You are worried about the consequences of getting involved in trouble? You may just be observing tension building up? You are aware of problems and cautious? You maybe worried that you have misinterpreted signs of trouble? Perhaps you are thinking that something bad could have been misinterpreted? Maybe you are trying to avoid trouble - or trying to avoid the blame.

Watching the pain and suffering of others may link to your own wish to help others. Maybe you have just started to realise the problems someone is going through? Maybe you have been deeply touched and emotionally involved in someone's plight? Perhaps linked to this might be your imaginations - perhaps you worry too much? Maybe you are thinking the worst in the problems of others?


Example dream : Watching an alligator that wanted to eat her symbolised an incident the day before. The dreamer had arranged to meet a friend but she was unavailable. She offered to meet at another time or day but it became clear that she was being shunned. Watching this symbolised how the dreamer had slowly realised that she was being shunned.
Example dream : Watching a missile symbolised some deep thinking and changes in the dreamers beliefs
Example dream : A watching a fight dream linked to the dreamers observations that a friend seemed highly worked up about something. He did not want to say something out of turn in case he was drawn into the dispute
Example dream : Watching something related to the dreamers thoughts about how he could get away with something he was largely to blame for.
Example dream : A watching dream took place after the dreamer was realising that things had changed at work and now he was more important than a rival
Example dream : Watching a meteor crash was symbolic of the huge impact of 9-11. The attacks had just happened and the dreamer was just taking in the enormity of these events.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer feels he is being watched took place as his neighbours were picking on him for his eccentric behaviour. He felt like he could not trust them and he was very self conscious about doing anything and felt that these neighbours were spying on his every move.
Example dream : Watching a rape symbolised how the dreamer was beginning to realise how badly her sister in law had tried to humiliate her and belittle her the day before
Example dream : Watching symbolised a deep thought (observation)that the dreamer had whilst at a funeral. She was worried for everyone there who all engaged in drug taking or alcohol abuse.
Example dream : Watching a ship sink was symbolic of the dreamers phone call with a friend who was telling her all her troubles. The dreamer was living this crisis as if she had seen it and was worrying about her friend who had not phoned back
Example dream : Watching a documentary symbolised the dreamers observation of a situation. He came to the conclusion that many people would be sacked from their jobs at a place where he visited
Example dream : Watching a brutal murder symbolised the dreamers thoughts. He realised the consequence of some actions he had been planning - if he took charge and confronted his girlfriend about their problems it would probably end the relationship
Example dream : Watching symbolised the dreamers deep thinking over how best to proceed. He had been thinking back over what was best to do. (he was observing the situation)
Example dream : Watching a woman strip actually linked to some deep feelings inside the dreamer. He wanted a woman to feel attractive about herself and so watching her strip linked to his feelings that she was attractive even on a bad day
Example dream : Watching in one dream linked to the dreamer who had obtained an acceptance of responsibility from someone. This was a highly visible and moral act on her part.
Example dream : A friend watching you duel linked to the dreamers friend in real life who was able to relate to his problems.
Example dream : the dreamer had been taking a long hard look at her life and watching from a hill represented this need to look at her life
Example dream : Someone watching over you invisibly linked to the dreamers recognition upon waking that she should love herself and accept herself. She woke up with a new belief.
Example dream : Watching a wolf in trouble dream linked to the dreamers wish to help animals as much as possible and her thoughts about how little people care about them.
Example dream : Watching a horse race linked to something that the dreamer was observing about real life. He was noticing how well he was doing at something.
Example dream : Watching a crocodile attack from her bedroom window symbolised the dreamers fear that's she was being treated badly at work because of her desire to leave her job. She was watching for signs of bad treatment
Example dream : Watching the sea and being attacked by a witch symbolised the dreamers recent deep thinking about his health
Example dream : A family stood watching and crying at the plight of a man symbolised the dreamers help for a man who could not read. This had damaged his self esteem
Example dream : Watching something in third person linked to the dreamers deep thinking about an issue. She joined an internet forum and received terrible abuse. But this was part of an initiation ceremony
Example dream : Watching a natural disaster was a symbol for a momentous economic crash and its dramatic effects as it unfolded.

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