Warnings in a dream may show you are starting to signs of things going wrong. You are not sure if you need to worry but certainly you are starting to get concerned. Perhaps you are starting to have doubts? Maybe you realise that you have been doing something wrong? perhaps a problem is growing and getting out of hand? Its now time to take action or think seriously about these concerns.

KEY WORDS and PHRASES: doubts, uncertainties, need to act now, "sensing danger", "crossing a line", inappropriate behaviour, do you need to worry?, stop and think, thinking about the consequences , "this is how you are going wrong"(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)


Example dream : A dream about warning a child not to speak to strangers was linked to how the dreamer treated a severely autistic person. The dreamer was told that he needed to treat this autistic person in a responsible way rather than simply giving in to him. Warning the child represented the need to tell someone where they were going wrong (in this case tell them of their bad behaviour). (he needed to 'warn' his autistic friend of where he was going wrong - for his own good).
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was trying to warn someone that they were in danger of dragging him over the edge of a cliff. In real life the dreamer was trying to meet a deadline and was in danger of being "in deep trouble". He was keeping all of this stress a secret and sometimes just wanted to scream. Trying to warn someone in the dream was maybe linked to him being desperate to tell someone.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer tries to "warn everyone" linked to the dreamer sensing some bad vibes in his bedroom before going to sleep. The warning was a symbol of him "sensing danger." Many dreams like this are in the here and now and capture promintent emotional feelings.
Example dream : A warning in a dream was linked to an incident from the day before. The dreamer had been flashed by his flatmate and then he pretended to ravage her. This was all in good fun - but when you pretend to ravage someone then you have to be careful not to cross a line. In this case it was not easy to decide what was appropriate behaviour.
Example dream : A need to warn people about a shark in a dream symbolised the dreamers worries about her marriage going wrong. She knew she needed to be aware of the growing problems. The dreams meaning linked to this theme of "I know how bad he is" and the dream caught this overall feeling "I know how bad he is and I should end the marriage. But I find it difficult to break away. I hate him touching me as he is so cold and heartless."
Example dream : Wanting to warn some ladies of a snake linked to the dreamers husband starting a new business. She wanted to warn him of all her doubts and worries connected with this new venture but did not want to dampen her husbands enthusiasm.

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