War in dreams is a metaphor so try to think of what situation has been LIKE a war. Maybe your workplace has been like war zone? Or you are stuck in a relationship where you feel like you are at war. War dreams can be triggered by thoughts like these.

1. ARGUMENTS Did you get involved in a major argument yesterday? Do you fear an argument tomorrow? Can you not escape the conflict? Is some situation very volatile right now?
2. PREJUDICE Were you annoyed by someone's prejudice yesterday? Did you reveal your own prejudices?
3. STRUGGLING Are you struggling generally at the moment? Do you feel that you cannot take any more right now? Is there a lot of upheaval in your life right now?
4. EXCLUDED Did you feel excluded or rejected yesterday?
5. PREMONITION Do you think that the dream could be a premonition of some difficult situation which arose on the day of the dream?
6. MILITARISTIC PERSONALITY Have you got a militaristic personality which means that every situation is turned into a military campaign?

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real "WAR" dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

War can symbolise a really busy schedule. You maybe expected things to be busy. Maybe things have been busy but now you are wondering what it will be like when things have settled down.

War can be symbolic of your own personal battles. Think of ways in which you are having to battle though life. It could be a symbol of depression.

KEY WORDS : Argument, opposition, struggling, prejudice, upheaval, bitter, conflict, volatile situation, rejection, cannot take any more, not accepted, premonition, determined, militaristic personality, make an effort

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "It has been a real struggle and its maybe time to admit its over"
- "There is so much opposition towards me"
- "there is real prejudice directed towards me"
- "its such an upheaval"
- "I seem to be fighting against overwhelming odds"
- "it was a real heated argument"
- "It may have been a premonition of the terrible day I was about to have "
- "they should make more of an effort to get the job done properly and on time"
- "I have been putting in a lot of effort recently"
- "It has been a major struggle but now we can relax a little"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Is there a warlike atmosphere to some relationship?
- Have you had to face some tough work tasks recently?
- Could the dream be a premonition of a really bad day that occurred on the actual day of the dream?

incarcerated, forbade, ascendancy, a history, overrun, wealth, king, one-sided, alliance, ignore, invincible, outcome, someday, irresponsible, ordeal, endeavour, nonetheless, mention, e-man-ci-pa-tion!, against, silence-broken, pessimistically, memorial, instinctively, demonstrations, sarcastically, what-if, representing, fatigue, joblessness, determination, fought, humanitarian, desperately, half-hearted, satisfaction, understand, guaranteeing, handwritten, battle, depredations, disadvantage, intimidating, conspirators, high-minded, anti-Semitic, stultifying, accomplished, acknowledges, repatriation, trepidation, considering, capitulated, instruction, century-old, unfortunate, preoccupied, devastating, attrition, hardship, unsympathetic, reputation, insidious, depicted

Dreams make associations. Think of anything that comes to mind when you read through the list of word associations above. Dreams will especially link to recent thoughts and moods. If you can think of a way in which you might use one of these words then the dream may just capture that exact thought.

For instance, a "confidential" dream could link to the word "reputation" and the dream capture a thought like "I keep trying to hide my reputation - people are scared of me".


Example dream : A war scene in a dream linked to the dreamers problems with her father. She had become very ill with flu and her father had been most unsympathetic towards her hardship and asked her if she was really ill. The symbolism of war was probably linked to her fathers confrontational approach towards her illness.
Example dream : A war dream took place whilst the dreamer was stressed out due to a break up and having to cope with exams. So the "war" in the dream was a symbol of the "extreme difficulties in her life" and the dreams meaning was linked to this precise thought process "My life is hell at the moment as I am in an extreme emotional state because of all the problems in my life. I am thinking of how I can get through this." So the dream was an assessment of how bad her life was and what she could do to help her cope.
Example dream : A dream about a war zone was linked to some comments the dreamer made on Facebook concerning politics. These provoked many bitter and very personal replies and the dreamer felt like he was in a war zone. The dreams meaning linked directly to this thought process involving "bitter feelings" - "The views I posted on Facebook resulted in a right wing backlash. I felt as if I was in a warzone as the feelings against me were so strong and bitter."
Example dream : Being a soldier linked to the dreamers own personality as he was trying to keep to a tight schedule. He was used to getting things done on time. His 'militaristic personality' was starting to clash with his girlfriend who was not so worried about schedules.
Example dream : In one dream the USA and Russia became friends and allies after the Cold War. Yet there was still a rivalry and one side was daring to win over the other. In real life this was a metaphor for the dreamer forming a friendship with a business rival. In some ways this was OK but actually they were natural business enemies. Daring to win over the other superpower in the dream was a symbol of this type of feeling "I know I should try to be friendly towards him yet I have the urge to treat him like the enemy".
Example dream : A dream about a war zone linked to the dreamer listening in to conversations. He suspected someone was talking about him at work. This was possibly the case but listening in only caused him tension and fuelled his paranoias. For convenience we can even translate symbolically the "war" into the words "tension and confrontation". To understand the dreams wider meaning we look for ways in which the dreamer was using these words to describe his feelings, which in this case was "I suspect that someone is talking about me at work. I can sense this air of tension and confrontation." The dreams meaning then pivots on this feeling of "confrontation" which is highly associated with war zones.
Example dream : A war in a dream symbolised the dreamers worries about meeting a relative he had never met. He was worried his father would cause trouble. The war represented this possible confrontation between various sides of the family (a family at 'war'). Look for ways in which you might use the word "war" to describe your feelings right now, the symbolic meaning may link to obvious uses of phrases like "at war", "go to war" and "it feels like war".
Example dream : A war linked to some feelings from the day before. The dreamer was realising that he had a tendency to impose his ideas on others. He was keen on putting his opinions across but was also wanting to encourage others to have their own views. The war was a symbol of his tendency to impose his will, which is one definition of war, when one nation imposes its will on another. So this time the symbolic meaning of "war" pivots around the word "impose" and we can see the true meaning of the dream in this feeling which uses that word
Example dream : A war in a dream linked to the dreamer being very confrontational and cutting himself off from some friends. (he had declared war)
Example dream : A war symbolised the major project that the dreamer had just been working hard on night and day. For him this had been like a military campaign.
Example dream : A war symbolised a really hectic day where everything seemed to go wrong. The war represented the extreme hardships and problems associated with warfare.
Example dream : A war in a dream was triggered by tension at work over a project. The situation was very volatile and could easily get out of hand. So the "war" was symbolic of a "volatile situation". We could even translate the "war" in the dream into the phrase "on the verge of open conflict" and from this we understand the dreams meaning as the dreamer was feeling "I sense so much tension with this work project. No one really gets on with each other and I feel that at any moment conflict will break out."
Example dream : War is symbolic of the terrible depression the dreamer was in. He felt like he was battling against a world which rejected him.
Example dream : A dream of heavy warfare linked to the dreamer being let down by friends who had outed her as a lesbian. In a small town this was a terrible situation - gay people were given a really hard time by virtually everyone. It was going to become an almost war like atmosphere as people would gang up on the gay. War often links to situations where people will voice their feelings even if it causes conflict. Here it is symbolic of the open hostility which will soon break out once the homophobics get going.
Example dream : A dream of second world war bombers dropping raisins instead of bombs linked to a real life event in world war two when bombers dropped raisins instead of bombs because there was nothing left to bomb. This dream linked to the dreamer being in total chaos. She had broken up with her boyfriend on the day of her exams. She simply could not take any more. So bombers were an excellent symbol for her "I cannot take any more type of feeling".
Example dream : Being at war in a dream with demons linked to the dreamer being racially abused. He was living in an area with few racial minorities and was just accepted by anyone.
Example dream : A general on the battlefield dream linked to the dreamer feeling let down by people who were supporting his case. Now having to fight alone he realised that this would be a bitter struggle. People use the phrase "If you are not my friend then you are my enemy". War is a situation where people have to choose sides.
Example dream : A battle dream linked to the dreamer feeling angry at having to end her relationship with her boyfriend because her parents were moving state. The war symbolised her feeling so angry at what had happened.
Example dream : A dream with Russian soldiers charging towards her linked to the dreamers friend getting back together with her ex. This made the dreamer angry and they got into a heated argument as she tried to get her friend to see how bad he was for her. Wars hinge around an enemy who is out to get you. Maybe this links to the real life situation where the dreamer wanted her friend to see that her ex was not a friend but an enemy. He did not have her best interests at heart.
Example dream : A dream about a battlefield linked to the dreamer visiting a real battlefield the day before. It seemed exciting at first but then the vicious reality of the battle was brought home to him. The war in the dream was merely a symbol for his thoughts about a real life war that he was studying the history of.

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