Vampires are often associated with wild sex so if that has been a theme in your thinking just recently then the dream maybe links in with those feelings.

If you are bitten by a vampire then it transforms your life. Before you were considered purer but now you are 'tainted'. Think of ways in which such a theme is important right now. Maybe you are thinking of doing something which other people really do not like. You will never be seen as respectable again. You have been drawn into something deep and dark.

Vampires may also be linked to people who are very emotionally intense. They might tend to be introverted and end up bored, paranoid and very emotionally drained. The vampires link to their own darker side and tendency to be consumed by obsessive desires.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- What relationship is draining the very life blood out of you?
- Do you feel an infection could be coming on?
- Is there someone who you fear who will strike at any time? Someone who could catch you by surprise?

KEY WORDS : Draining, infection, converted, bad influence(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "this is draining me emotionally"
- "I really fear her. She is watching me all the time and just waiting to strike"
- "Once bitten you will never change your mind"
- "Once converted you will never change your mind"
- "I feel an infection coming on"
- "I have to keep a constant look out for this" WORD ASSOCIATIONS:
theft, abandoned, in-laws, young, force, outbreak, liked, seemed ordinary, one-on-one, knowing the danger, arousal, overhead, gorgeous, realised, worried, alarming, controlled, mayhem, storytelling, homeless, heartbeat, reasonable, witness, evidence, rabid, guessed, surprise, sunrise, unprepared, helpless, infection, suddenly, hidden qualities, resurrection, disappeared, power/desire, believed, hand-to-hand, existed, hate, glared, speculation, ravishing

Dreams make associations. Think of anything that comes to mind when you read through the list of word associations above. Dreams will especially link to recent thoughts and moods. If you can think of a way in which you might use one of these words then the dream may just capture that exact thought.

For instance, a "vampire" dream could link to the word "controlled" and the dream capture a thought like "I have been thinking through our relationship and I realise how much he controlled me".


Example dream : A vampire dream was linked to someone that the dreamer met the previous night. This former friend was now someone the dreamer really did not trust and she believed that he was behind some bad things that had happened to her (two robberies). The vampire then was a symbol of this feeling that he was really evil (vampires are inherently evil)she believed that he was really out to get her. The dreams meanings was linked to a wider thought process involving this theme of evil - "I could not stay in the same room as him when he came in. I think he has caused me so many problems. I think he is really evil."
Example dream : Vampires in a dream linked to the dreamers emotional intensity and boredom - she felt very emotionally drained.
Example dream : A vampire in a dream linked to the dreamers obsessive tendencies and emotional intensity.
Example dream : A vampire orgy symbolised the dreamers thoughts about a guy before going to bed. She was thinking she would talk about sex with him to get him interested. Vampires were a symbol for wild sex and lust.
Example dream : A vampire dream took place the night after the dreamer was watching a supernatural film. She had been thinking about a guy she liked who was playing games by sometimes talking and sometimes ignoring her. The vampire probably symbolised her attempts to make him feel jealous. The vampire then linked to the highly emotional and dramatic nature of her thoughts.
Example dream : A dream with a vampire linked to the dreamer being very introverted - she had a tendency to think too much and become emotionally involved.
Example dream : Becoming a vampire dream linked to the dreamers fears of becoming a bailsman in real life - no one would like him and people would avoid him at all costs. This job would poison his mind to its very root.
Example dream : A vampire dream linked to the dreamer who was always checking up on him. She was catching her by surprise to make sure she was working. It was starting to be draining. The vampire symbolised the evil nature of her boss who was trying to catch her by surprise.
Example dream : One dreamer always got vampire dreams before she became ill. The vampire symbolised an infection or illness.
Example dream : A vampire dream linked to the dreamers parents not liking her boyfriend. They felt he was a bad influence and would lead her astray - she would be just like him.
Example dream : A vampire dream linked to the dreamer thinking about motherhood. She had never thought about it before but was now obsessed with it.
Example dream : A vampire dream linked to the dreamer waking up and vomiting all over. The vampire symbolised bad and unknown things happening during the night time.
Example dream : A dream where vamps walk around obsessively linked to the dreamer being bored with her husband. Sometimes she could not be in the same room as him. The vampire symbolised the intensely bad atmosphere in their relationship - she was feeling drained.
Example dream : Vampires in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling let down by others. They all said they would support his project but instead they were just annoying him. The vampire symbolised the feeling that others were out to get him.

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