Often colleges and universities can be about the things we think about before going to bed. They represent issues which we have developed an educated and considered opinion after long and serious thought. Think about the personal issues and the books and ideas that have stimulated your own personal thoughts. Of course if you are presently attending a university it is very possibly just symbolic of some issue regarding your life there.


Example dream : A dream about being at a University quiz took place the day after the dreamer had impressed some people with his amazing knowledge on computers. They were praising him endlessly and telling him he was a genius. The University was a symbol of his impressive knowledge.
Example dream : A dream about a university took place the day after the dreamer met someone from college. The dreamer felt embarrassed because he had failed to achieve anything since leaving college and this friend had achieved so much. So the "university" in the dream was a symbol for the "college" and the dreams meaning linked to the dreamers thoughts about meeting this friend from college. The dream was quite negative in its feel and so this hints at the dreamer not enjoying meeting someone from the past.
Example dream : University in a dream linked to the dreamer thinking about his happy times at university.
Example dream : A dream about being a student took place as the dreamer was realising that he was still very immature. He had not settling in any job and into adult life generally. So the dream dealt with this theme and captured this thought "I have never settled into adult life. I feel like I have been a student all my life constantly drifting." People often use the phrase "he has been a student all his life" to describe someone who is "a bum" or "drifter" unable to settle into adult life.
Example dream : A dream of a being a student at a university linked to the dreamer getting a letter from his local history society thanking him for all his help. The college was a symbol of all his academic achievement in writing articles and books.
Example dream : A university dream followed on from the dreamer reading a book which was really interesting. It was making him think about his own life.
Example dream : A university professor dream linked to the dreamer thinking about CV's a lot. She was thinking how people easily fake their way into a job whilst she was left unemployed.
Example dream : A dream about a university was linked to the dreamer thinking about why his ideas were not being accepted at work. He felt that others were stuck in the past. When he was trying to engage them he found out he was hitting a brick wall.
Example dream : A university dream was linked to the dreamer thinking long and hard about the best way to cure his life’s illness. He decided that a holiday was the best cure for his situation.
Example dream : A teacher at university dream took place as the dreamer was thinking about his general approach to a work project. So the university was symbolic of him thinking intelligently about the best strategy to these tasks.
Example dream : A dream about her best friend at college linked to the dreamer adjusting back to life. She had just finished college. The college was symbolic of her finding it it difficult to live with her parents after living at college - the dream represented her comparing college to life with her parents.
Example dream : A college dream linked to the dreamer just finishing a research paper at work. He was proud of what he had done.

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